Superfriends is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tune


It was a Beautiful day & Muriel, Courage and Eustace are in the Krusty Krab, and the lines are waiting,

Eustace: For that dog, Small One, Smallest you got

Muriel: Is that treat to Courage, I choose the Menu

Line:YEEAAH !!!

Muriel: 2 Krabby Patty for me and Courage and a Pipsqueak Patty for Eustace

Eustace: Now Wait jast a darn Minute

Line: AWWW!!

Eustace: I don't want a stupid pipsqueak patty, I want an Adult size Krabby Patty

Muriel: This is that you deserved that you choose from Courage

Eustace: You know what you doing, Courage, Courage, Courage, you like that stupid dog

Mr. Krabs: Boy, that old woman like the dog

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose laugh.

Eustace: This is a point, I don't like that Stupid Dog, an I'm hungry that my stomach eat himself.

Squidward: How about a Pipsqueak Patty, or a French Fry with bow tie?

He, Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose and Knuckles Laugh even harder.

Eustace: I have 65 years old, and i want a Krabby Patty.

Muriel: Your Pipsqueak Patty is getting cold. Eat it

Eustace: Eat This, Old Lady (Slaps the Krabby Patty out of Muriel's Hand).

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Squidward & Mr Krabs: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

Eustace: I'm sick of you caring that stupid dog, From Now on, I wanna be call Eustace Man, and I don't protecting the citizens who love that stupid dog.

Sonic: Calm down, Eustace Man!

Eustace: My name is Eustace...Man and ooh forget it.(To Muriel) If you like caring that stupid dog then Maybe you turn me into a villain, a villain who is..EVIL!!

Sonic: "Evil?"

Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Muriel and Courage: EEEVILL??

Eustace: "I will the dark side" (and he point to the dark side)

Mr. Krabs: Why should I waste Money lighten Up the old Store

And the villain cars come and in it is Meltdown and Xplode

Meltdown: Did someone say Evil?

Sonic: Whao, it's one of the Arch Enemies: Meltdown & Xplode

Eustace: (sit on the car) Good Bye, Losers!

And the cars goes out

Muriel: Nighty Nighty (To Squidward) Will you tuck me in?

Anounccer: We Interupt this Program with this Speical News, Meltdown, Xplode & now playing in the Dark Side Eustace...

Eustace: (now with villain outfit) Eustace Man ! making trouble & cause Antics around the City and form an alliance :Every Villain Is Lemon, Otherwise known as E.V.I.L., What can we do how are gonna defeat the E.V.I.L. Why am I asking you a lot of these Questions? Who will save us all?

Courage: Ohhh I gotta stop them or my name isn't Mermaid Man & it's not

So Courage goes out to Stop E.V.I.L. until he heard a Ice Cream Truck

Courage: Mmmm (Walks up to the Ice Cream Truck) (Babbling)

????: (Gives Courage an Ice Cream Cone)

he didn't know there was a Bomb


Courage has a Hole through his Belly

Courage: Oh the Things I do for Love

The Ice Cream Employees are Only Eustace, Meltdown & Xplode

Eustace: Give it up you Stupid Dog, there's 3 of us & only 1 of you, you don't stand a Chance

The Villain's Drove away

Sonic, Amy, Tails & Knuckles came to help

Sonic: Are you ok, Courage, how are you gonna defeat those guys

Courage: (Thinking & gets an Idea) (Babbling)

Sonic: I do

Amy: I do

Tails: I do

Knuckles: Alright

Courage: To the Mermalair


Later at the Mermalair

Sonic: So why are we here for?

Courage: (Points at the Costume of the IJLSA)

Sonic: The IJLSA, works for me

Courage: (Nods Yes)

They Transform into Heroes

Courage- DogMan

Sonic- DashHog

Knuckles- Magma Echidna

Tails- Elastic Tails

Amy- Invisibil-Amy



Later at Make out Reef

Teenagers: Please stop, whatever you do, please stop

Eustace, Meltdown & Xplode: John & Nancy sitting in the tree K I S S I N G

Meltdown: Shine the flashlight over on that car

Xplode: With Plessure

Xplode shines his light on Shnitzel who is kissing a Pillow while he was sleeping

Shnitzel: Aw Rada Rada

The Villains are laughing until....

Courage: Leave them alone

The Villains turned to see Courage as Dogman

Eustace: Well if it isn't that Stupid Dog

Courage: (Babbling)

Xplode: What are you talking about, there are 3 of us & only 1 of you

Sonic: (Appears) Make that 2

Xplode: Dashhog?!

Knuckles: (Appears) 3

Eustace: Magma Echidna?!

Tails: (Appears) 4

Meltdown: Elastic Tails?!

Amy: (Appears) 5

Eustace, Meltdown & Xplode: INVISIBIL-AMY?!?!

Courage: (Babbling)

Xplode: Uh Oh

Meltdown: I Don't feel so good about this

Eustace: Oh There goes our Toy Deal

Courage: (Babbling) ATTACK !

Eustace: Oh No please Mercy

Knuckles: Craka Toa (Shoots out Lava but Accidently lands on Sonic's head)

Sonic: Ahhhh (Runs around in Circles & keep saying "Get it off")

Tails: I'll save you Dashhog (Grabs Sonic but ended being caught onto Sonic & launchs himself & lands on the Ground with his Arms Stretched)

Xplode & Meltdown: Huh?

Courage: Don't worry, I'll save you (Summons his waterball, it's so dark he can't see a thing & accindently aims at Knuckles) Aha

Knuckles: No Wait, I'm not the Dashhog, I'm Magma Echid...

But it's too late Courage throw a Waterball at Knuckles mistaken as Sonic (Coughs, then turns into Dust)

Amy: I guess it's up to me (Turns Invisible) I'll just sneak over unseen & catch them by surprise....

But she got hit by a Car owned by Chris Mclean & Chef Hatchet sends her Flying to the "Danger Cliff" Sign & falls off a Cliff

Chef: What was that?



Chris Mclean: That's gonna cost some Angry Email

Sonic: Get it off, Get it off, Get it off (Turns into Dust except his Shoes) Phew, I'm glad that's over

The Villains are shocked to see they have been Defeated & Courage fainted

Eustace: Well what do you know we won, This day belongs to Evil ! (To Courage) You've Lost you Stupid & now it's time to give in to my Demands

Courage: Ok, what do you want?

Xplode: World Domination, tell him we want World Domination

Meltdown: Oh & Make him eat dirt

Xplode: Huh?

Meltdown: What?

Eustace: #1: I wanted to be treated Fairly, #2: I wanted to ba called Eustace Man & #3:...

Xplode: Come on Domination

Eustace: I wanted an Adult Size Krabby Patty

Xplode: Huh?

Meltdown: Did he say about eating dirt

Eustace: Need a Hand, Courage?

Courage & Eustace Hold Hands & become Friend again

Eustace: Sorry for calling you a Stupid Dog, It's time to get that Krabby Patty

Courage & Eustace walk together Happily

Xplode: Was that it? (Facepalms) Oh for the love of...

Meltdown: Oh this reminds that I went to Kang Koon with the Killer Shrimp...

Xplode: Would you just Shut Up

Meltdown: Sorry


Later back at the Krusty Krab

Eustace is Enjoying an Adult Size Krabby Patty

Muriel: How is that Krabby Patty, treating you, Eustace...Man (Winks)

Eustace: Well, it's preatty big, I'm not sure I can finish the whole thing

Courage & Muriel: (Laughing)

Eustace: (Laughing)

Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles: (Laughing, but has a Medical Condittion)

Meanwhile at Make Out Reef

Shnitzel: (Laughing)

Meanwhile in Jail

Meltdown & Xplode: (Laughing)

Meanwhile from elsewhere

Chris & Chef: (Laughing)

Chef: I don't get it

"That's all Folks"

The End