Speedy & Speedy is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a hot day in Mexico & Hakann & Vezok are just lying down in their Hammocks, trying to catch some Z's

Hakann: Boy is it hot out here or what?

Vezok: Yes, somedays we're gonna have to go to the Mexican Party

Hakann: Are you sure? How can anyone live out here in the middle of the Desert?

Vezok: One: Yes & Two: I don't know how they live out here as well

Hakann: Oh well, just asking

Vezok: Yeah, nothing can touch us

Speedy(Porcupine): (Running around) What a hot Day!

Vezok: (his Stomach Grumbles) I'm Hungry

Hakann: (his Stomach Growls) Me too

Speedy:(Porcupine): What is there to Do?

(Both Hakann & Vezok Spots Speedy the Porcupine & starts imagine him as a Pork Chop, Cooked Chicken & a Hotdog)

Hakann & Vezok: (Licking their Lips)

Speedy Gonzales: (Running around)

Speedy(porcupine): (Gets dizy) Hey watch where your going Mouse!

Hakann & Vezok: (Spots Speedy the Porcupine & Speedy Gonzales) COME TO PAPA (Dogpiles on Speedy the Porcupine & Speedy Gonzales)

Speedy Gonzales: (Runs off before they dogpile on Him)

Vezok: Hey where's that little Rodent?

Hakann: I don't know

Speedy(porcupine): I'm outta here! (Runs off)

Vezok: How did he do that?

Hakann: We gotta find a way to catch them

Vezok: We must catch them, We must, We must, We must


Speedy: (To Speedy gonzales) Wow your fast!

Speedy Gonzales: Gracious Seinor, after all, I'm Speedy Gonzales the Fastest Mouse of all of Mexico

Speedy(Porcupine): And i'm speedy the Porcupi..Wait we have the same Name!

Speedy Gonzales: Si, I guess we do Senior

Sylvester: Okay i tried to eat Tweety for the 200th time & (Spots Speedy)

Speedy(Porcuipne): (Gives Sylvester TNT wrapped like a Gift) This is for you!

Sylvester: I wonder what it is (Opens it up) TNT?! Oh no!!!!

Speedy(Porcupine): THINK FAST!!


Vezok: Ready with the Barrel?

Hakann: Ready (Jumps up & Traps Speedy & Speedy Gonzales with a Barrel) I got them

Chupacabra: (Growls at them)

Vezok: What did you get?

Hakann & Vezok: A CHUPACABRA ?!?!

Chupacabra: GRRRRR!

Vezok: This does not look good

Hakann: You can say that again

Chupacabra: I'll tear you to Peices!!

Vezok & Hakann: (Gulps)

Vezok: Hey, what are we gulping about, after all we're tough

Chupacabra: Lets just see about that!! (Calls for his Buddies)

A group of Chihuahuas appear


Vezok: Than again Running is good for health

Hakann: Then let's Run

Hakann & Vezok: (Runs away) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Chihuahuas: (Follows Hakann & Vezok)

Hakann & Vezok: (Hides inside a Barrel until they are all gone away)

Sylvester: I'll get that Mouse!!!

Hakann & Vezok: And We'll get that Hedgehog!!!

Sylvester: He's a porcupine so Watch out!!

Vezok: We know, we know

Hakann & Vezok: (Puts on Safety Gloves) Safety First

Sylvester: Hey what if we Team up?!

Vezok: Yeah, it's a good idea

Hakann: Yeah that's a good idea

Vezok & Hakann: Deal! (Shakes Sylvester's Hand)

Speedy(Porcupine): (Hears everything they said) Looks like we got Trouble Speedy!

Speedy Gonzales: Then lets team senior Speedy Porcupine & stop them

Speedy(Porcupine): Okay!

Speedy Gonzales: (Shakes Speedy's Hand) We're Team Speedy

Speedy the Porcupine: & we can defeat them Because heros always Win!

Speedy Gonzales: Si senior, let's go

Speedy the Porcupine: Okay.


  • With Sylvester, Hakann & Vezok

Sylvester: Okay get ready to attack!!

Vezok: Got it

Hakann: Ok

Sylvester: Ready?

Hakann & Vezok: Ready!

Sylvester: Then let's go after them!!

Hakann & Vezok: Ok!!

Speedy(Porcupine): Try to fight Me!!

Vezok: Ok Then

Vezok & Hakann: Dogpile ! (Dogpiles on Speedy the Porcupine)

Speedy: (Turns into inferno Speedy)

Vezok: Did you feel something Burning?

Hakann: (Sniffing) Say, something is Burning around here

Vezok: It's us,

Hakann & Vezok: YEOW ! (Jumps up & lands in a Barrel of Water)

Speedy: It was just a Torch!

Hakann: Aw man, we've been Tricked

Vezok: Let's try it again

Hakann & Vezok: Dogpile (Dogplies on Speedy the Porcupine again) We're not moving


Vezok: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shad up (Slaps Jim really hard)

Jim: GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Hakann: Hit the Road (Slaps Jim really hard)

Jim: I'll show YOU!!!!!!!!!! (Beats them Up)

Speedy Gonzales: HEEEEPAAAAA

Hakann & Vezok: (Jumps up in Surprize & lands on top of the Snapping Clams) Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Speedy the Porcupine: I'm Free!

Vezok:Ok Sylvester, time for Plan B


  • With Sylevester, Hakann & Vezok

Sylvester: Okay porcupines like to eat Salt right?

Vezok: Yeah

Hakann: And Mice Likes Chesse right?

Sylvester: Right!

Vezok: So, all we have to do is to Put Salt & the Cheese on this Stump here & then what happens next Sylvester?

Sylvester: We put a Trap by the salt & Cheese!

Hakann: What kind of trap is it, Sylvester?

Sylvester: A net trap!

Vezok: Good Idea, they don't know what hit em (Sets up a net trap by the Salt & Cheese) There

Hakann: There they come quick hide

Vezok & Hakann: (Hides behind the Barrels)

Sylvester: (Hides behind the Barrels)

Vezok: It's in the bag

Sylvester: What do you mean?

Hakann: We'll catch them & eat them all up

Sylvester: Oh yeah.

Vezok: We'll get them for sure

Hakann: This plan will work, I just know it

(Hakann & Vezok spots Speedy the Porcupine & Speedy Gonzales coming this way)

Speedy the Porcupine: (Spots salt) Ooo salt!!

Speedy Gonzales: Mmmm Cheese!!

Speedy the Porcupine: Should we go for it?

Vezok & Hakann: (Activates the Net Trap, but it didn't go off) What the Heck?

Speedy Gonzales: Oh well let's eat & run

Speedy the Porcupine: Okay!

(Speedy the Porcupine eats the salt & Speedy Gonzales Eats the cheese & they both ran off)

Vezok: I don't understand, it didn't work

Sylvester: I know what will Work!! (Pulls out a rocket like Firework)

Vezok & Hakann: (Stomping on the Net Trap) Nope nothing (The trap goes off & both of them are trapped) A little help here, please?


Vezok & Hakann: (Sets up the Rocket like Firework)

Sylvester: Hopfuly this will work because it's Says it's as fast as the Fastest mouse in mexico!

Vezok: So how do we catch him with this Firework?

Sylvester: First you light up the String with a match then You hop on & then you go After them!

Vezok: Oh right (Hops on the Firework) Hakann, light the Match

Hakann: Got it (Lits a Match & lits the String & hops on the Firework) Ready

Sylvester: (Hops on the Firework) Lets go!

(The Rocket blasts off going after Speedy & Speedy Gonzales who are still running)

Speedy Gonzales: Holy Freholas

Speedy the Porcupine: Oh my Word!

Vezok: We're going to catch you

Hakann: Are you ready to give up?

Speedy Gonzales: Ok, you win, we give up, we stop (Stops running)

Speedy the Porcupine: Yes we give Up!

(They both stop, but Sylvester, Hakann & Vezok didn't)

Vezok: Where are the Brakes?

Sylvester: There is no Brakes!!!

Hakann: Oh No

(The Firework goes up, up & away)

Vezok & Hakann: (Jumps off the Firework before it explode)


Vezok: Phew, that was close

The Firework is shaped lie a White flag saying 'I give up!'.

Hakann: Preaty

Vezok & Hakann: (Notices that they are falling because they jumped off the Firework) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Vezok & Hakann: (They crashed on the Barrels of Water) Ouch

Hakann: Where's Sylvester?

Sylvester: (All black) I'm right here. (Faints)

Speedy Gonzales: Hello senior Piraka, would you like to chase me again?

Hakann: Oh my aching Head (Lands on Sylvester)

Vezok: Oh my aching back (Lands on top of Hakann & Sylvester)

Speedy Gonzales: I like those Piraka Fellows, they're silly

"That's All Folks"

The End