Shell Shock is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Sai: (Yawns) I'm soo bored.

Amy: (appears walking on the path) Oh hello there. Have I noticed you from somewhere?

Sai: (Notices a Badnik and tears it apart) Yup.

Amy: Hmm. Sai, am I right?

Sai: (Nodds while fighting a Foot Soldier)

Amy: Can I help you?

Sai: I can handle it. (Destroys the Foot Soldier) There.

Amy: (spots a Foot Soilder behind Sai) BEHIND YOU ! (slams a Foot Solider in the head with her Piko Piko Hammer, knocking the Foot Soldier out) You can handle it, huh?

Sai: I didn't see it. >.>

Amy: (sighs) I think it's best that we work together. By the way, who are these guys? (points to the Foot Soldiers that they knocked out)

Sai: I don't know. I'm gonna see Tails..

Amy: Hmm, whoever those guys are, they must've have wierd Symbols on them.


(At Tail's Workshop)

(Amy & Sai goes inside the workshop)

Tails: Hey, Sai.

Amy: Hi Tails, it's good to see you again

Tails: I made a new invention!

Sai: What is it?

Tails: It's the Transporter 3000! It can transport you to other worlds.

Amy: That's good cause we found some that are not from here (picks up 2 Knocked Out Foot Soldiers & puts them down on the Table) These 2 attacked but we've stop them. Do you know what kind of Symbol is that? (points to the Foot Symbol on the Foot Soldier's Ninja Suit)

Tails: It's from the Foot Clan!!

Sai: Let's get in this thing!

Amy: Are you crazy? The only thing we must do is to put the Foot Soldiers back into their world & we'll be ok (picks up the 2 Knocked out Foot Soldiers & throw them into the Transporter 3000) There, now we can relax

Sai: (Is shoved in the Transporter by Master Hand)

Amy: Sai ! Get back here ! (to Master Hand) Who are you & what have you done with Sai?

Master Hand: I am Master Hand!

Amy: Why did you put Sai inside the Transporter?

Master Hand: Because i'm evil, of course.

Amy: (frowns & then slams Master Hand with her Piko Piko Hammer, causing Master Hand to be knocked out) Oh dear that doesn't even make sence, but still. Now I shall have to get Sai outta there (goes into the Transporter) Tails, you keep it open ok?

(Amy lands inside the New York's Sewers)

Amy: OOF! (gets up) Ew, this must be the Sewers. Now how to find Sai? (goes through the sewers to find Sai) Sai? Where are you?


(With Sai, in New York's sewers)

Sai: (Groans)

Amy: (appears & found Sai) Sai ! Are you ok?

Sai: I guess.. I need to get outta here. (Searches the Sewers)

Amy: Wait for me ! (follows Sai)

(Meanwhile, with the Turtles)

Leonardo & Ralphael: (training together)

Donatello: (researching data about the Shredder)

Mikey: (Reading Comic Books)

Donatello: (notices an Alarm going off) Guys, take a look at this (turns on the screen to reveal a Portal Opening up in the Sewers) The Security Cameras that I've installed last week spoted a Portal opening up & coming out of it are 2 Figures. I can't quite tell who they are

Leonardo: Do you think it's the Foot Ninja again?

Donatello: I'm not sure, but we're gonna find out

Ralphael: Alright ! It's time to smash some Foot Ninja to the ground

Mikey: Yeah, dudes!

Leonardo: Let's go find out who it is. Let's go!

(The TNMT starts searching through the Sewers)


(Back with Sai & Amy)

Amy: Sai? Are you sure you know where your going, cause the last time I've been in the Sewers is when Knuckles & I got teleported into the Sewers on Earth by a Chaos Control

Sai: Sure i do! I'm not as crazy as The Joker!

Amy: Well I hope your right. The one that pushed you through the portal is a giant hand called "Master Hand"

Mikey: (Grabs Sai) Hey, dudes! This isn't a Foot Soldier! It's a turtle like us!

Ralphael: (grabs Amy) And this one's not a Foot Soldier either. It looks like a Hedgehog! (got poked by one of Amy's Quills) Ow! And a very prickly one too

Amy: What the?! Who are you guys?

Leonardo: Allow us to introduce ourselves, my name is Leonardo, Leo for short.

Donatello: I'm Donatello, Don for short.

Ralphael: Ralphael. (pulls one of Amy's Quills off of his arms) Ow. Ralph for short.

Mikey: Sup?! I'm Michealangelo, Mikey for short!

Amy: Hi there, my name is Amy Rose & this is Sai the Turtle, we're from Planet Mobius & Sai got pushed through the Portal by Master Hand & lands into your world, so I followed Sai. Do you know the way back to Planet Mobius? Cause Sai & I gotta get home

Mikey: Don might know!

Donatello: I might make a Teleporter for you, but it might take about 3-6 days.

Amy: 3 - 6 Days? Master Hand really done it this time. I've turned my back for 5 Seconds & then he appears & pushes Sai into the Teleporter that Tails made. But it's no problem. I told Tails to keep the Portal open for us to go back to our home planet.

Sai: Hey, Ames. I might wanna stay here. You can go while i stay here. Ya see, i kinda like these guys. I might wanna train with em'.

Amy: I refuse to go back unless you wanna go back, because your my responsibility & besides I'm only here to bring you back to Planet Mobius. Every Mobian on Mobius will be worried sick about you being gone

Sai: Nah...

Amy: Please you gotta come back to Planet Mobius, everyone will be worried sick, even your friends will get worried

Sai: ....

Leonardo: I'm afraid Amy's right. We have to get you back home. It's the only way that can keep you safe.

Ralphael: By the way, how the heck do you activate a teleporter that your friend made?

Amy: To put these 2 Ninja that attacked us (points to the 2 Knocked out Foot Ninja behind her)

Donatello: Those are Foot Ninjas

Leonardo: And they're from the Shredder

Amy: (tilt her head a bit) Who?

Ralphael: Oh great, she doesn't even know who the Shredder is

Mikey: The Shred-Head?

Ralphael: Bingo!

Leonardo: Anyways, the Shredder is our #1 Arch Nemesis for a very long time.

Amy: Oh my, is the Shredder that evil?

Mikey: Yeah..

Amy: As long as we're here, we might as well stay here until the Portal is finished

Mikey: =P

Leonardo: Come on, we'll show you to our home

(The TNMT searches through the Sewers & found their Home in the Sewers)

Leonardo: Here we are

Amy: Wow, nice place you got here

Donatello: Thanks. Anyways, I'll start working on with the Teleporter right now (starts working on the Teleporter)

Sai: So, can i.. train with you guys?

Leonardo: Hmm, I don't know. It takes years to master our abilities. Maybe you should ask Master Splinter first to see it's ok.

Sai: I'm already a black belt, and i'm a skilled ninja.. Sensi the Echidna Trained me.

Leonardo: Ok then, let's see how good you are when you going up against us in Training

???: Hm..

Amy: Huh? Who's there?

???: I'm Sweet the Panda, kid.

Amy: Hello Sweet, my name is Amy Rose

"Sweet": Hmph. My real name is Heather.

Amy: Oh, sorry. Hi Heather

Sweet: (Faceplams) Just call me Sweet...

Amy: Oh ok, sorry Sweet.

Sweet: (Growls at Sai) You..

Amy: Wait, you two know each other?

Sai: Of course we do!

Amy: Then how did Sweet got here? Could it be Master Hand again?

Sweet: I jumped in... (Snarls at Sai)

Amy: Oh, I guess Tails left the Portal Open after all

Sweet: (mutters - no crud, Sherlock)

Amy: I heard that !

Leonardo: (sighs) Don, did you find anything about the Foot Ninja that the Shredder have sent?

Donatello: Yes & they've been ordered to attack another world called "Planet Mobius"

Amy: (Gasps) That's when we accidently run into them & stop them

Ralphael: So the Shredder is invading other worlds. That's new.

Mikey: And it's not cool!

Amy: Leo, can you show us where the Shredder's Hideout is?

Leonardo: Certently. How do you feel about heights?

Amy: I've become brave why?

Leonardo: Here we'll show you


(It was night time & we see the TNMT jumping from Building to Building while Amy, Sai & Sweet)

Leonardo: How was it?

Amy: Whao, that's awesome. I never knew I had to jump from Building to Building & landing on the Top of the Buildings. It's dangerous & yet so awesome & I thought Sonic the Hedgehog can do that.

Donatello: Glad that you liked it

Amy: Hey Sai & Sweet, how are you enjoying jumping from Building to building?

Sai: I like it.. reminds me of my ninja skills.

Sweet: Sore wa daijōbuda... Kare nashide subarashī kotoda..

Amy: Wait, what did she say?

Sai: "I liked it... but it would be better without him.."

Amy: Oh, I betta start translating those Languages.

Leonardo: Stop

(They all stopped)

Leonardo: We're here (points to the Shredder's Hideout which is actually a Tall Tower with a Foot Symbol on the Top of the Tall Tower)

Amy: It's the same symbol that Sai & I saw on those ninja

Donatello: It's very heavy guarded from the looks of it

(We see that Don's Right, there's about 10 Foot Ninja guarding the door & about 500 Foot Ninja guarding the inside of the Tower)

Donatello: We need to think of a plan.

Sweet: (Spots a Mouser) Ka-Kawaī!!

Ralphael: (Covers Sweet's Mouth) Not one peep or they'll catch us.

Leonardo: Remember, sneak in.

Sweet: (Sneaks in)

Leonardo, Donatello & Ralphael: (Sneaks in as well)

Amy: (sneaks in also)

Sai: (Sneaks in)

Mikey: Wait!! (Eats a pizza, then sneaks in)

(They sneak inside the Tower)


(We see Amy, Sai, Sweet & the TNMT hiding behind a Large pile of Crates)

Amy: Looks like we've made it inside. But how do we get pass those guards?

Leonardo: Looks like we need to use Stealth.

Amy: Ok, let's do it.

Sai: Yeah..

Donatello: (whispers) Alright, but remember we have to be quiet so the Foot Ninja can't see us. Now don't get spooked or all yelling.

Amy: (whispers) Ok & let's watch out for Sucurity Cameras.

Ralphael: Yeah, or else they spot us too

Amy: Shh

Ralphael: (whispers) Grrr.

Sai: (Whispers) Hmph...

Leonardo: Hmm, looks like it's heavy guarded. We need a plan.

Amy: Hmm (notices a Spare Foot Ninja Suit) I have an idea (takes the spare) How about we dressed up as a Foot Ninja & sneak inside. Remember what the Chameleon did inside of T.U.F.F. All he has to do is find the Self-Destruct Button, push that button & then Ka-blooie!

Donatello: Dressed up as a Foot Ninja & sneak inside?

Amy: Yes

Ralphael: No way, I'm dressing up like that.

Amy: You guys distract the Foot Ninja while I find the Self-Destruct Button in this Building.

Leonardo: Are you sure?

Amy: Trust me.

Leonardo: Ok, we trust you. Good luck

Amy: Thanks Leo (goes to find the Self-Destruct Button)

Mikey: Well, let's go, dudes.

(While the others go distracting the Foot Ninja, Amy sneak around to find the Self-Destruct Button)

Amy: Let's see where I can find a Control Room

(Foot Soldiers surrond Amy)

Amy: Taste Hammer! (Knocks out Foot Soldiers with her Piko Piko Hammer) G'bye now (runs off to find the Control Systems)

(Controls sytems are found right)

Amy: Aha! That's the Control Systems. Now how to work this thing & find the Self-Destruct button. (notices 100 Buttons on the Control Systems) Wow, that's a lot of Buttons, I wonder which button was the Self Destruct Button. Hmmm, I wonder what this button is for? (presses the 62nd Button)

(Random flood)

Amy: (uses an Umbrella & gets wet & shakes the water, making her dry again) Ok, not this one. Maybe it's this one (presses the 29th Button)

(Red flashing, computer says 'ALERT - THIS BULIDING WILL BLOW UP IN 5..)

Amy: Ahh, that's the one. Now it's time for me to get outta here ! (starts running as fast as she can, trying to escape out of the Building)


Amy: Guys, I found the Self-Destruct Button & activate it, it's time to get outta here. Come on, let's go, let's go! (founds the exit) The Exit !

(Everyone leaves)




Amy: (hides & covers her Ears)


Amy: (notices the Fireworks coming from the Destroyed Hideout) Wow, those Fireworks are preaty this time of year.

Sweet: Hpmh.

Amy: Now then, how to get back to Planet Mobius, let's go back home Sai & Sweet.

Sai: Yeah..

Donatello: I'll start working on with the Teleporter.

Amy: Remember, what I said? I told Tails to keep the Portal Open for me, Sai & Sweet to get back on Planet Mobius.

Sai: There's the portal! (points to portal)

Amy: Well, I guess this is goodbye. Maybe we can meet each other again someday.

Leonardo: Yeah, it's nice to meet you Amy. See you later.

Ralphael: See ya or whatever.

Amy: Goodbye Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (goes through the Portal)

Sai and Sweet: (Follow)

Donatello: I'm gonna miss them

Leonardo: Yeah, me too. Come on, let's head back to the sewers.

(The TMNT goes back inside the Sewers)


(Amy, Sai & Sweet arrived back home on Mobius)

Amy: We're back on Mobius. (looks around) And we're back inside Tails' Workshop.

Sai: Yup.

Amy: Tails, we're back.

Tails: Alright! ^_^

Amy: It's good to be back home on Planet Mobius

Sweet: (Crushed by an anvil) (To the viewers) That's what she said.

"That's All Folks"

The End