"The Treasure of the Knuckles Clan" is an episode of ARATLT: Restored, Redone, Rebooted.

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(It was a beautiful day & at Amy's House, Amy is reading the newspaper, while Zaktan is watching an adventure movie all about finding the treasure)

Zaktan: Whoa, this movie is awesome.

Amy: Yeah. It is a great movie.

Zaktan: It's about an adventurer finding a lost treasure in the amazon jungle. Do you think that we'd ever be in an adventure movie?

Amy: In due time, Zaktan. In due time. (notices something in the newspaper that is important) What's this? (starts reading) "Adventurers have gone missing while on the search for the Treasure of the Knuckles Clan & none has come out alive, & died trying to find the lost treasure."

Zaktan: (gets excited) Lost treasure?!

Amy: (sighs) Yes, but it's very dangerous.

Zaktan: I don't care how dangerous the location of the lost treasure is, I just want the gold, treasure, coins, diamonds, rubies, & other gems. And this gold mine idea, turns out to be a real gold mine.

Amy: What's this? (continues reading) "Look out for evil treasure hunters who want the treasure for themselves & according to legend, when treasure is taken in greed, you will always turn sour."

Zaktan: What does that mean?

Amy: I'm not sure, but I think it's best that we find out why.

Zaktan: Alright, let's go to the library to find out.

Amy: Okie dokie. Come on, we'll go for a walk to the library to find out the legend about the lost treasure of the Knuckles Clan.

Zaktan: Oh alright.

Amy & Zaktan: (goes outside & walks to the Library)


(At the Library)

Amy & Zaktan: (looking for a book about the legend of the treasure of the Knuckles Clan)

(Mr. Krabs, Daffy, Reggie, and Vector are seen reading the only book that is about the treasure of the Knuckles Clan in the library)

Mr. Krabs: Hrm..... this could make me even more rich! (Grins)

Reggie: Yeah, yeah, Krabs, but do you really want to risk your life for that?

Mr. Krabs: Maybe.

Reggie: Hmmm.... (Thinks about how rich he can get, and how he can impress Veronica, grins) Let's.... do it.

Amy & Zaktan: (notices the book is with Mr. Krabs, Daffy, Reggie & Vector) There's the book.

Amy: Hello, can Zaktan & I please borrow the book? If you don't mind.

Daffy: "Burrow"? Pfffb. Lady, I think you mean "borro-

Vector: (Elbows Daffy) Of course you can borrow the book! We're done with it, anyway...

Amy: (grabs the book) Thank you Vector. (goes up to a table which is at the other of the book case)

Zaktan: Yeah thanks (follows Amy)

Daffy: Okay, guys. Let's go to the train!

Mr. Krabs: (Faceplams) We need to buy tickets. And I'm not wasting me money on tickets...

Amy: Look, the legend is true.

Zaktan: Really? (reads it) Oh yeah.

Amy: It does say that money taken in greed always turn sour.

Zaktan: I wonder why?

Amy: I'm not sure, maybe we'll find out once we get there.

Zaktan: But how can we get there?

Amy: Hmm, how about we can ride on something for transportation

Zaktan: Ok, but what kind of transportation?

Vector: (Faceplams) Amy, remember in Sonic Adventure when you took the train to the Mystic Ruins...? Well, THEN TAKE THE TRAIN.

Amy: Oh yeah. Thanks Vector. Let's go take a train

Zaktan: Right. Rock, Paper, Scissors for whoever has to pay for the train tickets.

Amy & Zaktan: (plays Rock, Paper, Scissors & Zaktan loses)

Zaktan: (groans) Fine, I'll pay for the tickets

Amy & Zaktan: (goes off to the train station)

Vector: (Holds up four train tickets) Okay, guys. Let's go...

(The leave and go to the Station Square train station)


(At the Station Square Train Station)

Amy & Zaktan: (at the front of the line)

Amy: 2 tickets to the Mystic Runs, please?

Emo Dawg: ....Sure. (Hands them two tickets) (Sighs) that would be.... 100 Rings. (Let's say the rings are the currency in Mobius)

Zaktan: 100 rings?! Fine (gives Emo Dawg 100 rings) And that's all I have. 100 rings

Amy: It's ok Zaktan. We got two tickets, let's go in.

Amy & Zaktan: (goes inside the train & sits down on their seats which are next to each other)

(Vector, Reggie, Mr. Krabs and Daffy enter just before the train leaves)

Zaktan: Next stop, the Mystic Ruins.

Mr. Krabs: Uhhh, yeah....


(At the Mystic Ruins)

(Mr. Krabs, Reggie, Vector and Daffy enter out of the train)

Daffy: Whoa, it's.... nice out here!

Amy & Zaktan: (exits the train & notices the beautiful view) Wow

Amy: This place is beautiful

Zaktan: Yeah. It is beautiful

Mr. Krabs: Well, it is.... (Back to normal) but I'm more concerned about the treasure. (Takes a sample map of the Mystic Ruins) Good thing they're free....

Amy: Ok then. Now let's look at this map.

Amy & Zaktan: (looks at the map)

Zaktan: where to find the treasure.

Amy: If there's a treasure, there could be a temple.

Reggie: Of course there's a temple....

Zaktan: If I was the temple, where would I be?

Vector: (Faceplams) It's in the jungle, and to get there, we need to get in the mine cart...

Amy: Yes, & when there's a mine cart, there always mine caves & mine cart tracks

Zaktan: Oh, smart thinking. Let's find the mine cart.

Amy & Zaktan: (starts searching for the mine cart)

Vector: (Sighs)

Amy: (finds a mine cart) There it is. (hops inside the mine cart) Hop in, guys.

Zaktan: Ok (hops inside the mine cart)

(The others get in)

Amy: Lets go!

(The mine cart starts and goes to the jungle)

Zaktan: Nice, the jungle looks exactly like the Zaktan Jungle back at Voya Nui.

Mr. Krabs: ??? I have no idea where that place is...

Zaktan: Voya Nui is a large U-shaped like Island.

Amy: Anyways, we're getting very close to the temple. Let's keep a look out.

Daffy: (Nods)

Zaktan: And we must watch our backs, you never know what kind of jungle animal is lurking in the shadows.

Reggie: Pffft, yeah...

Amy & Zaktan: (keeps a look out for the /temple and/or anything that are lurking in the shadows)

Mr. Krabs, Reggie, Daffy and Vector: (look for the temple)

Amy: (hears faint growling) Did you hear that?

Vector: Hmm...? No...

Zaktan: (hears the growling getting louder) Whatever that was, it's sounds like it's coming closer.

Daffy: (Shivers)

Amy: (hears the growling coming even closer) That sounds like growling & it IS coming closer.

Zaktan: What do you think it is?

Amy: (notices the growling is coming from a tiger) (gasps) It's a tiger!

Tiger: (roars)

Mr. Krabs: (Screams in fear)

Amy: Stay back everyone. We have to be careful with wild animals.

Mr. Krabs: (Calms down and sharpens his claws)

Amy: (walks slowly to the tiger by walking in baby step)

Tiger: (notices Amy & growls a bit & is about to pounce at Amy)

Amy: (softly) It's ok... (takes off her glove & gently pets the Tiger's head with her bare hand) I'm not going to hurt you.

Tiger: (felt Amy's soft skin & calms down a bit)

Zaktan: Huh?

Amy: (felt the tiger's soft fur) You really are a nice kitty, aren't you?

Tiger: (calms down by Amy's soft touch)

Daffy: (Scoffs) Puh-lease.

Amy: (to tiger) It's ok. Can you please show us the way to the temple please?

Tiger: (nods & then goes through the jungle to the Mystic Ruins Temple)

Amy: Come on everyone, the tiger knows the way. (follows the Tiger)

Zaktan: Ok. (follows the tiger as well)

Amy: Come on guys, the Tiger will show us the way.

Everyone follows the tiger.

Amy: (spots the Mystic Ruins Temple) There it is.

Zaktan: We've found it, all thanks to a tiger.

Amy: (to the tiger) Thank you Mister Tiger. Your free to go.

Tiger: (goes back in the jungle)

Daffy: Alright, let's go. I just want that treasure!

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, well I'M going to find it and IT'S going to be mine!

Vector: Yeah, riiight. That treasure's mine!! 

Zaktan: Oh no, it's my treasure & I'm gonna be Rich! Rich!! RICH!!!

Reggie: Not if I get it before all of you!

Zaktan: Oh yeah, ready set go! (races inside the temple)

(The rest of them [except Amy] start to race)

Amy: Oh dear. (sighs) This could be impossible. (thinking: When treasure taken in greed, always turns sour...Oh no, they're in danger)  (goes after them) Hey, guys! Wait for me!


Amy: (inside the temple, looking for Zaktan, Daffy, Mr. Krabs, Vector & Reggie) Guys, where are you? I have something to tell you!

Mr. Krabs: (Has the treasure in his claws, notices Amy) !

Amy: Mr. Krabs, I have something to tell you and...wait, where are the others?

Mr. Krabs: (Shurgs) Whatever...

Zaktan: (arrives) Heyo!

Amy: There's something I gotta tell you, legend has it that when the Knuckles Clan Treasure taken in greed, always turns sour...

Daffy: But isn't Eugene already sour?

Amy: That's not what I mean...while I was looking for you guys, I noticed an ancient incantation being carved on the ancient wall that said, "The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The heart is the controller. The controller serves to unify the chaos.". When I noticed that incantation, I figured that this is the reason why treasure cannot be taken in greed...

Daffy: And your point is..?

Amy: A long time ago, in Sonic Adventure, I noticed an orange girl echidna that doesn't like war, greed & killing & loves peace & harmony, the girls name is "Tikal the Echidna". She is part of the Knuckles' Clan, being the voice of reason...she loves to care about peace & harmony & she even befriends a legendary water creature, known as Chaos...when her tribe tries to attack the alter of the emeralds, she tries to protect the place, but sadly she got by her own tribe. When Tikal came to, despite her wounds, she was horrified to see the destruction that had befalled the area; it turned out that when her father, Pachacamac and his men attacked the temple, they injured the Chao. This incurred the anger of Chaos, causing the creature to be comsumed by rage, who in turn used the negative Chaos Energy of the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Perfect Chaos and killed Pachacamac, his men and nearly all of the Echidnas. Understanding that Chaos was blinded by rage and would not stop its rampage, Tikal decided to stop Chaos before it could destroy the rest of Mobius. Using the Master Emerald and her grandmother's prayer, Tikal managed to strip Chaos of its power and seal it away in the Master Emerald. Unfortunately, the resulting ritual sealed Tikal's spirit inside the Master Emerald as well, leading to her demise.

Zaktan: (feels very bad about being greed before) (sighs) Wow, I didn't know that...what have we done...

Amy: Now you know why Treasure taken in greed, always turn have to put back the treasure where you found them at's better to leave it alone...treasure's not worth more than friendship...will you put back the treasure where you found it?

(Everyone besides Mr. Krabs feels guilty about their greed)

Vector: (Growls) Give it up, Krabs... as much as I hate to admit it, Amy's right.

Zaktan: Yeah, Tikal had sacrificed her life to stop Perfect Chaos & now he & Tikal's spirit are now trapped inside the Master put the treasure back right now, it's not worth it...

Mr. Krabs: (Froans) Fine...

Amy: Good...(grabs the treasure off from Mr. Krabs & puts it back where they found it) There, back where it belongs in your happy let's go home...

Daffy: Well, this was kind of pointless, wasn't it? Well... there's always that blue monkey diamond...

Vector: Wait, this is a prequel to Looney Tunes: Back in Action..?

Zaktan: Blue Monkey Diamond?! Where?

Amy: (sighs) Here we go again...

"Thatt's All, Folks!"

The End.