Shadow Yuck is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was beautiful day in the Woods & Yin & Yang were having a Race until Yang tripped a Large Rock

Yang: Ow

Yin: What's wrong?

Yang: I think I've tripped on something

Yin: Lets see

They notice that it's not just any old Rock, it a Large Piece of Gold

Yin: Gold?

Yang: Gold

Yin & Yang: GOLD !

Then they go Daffy

Yin & Yang: We're Rich, We're Rich, We're Wealthy, We're Rich, We're Rich, We're Rich

But then they have been Watched by Shadow & Yuck

Yuck: Gold huh?

Shadow: I have an Idea

Yin: What are we gonna do with it?

Yang: I don't know

Shadow & Yuck appeared behind of the Fake Carboard Stand

Shadow: I here you are depositing that Large Piece of Gold here?

Yang: Yeah, Master Yo told us to Deposit Money to save it

Yin: Here's the Piece of Gold (Hands it to Shadow)

Shadow: Thank you (Puts it on the Carriage with a Horse carrying it)

Yang: So where's our Deposit?

Yuck: Sorry but this bank is now been Folded up (Folds the Fake Stand into a Box with Yin & Yang Trapped in it) Lets get outta here

Shadow: Lets go

Shadow & Yuck gets on the Carriage & ride away while Laughing

YIn: You know what Yang

Yang: I'm think what your thinking, this means War


Later in Las Vegas

Shadow & Yuck are counting his Money

Yin & Yang are in Disguises & they are with Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell

Dudley Puppy: Are you sure?

Kitty Katswell: Yeah they are about to make the Others Gambeling

Yin: We betta bring the Gold back

Shadow: Hello can I help you?

Dudley: We are here to play (Winks at Kitty, Yin & Yang) How about I should try that Machine over there (Puts the Coin in the Coin Slot & Pulls the Lever) Uh, Hello Mother, do you mind if I can borrow a few Coins if you please

The Dials says Jackpot, Jackpot & Jackpot 3 times in a Row & the Coins came out of the Machine

Dudley: Gee thanks Ma

Shadow & Yuck: (Jaws drops)

Dudley, Kitty, Yin & Yang are about to leave until...

Shadow: Just a minute there, how about we play a Game here

Kitty Katswell: How about Marbles?

Yuck: Marbles? Oh yeah will play Marbles

Kitty Katswell: It's my turn

Shadow, Yuck & Kitty Katswell sat down & play Marbles

Yuck: The aim of this game is to guess the Correct Number & if you do, you'll win some Money

Shadow: What number will you Choose?

Kitty Katswell: 23

Yuck: (Spins the Marbles Wheel & Drops the Marble)

Shadow: (Press the 23 Button & Pulls the Lever & the Marble stoped on 23) And the Marble lands on 23 (Hands Kitty 35 cents)

Kitty Katswell: Only 35 cents, I win all that?

Yuck: Yeah, the Customer always wins

Yang: Really?!

Later Kitty won about $3500

Yuck: (Blocks the 23 area with a Piece of wood)

Yin: I have a bad feeling about this

Shadow: (Spins the Wheel & Drops the Marble)

Yuck: (Presses the 00 button & pulls the Lever)

The Marble lands on 00

Yuck: (Laughing & bang his hand on the Table)

The Marbles flys up & the Bang on the Piece of wood many times & landed on 23

Kitty Katswell: I win

Shadow: (Glares at Yuck)

Yuck: Oops?

The others are about to leave Shadow & Yuck until

Yuck: Wait maybe we can play Draw Poker

Yang: That's easy (Draws a Poker on a Piece of Paper) Draw Poker (Shows it to Shadow & Yuck) There do I win?

Shadow: (Face Palms)

Yuck: Look the aim of this game is to get a bigger Hand than I got...

While Yuck keeps telling Yin the Rules, she grabs a Glove & blows it like a Balloon & puts it on

Yuck: And whoever have the Biggest Hand wins, you see the Big Hand see...(Notices that Yin has a Bigger hand, he knows that it can't be that big) CUT IT OUT WOULD YA?!


Shadow, Yuck & Yin are playing Poker

Yin: I'll draw 3 Cards please (Grabs 3 more Cards to make it 4)

Shadow: (Grins) I got a "4 House", what'd you got Yin

Yin: Does that mean I lose? I got a Pair of 1's & an another Pair of 1's

(It means she got a "4 for Life")

Shadow & Yuck: (Growling)

Yin: Does that mean we Win again?

Shadow: (Holds a Gun in front of them) Yeah, you win & now we gonna play Another little game

Yang: Another game? Oh boy, what do we do, uh Spin this little Gadget (Spins the Gun Load & Gold comes out of the Gun)

The Others Leave Shadow & Yuck

Shadow & Yuck: (spins the Gun load & the Gun Fired it self leaving Shadow a lot of holes through his Quills & Yuck Black Covered) Ouch (Faints)

Yin: Remember, Don't steal no Carrots from a Cat, Dog & 2 Rabbits

"That's All Folks"

The End