This is an episode of Amy Rose and the Looney tunes.

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It was a beautiful day & Foghorn Leghorn is walking around the Farm

Foghorn: (Singing) Going South is the Life for me, DO DAH DO DAH, Going South like a busy Bee, OH THE DO DAH DAY!

An orphan porcupine was sitting there. Then, a tall man brings a puppy home. A gray mutt named Jim.

Foghorn: (Normal) Well call me, ah say, call me a Hedgehog with Marshmellows on the top, we have two new baby animals, I always, ah say, I always wanted two sons

Man: What is that chicken doing?! I've bought this pup for him to become a hunting dog.

A little girl looked at the Newborn porcupine.

Girl: Wha?! He's so cute! Can we keep him, daddy?

Barnyard Daug: (Appears) (To Foghorn) Well, well, well, if it ain't the Ol' American Knucklehead

Foghorn: I'm a Rooster & what are you, ah say, what are you talking about boy?

Barnyard Daug: Looks like I have a new Adopted Son

Foghorn: Oh no, now I have, ah say, now I have 2x the Hunting Dogs, one Father, one, ah say, one son

Man: (To barnyard Daug) quit barking! I have a new mutt. And i'm going to train him how to hunt deer, foxes, ducks and more! (To his daughter) Okay, sweetie, but take good care of him!

Girl: Okay! I'll name him Yu!

Foghorn: Like that man, ah say, that man said, quit barking (uses a Rubber Band to tie Barnyard Daug's Lips together) There we, ah say there we go.

Barnyard Daug: (Glares at Foghorn) (Grumbles)

Man: (Looks at Foghorn) And that means you too!

Yu looks at Jim with a shy face.

Yu: H-hi. My name's Yu.

Foghorn: Okay, I'll shut up. Some fellas have to keep their tongues flappin' but not me. I was brought up right. My pa used to tell me to shut up and I'd shut up. I wouldn't say nothin'. One time darn near starved to death. WOULDN'T TELL HIM I WAS HUNGRY!!

Jim: Errr. I'm Jim! Wanna see my scary face? (Makes a "scary" face but it looks cute)

Yu: (Laughs) You don't look scary! You look cute!

Jim: But i Don't wanna be cute! I wanna be a big dog when i grow up! Not a lap dog!

Foghorn: (Looks through the Window to see Speedy & Jim)

Yu: What's a Lap dog?

Jim: Something an old timer told me. He also told me about the Brave and wise great Wolf!

Foghorn: That boy is smart as a Brave Bear in a Tiger Trap

Yu: Can you tell me about this 'Great Wolf'?

Jim: Yes. the story goes: "The sliver moon looked down and saw the Dogs running about, tearing into one another as they might a scarp of meat.She loved dogs above all creatures, and did not want to see them suffering alone, dog against dog. So she found a lowy pup, newly weaned and Sprinkled him with moonstuff. The moonstuff shimmerd on his hide, and he grew into a mighty dog, The great Wolf. All dogs stood under his Sparkling white mane, and all stood to listen when he Howled. He asked them to join his pack and live in peace, and all belowed with joy.'

Foghorn: Belowed with joy? More like, ah say, more like that (points to Barnyard Daug) Blubber headed hound could break in 2 with the help of my good right arm

Jim: Goody! A chicken to chase (Barks at foghorn)

Yu: (Sighs) Dogs will be dogs. Jim, do you think You're the Great Wolf.

Jim: I may be. I may not.

Foghorn: (Chuckles) That dog can't be serious, I'm much, ah say, much bigger & stronger than he is

Jim: Heh, people can eat Chicken you know! My kibble dog food is Chicken flavored!

Foghorn: Uh-Oh! Oh n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no I'm no roaster, I'm a roost, ah say a rooster, so I'm afraid I had to go, so uh (chuckles) G-bye now! (runs off)

Yu: Scardy cat!


Foghorn: (Grabs a 2x4) Personal, I would have, ah say, have fun with a big Blubber Headed Hound with my good 2x4 (spanks Barnyard Daug's Bottom with a 2x4 & runs off)

Barnyard Daug: (Chases Foghorn while barking at him)

Foghorn: (Jumps over a Well)

Barnyard Daug: (Tries to jump over the well, but the rope is connected to the Doghouse, making himself get choked & falls down in a well, along with the Dog House)


Foghorn: That dog, ah say, that dog is stupid as a pig in a Henhouse, Chicken Coop that is (chuckles)

Jim: (Dressed up as a girl scout) Hello sir, would you like a cookie? (Hands him a 'cookie' that is really TNT)

Foghorn: Aw, ok I'll buy, ah say, I'll buy the Cookies for you & the girl scouts (gives Jim $5) Keep the, ah say Keep the change

Jim: Thank you (Winks at the Viewers)

Foghorn: (Grabs the Box of Cookies) Have a nice, ah say, have a nice day (looks at the Cookie) Hmm? I wonder, ah say, I wonder what does this cookie taste like (chomps on the TNT Cookie)


Foghorn: Sombo...ah say, Did sombody knock? Ahooooooo (falls on his belly)

Jim: (Removes the uniform and laughs like this)

Foghorn: Oh it's that Pup again, he needs, ah say, he needs to be taught a lesson by pranking him back & I know just how to do it

Jim: I want a pizza! :P

Foghorn: (Dresses up as a Pizza Man) Pizza, get your pizza here, only $5

Jim: GIVE ME THAT!! (Gives him fives bucks And grabs the pizza)

Foghorn: (Normal) 3...2...1...


(The Pizza is filled with TNT)

Foghorn: (Chuckles) Whao Ho Hooooooooo NELLY!

Yu: Ahem. (Sings badly)

Jim: Why are you singing?


Foghorn & Bardyard Daug: (Covers his ears) AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHAD UP! (slaps Yu with a Shoe)

Yu and Jim: This is ON!!!

Foghorn & Barnyard Daug: We couldn't, ah say, couldn't agree more

Barnyard Daug: Oh great, now Foghorn made me do it

(Foghorn, Barnyard Daug, Yu & Jim broke out into a Fight & starts fighting each other)

(A Beautiful Dog with a blonde mane wakes up)

Beautiful dog: (loud voice) WOULD EVERYDOG SHUt UP?!?!?!

Jim: You shut up, Ugly!

Beautiful Dog: (Starts to cry) HE CALLED ME UGLYYY!!

Barnyard Daug: Hey, that was my Girlfriend!! (slaps Jim super hard causing his head to spin)

Yu: (Plays 'You spin me round')

Foghorn: (Spins Speedy around, causing him to feel dizzy) Your asking, ah say, your asking for it

Jim: (Dips his hands in paint, then puts some on his face) This is WAR!! (Grins in a 'awsome' pose)

Foghorn: Alright, ah say, alright Speedy & Jim, if that's what you want, then bring it on

Yu: (In an army uniform)

Foghorn: If it's War, ah say, war you want (wears a Pot on his Head) It's War you'll get!

Barnyard: (To Audience) He's nuttier as a Fruitcake (puts another Pot on his head) Oh well, that's my Ol' American Knucklehead

Jim: This is gonna be epic!! (Awsome face)

Foghorn: Eggs away (Fires Eggs out of the catapult on Speedy & Jim)

Jim charged at the rooster, running just like a normal dog. And bit him. "Awsome!!" he said with a crazed face.

Foghorn: OWWW! (smacking Jim with a Club) Down, down, down, ah say, down I say, down boy!

Jim: I only obey my master!! (Growls)

Foghorn: (keeps on smacking Jim with a Club)

Barnyard Daug: (Barking at Speedy & chases him around & around)

Yu: (Runs super fast in circles that causes to make Barnyard daug dizy)

Barnyard Daug: (Feels dizzy & falls on Speedy)

Yu: (Is scared so he aim his spike at the dog)

Barnyard Daug: YEOW! WHY YOU...! (punches Speedy)

Yu: Hmph! (Faces Foghorn)

Jim: (Slashes Barnyard daug)

Barnyard Daug: Why you dirty...! (punches Jim again)

Foghorn: 66, ah say, 66, 32, 23, Skiddo! (Uses Speedy as a Footbot & kicks him at Jim)

Jim: (Gets a random bazooka) YA I'm GANGTA LOL.


Foghorn: Uh, guys. What was, ah say, what was that?

(A Giant 10FT Tall Bear shows up)

Bear: (Roars) (charges at Foghorn, Barnyard Daug, Speedy & Jim)

Foghorn: RUN! (he & Barnyard Daug makes a run for it)

(Spongebob100: Scroundernuts, what about your Plot?)

Yu and Jim: (Goes inside the house)

Bear: [Grumbles and goes back to the woods]

Foghorn: (Up on a tree)

Barnyard Daug: (Goes inside his Dog House, locking himself in)

Foghorn: That bear, ah say, that bear is as Angry than a Flight of Bees, Wasps that is.


Foghorn: If that boy, ah say, that boy can tell the legend of the Great Wolf, then I use the "Great Wolf Howl" with this ACME Great Wolf Call (uses it & it sounds like a Wolf)

JIm; The Great wolf is a dog!

Foghorn: (notices all of the Wolves around him) Uh Oh! (the Wolves attacked Foghorn) I'm in, ah say, I'm in horrible pain Ooooooh (falls on his Belly) I really need, ah say, I really need is a Dog Whistle. With that Blubber head hound (points to Barnyard Daug) going off to have a vacation. I'm ready to have a new playmate & it's name, ah say, it's name is the Great Wolf himself (goes into the Forest to find the Great Wolf)

Yu and Jim: [Playing but speedy breaks a lamp and vase by mistake]

Man: Huh? That porcupine broke my favorite lamp and vase!!!! (Kicks Yu out) He can no longer stay! Besides, i hunt pocupines.

Yu: I just don't get it!

Just then, the Great Wolf appears behind him.

Great Wolf: You can no longer be friends with Jim. He is growing up to hunt pocupines.

Yu: I think your lying!! [Walks away]


A year has past, Yu is now a handsome wild porcupine, And Jim is a wise mutt.

Foghorn: (is still the same) (humming) Do Dah! Do Dah! (humming) Oh the Do Dah Day! (Spanks Barnyard Daug's Bottom with a 2x4 & runs)

Barnyard Daug: (is still the same) (Chases Foghorn, but the rope is still connected to the Doghouse, making himself get choked & falls down & he keeps barking at Foghorn)

Foghorn: (Paints Barnyard Daug's Tounge Green) (humming) Do Dah! Do Dah! (Humming) Oh the Do Dah Day! I notice a Jim, but no ah say no Speedy

(With Yu)

Yu: So...

A female pocupine named Ai taps his back.

Yu turns around, awed by the female porcupine's beauty.

Yu: "I... you're so beauti... uh, hi."

Ai: (giggling) "Hello!"

Amy: (walking while Singing) "I Dreamed, of Sonic, he's the Light Blue Hedgie!" (humming) (Spots Yu & Ai) Oh hi there little one, my name is Amy Rose, what's your name?

Yu: ..I'm not little. But my name is Yu..

Amy: Hi there, are you lost or something?

Ai: Ahem! Well, it's very nice to meet you, Yu. I'm Ai. Hey, wanna see this? [Jumps from tree to tree]

Yu: Hmph! Oh yeah? I can do that with my eyes closed! [Tries to do it, but fails]

Ai: (Giggles) "Oh, Yu! You're so funny!"

Amy: (catches Yu) Gotcha! Are you ok, Yu? (puts Yu down)

Yu: "Fine... go ahead and laugh. You're just like everyone else around here!"

Ai: (giggling) "I'm sorry, I can't help it...!"

Yu: Well you know what, Ai? You're a fool!! You're just a... a stupid, empty-headed female! (Walks away)

Ai: "Oh, why don't you grow up?" Amy: Yu! Where are you going?

Foghorn: (Looking for Yu & Jim) Yoo Hoo, ah say, Yoo Hoo! Where are you Yu boy & Jimmy boy? Oh Yu boy? Jimmy boy?

Amy: Yu just walked away & did you say Jim is missing too?

Foghorn: Yes I did son, one min, ah say, one minute he's there & then the next minute, he's gone. No where, ah say, no where to find him

Jim: There you are, Yu! (Growls) It's time for you to die!!

Yu: Why?

Amy: Guys, what's the matter with you guys?

Yu: [Attacks] Jim!!

Foghorn: (pulls both Yu & Jim each other away) Break it, ah say, break it up you two

Jim: Shut up!! (Bites Yu)

Amy: Guys please? Stop your fighting

(not far from here)

Avak: (Sleeping) I'm the trigger (snores) I'm the trigger (hears all 4 of them fighting) Huh? What the? (to Audience) Oh hi, you might wondering about that Bear, well after his last attack, he got sick for a few days, so I'll be it's replacement untill he's all better (to the noise) Will you keep it down?! I'm trying to get some sleep! (notices it was Yu, Jim, Amy & Foghorn Leghorn) (licking his chops) Mmmm, a Porcupine, a Dog, a Hedgehog & a Chicken. Just what I need for my Tummy for Lunch today (sneaking up behind Yu, Jim, Amy & Foghorn)

(Back with Amy, Yu, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn)

Amy: Can this day gone anymore worse?

Avak: (appears from the Bushes) AHA! (tackles Amy, Yu, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn & puts them inside a Sack)

Foghorn: (from inside the Sack) Ask a silly question, get a silly answer

Avak: I finally got something to eat! I gotta get back & tell the other Piraka that's it's finally Lunch Time! (runs off back to Voya Nui while carrying a Sack with Amy, Speedy, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn)

(Jim rips the sack apart with his claws)

Avak: (goes inside the Piraka's House) Lunch is served!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan & Thok: (appears licking their lips)

Avak: (notices the Sack is empty) Hey, where'd they go?

Zaktan; (notices Amy, Yu, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn escaping) They're they go!

Amy: Run!

(They started running away, but the Piraka locks them inside the house so they can't get away & also covered the Windows with Brick Walls)

Reidak: There, they are now trapped, they can't get away

Thok: (to Amy, Yu, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn) Now you are not going anywhere until we have our Lunch with you guys as our main course!

Yu: (In the boiling pot) What a lovely hot tub you got there! (Grabs a frying pan and whacks Thok with it)


Thok: Ow!

Foghorn: Yeah, I wonder, ah say, I wonder what's on the menu?

Zaktan: Roast Chicken with Porcupine & Cannie Meat with Hedgehog Quills. A Piraka Delicasey

Reidak: Namely you 4 (chuckles)

Amy: What?!

Foghorn: Oh nonononono, like I said before, I'm a Rooster, not a Roaster

Hakann; And in order to cook you 4 for perfection, we'll heat the oven up to 350 degree

Yu: Hey, Yoshi!!! (Calls for his pet dragon, Yoshi)

Yoshi: (Crashes in)

Zaktan: Oh what now? (looks through the Periscope to find Yu & Yoshi) I taught I taw another Porcupine & a dragon. Piraka, prepare for action!

Piraka: Right!

Amy: (to Speedy, Jim & Foghorn) Quick, it's our chance to escape (hops out of the Pot)

(Yoshi is a dragon, his name is Yoshi because Yoshi is a japanese name, same with Yu and Ai)

Foghorn: (Hops out of the pot)

Yoshi: (Scratches the Piraka with his long, sharp claws, whacks the house with his tails and it leaves a big hole) (Roars)

Zaktan: (holds up an ACME Dragon Scarer Megaphone & roars through the Megaphone scaring the Heebee jeebees out of Yoshi)

Yoshi: (Not scared, roars so loud that the Piraka go deaf for a second)

Piraka: (wears their earmuffs before Yoshi roars so loud again)

Zaktan: What a cheap Megaphone!

Reidak: Oh well, GRAB HIM!

(The Piraka Tackles Yoshi & puts him inside the Dragon Sized Pot filled with Boiling Water)

Vezok: Oh well, at least we have some Dragon Stew

Amy: Speedy, Jim & Foghorn Leghorn. We need to escape, come on there's no time to lose

(Random flood from the bathroom tub comes because some-one left the water running, it was Ai) (Yoshi gets out of the pot)

Ai: Sorry, boys. (Gets on Yoshi along with Yu and flies off)

Avak: Sorry for what? (opens up the Bathroom Door & the Water splashes out of the Bathroom & onto the Piraka washing them off) I hadda ask. I HADDA ASK!

Thok: (turns off the water) Great, what a waste. Do you think she wouldn't waste any water?

Hakann: Eeyup

Foghorn: Looks like, ah say, looks like they've been washed off preaty nicely, clean that is

Amy: This way guys! (Carries Yu & Jim outside) Are you ok?

(Yu's on Yoshi along with Ai and Jim and Yu need to start fighting again until the real bear comes out)

Vezon: (appears) Oh Piraka, I'm back with my Pet, Fenrahk & a new pet bear

Foghorn: It's that, ah say, it's that bear again! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

Vezon: Ok Fenrahk & Spike, have fun & don't play with your food

Amy: Spike, who's Spike?

Vezon: Spike is my pet bear I found in the woods about a year ago. As they say in London "Sic'em Fenrahk & Spike"

Fenrahk: (roars at Amy, Yu, Jim, Ai, Yoshi & Foghorn Leghorn)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (appears again)

Zaktan: They're they are. Grab them!

A very large shadow is seen, bigger and stronger than a brown bear, it's Kimono, Yoshi's girlfriend and a strong female dragon.

Amy: Come here Girl

Foghorn: What the? You've summoned her, but how?

Amy: With this (holds up an ACME Dragon Call)

Foghorn: Oh, what should we, ah say, what should we do with the other Piraka that tries to eat us?

Amy: I got it (holds up her Giant Piko Piko Hammer) (opera voice) I'll smash them with my Giant Piko Piko Hammer

Zaktan: Your Giant Piko Piko Hammer?

Amy: Giant Piko Hammer!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Piko Hammer?

Amy: Piko Hammer!

Vezon: (unimmused) (points to Amy) Magic Hammer

Amy: Yes, Giant Magic Piko Hammer & I'll give you an Example! (smashes the Piraka [Plus Vezon] with her Giant Piko Piko Hammer)

Piraka: OW!

Amy: (normal voice) See?

Kimono: (Picks up the Bear and throws him) (Roars very loud)

Zaktan: (feels dizzy) Don't you growl at us mister

Vezon: (his dizziness has stoped) Go get him Fenrahk! Sick'em!

Fenrahk: (Roars very loud, even louder than Kimono & Yoshi combined & then attacks Kimono & Yoshi in a very savage kind of way & won)

Foghorn: Now's our, ah say, now's our chance to get outta here! And I mean Litterally! (grabs Amy, Yu, Jim & Ai & makes a run for it)

Reidak: Well, looks like there goes our Lunch

Vezok: But we have the next best thing. Dragon Stew. The King of all Dishes for the Piraka

Thok: Come on guys, let's eat them!

Avak: YEAH!

Hakann: ALRIGHT! I'm Starving!

(The Piraka, Vezon & Fenrahk chases Yoshi & Kimono into the sunset while the 2 Dragons makes a run for it feeling scared)


(Amy, Yu, Jim, Foghorn Leghorn & Ai watches the Piraka chases the 2 Dragons into the Sunset)

Amy: Phew! That was close

Foghorn: It looks like, ah say, it looks like the Piraka are gonna have Dragon Stew by the time they catch the 2 Dragons. Let's say, ah say, let's go home & back to the Farm down south

Yu and Ai: (Go to get their dragons)

(Yu comes back on Yoshi's back, and Ai comes back on Kimono's back, they fly off into the sky, to the farm)

Amy: Wait! What about Jim?

Foghorn: Yeah, your forgetting, ah say, your forgetting about Jim

Yu: That mutt already has his own Loftwing

(Then they see Jim on his Loftwing, a bird from Skyloft)

Foghorn: Oh. I knew, ah say, I knew that

Amy: Bye Yu, Jim & Ai, have fun back at the farm

Foghorn: The Farm? (looks shocked) GREAT BOLTS OF FIRES!! The Farm is my home too! (to Yu, Ai & Jim) HEY! Wait for baby! (chases after Yu, Jim & Ai)

Amy: (turns to the Audience & shrugs) Oh well. At least Foghorn Leghorn has company around here. If they're Dragons are here. Then what happen to the Piraka?

Piraka: (appears, got tangled with each other)

Zaktan: Speak for yourself, Amy.

Piraka: (groans)

Fenrahk: (carrying the Piraka) (barks) (leaves while carrying the Piraka)

Amy: (sighs) Oh well. Maybe next time Piraka. Maybe next time

Vezon: (feeling dizzy) With friends like that Porcupine & that Dog, who needs enemies?

"That's All Folks"

The End