Story of NIGHTS is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It's another beautiful day on Mobius

(At Amy's House)

Amy: (eating a nice healthy breakfast) Delicious, I wonder what should I do today?

Jim: [crashes in] Amy!! Amy!!

Amy: Hi Jim, don't forget to knock first before coming in

Jim: This thing- err Fox appeared out of nowhere!!

Amy: Ok, let's go find this fox

Jim: Oh! sorry, i was thinking of Tails. I have no idea what it is.

Amy: Oh, ok then. Can you take me to this thing you we're talking about?

Jim: Oi! On teh go, mate! But first i need to do the hamster dance!

Amy: (sighs) I'm sorry. But can you show me the way please?

Jim: Eeeeeyup!

Amy: Ok then Jim, show me the way

Jim: It's to the left! (Crossed eyes)

Amy: Ok (looks to the Left to find someone lying on the Ground) (Gasps) Oh no! (goes up to the Person) Is he ok?

Jim: It's an it! ;P

Amy: Huh? I don't get it

Jim: It's not male or female!

Amy: You mean, it doesn't have a Gender?

Jim: Yup!

Amy: Aww, that's just sad (carries the Person back inside her house) We betta take care of it

Jim: Okay!!

Amy: I'll go make it some soup, does it have a name?

Jim: Sonic told me that it's name is NiGHTs!

Amy: Oh, we betta take care of NiGHTs. Good thing I made soup for NiGHTs (puts a bowl of soup on the Table)

NiGHTs: W-what happened?

Amy: Oh good, you've awaken from your nap. It's nice to meet you

NiGHTs: Are you friends of Sonic?

Amy: Not only I'm a friend to Sonic, I'm also his Girlfriend

NiGHTs: Oh.. -_-'

Amy: I wonder how did you get here to Planet Mobius?

NiGHTs: I.. don't know.

Amy: You don't know how you got here? Can you please explain it to me?

NiGHTs: Well, i saw this strange person with a heart-shaped mask. Then, i got here.

Amy: Hmm, Strange person with a Heart-Shaped Mask, huh? I can't seem to know who wears that Heart-Shaped Mask. Could you please give more details about this Strange Person with the Heart-Shaped Mask?

NiGHTs: Well, the mask seemed to have Yellow eyes on it. He was dressed kinda like a scarecrow. He said "No-one messes with the Skull Kid!", Atleast i heard him say that.

Amy: Skull Kid? Let's go find this Skull Kid & we'll teach him a lesson or 2

Jim: Yeah!

Amy: By the way, who is Skull Kid?

NiGHTs: Dunno. I think it's that imp that brought me here...

Amy: Oh, do you know where to find Skull Kid?

NiGHTs: No..

Amy: Oh. Then I guess you can stay here in my house until we figure out a way to get you back home

NiGHTs smiled a bit.

Amy: Anyways, enjoy your soup. I'll go get you a Pillow & some blanket for you to sleep with (goes upstairs to her Bedroom)

NiGHTs: Thanks..

Amy: (comes back & gives NiGHTs a Pillow & a Blanket) Here you go, your are now nice & cozey

NiGHTs: Okay..?

Amy: Maybe we need someone to help, maybe someone knew about Skull Kid, but who?

Jim: Link!

Amy: Good idea, Jim. Let's ask him if he knows about Skull Kid. Come on NiGHTs, let's go! (goes outside)

Jim: Okay!

Amy: Uh, NiGHTs? Are you coming with us?

NiGHTs: Yeah!!

Amy: Well, ok. Let's go find Link together

NiGHTs: Okay!


Amy: (looking around) Link? Are you here?

Jim: (points to the right) There he is!

Amy: (waving at Link) Hi Link

Link: Hi, now let me save Zelda...again.

NiGHTs: We need your help!

Amy: I found NiGHTs lying on the ground on my front yard & Skull Kid must be the reason for NiGHTs to come here, do you know Skull Kid?

Link: Of course i do! But what Skull Kid are you talking about?

Amy: Skull Kid attacked NiGHTs before & sent it to our world. I must help NiGHTs stop Skull Kid, maybe you can help us stop him

Link: Ohh. Now i understand wich one. He's got taken over by Majora's Mask again!

Amy: Who?

Link: Majora's Mask. It's a mask.

Amy: Oh, do you think we should take that mask off of Skull Kid?

Link: When we get the chance...

Amy: Oh ok then. Let's go guys.

Jim: Yeah!!

Amy: Now if I was Skull Kid, where would I be?

NiGHTs: ....

Amy: This could be harder than I thought

Jim: The Clocktown tower!

Amy: And there's no door. I guess we have to climb all the way up there

Link: Wait, how did that mask get it's power back anyway?

Amy: That puzzles me even more. But let's climb all the way up to the top (holds up her ACME Sticky Enough Suction Cups & wears them on the palms of her hands & under her Shoes) We can use these to climb up. But be careful with those Suction Cups, their super sticky. Now come on let's go (starts climbing with her ACME Sticky Enough Suction Cups on)

Jim, Link and NiGHTs: (Starts climbing)


Amy: (reaches the top & finds Skull Kid) Guys, look!

Skull Kid: Well Well well, if it isn't Link and guys i don't know!

Amy: My name is Amy Rose & this is Jim & NiGHTs. (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) And your gonna get a serious butt whooping from us!

Skull Kid: Oh please, don't make me turn you into a Deku Scrub like i did with Link!

Amy: (sighs) I like to see you try

Skull Kid: Fine, i'll give you a chance, but Come here in three days!

Amy: Three Days? But why?

Skull Kid: Because i said so.

NiGHTs: Wait how did you..

Skull Kid: Not now!

Amy: He said to come back 3 days later.

NiGHTs: No, i meant to say how did he get to my world.

Amy: I don't know. (to Skull Kid) How did you get into NiGHTs' World?

Skull Kid: Hmph. This evil bald guy was testing his Teleporter, so i sto- uhh took it!

Amy: Hmm, are you sure you took the teleporter away & can you tell who this Evil Bald Guy is?

Skull Kid: He's fat and wears goggles...

Amy: And does he has a Big Orange Mustace?

Skull Kid: Yeah..

Amy: (gasps) Dr. Eggman!

Skull Kid: So that's his name...

Amy: Yes & he's Sonic's Arch-Enemy

Skull Kid: (Grins behind the mask) But that isn't stopping me from being a villian again...

Amy: Eggman is behind this. He's the one that tested the Teleporter & transported NiGHTs onto Mobius

Skull Kid: (Faceplam) I. DID.

Amy: You transported NiGHTs here?

Skull Kid: Yeah, i just said so.

Amy: Oh, you've stole Eggman's Teleporter & it's not nice to steal from other people

Skull Kid: Aw, boo hoo! Why the sad face? I'M A VILLIAN!!

Amy: It's not polite to laugh at other misfortunes (leans on the lever, accidentally triggers the lever that activates the Smasher Machine & the machine smashes on Skull Kid & he's flat like a Pancake) Whoops, didn't mean to do that

Skull Kid: (Groans) When will she learn?

Amy: Is that a Frisbee? (grabs Skull Kid, now in Frisbee Form) I can't wait to try it out (throws Frisbee Skull Kid like a Frisbee) Hey Guys! Catch the Frisbee!

Frisbee Skull Kid: Hey!! (One of his arms pop up)

Amy: I didn't know the Frisbee can talk

(Skull Kid turns back to normal)

Amy: Oh sorry Skull Kid, I didn't know you we're a frisbee

Skull Kid: Anyways, i'm going to destory this town!

Amy: Oh no you don't (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Skull Kid: But not now!

Amy: What do you mean "Not now"? You said that earlier. I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer, I'm just gonna beat the heck out of it (her Piko Hammer grows Larger, making Skull Kid very scared)

Skull Kid: (Slides off) I'll be back, brats!

Amy: He got away guys

Link: We'll see him again..

Amy: I guess I accidently crushed Skull Kid like a Pancake

NiGHTs: That's what he gets!

Amy: And I accidently throw Skull Kid like a Frisbee. Is that what he gets too?

NiGHTs: (Laughs) Heck yeah!

Amy: Oh right (giggles) Anyways, he'll be back for more. Like Snaptrap would say "Skull Kid will now plot his revenge!"

Jim: Waffles!

(Everyone stares at Jim)

Amy: Arkward

Jim: What??

Amy: Um, let's go find that Teleporter & take NiGHTs back home

Link: What about me and the Skull Kid? Also, we need to take that mask off.

Amy: Oh right, I guess we do need to take that mask off of Skull Kid, but how?

Link: When we have the chance.

Amy: Ok, let's wait for our chance

???: (Hiding) Target found.

Amy: By the way guys. Do you have the feeling you we're being watched

Jim: Nope!

Amy: But I do, I got a feeling that someone's watching us

???: Right on, hedgie.

Amy: (Gasps) (turns to see ???) Who are you?

???: Don't you rember me? (It's Kaz)

Amy: Uh from the looks of

???: It's Kaz, and she has something to say.

Amy: Who?

Kaz: Me! I teamed up the Skull Kid.

Amy: (Whacks Kaz with her Piko Piko Hammer, knocking her out & he's flat like a Pancake) Another Frisbee! (picks Frisbee Kaz up & throws him like a Frisbee)

Kaz: ....

Amy: What? You said you've teamed up with Skull Kid. (To NiGHTs, Jim & Link) Guys, what do you think?

Kaz: I--- Angel, she..

Amy: Angel? Who's Angel?

Kaz: (Sighs) She's my rival. But when we do a fusion, we form the Blood Queen.

Amy: Ew!

Kaz: That's just the name.

Amy: Oh, sorry. Guys, I think it's time we find Skull Kid & stop him

Kaz: I'm only teaming up with you now.

Amy: Oh ok then. Sorry about that, I thought you worked with Skull Kid

Jim: What are we waiting for?!

Amy: Let's go! We need to get there fast!

Link: Okay.


Amy: (searching Skull Kid) NiGHTs, if you were Skull KId, where would you be?

NiGHTs: I dunno..

Amy: (notices a arrow shaped sign that says "Skull Kid's Lair" & the arrows points at Skull Kid's Lair) I guess he forgotten to hide his lair

Jim: Does Charlie Brown have to do something with this?

Amy: Let's just go in & find Skull Kid

Jim: Gah! Too much Peanuts comic strips!

Amy: (sighs) NiGHTs & Link, you two come with me & Jim make sure you guard this door & make sure Skull Kid does not escape from this door. Got it?

Jim: Okay!

Amy: Ok (opens the Window) NiGHTs & Link, follow me (goes through the window & hides behind the Drawer)

(Jim looks at the window)


Amy: (Notices Jim is gone) Jim you come back here & help me, NiGHTs & Link stop Skull Kid

Kaz: And me?

Link; (Sighs) And you.

Amy: (to Kaz) By the way, how did you get here?

Kaz: I, myself is a mobian of course!

Amy: Oh ok then

Kaz: Let's go!

Amy: Could you please tell me where Skull Kid is?

Kaz: No. Because i don't know where he is.

Amy: You mean he's in there? (points into the Supply Closet with a sign that says "Skull Kid's in there")

NiGHTs: Wow, he just let's us find him..

Amy: He forgot to take down the signs or something (opens up the supply closet & spots Skull Kid inside) Found him!

Skull Kid: Sorry guys, but this game of Hide n' Seek is cruel!!

Amy: This Mask of yours has got to come out of you right now!

Skull Kid: By the way Link, i hid that stupid bird of yours.

Amy: A Bird? What kind?

Skull Kid: A Loftwing!

Amy: What's a Loftwing?

Skull Kid: Huge birds that you ride in the skies of Skyloft!

Amy: Ok then. Then your coming with us Skull Kid to get that mask off of you

Link: (Takes the Mask off) Got it!

Amy: That mask could be dangerous, we better put it inside a Box just in case

Skull Kid: ...I'm sorry, i didn't know that it got it's power back..

Amy: That's ok. We betta put this Mask away

Link: (Grins) Don't worry, i'll give it back to The Happy Mask Salesman when me and The Skull Kid get home to Hyrule.

Amy: Ok then I'm gonna take NiGHTs back where it belongs

Link and Skull Kid: Farewell. (Go inside the Teleporter)

Amy: Come on NiGHTs, let's take you back where you belong. Where did you live NiGHTs?

NiGHTS: Oh! I live in Nightopia!

Amy: Ok, let's find you a Teleporter that leads to Nightopia. I wonder where can we find that Teleporter?

NiGHTS: (Finds a Portal to it's home) Look! (Runs and Gets inside the portal) Goobye!

Amy: Goodbye NiGHTs, I hope we meet each other again really soon. (waves goodbye to NiGHTs) (sighs) (to Audience) Like they always say "There's no place like home"

"That's All Folks"

The End