Sonic's 2000 is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Narrator: This is the Gambling Bug

Gambling Bug: (spins around slowly)

Narrator: And do you know what the Gambling Bug does?

1. A Man has eaten his & presented with a Bill

Man: Double or nothing?

Waiter: Just, pay the bill & go

2. Two men are sitting at a bar watching a fly buzz around.

Man #1: I'll bet $5 if the fly lands on my mug

Man #2: It's a bet!

3. Then a man who puts a coin in a casino slot machine. He watches the wheels spin around until three oranges appear. He jumps for joy until the payout from the machine is actually 3 oranges instead of the jackpot. He gets enraged and starts punching the slot machine.

Narrator: So remember folks, the gambling bug will get you if you don't watch out!

Gambling Bug: (Mocking) So remember folks, the gambling bug will get you if you don't watch out! (Normal) And I will too


(It was a beautiful day in Station Square & Sonic is running laps around Green Hill Zone)

Gambling Bug: (Notices Sonic running laps around Green Hill Zone)

Sonic: Phew, what a rush. I finished about 205 Laps around Green Hill Zone without breaking a sweat, man I'm good (notices a Sign that say "The 2000 Inch Screen TV is now in Sale at the Station Square Store") Nah, I can't have a TV that big, or can I?


(At the Store)

Sonic: Hi, I like to check on that Giant TV please?

Store Manager: To win a 2000 Inch TV you have to get your Ticket Number first

Sonic: Ok (picks a Number) I got...36744219, whao there's so many people about 78,246,853 players. Oh well I can't be that lucky to win

Announcer: And the Winning Number is....36744219 !

Sonic: (Notices it was his Number) Or can I...again


(Back at home)

Sonic: (Carries a 2000 Inch TV into his house & places it inside the Living Room) There, how can I be that lucky to win?

(notices everyone (Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the 22 Contestants of Total Drama) is on his Front Yard)

Sonic: Whao, what's going on out there? I betta go check it out (goes outside) What's wrong guys?

Amy: Hi Sonic

Sonic: Amy? What are you doing here?

Amy: Because of the Angry Mob, they all wanted 2000 inch TV's too you know

Sonic: But there's only 1 in Existance

Amy: Uh Sonic, you betta do the right thing by giving 78,246,853 People their 2000 Inch TV's

Sonic: (facepalms) Oh man, how many times do I have to tell you there's only 1 in existance

Amy: Uh, that's a bad move you made. I think you made them angry

Squidward: And all 78,246,853 of us has challenged you Sonic into a game of Penalities

Sonic: Oh no you don't, I'm not going to Gamble, you hear me

(The Gambling Bug appears)

Gambling Bug: This looks like a job for the Gambling Bug (climbs onto Sonic's Head & bites Sonic's Ear & All of a sudden, Sonic goes berserk) Deal the Cards, Deal the Cards, Deal the Cards

Spongebob: Ok Ok

Patrick: Sure

Mr. Krabs: But there's a catch, you gotta have to face Amy

Sonic: I don't care who I'm facing, just deal the cards please?

Amy: Ok

(They started playing until...)

Amy: Chin! I win

Sonic: (his jaw drops) Oh man (spins the wheel & it lands on #14)

Harold: You've landed in my Number & it's called...

Sonic: (Sarcasum) Oh no! Not the Gesundheit !

Duncan: (Holds Sonic)

Sonic: Hey, what the?

Owen: Sorry Dude, but you have to do it (pulls the Acme Bubble Gum & puts it in Sonic's Mouth)

Ed: (Making Sonic Chew the Gum) Chew the gum, Chew the gum, Chew the Gum

Eddy: (Puts sneezing powder on Sonic's Nose) This is gonna be classic

Sonic: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh, ACHOO! (sneezes & the Bubble Gum covers all over him)

Edd: Gesundheit

Sonic: Thanks

Harold: That's Penality #14: The Gesundheit

Gambling Bug: (Climbs onto Sonic's head) You can't just give up yet, we have to try again (bite Sonic's Ear & Sonic goes beserk again)

Sonic: Give me the cards, Give me the cards, come on give me the cards

Amy: Ok, let's play

(They both started playing Penalities again)

Sonic: Ok I don't need this card...(Amy is about to reach it until...) Oh no you don't, I still have my finger on it you know. How about that card for a change

Amy: Chin again! I won again

Sonic: (Spins the wheel & it landed on #75)

Katie & Sadie: It's our number (hugs each other) EEEEEE!

Noah: (Bored) Eeeee, I get it

Ezekiel: (Puts an Apple on Sonic's Head) There you go eh?

Sonic: (Sarcasum) No! Not William Tell ! Anything but William Tell !

Sadie: Oh let me shoot. I think I'm a great shooter

Katie: Ok Sadie

LeShawna: Can't argue with that, I'll go first

Sadie: Sure, but first...

LeShawna & Sadie: (Put on their Blindfolds)

Sonic: (Gulps)

LeShawna: (fires a Plunger at the Apple with a Crossbow)

Sonic: Oh man (replaces the Apple with a Bigger one)

LeShawna: Ooh, did I get a bull's-eye?

Sadie: (oblivious that the penality is over) I got it this time!

Rocket Jo: Leshawna won already!

Sadie: (fires a Plunger at Sonic with a Crossbow)

Sonic: Hey, Sadie it's ov-(Got hit by Plungers in the face, chest, hands, arms, legs & feet as well)

Amy: (shakes Sadie) Sadie!! It's over! Let it go! Your hurting my Sonic!

Sadie: Oopsie... (takes off her blindfold) Sorry!

Eva: That's Penality #75: William Tell

LeShawna: How about those TV's

Sonic: I told you there's only 1

Gambling Bug: (Climbs onto Sonic's Head) Like they say "3rd times the Charm" cause it's time to try again (bites Sonic's Ear for the 3rd time & Sonic's gone beserk again) He can't lose all the time

Amy: Chin Again !

Gambling Bug: Or can't he?

Sonic: Amy just won't stop winning (Spins the Wheel & it lands on 36) 36?

Rocket Jo: It landed on my number: 36

Sonic: Let me guess, "Roll Out the Barrel"?

Rocket Jo: Yep & it's filled with Gun Powder

Sonic: (Carries a Barrel of Gun Powder with a Wheel Barrow & runs away with it by rolling out the Barrel of Gun Powder while it leaves a trail of Gun Powder)

Rocket Jo: (Lits a match & places on the Gun Powder & then...)


Sonic: (Falls to the ground) Ouch


Amy: (Sighs in depression)

Owen: What's the matter, Amy?

Amy: I can't take it any longer, I'm going to the Store

Gwen: Where is she going?

Heather: Maybe she needs to ask the Manager in the first place

Duncan: That makes two of us

Geoff: I hope Amy's alright

Amy: I'm back

Izzy: (Notices 10,000 TV's the same that Sonic won) It's the 2000 inch TV's

DJ: Where did you get these?

Amy: I convinced the Manager to make more 2000 Inch TVs & he does

Lindsay: Wow, it's so big

Sonic: (Comes back with Banages all over him) Come on, come on, come on, it's time for another round of Penalites!

Amy: Hold it, Sonic. I already give to everyone the 2000 Inch TVs

Patrick: It's super big

Spongebob: Yeah

Bridgette: She's giving up playing Penalites

Trent: I think you've done enough damage

Beth: Yeah

Cody: You said it

Tyler: We gotta get going now

Amy: I'm giving up before you hurt yourself

Gambling Bug: Say, how's about a nice game. Step right up folks & pick only 1 card, if you get the Highest Number in your card, you win

Amy: (Grabs a Card & it says the 4 of Hearts)

Sonic: (Grabs his card & it says the 3 of Clubs)

Gambling Bug: You guys are so unlucky, I'm gonna get huge chances of winning the game (Grabs his card & it's the 2 of Diamonds) Oops! (Notices Sonic & Amy have their Newspapers rolled up) No! Not the Post! Oh no! Not that! Not the Post!

Sonic: You go first Amy

Amy: Awww, thanks Sonic

Sonic & Amy: (Tries to whack the Gambling Bug with the Posted Newspaper as a Penality)

"That's all Folks"

The End