Plankton's Revenge is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It's a Beautiful Day, and Sonic, Amy, Dudley and Kitty Katswell prepare for a celebration of 1st Anniversary of Kiss of Candace & Jeremy (from Summer Belongs to You!).

Amy: So Jeremy, are you ready for your girlfriend, Candace

Jeremy: Yes.

Dudley: Cool.

Sonic: Ok, we gonna be waiting.


Candace: Oh, I Can't believe i'm going on anniversary of our kiss with Jeremy.

the camera goes on Plankton's eye

Candace: Oh hey little bug, wait what are you near me, Aahh.


Sonic: It's waiting in a couple of minutes.

1 minutes...

Jeremy: Guys, Candace will be in a hour.

Amy: Guys, i found a Video Note.

Kitty: Who's from?

Amy: (gasp) from Plankton.

All: Plankton?!


Playing a Video note in a VHR

Plankton: Hi, you fools

Sonic: Plankton, What now?

Plankton: Haha, will i gonna rule your world, because i have kidnapped... (Showing Candace tied up into a Chair)...Candace Flynn.

Candace: Help!

Sonic & Jeremy: Candace?!

Amy: Someone has to go after him

Sonic: I will, I'll be right back (Runs to the Chum Bucket)


(Later at the Chum Bucket)

Candace: Help! Help! Help me! Help! Help! Help!

Plankton: (Puts a Mouse Toy in her Mouth) Shut Up already!

Sonic: (Enters the Chum Bucket) Here's Sonic

Plankton: What the, Sonic I see that you are going alone

Sonic: Yep, you'll never catch me (Frees Candace & Carries her to the Exit)

Plankton: (Activates Sleeping Gas)

Sonic & Candace: (Getting Sleepy)

Sonic: Or I could be wrong you know

Sonic & Candace: (Goes to Sleep)

Plankton: Fortunely, I always carry the Sleeping Gas for such an Emergency.

Johnny Test, Dukey & Harold spots Plankton)

Johnny Test: Sis you see that, Dukey and Harold?

Dukey: Yeah & there in a Deep Sleep

Harold: We gotta go back & tell the Others (Starts Running to Amy, Jeremy & the Others)


Darkstorm: (Gas mask) Show your self!!!

Johnny Test: Darkstorm you try to wake Candace and Sonic up.

Harold: Gah! Darkstorm, don't scare me like that

Darkstorm:(Pulls out BFG from Jason X) Stay behind me!

Harold: Why?

Darkstorm:Cause this gun is loaded to kill,(On comunicator) Geko, Sevem report.

Sevem:(Static) Found Sonic and god is he asleep!

Harold: I know so that's why I'm going to Warn Amy, Jeremy & the Others

Geko:(Static) Holy Christ (Static ) Fall back (Steps on sleep gas tube and gets Knocked out)

Harold: Sleep Gas (Fires Sleep Gas on Darkstorm by Accident)

(Darkstorm: (Knocks out and drops his BFG)

Harold: Oops,

Johnny Test: Ok, did not see that coming

Harold:Oh well I gotta go back to the Chum bucket, come on Johnny & Dukey, I need your help too

Johnny & Dukey are already heading to the Chum Bucket)

Harold: Why do they always leave before my help with them? (Goes back to the Chum Bucket)


Sevem:(Shakes Sonic awake)

Sonic & Candace: (Still Sleeping)

Sevem:(Uses Blowhorn to wake them up)

Sonic & Candace: (Still Sleeping)

Sevem:(Starts to feel the effects) I got one more shot (Pulls out stink Bomb and drops it)

Sonic & Candace: (Still Sleeping)

Dukey: This is not Working, Candace & Sonic are asleep forever! I'm going to lose my Mind now. (Screaming Maniacally)

Sevem: Ok, only a true love kiss, will lift the curse (leave)

Johnny Test and Dukey run to warn Amy, Jeremy and the others


Harold: (Spots Johnny, Dukey & Sevem) Guys, I going to warn Amy & Jeremy about the News

Johnny: Wait a minute, I'm about to do the Same thing

Harold: Ok let's go, GOSH !

Harold, Johnny, Dukey & Sevem sets off to Find Amy, Jeremy & the Others


Harold: Amy, I found Sonic & Candace, and they fell asleep.

Amy: That's terrible!

Johnny Test: Only with a True Love Kiss, can lift the curse.

Amy & Jeremy: I'm on it! (Leave)

Dudley: Don't leave me. (Leave)

Kitty: I'll go with you. (Leave)

Geko:(On Kitty's comunitactor) Found Darkstorm.

Harold: Be careful guys


(Later at the Chum Bucket)

Amy: We're here

Jeremy: We gotta go in there, but how?

Amy: I got it

(Later inside the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Perfect, it's time to get that Formula


Plankton: Now what? (Opens the Door to see Amy, Jeremy, Dudley & Kitty in DIsguise) Can I help you?

Amy: Oh yes, here's the free Firework Plunger, bye (They Leave)

Plankton: How does it works...


Plankton: (Black covered) Oh I know how it Works. AMY!!

Amy, Jeremy, Dudley and Kitty enters to a window.

Amy and Jeremy try to kiss Sonic & Candace in lips, but Plankton in his Robot stomp arrive.

Plankton: Oh no you don't, your not going anywhere

Amy: What would Plankton want more than anything (A Lightbulb appears over her head) I got it (Reaches in her Pocket & shows Plankton the Krabby Patty Formula) Oh Plankton

Plankton: The Krabby Patty Formula!

Amy: (Throws the Formula away at the Back door) Fetch

Plankton: (Goes after the Formula, barking like a Dog & grabs the Formula) Ha, I got it, the Krabby Patty Formula (Notices that this isn't the Formula at all, it's Dynamite) That's not the Krabby Patty Formula it's...


Plankton: Did somebody, ah say, Did somebody knock? Ohhhhhhhhh (Knocked out)

Amy: Jeremy, you take Candace, I'll take Sonic

Jeremy: Got it

Dudley: What about him? (point at sleepy Darkstorm)

Amy: He will be fine until a girl find him to kiss him.

Darkstorm:I ain't asleep.

Amy: I know let's call Vitani, maybe she can help wake Darkstorm up

Darkstorm:(Attemps to get up)

Amy: Never mind, you go First Jeremy

Jeremy: Ok (Kisses Candace)

Candace: (Wakes Up) Jeremy

Jeremy: Candace

They Hugged Each other

Amy: My Turn (Kisses Sonic)

Sonic: (Wakes Up) Amy

Amy: Sonic! (Hugs Sonic)

Sonic: Amy, please don't wrinkle the Fur

Plankton: No! I will destroy you all.

Johnny Test: Oh, no you don't (press the Self-destruction button)

Harold: Your Chum bucket is going Kaboom

Dudley: Come on let's get outta here

Kitty: Ok

Amy, Jeremy, Sonic, Candace, Dudley & Kitty goes Outside the Chum Bucket with Darkstorm, Sevem, Johnny Test, Dukey & Harold.

Plankton: Oh No

The Chum Bucket explode, that make Plankton flight to the moon.



Plankton: Ouch (Gets up) Grrr I will get you Amy & the Others back at...(Sees the Entire Planet Earth)...Oh Man, back to the Old Drawing Board


Dudley & Kitty: Yay! Candace & Jeremy are Back

Harold: Awesome

Johnny Test: This is the best couple ever.

Candace: Thank you, Jeremy for saving me. (Kiss Jeremy)

Amy: Aww, what a Happy Ending, right Sonic? (Kiss Sonic 4 times)

Sonic: Yes. (Faint)

Amy: Oh, well there's happy endings.

That's All Folks

The End.