Time Tangled Tantrum is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It's a beautiful day outside & we see Daffy looking angrier than usual)

Tails: I don't get in Cream, all day Daffy's been mean to Amy. Summer's about to begin and all he's done is be mean.

Cream: I don't know why Daffy's angry, did he lost something or something?

Daffy: *knocks Amy over* Whoops.

Amy: Hey! Don't you ever did that to me, Daffy Duck! Of course you know this means war! (smashes Daffy flat with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Jack: So what should we do today?

Cream: Uh Mr. Tails, are you still working on a Time Machine?

Daffy: >.<

Tails: Yeah. No need to call me mister.

Cream: That's ok, I was just being polite to you, Tails.

Jack: That's good to hear.


Amy: That's AMY!

Jack: Eeesh, what's wrong with that Black Duck? (points to Daffy)

Cream: That's what I want to know too, Mr. Jack.


Amy: I told you that's Amy!

Jack: And I had a name you know!

Cream: So Tails, how did this Time Machine works?

"More Coming Soon"

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