Underwater Way is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tune

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It was a hot day in the Middle of Nowhere & Courage, Muirial & Eustace are relaxing in home

Courage: (Sleeping on Murial's Lap)

Murial: (Rocking on her Rocking Chair) Would it be nice if we take a Vacation, Eustace?

Eustace: (Reading his Newspaper while sitting on his Red Chair) Blah, blah, blah

???:(On the TV) Hey there this Once in a life time offer, a Free Submarine Adventure, I am Admiral Darkstorm, I'll see you there!

Murial: Oh wow, Eustace, we're going on a field trip

Eustace: Field trip, shmield trip, I ain't going

Murial: But eustace...

Eustace: No Buts!

Courage: (Reads the Message & he shivers in fear & carries Eustace's Chair with Eustance riding on it to the truck)

Eustace: Hey, put me down you stupid dog!

Murial: Your going on a field trip either you like it or not

Eustace: (Grumbles lowly)

(At the Docks)

Nathan Explosion: Come on guys

Murial: We're here Eustace

Eustace: I told you, I ain't going!

Murial: Let's hop on

Courage: There's something fishy going on here or my name isn't Harold & it's not

Stardust: Aww look a puppy (Goes and Hugs Courage)

Courage: (Chuckles)

Jack: Murial, Eustace

Murial: It's so nice to see you

Eustace: Big deal

Blaze THC:(Appears with Skate Jr. and Jackline) Hey There

Murial: Hello

Eustace: (Grumbles)

Baby Jackline:(Giggles)

Jack: Ok Kids, time to get in (goes in the Sub)

Courage: (Notices a Tentacle swimming away & screams) (To Murial) (speaking gibberish while pointing to the Tentacle & changes into a Squid & then an Octopus & then back to normal)

Murial: Oh Courage, you know a Squid & an Octopus lives in the Ocean

Courage: (Howls)

Murmaider:(The Tentacles lift her up and She turns to her Hedgehog form) Thank Rencoe and Xanku

Courage: (Screams & hides behind Murial)

Murial: Come on Courage, let's go in

Courage, Murial & Eustace: (Hops inside the Sub)

Jack: Come on honey, let's go (gets inside)

Patricia: Come on Anu, I hope we're not too late (hops in the Sub)

Anu:(Carring Patty and Keren and hops in the sub)

(All of dethklok hop in the Sub)

Murmaider:(Hops in the Sub)

Murial: This is gonna be so exciting

Eustace: Big Deal

Admiral Darkstorm: Hello Vacationers and Band members

Murial: Hello

Admiral Darkstorm: Welcome to the sub I am your host, Darkstorm the Halfbreed, Now Follow me to rooms

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Sure

Murial: This is so exciting, we're going to Rooms, Eustace

Eustace: Blah, Blah, Blah

Courage: (notices that a Tentacle is back & Screams) (Hides behind Murial)

Murial: Don't worry, Courage. There's nothing to be afraid of

Stardust:(Chaos Controlls next to Courage)

Courage: Oh (Waves at Stardust)

Darkstorm:(Stops at the First room) First room Courage, Murial, Eustace

Murial: Oh that's us

Eustace: Finally, I can get to rest on my Comfy Chair

Courage: (Feeling Scared)

Murial: Don't worry I got you

Courage: (Sighs)

Courage, Murial & Eustace: (goes in the First Room)

Darkstorm: Next room goes to Nathan, Skwisgaar, Toki, Murderface and Pickles

Plankton: (Watches the Sub goes underwater with his Telescope) They're going underwater

Computer: You Got mail

Plankton: I wonder what's gonna be this time (checks the Mail through his Computer) What's this? It's a Letter

Letter: Need a job come work for General ........., Meet at 433 W. Allmen Rd. 21345 at the old Eggman robot construction factory.

Plankton: Alright then. Karen I'm off to 433 W. Allmen Rd.

Karen: You know that is where the Old Eggman Robot Construction Factory which is a little run down but...

Plankton: Look, I don't have time for your looney schemes Karen, I got work to do


Plankton: (Arrives at the Old Factory) What does Karen mean by a Little run down, it's run down like an old Alarm Clock

Katz: Got the Same E-mail huh?

Plankton: You too

Marvin: Yes & I got the same E-mail too

Plankton: Hmm, this is strange, how do we get the same E-mail?


????:Not exactally

Plankton: Huh? Who said that?

General Krouser: I am General Krouser, but Marvin already knows me

Plankton: Interesting

Katz: Yes, how much are we getting paid for this?

General Krouser:(Opens a suitcase full of $100 Bills)

Marvin: At last, a Suitcase full of Cash

Plankton: We're on the job....for what?

General Krouser: As you know There is a free Submarine adventure and Dethklok is gonna be on it, What I want you to do is try to stop them from making their album underwater, again

Plankton: Fine, but how we go underwater when we need a Sub

Marvin: Don't worry, I made a Sub when I got here

Plankton: Nice work, now how can we get your sub into the Water

Marvin: With this (holds a Remote, aims at the Sub & teleports the Sub to the Ocean) It's the Teleporter Remote, it can teleport an Object or Someone wherever land we choose

Plankton: Well that'll do anyway, let's go

Katz: Heh heh heh

(Plankton, Katz & Marvin goes inside the Sub & goes after it)


Courage: (Sleeping)

Murial: It's so exciting to go underwater

Eustace: Murial ! I'm Hungry, when's Lunch Time?

Murial: Your right, it is Lunch Time

Facebones: Hello there I am your waiter please select your food and a chef will bring it to you

Eustace: I'm Hungry, I really like some Big Ham please?

Murial: I'll have some nice roast Chicken & a cup of Rosey Tea please? And for Courage, some nice healthy Dog Food please?

(A few seconds later, nice warm food appears)

Facebones: Enjoy, would you like some music or TV?

Eustace: Just TV please?

(A whole conveir belt of movies appear)

Eustace: Whao, that's a lot of Movies

Facebones: Comedy, Action or Horor

Knock Knock

Murial: Excuse me, but someone's at the Door, Courage do you mind if you go get the Door?

Courage: (Nods yes & goes to the Door & opens it) Huh?

Blaze THC, Baby Jackline, Skate Jr. and Stardust are at the Door

Courage: Oh (Waves them hello)

Blaze THC:May we come in?

Baby Jackline:???,

Murial: Oh sure come on in

(With Plankton, Marvin & Katz)

Plankton: There it is, it's Darkstorm's Sub

Marvin: It's time to use the Sub Cannon (Activates the Sub-Cannon & the Sub-Cannon appears out of the Sub saying "ACME Sub-Cannon") It's time to activate the Missile

Katz: And if it doesn't work, we will use the bomb

Marvin: Ok (Activates the Sub-Cannon firing a Missile at Dartkstorm's Sub, but it misses & heads right back to Plankton, Marvin & Katz' Sub) Oh dear


(Plankton, Marvin & Katz' Sub exploded)

Plankton, Marvin & Katz: (Heads up to the Surface)

Plankton: Got any more bright ideas?


Jackline:(Playing with Courage)

Courage: (To Audience) Oh the things I do for love

Jack: That's nice Courage, keep Jackline Happy

(Back with Plankton, Marvin & Katz)

The 3 Villains get in their 2nd Sub, which is Red & goes after Darkstorm's Sub again

Katz: Alright (Holds up Tea'N Tea)

Plankton: This'll work just fine & when someone drinks it, KABOOM. It'll blow the Sub to Smithereens

Marvin: Prepare for Teleportation (Teleports Katz to Darkstorm's Sub)

Katz:Heh heh heh

Darkstorm:(Grabs the Tea and Puts it in a Torpedo)

Plankton: What's he up to (Teleports Katz back to his Sub) What's going on?

Mutant Seahorse:(Whacks Marvin's, Planktons and Katz's Sub) [1]Added by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM

(The Evil Sub crashes & exploded)

Marvin: Oh drat!


Plankton, Marvin & Katz: (driving a Blue Sub)

Katz: Alright Plankton your Turn

(With Dethklok in the Recording room)

Nathan: Alright lets do this

Plankton: (Swims Through the Darkstorm's Sub's Engines & plant TNT in the Engines) There (Swims back to the Blue Sub) I plant TNT In the Engines, they'll be saying Ta Ta in no time

Patricia: I think I hear hissing in the Engine Room, I'll be right back (goes into the Engine Room) What's this? TNT huh? I'll fix that (uses her Magic to teleport the TNT to the Blue Sub which is Plankton's, Marvin's & Katz' Sub) There

Baby Keren:(Crying)

Patricia: Oh coming (goes back to her room & she hears a Kaboom coming from Plankton, Marvin & Katz' 3rd Sub which is sinking)

Plankton: You'll pay for this

Patricia: Oh dear, I wonder if I done something wrong

Baby Keren:(Crying)

Baby Patty: (Crying)

Patricia: I coming kids (goes back inside & sings a lulaby to get Keren & Patty to sleep) There

Darkstorm:(On Intercom) Ok people, we are now linking with the Underwater Black Scorpion


(Plankton, Katz & Marvin are in their 4th Sub which is Orange)

Plankton: Aha! We'll use a Torpedo to sink the Sub down, prepare the Torpedos

Marvin: Fire 1 ! (fires the 1st Torpedo at Darkstorm's Sub) Fire 2 ! (Fires the 2nd Torpedo at Darkstorm's Sub) And Fire 3 ! (fires the 3rd Torpedo at Darkstorm's Sub) Goodbye, Darkstorm!

A larger and heavily armored and artillery submarine decloaks The Underwater Black Scorpion

Plankton: What the?

Marvin: Where's the Kaboom?

Plankton: I don't get it, where is that Sub Shattering Kaboom?

Beep, beep, beep

Marvin: We've located something

Plankton: What is it?

Katz: It looks like 3 Dots are heading for us? What are the dots?

Plankton: (Notices 3 Missiles are heading right for him, Marvin & Katz) I think I know


General Krouser:(Calling them)

Plankton, Marvin & Katz: (Goes up to the Surface looking black covered)

Plankton: (Slurry) Yes General Krouser sir?

General Krouser: Change of plans, Your Gonna disguise as Workers on the Underwater Black Scorpion.

Marvin: Oh yes sir, those Subs made me so angry


Plankton, Marvin & Katz: (Wearing Workers Outfits)

Plankton: Katz do you remember the plan that Krouser sent us?

Security: Oye you two your suposed to be in delta Quadrent

Plankton: You mean 3?

Security: Whatever just go

Marvin: Yes sir.

Katz: (Whispers) Ok, Krouser, we're inside, what's your plan?

General Krouser: now that your inside I want you to make sure that you ruin the recording of the new album

Marvin: What? Fine.

Plankton: But how?

(Hard Guitar cords)

Katz: Hmm, you know what, he's trying to get rid of the Music, not torture the Sub

Plankton: I know, ruin the Recording?! That's the Stupidest thing we've ever heard

Marvin: He's just like those League of Super Evil who can't do anything bad

Plankton: I got a great idea to get rid of those Passengers & make it like an Accident

General Krouser: I'll pay you double if you Eliminate Darkstorm's Crucifix

Marvin: Fine


Plankton, Marvin & Katz: (Makes a trap to make Darkstorm fell into the Escape Pod)

Plankton: There (Knocks on the Door) Oh Admiral Darkstorm, there's someone to see ya

Courage: (Behind the Door) Tell him to come back tommorrow, he'll be there all day

Darkstorm (Female Counter Part): Exuse me?

Marvin: Oh pardon me madam, but have you seen Admiral Darkstorm anywhere?

Courage: He's not here right so bye! (closes the door)

Katz: Funny, that Female's not Dark...(Relieases something) Or was she?

Darkstorm (Female Counter Part):(Looks like Darkstorm in every way but is a female)

Marvin: Do you mind if we join you for some Lunch with you & that Pink Dog?

Darkstorm(Origonal): What the???

Courage: Oh please do (Whispers to Darkstorm) I have a plan

Blaze THC: Well I got to go make Jackline a bottle

Jack: Ok, see ya, ok Kids stay with me ok?

Plankton: We're looking for Darkstorm the Halfbreed & we know just where to find him (rips off Darkstorm's Disguise revealing his hedgehog form) HA! (Tries it again revealing his Alien Form) Ha? (Tries it again for the 3rd time revealing his Women Form again) Huh? Eeeeeesh

(About 10mor 20 lazer aimers are aimed at Plankton, Katz and Marvin)

Marvin: It's ok, I'm sorry that he had to do that, I was afraid he might be Weakening

Courage: 1 or 2 Lumps

Katz: I'll have 2 please?

Plankton: 1 please

Marvin: I think I'll have 3 lumps

Courage: (Whacks Katz, Plankton & Marvin on the head with a Mallet giving them Lumps on their Heads) That equals 6 Lumps


Katz: (Slurry) Ok, thanks for the Tea

Marvin: (Slurry) It's deli...(bumps into a Wall) Oops. Delicious

Plankton: Goodbye now

(When Plankton, Marvin & Katz are about to leave, they got caught by their own Traps & the trap puts all 3 Bad Guys in the Escape Pod & the Pod got launched back up to the Surface)

Plankton: That's it, it's time to bring out the Heavy Artillary!

Marvin: And if this doesn't work, then nothing will


(Plankton, Katz & Marvin are in their 5th Sub (which is Green) with General Krouser)

Marvin: (Activates the Max Level Level which makes the Sub Bigger & has about 25 Torpedos, 40 Lasers & 10 Tank Cannons)

Plankton: Say your prayers Darkstorm

Courage: (Notices Krouser's Sub & screams) (Heads to Admiral Darkstorm's Quarters & starts waving his arms & pointing to the Sub & turns into a Sub & then back to normal)

Darkstorm:(Activates the illousion beam on the green Sub)

Marvin: What the? What's going on here?

Katz: I don't know

Mutant Seahorse:(Attacks again)

Plankton: Oh no, not again (Fire all weapons, but all of the Weapons Explodes along with the Sub, making Plankton, Marvin, Katz & Krouser swims up to the Surface)

Katz: At least it can't get any worse (notices a Bomb floating on the Water been lit already) Oh No


(The Explosion catapults Plankton, Marvin, Katz & Krouser back to Eggman's Abanddon Factory)

Marvin: Oh well back to the old drawing board


Muriel: Oh my, what a nice day of going underwater isn't it Eustace

Eustace: Big deal

Courage: (Comes back looking tierd)

Muriel: Courage, it's nice for you to come back, it's time to go home

Courage: (sighs in relief)

Muriel: I wonder if we can do it again tomorrow Morning?

Courage: Wha? (faints)

"That's All Folks"

The End