Pink Rabbit, Pink Rabbit, Pink...Hedgehog is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful day & Amy is walking on the Sidewalk

Amy: I wonder how Sonic is doing? (She hears Screaming) What's that?

It was Chowder Screaming because Panini is Chasing him

Chowder: Ahhhhhhhhhh

Panini: Come back Num Nums

Amy: Hi Panini, what's going on here?

Panini: I was Chasing Chowder & he keeps running away from me

Amy: Never Mind him, maybe we should play Together

Panini: Ok

Yin & Yang appears

Yin: Hi what's going on here?

Panini: Hi Yin you look just like me

Yin: Hey your right

Amy: Wait a minute you guys are alike except for Yang

Yang: Rats, I'm going to play with Chowder (Leaves)

Amy: Anyways hows your day today?

Panini: Well?

Before she answered Johnny & Dukey appears

Johnny: Hi Guys what are you....whao, there's two Pink Rabbits?!

Dukey: Oh No don't even think about Switching Bodies

Johnny: I'm not Switching my Body, I'm switching THEIR BODIES (went is her Sister's Labratory while Holding Yin, Panini & Amy)

Dukey: Wait come back

Johnny & the others are already gone

Dukey: Well he taught me into it


Meanwhile in the Lab

Susan & Mary: NO !

Johnny: Come on, do it for me?

Susan: No

Mary: You are always do something Wrong

Johnny: Please?

Susan & Mary: Hmmm NO

Johnny was already Gone

Dukey: Where'd he go?

Johnny: I found this Pizazz Powder & I wonder what happen with it

Amy: Give it back

Yin: Get him

Panini: Oh Brother

Johnny: You'll never take me alive (Trips) Whoops !

The Pizazz Powder Lands on Yin, Panini & Amy

Susan: The Pizazz Powder with Change & Rearange their Bodies

Mary: So that's means they'll switch Bodies

Dukey: Uh Yin?

You can hear Yin's Voice

Yin: Yes? I'm ok, That's Strange all of the Sudden, I don't feel like myself Today, Well I do feel alright & yet I...I Uh (Looks the Mirror to see Yin is in Panini's Body) AHHHHH

Panini: What is going on here? (Looks the Mirror to see that she is in Amy's Body) AHHHH What's happening to me?

Dukey: Wait, if Yin is in Panini's Body & Panini is in Amy's Body, then that means

Amy: Huh? What? Dukey? (Looks in the Mirror to see that she is in Yin's Body) EEK! I'm in Yin's Body

Dukey: Ok, I'm going to lose my Mind now (Screaming Maniacally)

Susan: Calm down, we can make an Antidote to Fix this

Mary: But we need some Extra Help

Johnny: And who would that be?

Mary: The League of Super Evil

Johnny: Ok Good Enough for me, Right Girls?

Yin, Panini & Amy are already Gone

Johnny: Where'd they go?

Dukey: Uh Johnny?

Johnny: What is it?

Dukey: (Points to the Girls who are Escaping)

Johnny: Whao, Did not see that coming?

Mary: Quick Johnny, you & Dukey will get them back, there's no telling what'll they do

Johnny: No Prob

Dukey: Leave it to us

Susan: Be Careful

Johnny & Dukey already Left the Lab


Yang: I wonder where she is?

Yo: How should I know, she is never Late

Amy appears still in Yin's Body

Amy: What is going on here?

Yang: Yin, is that you?

Amy: It's me Amy in Yin's Body

Yo: I don't know, you look like Yin

Amy: Look I have no Time for this I've gotta find my Body

Yo: Whao there, it's time for our Training

Amy: (Sighs)


Panini: What am I suppose to do in this Body?

Sonic: Hi Amy

Panini: No, It's me Panini

Tails: Amy, what's the matter with your Voice, it sounds like you have a Handsome Voice

Panini: Huh? I am Panini

Knuckles: What is she talking about?

Sonic: I don't know (To Panini in Amy's Body) Please don't kiss me

Panini: Where is Chowder

Tails: You have better go back to your house, I think your getting Sick

Knuckles: (Carries Panini) I got her lets go

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles is Carrying Panini back to Amy's House until Panini Sees Chowder

Panini: Chowder (Races after Chowder)

Chowder: Ahhhhhh (Runs back to the Mung Daal Catering Company)

Panini: Oh Man


Mung: Shnitzel I wonder where Chowder is

Shnitzel: Rada, Rada

Yin appears still in Panini's Body

Yin: What is going on here?

Mung: Huh? what are you doing here?

Yin: I'm Yin

Shnitzel: Uhhhh Rada

Chowder: Phew that was close, for a second I thought (Spots Yin mistaken for Panini) AHHHHHHH, getaway you women

Yin: Hey, don't you even dare about it, besides I'm Yin

Mung: Is she stuck?

Shnitzel: Rada Rada

Yin: I have gotta go back to the Dojo because...

Meanwhile in 3 different Places

Yin, Panini & Amy: I'm Stuck


Amy: I gotta catch Sonic (Went out the Door to find Sonic)


Panini: I gotta Catch Chowder (Releases Knuckles' Grip & chases Chowder)


Yin: Gotta go Bye (Leaves the Catering Company) I gotta find Yang & Yo (Searches for Yang & Yo)


Johnny & Dukey are in the City trying to find Yin, Panini & the Others

Johnny: Ok, I wonder where are the Others

Dukey: I think I saw Panini's Body

Johnny: Which means Yin is there with Yang

Dukey: Well let's go

Yin: What are you doing?

Johnny: I'm taking you back to the Lab, now?

Yin: Ok

Dukey: That was easy

Yin: Hold this (Holds a Bomb that is already been Lit)

Dukey: Uh Oh


Johnny: Did not see that coimg either

Dukey: (Grabs Yin in Panini's Body) I got her

Johnny: 2 down 1 to go


Panini: Come back Chowder

Dukey: (Grabed Panini in Amy's Body) Got her

Johnny: Now all it's left is Amy

Amy in Yin's Body kissing in Sonic's Cheek

Sonic: No, Yin, Don't Kiss me!

Amy: Come one, Just 1 Kiss (She kiss Sonic in the cheek)

Johnny: Ok, but you gonna ask Dukey because your Kissing him

Amy: Huh?

Dukey: Hi

Amy: EEEEK! (Bonks Dukey on the Head)

Dukey: I need 5 more minutes Ma, good night (Faints)

Johnny: (Grabs Amy in Yin's Body) Come on let's go (Carries the 3 Girls & Dukey back to her Sister's Lab)


The League of Super Evil has Just arrived

Voltar: We are here

Johnny: And we made it, just in time

Red Menace: Aww Two Pink Rabbits & a Pink Hedgehog, Can I keep them, can I, Can I, Can I?

Doktor Frogg: No time I got the Antidote, right here (Pours the Antidote on Yin, Panini & Amy)


Yin: What happen: (Looks at the Mirror to see that she's back to normal) I'm Me again

Panini: I'm back too

Amy: Me too

Johnny: That was close (Accidently tips the Pizazz Powder)

Sonic, Yang & Chowder appears

Sonic: What's going on here

Yang: Uh guys

Chowder: Pizazz !


Johnny: Oops




Sonic: Ahhh, I'm in Yang's body

Yang: Ahhh, I'm in Chowder's Body

Chowder: That means I'm in Sonic's Body

Doomageddon: (Laughing)

Susan, Mary, Voltar, Red Menace & Doktor Frogg: Oh No (Faints)

Johnny, Yin, Panini & Amy: Not Again (Faints)

Everyone has Fainted except for Doomageddon & Dukey

Dukey: Well, Here we go again

"That's All Folks"

The End