Wallaby Lovure is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a Beautiful day in France

Lilly: Ah what a Beautiful day, (Smells a pink Flower)

Jim: Yeah.

Lilly: It sure is J-jim?!

Jim: What can i say? I'm your brother!

Lilly: Yez but you ruined my day!

Jim: (Pulls out mallet & knocks her out)


Lilly: (Puts a puddle of tar on the Road & hides before Jim comes)

Jim: I think i'll cross the road! (Sees the puddle of tar) I think i'll go the other way (Goes the other way)

Lilly: (Stomps on the tar But it's sticky & she gets Black)

(A big striper truck runs over her, Flattens her & Gives her a Stripe from her tail to her head)

Jim: (Picks up the Flatten Lilly & paints the bottom where her Belly is) (To the viewers) Just helping! And the paint is Pernamate! (Chuckles & hides)


Pepe Le Pew: (Singing) Given a to a bula a mola zen to re, given a to a bulu a mola zen to ren, given a boyla bove bove bove bove given boyla given vo abor (Spots Lilly mistaken as a Skunk) Ah, it's a Female Skunk from Heaven, I'm going to like her (Sexy Tiger Growl) (Goes after Lilly for love)

(Back with Lilly)

Lill: (Wakes up) Huh?

Pepe Le Pew: (Grabs Lilly & starts hugging her) Ah, I have found my beautiful Skunk fetale, I am Pepe Le Pew & I love you (Kisses her many times) Ah my little girl, do come with me to ze cashbar, we make beautiful muzic together right here (Kisses her many times)

Lilly: Someone who REALLY adorez me..(Sniffs) A SKUNK? (Tries to escape)

Pepe Le Pew: Don't worry Mushery, we'll be happy together yes? (Kisses Lilly many times)

Lilly: Bonjour (Escapes his grip) et au revoir! (Runs)

Pepe Le Pew: She is a fast one, no? Oh well, I must follow her anyway. (To Lilly) En Garge, baby, I'm coming to collect you (Goes after Lilly)

Lilly: (Goes inside the Eiffel Tower)

Pepe Le Pew: (Appears behind her) Lovely view, isn't it? (Grabs Lilly) Ah, my little rabbit, it's so beautiful up here & now we'll make up, no? (Kisses Lilly many times)

Lilly: (Goes to the elevator)

Pepe Le Pew: Seleguer (Goes down the Stairs)

Lilly: (Hides in the alley)

Pepe Le Pew: (Appears from the Trashcan) Hello Baby. Doing the Cancan Dance, are you not?

Lilly: (Runs to a restaurant)

Pepe Le Pew: (As a Waiter) Welcome to ze Restaurant of Love, flower pot

Lilly:AHHH! (Climbs up a tree) (Panting)

Pepe Le Pew: (Appears again with Bread & Water) A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Water & Me?

Lilly: AHHHHHH!!!

Pepe Le Pew: (Grabs Lilly) Darling, I have found you at last (Kisses Lilly many Times)

Lilly: Oh well. (Kisses Pepe)

Pepe Le Pew: You do love me, she is no longer shy, no?

Lilly: (To Pepe) I do love you. (To the viewers) It's like i am ze only one who Truely lovez Skunk le pew, No?

"That's All Folks"

The End