The Handsome Duckling is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a fine day at a Farm & a mother Duck was waiting for her Eggs to Hatch.

Mother Duck: It's hatching

Daffy Duck: Well Sasprilla, it's hatching

(All of the Ducklings hatch out of their Eggs & there's only 1 Egg left)

Daffy: Hmmm?

(The Last Duckling hatched out of his Egg & the last Duckling looks Handsome)

Daffy: Whao, he's Handsome

Mother Duck: (looks at the Handsome Duckling) Oh my, this duckling is Handsome

Handsome Duckling: (TO Daffy) (Cute Voice) Daddy!

Daffy: Aww, he called me Daddy


CJ: Now then what's for Lunch?

Daffy: (Carries the Handsome Duckling) Come on little Duckling, it's time for a walk

CJ: Now then let's see (looks for Mice)

Mice: (Bites CJ's Foot)


Mice: (Found a piece of Cheese & goes back into their home)

Daffy: (To the Handsome Duckling) I think I'll call you Daffy Jr.

CJ: (To the viewers) Why do i have to be the Villain?

Daffy: Hello CJ, this is Daffy Jr. known as the Handsome Duckling

CJ: I'll find lunch & when i do I'll... Well you know Eat!


Daffy: Now the 1st thing you gotta do about being a swimming. Watch (Swimming in the Pond) See?

Duckling: (Nods yes)

Daffy: See? Now you try it, it's nothing...(Notices a Giant Whale) to it?

The Giant Whale Ate Daffy & blows him out with his Blowhole


Daffy: Ouch, a giant whale picking on an Innocent little black duck. You get it now, son?

Duckling: (nods yes)


CJ: (Fishing but all he gets is a Boot)

Daffy: (Swims along) Hello there CJ

Jim: (Humming A new venture from Sonic Rush Adventure) (Spots CJ) Oy! Stop!

CJ: What?

Jim: Hey mate! You're part cat right?

CJ: Yeah.

Jim: But i'm part dog so you know what that means? I chase ya untill i get ya! Hehe! (Barks at CJ then Chases him)

Daffy: I wonder why Jim & CJ are excited about


Daffy: Excuse me, little one I'll be right back

Handsome Duckling: (Swims around)

Daffy: Hold it right there Bub

Handsome Duckling: (Stops)

Daffy: Not you, I mean those two guys over there (Points to CJ & Jim)

Jim: What? I'm part dog and He's part cat! And Dogs & Cats hate each other!

Daffy: Hate , Shmate. I ain't going no Zoo (picks up the Handsome Duckling) Say hello to the Handsome Duckling

Jim: Hello!

Cj: Er Hi you look thasty!

Jim: (Slaps CJ)

Handsome Duckling: (Ducks his head underwater)

Daffy: Look what you've done CJ. Your embaressing him (Slaps CJ) Your not worthy of being a Duck (To Handsome Duckling) Don't worry about them son, he's just messing with your head that's all

CJ: Hmph! (Holds his up high with his eyes closed, Bumps into a tree)

Daffy: Sometimes Clumsy I might add


Daffy: Ok son, it's for your Football lesson. Catch! (throws the Football at Handsome Duckling)

Handsome Duckling: (Catches the Football)

Daffy: Nice catch son

CJ: Hmmm. (Sees a homeless Fox cub in a basket, Pulls the fox out & Gets in the basket dressed like a baby)

Daffy: (Notices CJ as a Baby) Now what in Jumping Jupiter do you suppose that is?

BJ: (Sees CJ) Hmm. A baby? I'll send it home! (Kicks the Basket to a house)

Daffy: I wonder why this guy kicks the Basket like that?

Handsome Duckling: (Shrugs)


Daffy: Kick the football to Daddy, son

Handsome Duckling: (kicks the Football at Daffy

Daffy: I got it, I got it, I got it ! (The Football lands in Daffy's Mouth)

Handsome Duckling: (Holds up a sigh says "He got it")

Flame: Hmm. (Flies up more to search for food like fish)

Daffy: (Notices Flame) Hi there

Flame: Hi! Do know where i can find Fish? Because i'm a bald eagle!

Daffy: Oh yeah it's under water. But I'll get them for you (Bobs his head into Water & catches a Big Fish) Got one (Helds the Big Fish up high) Here it is

Flame: (Flies down and gets the fish)

Daffy: There you go, just call me Daffy Fishing Duck. Daffy Fishing Duck? Eck! I don't like Fish!

Flame: Well, i have to feed my baby brothers and sisters this! They are brats!

Daffy: Sheeesh, I wonder what CJ is up to this time

Jim: (Sees CJ) A baby? I'll call me mum!

Daffy: (Notices a Homeless Fox Cub, picks it up & goes to Jim's House) Hey wait, here's the real Fox Cub (gives CJ the Homeless Fox Cub) Here you go

Jim: (Growls at CJ)

CJ: Hehe! (Gives the fox to Jim) (Runs)

Daffy: (points to CJ) He's nuttier as a Fruitcake

Jim: Yep.


Daffy: Ok little one, time for your baseball lesson (throws the Baseball at the Handsome Duckling)

Handsome Duckling: (catches the Baseball)

Daffy: Good Catch son (Notices CJ is next to him) You see that CJ, this Handsome Duckling is gonna be just like me

Father Duck: Hey, what are you doing with my child?

Daffy: Your Child ?!

Mother Duck: Daffy, your not my husband, (points to Father Duck) He is my Husband

Father Duck: It's like a man's gotta do when a man's gotta do

Daffy: (to Audience) Mother

Father Duck: (punches Daffy to the Ground)

Daffy: Your...your...Your Despicable! (Walks off with CJ)

Handsome Duckling: Daffy left me all alone with my Mommy & Daddy. Where did Daffy go?

"That's all Folks"

The End