The Dixie Hedgehogs is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day in Dixie Line & Jack & Sakura have arrived for a Picnic in the Dixie Line down south

Jack: This looks like a perfect spot for a picnic

Sakura: Yeah! So what'd you bring?

Jack: We got our Picnic Blanket, Picnic Basket, Plates, Cups, Drinks & most of all FOOD!

Sakura: Great! I'm starved!

Jack: Let's eat!

(So Jack & Sakura started eatting the food & when they're stomachs are now full, they decided to take a nap on the Picnic Blanket, but they didn't know that they are not alone, little did they know that near them was a Tree with a Nest with a Chimmey Pipe on one of the branches & inside the next we're 2 Buzzards named, Pappy & Elvis

Elvis: Pappy?

Pappy: Huh?

Elvis: Ah'm hungry

Pappy: Well hotten up a can of Black-Eyed Beans, Elvy boy

Elvis: Aw Pappy, we're Buzzards. Why couldn't we have a mammal?

Pappy: Cause they're ain't just no mammals round here, that's why

Elvis: (Sniffing something) Oh, I just have a craving for meat so bad, I could almost smell a Hedgehog (sniffs again) Come to think of it, I can smell another Hedgehog so well, that I...I declare I can almost smell 2 Hedgehogs (Spots something or someone down here in amazment) (shooks Pappy to wake him up) Pappy, Look! Down on the Ground! I found something!

Pappy: (Wakes up & his beak opened wide in amazment as he notices 2 Hedgehogs lying on the Picnic Blanket taking a nap, one Orange & one White with Red Quills, which are Jack & Sakura) (Licks his Chops)

Elvis: (Got up from his nest) Ah'm gunna get those Hedgehogs (flies down to the Ground & lands) That's what ah'm gunna do

Pappy: (Got up from his nest & flies down to the ground & lands as well) Hedgehogs! (licking his chops)

Elvis: (about to grab the Hedgehogs)

Pappy: Elvis! Stop right there! (slaps his hands) Ya'll know that Hedgehogs have Prickly Quills, don't ya? Ya done don't have any protective hand wear like ah do

Pappy & Elvis: (Puts on a pair of Rubber Gloves)

Pappy: Now you go get the fire started, while I get the Hedgehogs ready for the fryin' pan by plucking every single quill out of their carcasses

Elvis: Ok Pappy (Goes to start the fire)

Pappy: (Notices Sakura is a girl) Say, this White & Red one's a girl. Ah well, as the manners go, the ladies go first (starts plucking the Quills off of Sakura first, making her Twitch in her sleep)

Sakura: [mumbles in her sleep] Keep touching me, and watch what happens.

Pappy: Phew (finishes plucking Sakura's Quills) Ok, that's 1 down, 1 to go (plucks Jack's Quills making him twitch in his sleep)

Jack: (Wakes) Hey, what's coming off of me? (notices Pappy plucking his Quills) What in the world, are you doing?

Pappy: Ah'm jus' gettin' ya'll ready for dinner

Jack: Excuse me! (grabs his & Sakura's Quills from Pappy) I think I can dress myself for dinner if you don't mind (putting his Orange Quills back on his Naked Spots) (Putting Sakura's Quills back on her Naked Spots)

Elvis: (Comes back) Pan's all ready, Pappy

Pappy: Good Boy Elvis (grabs Jack's Legs) Get the White & Red Girl & gimmie a hand

Elvis: Ok Pappy (Grabs Sakura's Legs)

Pappy & Elvis: (Drags Jack & Sakura to an Axe on the Choping Stump)

Jack: Sakura? (shooks Sakura to wake her up) Sakura? Sakura? Sakura, wake up!

Sakura: [wakes up] H-huh..? [looks at Pappy and Elvis] WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

Pappy & Elvis: (Released their legs)

Pappy: Me & Elvis we're jus' ponderin' on havin' ya'll over for dinner

Jack: Well what do you know, Sakura. These two Birds are just inviting us for dinner

Sakura: Hmph. Seems like they wanna have us for dinner.

Jack: Calm down, Sakura. We're they're guests & that's what matters. By the way, what are you gonna have for dinner?

Pappy: Southern Fried Hedgehogs

Jack: Mmmm, that's sounds delicious, where can we find the Hedgehogs?

Pappy: We already have some

Elvis: Namely, both of ya'll (chuckles)

Jack: Oh n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no, Sakura & I are live mammals not live meals

Sakura: Exactly!

Jack: So I'm afraid that you two Buzzards better find something else to eat, so uh....(grabs Sakura's Hand) (chuckles) G-Bye now!

(Jack & Sakura zooms away)

Pappy: Elvis, we've been flimflammed again (grabs the Axe from the Choping Stump) Go get de Squirrly Rifle (Chases Jack & Sakura around the Tree)

Elvis: (Comes back with a Hunter's Gun) I got de rifle, Pappy

Pappy: Good boy Elvis, now on mah mark...ready...

Elvis: (Raises his Rifle in the air)

Pappy: Aim...

Elivs: (Cocked the Gun)

Jack & Sakura: FIRE!

Elvis: (fires at Pappy by mistake)

Pappy: (His beak is wrongly adjusted & his tounge is sticking out) (puts his tounge back in & adjusts his Beak & the right way & put his hat back on) Elvis (walks up to Elvis) Elvy boy. Why did ya'll shoot yo' Pappy in da head with a shootin' gun fo'? (grabs Elvis' Beak & slaps his face, making Elvis' Beak fall off)

Jack: Hey, that's no way to treat his son like that

Elvis: (puts his beak back on) Ya'll better stop mean talking to my pappy like that or I'll pull those small dumb skinny yankke quills off of ya, ya pincushion varmits!

(Jack & Sakura gasps as they heard what Elvis said)

Jack: Why that's an insult to our honour (slaps Elvis, causing his head to spin)

Sakura: I'm just about ready to tackle someone right now....!

Pappy: Go get the Duelin' Rifles, Elvis

Elvis: (Runs off & comes back with a box filled with 2 Pistols)

Jack: Say, that's a great idea! Gentleman, choose your weapons

(Pappy & Elvis grabs their Pistols)

Jack: Good, now stand to back to back

(Pappy & Elvis stand back to back)

Jack: Good, now when I count to 3 you turn & fire ok?

Pappy & Elvis: Ok

Jack: Then start walking

(Pappy & Elvis starts pacing)

Jack: A 1...and a 2...and a 3

(Jack & Sakura both ducked when Pappy & Elvis turns to each other & shoots, but Jack was too slow & he got shot instead, making his muzzle fall off)

Jack: Ouch!

Sakura: Man, that's gotta hurt!

Jack: You know, that's the first someone shot my Muzzle off. Can you help me put my Muzzle back where it suppose to be?

Sakura: Sure. [places the muzzle on his face]

Jack: Thanks

Pappy: Let's get'em!

Jack: RUN!

(Jack & Sakura runs through a Log & Pappy & Elvis follows them, inside & out the Log, over & over again, then Jack & Sakura stops, letting Pappy & Elvis chase themselves inside & out the Log over & over again)

Jack: Watch this, I've seen this in the funny Pictures (pushes the Log, making one side facing the Cliff, Pappy & Elvis comes out the Wrong End which is facing the Cliff, so they got back in, Jack does it a 2nd time & Pappy & Elvis made an error again & got back in)

Jack: Care to push the Log down the Cliff, Sakura?

Sakura: [grins] Gladly. [pushes them off the cliff]

Pappy & Elvis: AHHHHHHHHH!!! (crashes, but rolls to the Waterfall)


Pappy & Elvis: (Notices a Waterfall up ahead) Uh oh! (Falls off a Waterfall)



Pappy & Elvis: (comes out of the Water)

Pappy: We've been Flimflammed again....uh again

Elvis: C'mon Pappy, I found those 2 Hedgehog over there! (points to Jack & Sakura)

(Pappy & Elvis are too close to Jack & Sakura preparing to attack)

Jack: (Sniffs) Wait, what's that smell? (Sniffing) (Dixie Voice) GREAT BOLTS OF FIRE! TORNADO's A COMING. QUICK INTO THE CELLARS! (winks at Sakura, believing that he is making a Joke)

Sakura: [laughs]

Jack: Hurry, into the cellars! HURRY!

Pappy & Elvis: (Goes inside the Cellar)

Jack: (Locks them up by nailing the Boards down so they can't get out) (Chuckles) (Normal Voice) They're nutty as a fruitcake

(Suddenly they both heard something coming & it's a REAL Tornado. They tried unlock the door as fast they can, but it was too late. The Tornado sucks Jack & Sakura & when they got out of the Tornado, they're Quills & Fur are Gone, but they're Clothes we're still on)

Sakura: GAHHHH!

Jack: Oh dear

Sakura: This is so embrasing. >.<;

Jack: Fortunately I always keep Spare Sets for such an Emergency (pulls out the ACME Instant Quills & Fur [Comes in all kinds of Different Colors]) (Gives Sakura a White & Red Bag filled with White Fur & Red Quills) Here (pulls out the Orange Bag) Ladies first

Sakura: [puts on fur and quills] Phew.

Jack: (Easily puts on his Fur & Quills & zips up the zipper)

Sakura: you think they're still after us?

Jack: DUCK!

(He & Sakura ducked their heads because Pappy & Elvis appears out of no where trying to tackle them, but almost caught Jack & Sakura)

Jack: Run for it! (tooks Sakura's Hand & he & Sakura run for their Lives) That answers our questions

Pappy & Elvis: (Chasing Jack & Sakura)

(Jack & Sakura hides inside a Big Shack with the sign saying "Do Not Enter!")

Elvis: Come on Pappy, they went in there (points to the Big Shack)

Pappy & Elvis: (goes inside the Shack)

But little did they know that there's more signs on the Shack saying "Danger!", "TNT!", "Explosives!", Keep Out!" & "This Means You!"

Pappy: Where are they Elvis? It's so dark, I can't see nothin'.

Jack: Here use my Flashlight

(Jack & Sakura exits the Shack without Pappy & Elvis noticing they're escaping again)

(We hear Pappy saying...)

Pappy: Dang nabbit, it done don't work!

Elvis: (pokes his Head out through the Doorway) (To Sakura) Got a match Ma'am?

Sakura: Yeah! [hands him a match and smirks]

Elvis: Much Obliged (went back in the shack with the Match) I got a Match, Pappy

Pappy: Well; light a candle; Elvis

Jack & Sakura: (Tiptoes away as Elvis lights a candle with a Match from the inside of the Shack)

Elvis: Pappy, this Candle is very strange

Pappy: Why's that, Elvy boy?

Elvis: Because the Fire on the candle is a sparkling & what does the letters "TNT" spelled?

(Jack & Sakura are 20FT away from the Shack, both of them Covered their ears when the shack exploded)


(The Explosion launches Pappy & Elvis back to their Nest)

Pappy: (Looks at Elvis) Who wants a Hedgehog or two anyhow? (shows Elvis a Can of Beans) Have some Black-Eyed Beans, Elvis

Elvis: (looks at the Beans) But they done don't look like no Black-Eyed beans, Pappy

Pappy: (Pokes Elvis' Eyes) Then Look Again, Boy

Elvis: (his eyes are now Black, making his vision Black as takes another look at the can of Beans) They sure done don't have our Black Eyes Pappy

(Both Pappy & Elvis began to eat the Beans)

(Meanwhile with Jack & Sakura looking at the 2 Buzzards)

Jack: Well, that's that. Come on Sakura, let's head back to our Picnic Grounds & enjoy the rest of the Dixie Line Day

Sakura: Alright!

Jack: Let's go!

(As Jack & Sakura walks away back to the Picnic Ground, Jack didn't notice that his Backside has no quills leaving his Underwear shown)

Jack: (Humming) Do Dah! Do Dah! (humming) Oh the Doo Dah Day!

Sakura: Uhm, Jack...

Jack: Yes?

Sakura: [ahem] Your..."backside" has no quills...

Jack: Huh? (notices) Oh right (puts the Quills back on his back & backside) Thanks. Now where was I? Oh yeah (sings while they get back to the Picnic Grounds) (Humming) Do Dah! Do Dah! (Humming) Oh the Doo Dah Day!

"That's All Folks"

The End