Super Stunt Supreme is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was a Beautiful Day in Mellowbrook & Amy, Sonic, Tails & the Others are walking together

Amy: I can't believe we've walked for an Hour

Fanboy: Don't worry, maybe we can do somthing Sporty like....

Then they Heard Screaming

????: I Need help!

Sonic: That sound's like Kick Buttowski

They all Rushed to see Kick Buttowski just waiting for some help

Tails: What's going on?

Kick Buttowski: I was hoping for Brad to show up to help me with my new Sport Video

Chum Chum: Did he said Sport?

Fanboy: I think he did

Knuckles: Maybe we can help

Kick Buttowski: Ok

Amy: How about, me, Sonic & Tails can help him, while Knuckles, Fanboy & Chum Chum go get Brad

Knuckles: Why me?

Sonic: Just go get Brad

Fanboy: We're Buddies

Chum Chum: Yay Buddies

Knuckles: Quit Touching my face (Grabs Fanboy & Chum Chum) Come on

Sonic: So what should we do?

Kick Buttowski: I need two Skaters while the Other holds the Video Camera is make a Video out of it

Sonic: I'll go

Amy: Me too

Tails: That means I'll hold the Video Camera (Holds the Video Camera)

Kick Buttowski: Lets do it


(Later at Brad's House)

Knuckles: Shhh We need to wake Brad up, but how?

Fanboy: How about Stacks of Dynimite (Lites the Dynimite)

Knuckles: No (Grabs Stacks of TNT) Would you stop Destroying the....


Knuckles: (Slurry)...House?

Chum Chum: Sorry, how about a Bomb?

Knuckles: (Grabs the Bomb) I said "No more exploding....


Knuckles: (Slurry) Bombs?

Fanboy: What about NitroGlysering? (Pours the Nitroglysering onto Knuckles Head & Lights a Match)

Knuckles: I said no (Grabs the Match) (Puts the Match down) Phew, Don't even think about things going Kaboom ! (Stomps on the Match & it Exploded)


Knuckles: (Slurry) Still going Kaboom?

Chum Chum: I think he likes it

Knuckles: I like it, I like it


Tails: Ok ready & Roll em

Kick Buttowski: (Skating on a Skatboard doing Tricks & 50/50 Grinds) I'm Kick Buttowski (Keeps on doing Tricks)

Sonic: (Skates on a Skateboard) Yeah

Amy: (Skates on a Skateboard with Sonic) I'm coming Sonic

Sonic: Yikes (Skates Faster until he Crashed on a Trashcan while he wasn't looking) Ouch

Tails: Sonic are you ok?

Sonic: (Slurry) A little overdone

Amy: Come on, I'll do a Big Trick

Kick Buttowski: What are you gonna do?

Amy: Who me? Well I'm gonna do a 360 Flip & 360 Back Flip from 200 Feet High (Kisses Kick Buttowski) GoodBye (Goes up to 200 FT on an Platform that you keep going Up)

Kick Buttowski: (Went after Amy) No one can out do Kick Buttowski, I'll do a 720 Flip & a 720 Back Flip from 300 FT (Goes up to 300FT)

Amy: (Went after him) Oh yeah? Well I'll do a 1040 Flip & a 1040 Back Flip from 500FT...with a Spin (Goes up to 500FT)

Kick Buttowski: (Went after her) Well I Kick Buttowski will do a 2080 Flip & 2080 Back Flip from 1000FT with a Spin into a Block of Cement..on my head yet (Goes up by 1000FT)

Amy: (Gasps) Is he for real? (Sly Grin) (Went after him) That's a nice bet, I'll buy that, but I go First

Kick Buttowski: Not so fast I go First

Amy: Uh Uh, I go first

Kick Buttowski: (Grabs Amy by the Throat) I GO FIRST !


Kick Buttowski: (Let go of Amy & Jumps off a Platform & does a 2080 Flip & a 2080 Back Flip with a Spin & Lands on a Block of Cement on his Head) Ow

Amy: (Comes down with a Parashute) It's a Good thing I got a Parashute, other wise I may get Hurt

Sonic: Lucky that Amy has a Parashute


Knuckles: No more Exploding ok

Fanboy & Chum Chum: Ok (Puts the Explovises Down near Brad)

Fanboy: Can we say just one last thing

Knuckles: And what's that?

Fanboy & Chum Chum: FIRE IN THE HOLE !!! (Trigger the Explovises)

Knuckles: Not again


Brad's house is Destroyed

Brad: What is going on here? AHHHHHH My house ! Wait till I get my hands on you

Knuckles, Fanboy & Chum Chum: RUN AWAY (Hops on the Skateboards & Skating away)

Brad: You come back here (Hops on his Skateboard & went after them)

Knuckles: Now you done it

Chum Chum: Sorry

Sonic: What's that?

Tails: That's Knuckles, Fanboy & Chum Chum & they are coming right at us

All: (Except Amy):AHHHHHHHHHH (Hops on they Skateboards & Skated away)

Knuckles, Fanboy & Chum Chum: Wait for us ! (Went After them)

Brad: You are so dead (Went after them)

Amy: Guys hold it

But they didn't listen so they keep on skating through the City

Amy: Everyone, Hold it, Hold it, Hold it


Amy: (Screaming) HOLD IT !

But they hear Amy Screaming & then been Crashed aganist Each Other


Tails: Ouch

Amy: I guess they all ended up with a Bang (Giggling)

"That's all Folks"

The End