Raw! Raw! Reidak! is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(Special Guest Voice Actor: WWE Superstar "Daniel Bryan" as Rhode Island Rackham)


It was a beautiful day in the Reidak Desert & we see Reidak lounging in his Bastion, being fanned and serenaded by several Black Female Piraka who look like Reidak, only more Female

Reidak: (sighs) This is living, I wonder what the Poor Piraka of the Reidak Desert are doing right now?

(Just then a Delivery Man riding on a Bicycle, arrives holding a Telegram)

Delivery Man: Telegram! Telegram for Mr. Reidak Piraka!

Reidak: Oh that's me

Delivery Man: (gives Reidak a Telegram & then rides away)

Reidak: Hmm, I wonder what it says? (opens the telegram) And who would bring me a telegram? (reads the Telegram) "Hi there, it's your old college roommate & chum, 'Rhode Island Rackham'. Stop. Put out the welcome mat for my special arrival. Stop. I'll meet you in Friday for a visit, sign Rackham" (not reading) Oh no! (smacks his left side of his head) Not Rhode Island Rackham. (gets up) I had enough of that Loudmouth Piraka always shooting out his mouth & never learns to shaddap & now he's going to visit me in Friday. (looks shocked as he remembers something) Wait a minute, today is Friday! I betta get to work! (runs off to grab the tools & loads of 2x4's) I gotta be prepared for my college buddy's arrival

(Reidak goes out & puts up several signs and barbed wire outside the Bastion's Walls to discourage Rackham from visiting)

Reidak: (chuckles) Wait til he pass all of my sucurity. He'll never find me here. (chuckles again)

(But later we see the Delivery Man takes off his disguise, revealing to be a Red Piraka with Black Armor & it's Rhode Island Rackham)

Rhode Island Rackham: HERE'S RACKHAM !!!

Reidak: (notices Rhode Island Rackham) Rackham?! How did you...?!

Rhode Island Rackham: If it isn't my old college buddy, Reidak. Give it a shake. (extends his arm for a handshake. Reidak shakes hands and receives an electrical shock from an unseen joke buzzer in Rackham's hand.)

Reidak: Yeow! (stumbles backwards, hitting his back towards the wall)

Rhode Island Rackham: Ha! I see you feel for the old Joy Buzzer trick. Same old Reidak, barrel of laughs! (helps Reidak get up)

Reidak: Well, I...

Rhode Island Rackham: (wearing a red flower on his chest, which is actually a flower water squirter) I'm a wearing a red carnation, so you know me. (squirts Reidak with water by using the Flower Water Squirter) Har har, hardy, har har. Boy Reidak my palzy walzy, you're a card (smacks Reidak at the back, accidently knocking them over) (notices the Black Female Piraka giggling at Rhode Island Rackham) Well well well, looks like I scored loads of dates tonight.

Reidak: I gotta do something about that guy before he palzy walzies me to death.

Rhode Island Rackham: (pulls out his guitar) Maybe they know this song. Cause this is gonna be awesome (plays & sings "Freddy the Freshmen")

(As Rhode Island Rackham sings & plays his guitar at the same time, the Black Female Piraka slowly started to crowd Rhode Island Rackham, looking very impressed)

(Meanwhile, Reidak tries to get back at Red by digging a big hole in the ground behind a wooden rocking chair, sets a board with one end above the hole & the other on the ground, being held by a boulder & then trigging a camera with a boxing glove in it)

Reidak: Hey Rackham, come over here for a minute. I wanted to take your picture.

Rhode Island Rackham: Take my picture? Alright, I always wanted a picture of myself (sits down on the rocking chair)

Reidak: Alright, now give me a big smile.

Rhode Island Rackham: (smiles)

Reidak: (tries to activate the trap by squeezing the shutter mechanism on the camera, but he cannot get the glove to fire from the camera) Aw man, something went wrong.

Rhode Island Rackham: (then reverses positions with Reidak & gives him the shutter) Say Reidak, Is this what your looking for?

Reidak: Huh?

Rhode Island Rackham: Well what are you waiting for, squeeze it!

Reidak: (squeeze the shutter mechanism on the camera, which causes himself to get punched by the glove) Ow! (falls backwards into a hole that he dug and is hit on the head by a boulder, traps that were intended for Rackham) (to the audience) I thought I had a sitting duck, turns out he had a pigeon. Sheesh

Rhode Island Rackham: Say Reidak, aren't you gonna take my picture or what?

Reidak: (a little bit slurry) Oh uh yeah, but first I gotta reload my camera (gets behind the camera and points a double-barreled shotgun at Rackham)

Rhode Island Rackham: Well what do you know? Double lenses, stirry up the continetal dots.

Reidak: Ok, hold & say cheese!

Rhode Island Rackham: (puts his fingers into each barrel, causing the shotgun to backfire on Reidak) (looks under the black blanket) Eck! What a sloppy mess! You betta go tidy up (walks off)


(We see Rhode Island Rackham walking with 7 Black Female Piraka in the flat sandy land of the Reidak Desert)

Rhode Island Rackham: I bet you charming piraka girls are uh, dying to see the star quarterback of Piraka Tech University in action

Black Piraka Girls: (excited, nodding yes rapidly)

Rhode Island Rackham: Well if you don't have a football, then use a tsamma melon as a back-up when your playing football in the desert I always say. (picks up a fresh tsamma melon from the desert garden & starts runnning off with the tsamma melon like he was playing football, using a flat desert sand as a football field) Rah! Rah! Rah! Hit'em with a slam! Yes! Yes! Yes! Here comes Rackham! (runs over Reidak who is walking by)

Reidak: Ow! What the...? (notices Rhode Island Rackham with a Tsamma melon)

Rhode Island Rackham: Come on Reidak, off the dime. It's time to show the girls the ol "23 Skidoo" play

Reidak: (gets up) You mean the long pass?

Rhode Island Rackham: Right (readies to hike the tsamma melon)

Reidak: Alright then. 66, 32, 23, Skidoo!

Rhode Island Rackham: (hikes the ball to Reidak & runs forward, waiting for the long pass)

Reidak: (cuts an opening into the melon, lights a stick of dynamite, and stuffs it in the melon before throwing it to Rhode Island Rackham) Catch!

Rhode Island Rackham: I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! (catches the melon)

Reidak: (chuckles) You're gonna get it...big time.

Rhode Island Rackham: (in the distance) Punt formation! (kicks the melon back to Reidak)

Reidak: (catches the melon) What the...?


(The Melon exploded leaving Reidak black covered)

Reidak: (black covered) I goofed


Rhode Island Rackham: (strumming his ukulele, trying to change the tunes to make it sound better)

Reidak: (wearing a Yellow Golf T-shirt) Golf anyone?

Rhode Island Rackham: (notices Reidak) Golf? (gets & puts on his Black Golf T-shirt) Your talking to the guy who has become a champion about 5 years ago.

"More Coming Soon"