The House that Jack Hedgehog Built is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day in Seaside Hill & Jack the Hedgehog along with his hedgehog siblings, Harry & Sarah (Spongebob100), are all relaxing in their home with George the Fox & Bob the Echidna.

Jack: (sighs) What a day. I think I'll get my jacket (looking for his jacket) (in singsong voice) Oh George

George: (in singsong voice) Yes Jack?

Jack: Where's my Jacket?

George: I'm wearing it

Jack: (normal voice) Ok then. Can I please wear the Purple Jacket?

George: (Normal voice) (takes the Purple Jacket off) Ok then (gives the Jacket to Jack) Here you go.

Jack: Thanks. (wears the Purple Jacket)

Harry: Wow, that jacket looks good on you.

Jack: Thanks Harry. My wife will be here soon. So I betta get ready.

Bob: Alright, if you say so

Sarah: Ok then, now don't take too long

Harry: Yeah, what she said.

Jack: (sighs) (goes down to the basement) I always count my special Hot Dogs inside the Special Meat Locker. (humming "We're in the Money" as he arrives the Meat Locker)

(Meanwhile back with Harry, Sarah, George & Bob)


George: Who are you?

Bob: And what are you doing here?

Darkstorm: Growls)

Sarah: You must be Darkstorm the Halfbreed, right?

Darkstorm: Yes

George: Nice to meet you. Jack is down at the meat locker, counting his hot dogs for the BBQ & Blaze THC, Jack's Wife will be here for a date in a Restaurant tonight.

Bob: Yeah, I can't believe that Jack grown up so fast.

Harry: Yeah (sniffs) I'm so proud of my big brother.

Darkstorm: The hell?

Sarah: Harry & I are Jack's Siblings.

Harry: (singing) "I dream of a genie with the light brown hair"

Blaze THC:(Under cloak) BOO

Harry: AAHHHH!! (jumps onto Sarah's Arms) (notices Sarah) Hi

Sarah: You must be Jack's Wife, am I right?

Blaze THC: Aye (Had been in England)

Jack: (comes out of the meat locker) Hi Blaze THC, how's my beautiful kitten doing today? (hugs Blaze THC)

Blaze THC:(Licks)

Jack: (chuckles) That tickles. By the way, how do you like this Purple Jacket, I'm wearing?

Blaze THC:(mews sexily)

Jack: (chuckles) Glad you liked it. (kisses Blaze THC's Cheek)

Blaze THC:(Rubs his area)

Jack: (chuckles) That tickles. Anyways, we gotta pick a resturant to have our own dinner date. But what?

(Suddendly a paper airplane appears flying around & points at Jack's Bottom)

Jack: Ow! (notices a Paper Airplane & then picks it up) What's this? (unfolds the paper airplane, revealing a poster) (reads) "The Kit Kat Klub. Food are 50% Off. Eat Now, Pay Later."

Harry: Well Hot Digity Dog. It's a perfect time.

Jack: Blaze THC, we're going out to a Resturant for a date.

Blaze THC:?????

Jack: Let's go to dinner later. (kisses Blaze THC) Right now, let's enjoy with each other's love (Kisses Blaze THC in the lips)

Blaze THC:(Purrs and Goes to Get ready) Love ya baby

Jack: Love ya too, Blaze, my beautiful kitten.

Blaze THC:(Sends out a mating musk)

Jack: Blaze THC & I are going out to the Kit Kat Klub for our dinner date.

Sarah: It's cool. Harry & I can wait for you guys.

Harry: Good luck with your date

Jack: Thanks sibs.

Blaze THC: Jacky

Jack: Hey Blaze THC, are you ready for our dinner date?

Blaze THC:(In a very sexy dress)

Jack: (blushes even more & his eyes shapes into hearts & then back to normal) I'll take that as a yes. And by the way, you look amazing in that dress. (kisses Blaze THC)

Blaze THC:(Hand in his pants)

Jack: (chuckles) So Blaze THC, what should I wear for our dinner date?

Blaze THC: (Purrs) Find something

Jack: Ok then (goes to his drawer & finds some clothes for the dinner date, goes to the changing room & wears a Purple Shirt, Blue Pants & Green Boots) What do you think?

Blaze THC:(Shakes head no)

Jack: Ok then (goes back to the changing room & changes into his Yellow Shirt, Red Pants & White Boots) How about now?

Blaze THC: (Hands her husband a suit)

Jack: Aww, you've gave me a suit to wear for the dinner date. Thanks Blaze THC (kisses Blaze THC's Cheek)

Blaze THC:(Purrs)

Jack: (goes back in the changing & wears the suit) How do I look?

Blaze THC:(mEWS*

Jack: Aw thanks Blaze THC.

  • That night*

Blaze THC: Hello?

Jack: (appears wearing a suit) Hey Blaze THC, I'm ready to go.

Blaze THC:(pURRS)

Jack: (kisses Blaze THC's Cheek)

Blaze THC:(Mews)

Jack: So, what kind of vehicle shall we cruise in to get to the Resturant tonight?

Blaze THC:Their are two Elites out side waiting in a Old Covanent Corvette battle Ship

Jack: Ok, let's ask them to see if they can give us a car or a propeller plane that we can borrow to ride all the way to the resturant.

Blaze THC:(Face Palms) They are lending use old covanent Banshee's

Jack: Oh right, sorry. Anyways, let's fly. (gets inside)

Blaze THC:(Gets in and Kicks the Turbo and Runs over Plankton)

Plankton: Ouch.

George: Goodbye Jack & Blaze THC

Bob: And good luck.


Sarah: Oh hi Darkstorm

Harry: How's it going?

Darkstorm:*A new sword is on his belt, the head peice is a cobra*

George: Cool sword you got there. What do you call this sword?

Corbra:*Mutters in Demon language*

Bob: Whao, did that sword just talked?

Darkstorm: Aye

Bob: I'm just saying

Harry: Say Sarah, would you like to go to the Kit Kat Klub too?

Sarah: Sure I love to go. What should we ride on to get to the Klub?

Harry: How about one of Dad's old cars, like the Maxwell Convertible.

Sarah: Are you sure, I'm gonna feel embarassed riding in that.

Harry: Please?

Sarah: Ok, anything for you.

Harry: (takes Sarah to their Dad's Maxwell Convertible)

Sarah: Oh, I'm gonna feel so embarassed (hops on the Maxwell Convertible)

Harry: (hops on as well) We're going out to the Kit Kat Klub as well. See you later. (starts the Maxwell Convertible & drives off with Sarah on the Maxwell Convertible)

Sarah: (blushes in embarassment)

Darkstorm:(Summons Sarah to him and Hands her a helmet)

Sarah: (wears the helmet) Thanks Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Gets on his Motorcycle) Get on

Sarah: Ok, but why Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Drives Her to her destination)

Harry: (notices Sarah is gone) Where'd you go?

Darkstorm: Boo

Harry: (screams & then stops the car) Darkstorm, you scared me....again.

Darkstorm: I have sarah

Harry: But why?

Darkstorm: I got a better ride

Harry: Oh ok then. George & Bob, how about you guys?

George: Well it can't hurt anyone.

Bob: Fine.

Darkstorm:(Later Sarah)

Sarah: (holding onto Darkstorm while he's riding a motorcycle)


Sarah: Let's go, Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Kicks the Turbo)

Sarah: Wheee!

Bob: Alright, let's go.

Harry, George & Bob: (drives off in Harry's Grandpa's Maxwell Convertible)

(As they all left, the poster has a picture of a flag of Eggmanland on the back of the poster)


Jack: (notices the Kit Kat Klub Resturant) Here it is, Blaze THC. The Kit Kat Klub.

Blaze THC:(Lands) Ok, weird name though

Jack: Don't worry, as long as we're going out to dinner, it's ok. Come on, let's go in.

Blaze THC: Ok but if I get pranked (Eyes show her inner flame)

Jack: Settle down Blaze THC, I'll stop anyone who pranks you for you (kisses Blaze THC) (notices the red carpet has been rolled out) Well would you look at that. They rolled out the red carpet for us. Let's go in. (opens the door) After you.

Blaze THC:(Enters)

Jack: (enters next)

Sarah: (arrives with Darkstorm) There it is Darkstorm, the Kit Kat Klub. This is a fascinating resturant.

Darkstorm: Meh (Gets off the bike)

Sarah: (gets off the bike) Let's go inside. I can't wait. (gets inside)

Darkstorm:(Walks in)

(Inside the "Kit Kat Klub" Resturant)

Jack: (with Blaze THC) (to the waiter) We would like a table for two please?

Waiter #1: (nods & leads them to their table) (familliar calm robotic voice) Right, this way, sir & madam

Blaze THC:(Nervous)

Jack: Oh don't worry Blaze THC. I'm with you all the way. (cuddles Blaze THC gently)

Blaze THC:(yEAH

Jack: Besides, it'll be romantic together. (notices Sarah & Darkstorm) Hi Sarah & Darkstorm.

Sarah: Hi Brother Jack.

Jack: I see that you & Darkstorm is here as well.

Sarah: Yeah. (to the second waiter) A table for me & Darkstorm please?

Waiter #2: (familliar Robotic Cowboy Voice) Iffin ya say so, partner. Right this way, lady & gentleman. (leads Sarah & Darkstorm to their table

Waiter #1: My apologies, everyone. But he's been having a hard time trying to be polite (points to Waiter #2) Now then, may I take your order.

"More Coming Soon"