Sonic Crazy is an Episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes&quot


It was beautiful day at Station Square & Sonic is on Vacation

Sonic:Ahhh this is the Life

And someone with him are Owen & Noah from the "Total Drama" Series

Owen:Hi Sonic

Sonic:Hi Owen & Noah

Noah:Yeah hello, but someone else is here like about everybody!

Sonic:(Turns to see everyone looking at him)Guys please I'm on vacation

Spongebob:It's like someone out of a Krabby Patty

Patrick:I got 100 Sonic Costumes in order

Sonic:Why did I need this

Mario:Could Someone a Deliver the Costumes to the Store

Ed:I got it Guys(Trips & the Sonic Costumes went flying on Everyone)Oops

Eddy:Oh great job Ed

Zaktan:Now we got stuck in Sonic costumes

Xplode:We got stuck & we don't know what to do

Waluigi:Well It Can't a get anymore a Worse a

Amy:Hi Sonic I...(Sees Everyone in Sonic Costumes mistaken as Sonic)SONIC,1000 Sonic's it's a dream come true,I want to kiss you ALL!

Jack:Run Guys

And They Did Especially Sonic


Amy:(Skiping After them)Lalalalalaaa!

Everyone:(Hides in a building)

Trent:Is She Gone?

Bridgette:I hope so

Reidak:It's all over now

????:Hello Everyone

Everyone turns to see Amy

Amy:I use the Backdoor,no

Everyone:(Went Outside)AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Eva:I hate to say it but she is Crazy

Garfield:Quick in the River

Everyone:(Jump in the River)

Squidward:That was nuts

Edd:Well she can't be in underwater now


Mr Krabs:Huh?

Everyone turn to see Amy as a Mermaid

Hakann:What the Heck?!

Amy:I am underwater Princess,No

Everyone:(Ran away)AHHHHHHHHH

Owen:I really need new underwear

Rotor:Quick in an Underground Cave

Everyone:(Hides in an Underground)

Noah:Phew that was close

Avak:Well I guess she can't get down here


Everyone turn to see Amy in her Pink UnderGround Suit

Owen:Oh Come on

Amy:I Know I can use my PikoPiko Hammer for underground digging

Everyone:(Got out of the Cave)AHHHHHHHH

Luigi:This is a Madness

Jack:I don't know how did she chase us that fast

Amy:(Runs into high gear)Here I come

Heather:Oh great

Rouge:Now what?

Corroder:Quick in the cave

Everyone:(Went in the dark cave)

Duncan:Great now we taken roll call,what should we do now

Noah:How about we stay in here until she's gone

Squidward:Well I hope so


Beth:I resent That

Sonic:(Hears Heartbeats)What's that sound?

Blaze:I can see some light

LeShawna:Well Let LeShawna see that Light

Vector:Wait,isn't that a pink heart light

It's Amy's Heart Light

Amy:Well I got some light

Tyler:Oh come on

Harold:Is this madness

Ezekiel:Not again

Vezok:Oh my


Katie:What was that?

Sadie:I Don't Know

Meltdown:Don't tell me that was Owen

Owen:Uh That's not me,I think it's...the BATS

Everyone:(Gets out the Cave)AHHHHH

Jack:Uh Oh

Izzy:Yeah come to IZZY!

Everyone(Except Amy):(Got Attacked by Bats & got their Sonic costumes Ripped to shreds)Ow

Justin:Not the Face?

Harold:Uh Oh

Amy:Wait a Minute your guys are Not Sonic?!

Geoff:Um well No we're not

Amy:Your all gonna pay big time

DJ:Yep we're dead

Duncan:(Bonks Amy on the Head with Amy's PikoPiko Hammer)There problem solve

Courtney:Duncan...(Hugs Duncan) Thank you

Gwen:Now we're safe

Thunder:What should we do now?

Dr Eggman:(Appears)What is going on here....(Sees Amy) Huh?

Amy:(Wakes up to see Dr Eggman)I,I,I...Love you

Dr Eggman:What?!(Notices that she's in love with her)Mother

Amy:I'll get you(Chases Dr Eggman to the Sunset)

Dr Eggman:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Noah:I guess she suffered with Amnesia

Sonic:Wait,if she's suffered with Amnesia,Who is chasing me with love?(chases After Amy)Wait,Come back,chase me,CHASE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Duncan:(Watches Dr Eggman being chased by Amy who is being chased by Sonic) I finally got even with that Blue Hedgehog

"That's All Folks"