Party Time with Amy is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was a Beautiful Day in Station Square & Amy is shopping in the Shopping Mall

Amy: I think I had enough, eh who am I kidding, I'm getting Bored (Sees a Box that says "Plan your own Party Kit") Plan your own Party Kit, It's time to plan my own Party


Meanwhile at Amy's House

Amy's House is Decorrated for a Party & the food is Ready

Amy: Ok it's time for a Party, I know some People who know how to party & that is my Friends


Amy: Oh Boy, My guests have Arrived (Opens the Door to see Owen, Duncan & Noah)

Owen: Hi Amy, Parrrrty

Duncan: Yeah. I'm ready for a Party

Noah: It's time to relax my Mojo with a Party

Amy: Come in

And Owen, Duncan & Noah did

Amy: I wonder who else is here?

Garfield: Hi Amy, I'm here for the Party (Enters Amy's House)

Jimmy: Yeah I can't wait for a Party (Enters Amy's House)

Sonic & Tails: Hi Amy

Amy: Sonic, Tails, it's so good to see you (Hugs Sonic)

Sonic: Ok I get the Picture (Enters Amy's House)

Tails: (Enters Amy's House)

Amy: Ok Everybody, Lets Party (Turns on the Music & the Disco Ball)

And Everybody Dance

Owen: Yeah, Party, Whoo Hoo

Duncan: Yeah

Garfield: Lassange (Eats Lassange)

Jimmy: (Jumps up & down) Oh Yeah, the Bouncy Kangaroo

Owen: Oh Yeah

Sonic: Yeah, this is Fun

Amy: Wow, I have the Biggest Party Ever!

Duncan: Yeah we can go Wild

Amy: Yeah, we can...say what?!

Owen: Yeah (Burps)

Noah: Oh yeah, Time to relax

Jimmy: (Smashes the Vase) OH Yeah

Amy: My Vase!

Sonic: (Does a Super Spin)

Tails: (Dancing Wildly)

Garfield: (Cleaning the Table by Eating all of the Food)

Amy: My Beautiful House!

Owen: Come on Chill Dude (Burps Loudly)

Amy: Ew, Guys please, lay down easy

Duncan: Can't, I'm going Wild here

Amy: I need some time outside (Exits her House) Ahh Much Better

Then she notices that the Door Closes by Itself

Amy: (Tries to open the Door but it's Locked) Locked out? (Knocks on the Door)

Later from Inside

Jimmy: This Song gotta Great Beat

Owen: Yeah, Knock, Knock

Later from Outside

Amy: Oh No, I've gotta do something

Later from Inside

Owen: Wow, what a Party


Owen: (Answers the Telephone) Hello, Owen Speaking? What? I'm Sorry What?

Later from Outside

Amy is calling Owen on the Phone

Amy: Owen it's me Amy

Later From Inside

Owen: You wanna talk to Amy?

Later from Outside

Amy: Yes...No! I'm Amy, I'm outside

Later from Inside

Owen: Ok, hold on (Opens the Front Door) Amy, are you out here? Phones for you

Amy: Wait, Owen! (Runs towards Owen)

Owen: Sorry, she's not here right now, come back later (Slams the Door on Amy)

Amy: (Got Hit by a Door) Ow (Knocked out)

Later from Inside

Owen: What's that? Oh well I'll put it at the Punch Bowl (Puts it in the Punch Bowl)

Duncan: Did you say Punch? (Punchs Owen)

Owen: Ow that Smarts

Later from Outside

Amy: Phone in Punch bowl? That's doesn't make sence (Sees the Window on the 2nd Floor)

Later from Inside

Noah: Boy, I got my Mojo Back & I'm sure Amy won't mind (Founds her Quill Comb) Hey check out her Crazy Comb

Later from Outside

Amy: Oh No, Noah is going through my Cabient (Climbs up her House) I hope he doesn't touch my Special Comb

Noah: Well I guess I'm aired it out enough (Closes the Window with Amy's Fingers Caught)

Amy: Yeow (Lets go of the Window) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Later from Inside

Noah: Hey, this Music is really started to Pick Up

Later from Outside

Amy: (Falls to the Ground)


Amy: Ow, I've gotta do something

Later from Inside

Sonic: Wow Amy sure knows how to Throw a Great Party

Duncan: Yeah, everything is perfect (Sees Amy peeking through a Window) Whao, Although that Girl Reminds me of Courtney (Turns the Window the Other way around)

Later from Outside

Amy: I don't know what just happen, But I no choice but to Tunnel back in (Digs her way back to her House) Ok everyone the Host has Return

Owen: Belly Flop! (Belly Flops on Amy pushing her back Outside)

Amy: I guess that means I had to camp near my house for the Night (Makes a Tent & goes to Sleep)


Later in the Morning

Amy: (Yawns) All night inside a Tent, oh yeah the Door is lock, good thing I got a Spare...Key under the Mat? (Sighs) (Opens the Door & Enters) Oh Man, the whole place is a Disaster

Her House is a Complete Mess

THe Guest from the Party shows up

Owen: That was the Best Party Ever!

Amy: It was?

Duncan: Yeah, you are the Best Party Thrower Ever

Amy: I am?

Noah: Looks like you have done youself

Tails: Wow, I guess we made a Big mess have we

Garfield: And All the Free Lassanges This is the Biggest Party I ever Had

Jimmy: How about you can Write it down & do it again Next Weekend

Sonic: (Cleans Amy's House in 3 Seconds) Looks like you earn More Respect from Us

Amy: Thank you Sonic, you've Clean my House

Sonic: Your welcome Amy, See ya

The Party Guests Leaves

Amy: (Smiles) Wow, I did it, I am closer to win my Sonic, But it's time for a Sleep after a nice Party (Gets in Bed) (Sighs) Goodnight (Turns off the Lamp)

And Everything is Dark

"That's all Folks"

The End