Shady Shadow is an episode from Amy Rose and the Looney Tunes

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Shadow the Wolf: (Running in Station Square)

Jovan: (Waiting around the corner for her)

Amy: (walking in the Park) (Singing) "While strolling through the park one day, I'm happy with my Sonic today, I love the sun rise, by taking by suprize. While strolling through the park one day (spins around to the Rabbit Hole with a Mail Box & stops in mid air, above the Rabbit Hole) Geranimo! (goes down a Rabbit Hole (humming)

Jovan: (Looks around the corner and sees Shadow) Now I've got you Shadow the Wolf!

Shadow the Wolf: (Sees Jovan and runs towards the park but falls into the Rabbit hole)

Jovan:(Looking around) Where did she go?

Shadow the Wolf: (Stands up) Ow I should be more careful for something like this (Looks around the hole)

Amy: Oh, we have guests! (to Shadow the Wolf) (munches on a Carrot) Hi, what's up doc? It's very nice of you to drop into my rabbit hole

Shadow the Wolf: Amy? (Then realizing why she fell in the hole) You have to hide me

Amy: Ok (puts Shadow the Wolf inside a Closet) Now don't move till I tell you too

(Meanwhile above ground)

Jovan: Where did she go?

Amy: (pops up from the Hole) Eh...(chomps on a Carrot) What's up Jovan?

Jovan: Oh hi Amy have you seen Shadow the Wolf?

Amy: Hm, I think she went...(points to a Shopping Mall) That-a-way

Jovan: (Looks at the shopping mall) Thanks Amy! (Runs towards the mall)

Amy: (goes back inside the Rabbit Hole & goes up to the Closet) He's gone, you can come out now (opens the Closet)

Shadow the Wolf: (Steps out) Thanks Amy. Man Jovan been doing what you do to Sonic

Amy: I know right. By the way, Bugs isn't here right now, he went out & made a wrong turn & ends up somewhere else, so I'm watching his house until he gets back

Shadow the Wolf: Good thing at that

Amy: So what can I do for you?

Shadow the Wolf: Make sure Jovan doesn't catch me

Amy: Ok then

(Meanwhile at the Mall)

Jovan: (asking around) Excuse me have you seen a wolf wearing a black leather jacket and a black and blue scouter?

Random Person: No I think someone fitting that description fell down Bugs Bunny's hole

Jovan: Amy lied to me! (Runs back to the hole)

(Back with Amy & SHadow the Wolf)

Amy: (peeks out of the Rabbit Hole & saw Jovan coming back) Uh Oh, Shadow the Wolf, Jovan's coming back (goes down through the Rabbit Hole) Come on, we'll just have to travel Underground, Bugs Bunny told how to do it (starts burrowing the Ground, so both she & Shadow the Wolf can travel Underground) Come on follow me!

(They both started traveling underground with a Buzzing Sound)

Jovan: (above the Rabbit Hole) Amy I know you have Shadow with you!!!!

(but what he didn't know is that Amy & Shadow the Wolf is traveling Underground away from Jovan)


(In the Forest)

(Amy & Shadow the Wolf keeps on traveling Underground & then pops up from the Ground)

Amy: Shadow the Wolf? I think we lost him. By the way, where are we?

Shadow the Wolf: I know this place this is where Mephiles awaked me

Amy: Then we betta watch out for ol Elmer Fudd, he's a hunter that goes into the forest for hunting

Shadow the Wolf: Amy Iam also a hunter

Amy: Looks like we betta keep on going & watch out for Jovan & those Hunters like Elmer Fudd. Come on, follow me (walks with Shadow the Wolf) (spots a sign that says "The Ozarks") The Ozarks? You been awaken in the Ozarks?

Shadow the Wolf: Yes

Amy: Well then, let's go

(Meanwhile up in the Trees)

(The scene turns to a small cottage placed atop a tall bare tree occupied by a father buzzard named Pappy and his son Elvis.)

(The impression we get is that Pappy and his son are dirt poor, because flies are buzzing around him and the shack they're living in is apparently run-down.)

Pappy: (smells something unusual) Elvis? Elvy Boy? Bring me my "long distance seein' glasses. My nose is twichin' like there's eatin' vittles a'movin' down thar.

Elvis: (brings the binoculars) I got the Binoculars Pappy.

Pappy: Good boy, Elvis. Now look through them

Elvis: (goes out onto the porch and looks around, he spots Amy & Shadow the Wolf cleaning out the hole.

Elvis: Ah'm gunna get those 2 Mammals, that's what ah'm gunna do (flies off, but crashes into a Tree) (goes to the ground) I'll lure those Mammal with these Nuts & Berries.

(So Elvis plans to catch Amy & Shadow the Wolf by luring them with Nuts & Berries)

Amy: (spots Elvis) Uh oh, looks like we have Company & it's not Jovan this time

Shadow the Wolf: (smells them) of Course Buzzards (face palms)

Elvis: Come here you 2 Mammals & get your Nuts & Berries, come on don't be shy. I won't hurt you

Amy: Here we go with the Bait thing again

Shadow the Wolf: Sorry I don't fall for that

Amy: So let's play along, making Elvis thinking that we got us, but he didn't

Amy puts his hand out to feel the Berries & Nuts long enough to lure Elvis to the hole entrance, and Elvis tries to catch him but misses. We see Amy's arm come out of the hole again and Elvis grabs it and takes off toward the tree.

Elvis: I got the hedgehog critter Pappy!

We now see that the 'arm' is a long hose (ironically in the same colour as Amy's Skin & fur, with a white glove on the end of it).

Amy: (attaches the other end of the hose to a water tap and turns on the water)

The force of the water exiting the hose is strong enough to knock Elvis off of his feet and knocks him back and forth between two trees. Amy turns off the water and Elvis falls to the ground.

Amy: What do you think of this trick, Shadow the Wolf?

Shadow the Wolf: (pulls out a fake tail that looks just like hers) let's see them fall for this

Elvis: (grabs the Fake Tail) I got the Wolf Critter Pappy!

Amy: What are you doing with 2 Snakes?

Elvis: Snakes! Get em off me, get em off me! (gives Amy & Shadow the Wolf the Hose & Fake Tail) Here, y'all hold on to 'im and I'll fetch me shootin' iron and help you kill it (flies off toward the cottage)

Amy: (to Shadow the Wolf) Hmph. He may be a buzzard to his pappy, but to me he's a first class pigeon.

Shadow the Wolf: I agree


Jovan: (looks around the Rabbit Hole) where did those two go? (Looks aroubnd more and sees the hole they dug) Ha! found it (Goes into the hole)


Amy: Come on, let's go before the gettings good

(Elvis re-appears, shootin' iron in hand looking for the 2 snakes)

Elvis: Where'd those Snakes gone to?

Amy: They're aren't any. Now, if you're hunting snakes...

Elvis: Oh I remember, I'm hunting a Hedgehog & a Wolf and you two are the same Critters that I was hunting fo (points the gun right at Amy's & Shadow the Wolf's nose). I'm goin' fix you two good, that's what I'm gonna do!

(Amy & Shadow the Wolf takes the end of the rifle barrel and moves it onto the top of their heads.)

(As Elvis shoots, the barrel is aiming too high and misses both Amy & Shadow the Wolf entirely.)

Amy: Ooops, you missed us Doc, we better get a little closer.

Amy & Shadow the Wolf inches closer & Elvis backs off

Elvis: Stop that, I'm warning you two to stay back or else!

(And as Amy & Shadow the Wolf inches closer the end of the barrel edges further away. Inching further, he backs Elvis up toward a cliff.)

Soon Elvis is forced off the edge of the cliff and falls to the ground.

Amy: Now that's what we call making a good impression!

Shadow the Wolf: I say we made quite a good one!

(Jovan grabs Shadow the Wolf from behind)

Jovan: Now I got you Shadow!

Shadow the Wolf: I totally forgot about Jovan Amy!!

Amy: Here we go again

Elvis: (comes out from behind & aims his rifle at Amy, Shadow the Wolf & Jovan) Hey, there's another one. Ah well, like they always say: "3 is better than 2" (starts shooting at the 3, but they kept on dodging)

(Amy, Shadow the Wolf & Jovan makes a run for it, while Elvis chases them trying to shoot them with his Rilfe)

Shadow the Wolf: I have an idea! (Runs ahead and digs a huge hole and then covers it with grass and leaves)

Jovan: (Picks up Amy and runs over the big hole and then puts her down) What is it going to do?

Shadow the Wolf: Buy us sometime

Elvis: Now where'd those Crazy Critters gone to now? (keeps on walking until he falls off the disguised hole)


Amy: Wow, it did buy us some time


Pappy: Elvis, Elvy boy. Did you catch those critters?

Elivs: No, but I still gonna catch them

Amy: (whispers) We need to distract Elvis with a Disguise. The only costume we got fit in this Background are Hillbilly Woman Costumes. (gives one Hillbilly Woman Costume to Shadow the Wolf) One for you & one for you (gives another Hillbilly Woman Costume to Jovan)

Shadow the Wolf: (Looks at the costume and puts it on)

Jovan: I better not see a picture of me dressed in this on the internet (he puts on the costume)

Shadow the Wolf: (Sneaks a picture of Jovan dressed as a hillbilly woman)

Amy: (dresses up as a hillbilly Woman)

(With Elvis)

Pappy: Elvis, Elvy boy, did you catch those critters now?

Elvis: I almost got Im Pappy

Amy: (femminie southern accent) Hello there ya'll

Shadow the Wolf: (Femminie southern accent) Hey ya'll

Elvis: (notices Amy & Shadow the Wolf dressed up as Hillbilly Women) (his tongue hangs out of his mouth as he goes nuts for Amy Rose & Shadow the Wolf)

Jovan: (Thinks to himself "this is going to be funny")

Amy: Be ya'all lookin' for someone, Sugar?

Elvis: (pants and howls like a dog at the 2 strange girl's beauty)

Shadow the Wolf: (laughs in her mind)

Amy: Who are you looking for, honey?

Elvis: Du'uh, Ya'll

Amy: Little ol us? (giggles)

Shadow the Wolf and Jovan: (both giggle)

Elvis: (takes off his hat & holds it) You 3 are purdy & ya'll have pretty eyes and a real purdy dresses.

Jovan: (in his mind "oh god just dont lift up my dress")

Elvis: Because your those 3 Mammal Critters that I've been looking for and now I'm aimin' to do it, you purdy little thing! (He raises his gun)

Amy: Uh Oh.

Shadow the Wolf: Oh crud

Jovan: Double Crud

Amy: Run!

(Amy, Shadow the Wolf & Jovan takes off for the safety of the rabbit hole, where upon entering, jumps up in the air, leaving their hillbilly girl costume floating in the breeze as we see buckshot penetrate the material.)

Elvis: (points his musket into the hole) All right now, come on outta there, hear?

Amy: (From the safety in the Rabbit Hole) No, no, that's not the way it's done, Doc! You gotta say 'If you're not outta there by the time I count to four, I'm gonna shoot ya!' Get it?

Elvis: I sho-nuff do. I'll counts to four and then I'll shoot you

Amy: Ok, count away

Elvis: Got it, uh a-1, uhhh....(But Elvis have some difficulties counting up to 4)

Shadow the Wolf: (Quickly bakes some pies) Who said we had to use weapons on this

Jovan: Before he shoots we throw the pies

Amy: Acculty, I got a better Idea (attaching some pipes to the end of Elvis's musket)

Elvis: Uh, what comes after 1?

Amy: 2, I think (attachs more pipes onto the pipes that attachs to the end of Elvis's Musket that lead all the way to where Pappy is lounging in his tree-top cottage)

Elvis: Uh a-1, uh a-2, uhh...

Amy: 3

Elvis: Oh yeah thanks. What come after three in countin' Pappy?

Pappy: Four, Elvis

Elvis: What'd y'all say?

Pappy: I said, four!

(A soon as Elvis hears the number four, he shoots the gun and we see a blast come out the end of the pipe, shooting Pappy in the face.)


Elvis: (Excitedly, he thinks he plugged the mammals) I plunk them Pappy! I've plunked the Mammal Critters!

Pappy: Elvis, boy, y'all didn't plug no Mammal critters, y'all plugged your pappy! Now what'd y'all wanna do that FOR?

Elvis: Four?

(Elvis hears the word "FOUR" again and shoots, sending another blast of bullets up the pipe, which plug Pappy a second time.)


Pappy: (face full of holes from the blasts yells down to the ground) Now Elvis, ya've gone too FAR (but it comes out sounding more like the word "four").

(Yet another blast comes from the end of the pipe.)


Pappy: I said FAR, not FOUR!

(And another blast blows more holes into Pappy.)


Pappy: Now you done it, Elvis! Just wait till I get me two-by-FOUR!

(Another blast shoots holes into Pappy's face.)


Shadow the Wolf and Jovan: *Laughing*

Amy: See? (giggling) Even I crack myself up. Anyway let's go home

Shadow the Wolf: Right Amy

(Amy, Shadow the Wolf & Jovan walks home)

Amy: (sings) I'm lookin' over, a four leafed clover, that I over looked before

(With each mention of the word FOUR, we hear a subsequent gun blast coming from off-screen)

Amy: Oh well, at least we have an adventure together as a team

"That's All Folks"

The End