This is an Amy Rose & The Looney tunes Ep.

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Kirara, Vitani, and Teniahk:(Packing to go to paris)

Kirara: It is too bad that Darkstorm is out hunting on LV 428

Jack: Hi Kirara, Vitani & Teniahk, what are you 3 doing?

Vitani: Good

Teniahk: Ditto

Kirara: It is amazing I knew a guy that got us these tickets to Paris

Jack: You got the Tickets to Paris?

Kirara: Yep I got extra for you, Blaze THC, Shadow, Sally and Pulse

Jack: Well Hot Diggity Dog! We're going to Paris, I'll go get Blaze & Shadow

Teniahk: I'll get Sally

Vitani: I'll get Pulse


(At the air port)

Sally, Blaze THC, Kirara, Teniahk, Vitani, Shadow, Pulse:(Getting on the plane)

Jack: Wait, don't forget about me (Getting on the plane)


(At Paris)

Kirara: Man I feel better, the air plane food gave nasea

Jack: Yeah, come on, let's go look at the Sights in Paris

Pulse: Sure

Shadow: Fine by me

Painter #1: Be carefur with the Black Paint

Painter #2: Don't worry, I won't spill it (Accidently spills the Black Paint on Kirara) Whoops

Painter #1: You spilled it too much

Kirara:(Turns Vampire) Oye!!!!

Painter #3: (Accidently let the Road Painter rolled away) Look OUT!

(A Road Painter crashes into Kirara causing to get White Paint from the Top to her 2 Tails)

Painter #3: Sorry. The Road Painter is rolling away again, sorry (Goes after the Road Painter)

Kirara:Grrr, I paid a lot of gold to get a hair due I love and now ruined, can this get worse?

Pulse: Be careful watcha say

Shadow: Definatly

Kirara: You guys go on ahead I am gonna find a place get this paint washed off.

Jack: Ok, we'll see ya later

Kirara:(Trying to find a place wash off the paint) I just hope Pepe isn't around I was warned about him (Walks in a Hotel) *In French* Hi, I need a room

Hotel Manager: Sure, all you need to do is to choose a Room number (spots Kirara) SACREA LE HONS, EH SKUNK LE PEW! Le kittee quel terrible odeur!!

(Everyone in the Hotel ran away from Kirara mistaken as a Skunk)



Pepe Le Pew: (walking) (sings) Affaire d'amour? Affaire de coeur? Je ne sais quoi ... je vive en espoir. (Sniffs the Perfume) Mmmm m mm ... un smella vous finez ... (Hums) (Spots Kirara mistaken for a Skunk) Quel es? ... Ahhh ... la belle two-tailed femme skunk fatale!! Tch-tch. She is a speical one, no? (Goes after her for Love)

Kirara:(Turns Vampire) Back off!!!

Pepe Le Pew: (Hugging Kirara) I have found you, my Two tailed Skunk fatale, it's lovely that I found you (Kisses Kirara many times) Do come with me to ze cashbar, we can make beautiful Muzic together (kisses Kirara many times) Your so beautiful for me, my lovable peach (Kisses Kirara many times)

Kirara:(Screeches for help and Struggles)

Pepe Le Pew: Aw look at you, your Screeching for love for me baby (Kisses Kirara many times)

Kirara:(Teleports away)

Pepe Le Pew: Well what do you know, she's gone. Don't worry, my beautiful Skunk Fatale, I will come to collect you (searchs for Kirara for Love)

(Her screech reaches Pulse, Sally, Blaze and Jacks ears)

Jack: Guys, what was that?

Sally: It's Kirara, She is being chased by Pepe

Jack: Pepe, you mean Pepe Le Pew?

Vitani: yep.

Blaze THC: Lets go help her

Jack: Ok, but where is she?

Vitani: I can't follow, Hold on at a Hotel

(With Kirara)

Kirara:(Heart pounding)*Pants and extends claws*

Pepe Le Pew: (Appears behind her) Hello Flower Pot, nice day out of the open, no?

Kirara:(Scratches Pepe Le Pew)

Pepe Le Pew: I think I felt your Presences Darling (Falls apart into little Pieces & joins up together again) Oh well (Hugging Kirara) So now will be together right here (Kisses Kirara)

Kirara:(Turns Vampire)

Pepe Le Pew: Aw, your a Vampire of Love, no? (Kisses Kirara many times)


Pepe Le Pew: Nothing will ever seperate us from Love, baby (Kisses Kirara many times)

Kirara: Let go of me you beast of burden

Pepe Le Pew: (Carries Kirara) Come on baby, let's go see the Sights like the Elfel Tower & the Museum of Love

Kirara:(Teleports away)

Pepe Le Pew: Am I playing too cool, no? C'est la guerre (tries really hard to find Kirara) Where are you my Beautiful Rose of Romance, I am coming to collect you

Kirara:(Screeches Louder for help)

Pepe Le Pew: What is this? Oh Ho, but of course, she is yelling for me to come over & have a romantic Dinner, yes?

Kirara:(Teleports back to the hotel, grabs room number 48, Runs in and locks herself in)

Pepe Le Pew: (Appears on the Windowsill) I am ze Locksmith of love, no?

Kirara:(Texts Jack an SOS)

Jack: (Notices an SOS from Kirara) Kirara is up there (points to a Hotel)

Blaze THC: Come on lets go

Jack: Ok!

(They went inside the Hotel)

(Back with Kirara & Pepe Le Pew)

Pepe Le Pew: Come Darling, we must be together for love (Hugging Kirara & starts kissing her many times)


Jack: (Enters the Room) What the barnicles is going on here?

Kirara: (Teleports away from Pepe next to Jack) That beast of burden is trying to mate with me

Jack: Oh right

Pepe Le Pew: Uh oh, genous lovure no?

Jack: I'm already married to Blaze THC. Guys you can come in now

Kirara:(Heads to a shower and washes the paint off and Her White and Dark Red fur is clean)

Pepe Le Pew: Oh pardon me Madam, but have you seen a Beautiful Female Lady Skunk?

Kirara: Wait here Mr. Le Pew (To the others) We need to make a Skunk clone of me!

Jack: Ok, but how?

Kirara: I'll need skunk hair, my blood and a cloning machine

Jack: Skunk Hair? How are we gonna get that?

Kirara: Mr. Le Pew you need a hair cut (Grabs Pepe Le Pew) When we are down you will irresistable to your Lady.

Jack: Me, but why?

Kirara:(Cuts Pepe's hair Grabs a sample)

Jack: Why should I be the Lady Skunk? I'm a boy

Kirara: Not you and I told you to get the Cloning machine

Jack: Oh right, sorry (Goes outside to get the Cloning Machine & comes back with it) I paid $65.95 for this. Don't worry I got $49 left

Kirara:(Pricks her finger and takes a blood sample)

Jack: Ok, we got your Blood sample & Pepe's Skunk hair sample, I hope this works

(The Clone looks like Kirara but a skunk)

Lari the Two tailed Skunk: Le Pew!!!

Pepe Le Pew: Baby Dal ! (Hugs Lari) I'm so glad you here my beautiful Skunk Fetale

Lari:(Kisses Le Pew)

Pepe Le Pew: Mama Mia! Thank you for finding my Lovely Female Skunk (Carries Lari) Arivar (Leaves)

Jack: Well that was easy

Lari:(In Fench) Common lets meet up at your place

Kirara: Well this was akward and yet fun

"Thats All folks"

The End