The Agent and the Eagle is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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[Tegan and Cheryl are walking on the side of the road at the nearby woods, conversating]

Tegan:(laughs) So what did he say?

Cheryl: He said, "Hey, me lads, would you fare a dime?"

Tegan & Cheryl: (laughing)

(A Big Space Ship has hovered above & they have brung them aboard)

Cheryl:(looks amazed) Wow, I've never seen this space ship before. I wonder who's on board.

Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck): It is I, DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24TH 1/2 CENTURY!

Tegan:(looks suprised) You're the duck from the future?! Nice to meet you.

Cheryl: So what did you bring us here for?

Duck Dodgers: Dr. IQ Hi assigned me because we're facing another crisis. We have reports that a Martian is up to something subspicious somewhere on the other side of the Galaxy. And I need you two to help me find this Martian. Follow me to the Bridge (goes into the Bridge)

Tegan: Well, you heard the man.

Cheryl: Let's go! (follows Duck Dodgers with Tegan)

Duck Dodgers: Are you ready Eager Young Space Cadets?

Cadet (Porky Pig) I'm r,r,r,r,r, all set your hero ship sir

Tegan & Cheryl:(in unison) Yes, sir!

Duck Dodgers: Then make way for DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24TH 1/2 CENTURY! (pulls the lever & the rocket accidently goes into Reverse going into the ground) Whoops. Had the silly thing in reverse

Tegan: (under her breath) Right.

(Then the Rocket Ship goes upwards into Outer Space)

Duck Dodgers: Now let's find the Martain in this Galaxy, he can't be at mars. He must be planning somewhere else in Space. (tracing the line directions while he's talking) Starting off where we are, we'll go 24,580m due up, then we across the Star from down east, then we go march on to here, here & here, then go to the Cosmos to here, here & here and by astronomical 3000m & thus to our destination. Now you 2 know where to find that Martian?

Cheryl: I'm not sure about this Martian, but I guess we'll give it a try.

Cadet: Excuse me Captain, we've located the M,m,m,martian

Duck Dodgers: (looks shocked & looks at the diagram he drew & then back at the Cadet) Well I bet you gonna tell me where he is, buster

Cadet: Why it's simple sir, i,i,i,it's inside that Astroroid from Deep Space

Duck Dodgers: Let me see!

(Everyone looks out the window of the rocket ship to find that there's an Astroroid that looks just like an Egg)

Tegan: There it is.

Cadet: And by george, it looks just like an Egg

Duck Dodgers: An egg, that's the silliest thing I ever heard

(The Space Ship crashes into a Giant Egg Shell making a hole through it & they landed inside the Giant Egg Shell)

Duck Dodgers: Well what do you know, it cracked

(Everyone comes out of the Space Ship)

Duck Dodgers: It IS just like an Egg. (points to Marvin the Martian) And there he is now.

Marvin: Oh darn these Computors, I just hope I can take over this planet by the time I'm done

Tegan: Hold it right there!

Duck Dodgers: Say pal, nice toy you got there

Marvin: Oh it's Dodgers & his Cadet. Now they have 2 new creatures with them. Who are you two? (points to Tegen & Cheryl)

Tegan: I'm Tegan. Tegan the Hedgehog.

Cheryl: And I'm Cherilyn Eagleton. But call me Cheryl. Tegan and I are from the planet called Mobius.

Marvin: Oh, I'm going to blow a Space Station up, it strucks my view of the Moon

Tegan: It does? That's a shame.

Marvin: (sets up the cannon) And finally, after 2000 Years of work, Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator (sets it the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator, which is acculty a stick of Dynamite & lits it up) (covers his ears & closes his eyes ready for the cannon to blow up the Space Station)

[Everyone looks shocked and Tegan quietly stops the dynamite by pinching the burnt rope, then unscrew it, and they take off]

Marvin: Where's the Kaboom? There's suppose to be an Earth Shattering Kaboom (looks shocked to find that Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator is missing) The Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator, the 2 Creatures has stolen the Space Modulator! Delays, delays

(Marvin walks up to the Dispenser filled with "'Just add water' Instant Martians" & takes out 3 of them & puts them down & Waters one with a watering can & it grows big & does the same with the 2nd & 3rd one, but the 3rd one is tiny, so Marvin tries it again & the 3rd Instant Martian grows big like the other 2)

Marvin: Capture those 2 Creatures & return the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator

(The 3 Instant Martians goes after Tegan & Cheryl)

Marvin: I deal with Dodgers myself (goes after Duck Dodgers & Cadet)

Cheryl: What do we do? (looks back at the 3 Instant Martians gaining on them)

Tegan: Well, I guess we can fight those guys. (stops and prepares to attacks 3 of them)

Cheryl: Good idea. Let's get 'em! (joins the attack)

3 Instant Martians: (notices this & huddles to think of a plan & they held the signs that say "Break!" & goes after Tegan & Cheryl getting ready to tackle them)

Tegan: (dodges and spins around them, making them feel dizzy)

3 Instant Martians: (got dizzy & accidently tackled each other) (their dizziness has stoped & one of them chases Tegan & Cheryl with a Zipping Scooter, while the other 2 chases Duck Dodgers & the Cadet on foot)

Duck Dodgers: YIPE! (runs off)

Cadet: D,d,d,don't worry captain, I'll stop them with this (holds up an ACME Disintergrating Pistol & fires at the 2 Instant Martians who we're chasing them on foot & the 2 Instant Martians have been disintergrated)

Duck Dodgers: (grabs the Pistol) (to Cadet) Oh you huh? I know the fact I was trying to stop that Martian, you have to butt in! Now get back on that Space Ship!

Cadet: Y,y,y,yes sir your heroship sir (goes back inside the Space Ship)

Duck Dodgers: (aims the Pistol at Marvin) Aha! I'll beat you with my Disintergrating Pistol & brother when it disintergrates, it disintergrates! (tries to opens fire at Marvin, but the pistol disintergrated by itself) Well what do you know. It disintergrated

Marvin: (open fires at Duck Dodgers with his own Disintergrating Pistol, but Duck Dodgers keeps on dodging the Rays of the Pistol)

Duck Dodgers: (small voice) Mother (runs for his life)

Marvin: (chases Duck Dodgers while firing his Disintergrating Pistol at Duck Dodgers, but Dodgers keeps on dodging the Beams)


(Back with Tegan & Cheryl)

Instant Martian: (still chasing the 2 Mobians with his Zipping Scooter)

Cheryl: (points at the end of the cliff) Look!

Tegan: Get ready! On 3!

Tegan & Cheryl: 1....2....3! (jumps over the Instant Martian to make him fall off a cliff)

(The Instant Martian falls down.)

Tegan: Whoo! That was easy.

Cheryl: Sure was.

(3 More Instant Martians Appear & surrounds Tegan & Cheryl)

Tegan: (smiles nervously) Or not.

(They run for their lives with 3 More Instant Martians chasing after them)

Tegan & Cheryl: (finding the elevator platform upper to go up to the top floor and opening the door to let them in)

(The 3 More Instant Martians go inside and do the same thing)

Tegan & Cheryl: (opening the third and final door)

(The 3 More Instant Martians run, but they fall off, getting rid of)

(With Marvin)

Marvin: (watches Tegan & Cheryl through the Moniter) Oh dear, I may have Dodgers & his Cadet in captivity, but these 2 Mobians has escaped again. Now I shall have to create more Martians (goes off to find the Dispenser with the Instant Martians inside)


(Back with Tegan & Cheryl)

Tegan: (spots one of disk-shaped hot rods) Hey! (gets in) This hot rod better have worth million miles of gallon. Mobius isn't just across the street, you know.

Cheryl: (nods)

(The hot rod takes off and goes where Marvin finds the Dispenser, then they take it, leaving him with another stick of dynamite, and rescue Duck Dodgers and Cadet)

Marvin: (takes out the Dynamite) Oh goody! My Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator!


(The Explosion causes the Destruction of the Astroroid, leaving Marvin [now heavily damage] standing on a small remain of the Asteroid)

Marvin: (is heavily damaged) Oh well. Back to the old drawing board


Duck Dodgers & Cadet: (gets back in their Spaceship)

Duck Dodgers: Thanks for helping us defeat that martian & now this Martian is now defeated by...DUCK DODGERS IN THE 24TH 1/2 CENTURY!

Cadet: (Unimpressed) B,b,b,big deal

(Duck Dodgers & Cadet flys away in Outer Space, leaving Tegan & Cheryl alone in space in their hot rod)

Cheryl: Let's head home to Mobius, shall we?

Tegan: Yeah! (sets course on Mobius) It's been fun defeating that Martian and working with Duck Dodgers and his Cadet.

(And they head home to their destination)

(Back on Planet Mobius)

Tegan: Boy, it's good to be back on civilization. (sees the sign on the barricade says "Dead End")


(The crash caused them to land on the sewer, spilling the Dispenser with it. Suddenly, the earth starts to rumble like an earthquake. Tegan and Cheryl get out of the sewer quickly and close the lid)

Tegan: Run for the hills, folks, or you'll be up to your armpits in Martians! (runs off with Cheryl)

(The ground rumbles the second time, only the pink sprouts of the Instant Martians' heads sprouting from the sewer below)

"That's all Folks"

The End