Outer Space Skunk? is an Amy Rose & The Looney Tunes Episode.

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Anu:(Walking to Patricia's house)

Patricia: (Humming) (Walks outside of his house) Oh Hi Anu

Anu: Hey Patricia (Kisses her) Whats going on?

Patricia: I was on my way to the park, do you like to come with me?

Anu: Sure.

Patricia: Come on let's go


(At the Park)

Patricia: It's so beautiful out here

Anu:(His feet melding with the Dirt on the Ground)

Patricia: Uh Anu, what are you doing?

Anu:(His feet reform) I am a Desert type, I can move through dirt, Mud, sand, and gravel

Patricia: Cool

(Should she tell him or not that she is pregnant with twins)

Anu: Yeah but it is agonizing

Patricia: There's something I gotta tell you

Anu: Yes?

Patricia: Well, I'm...

Man: AHHHHHHHH! Run away, Giant Space Ship on the loose!

(See you in the morning dude, try to get on earlier)

Anu: What (Grabs his girlfriend)

(Spongebob100: Ok, but I have School Tommorrow)

Patricia: What's he saying?

Anu: Who knows my sweet,you were saying before my love?

Patricia: I said I'm...

(A Giant Shadow covers Patricia & Anu & it was a Giant Star Destroyer & it drops an Anchor)

Patricia: Let's talk about it later, there's a Giant Space Ship, up there

Anu: Lets get the Others

Patricia: Ok, unless we can get outta here (Hops on her Flying Broom) Hop on Anu

Anu:(Hops on)

Patricia; Let's get outta here (flys with her Flying Broom away from the Star Destroyer)

(The Star Destroyer pulls Patricia & Anu in with a Tractor Beam)

Patricia: What's happening?

Anu:(Grabs Pactricia and Jumps)

Patricia: It's a Tractor Beam, it can pull Vehicles in this Monster Ship, including people like us

Anu:(Chaos Controlls to Darkstorms)

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Wait for me! (flys to Darkstorm's House)

(With Spongebob)

Spongebob: (a giant anchor comes crashing through SpongeBob's house) Holy shrimp! (runs out to Squidward) Squidward! The sky had a baby from my cereal box! Squidward! (Squidward pokes his head through his window) Squidward! The sky had a baby!

Squidward: That's not a baby! That's a giant anchor! Now go away! (Patrick & Amy comes over)

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob! The sky had a baby!

Amy: I love Babies

SpongeBob: I know! What do you think we should name it?

Patrick: How about....

Squidward: Why don't you three go climb its anchor rope? I'm sure it goes somewhere far away! (Anchor crashes into Squidward’s house) Now look what you've done!

SpongeBob: We didn't do it, Squidward. Our hands are clean! (Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick show their spotless hands)

Patrick: Clean....

Squidward: (on top of his house) Well, I'm gonna get to the bottom of this thing.

Amy: Wouldn't that be the top? (Squidward starts to climb rope) Wait Come back!

SpongeBob: Squid, wait! Wait!

Patrick: Squidward! (Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick start climbing rope also)

(A Few Inches later)

SpongeBob: (points up) Ship!

Patrick: SpongeBob, how long are you gonna stay in your little fantasy world?

SpongeBob: No, look, a giant ship!

Amy: (Notices the Star Destroyer) It IS a Giant Ship

Squidward: Great! Let's go! Now I can finally give this anchor-dropper a piece of my mind.

SpongeBob: I don't know, Squidward. That ship is Giant & Grey & very high-tech around it.

Squidward: That's probably because its good-for-nothing owner is too lazy to clean or been a Clumsy oaf or drop its anchors in the right place.

SpongeBob: Squid, wait! (all 4 reach the top)

Darkstorm: STOP!!!

Squidward: All right, who owns this crate? (notices a door that says "owner" and begins to knock on it) Come on out! I wanna file a complaint! (SpongeBob & Amy looks around the ship)

Amy: This is Strange

SpongeBob: Doesn't this place seem familiar?

Patrick: I don't know. Why?

SpongeBob: I don't know. Doesn't it just kind of ring a bell? (Squidward rings the doorbell)

Patrick: Yes!

Amy: I know who owns this boat but I just can't place the name. (Amy Rose walks by a barrel that says "Property of the Galactic Empire")

">(A bloody Stormtrooper helmet dangles from a hook)

SpongeBob: Ew

Patrick: (Grabs the Stormtrooper helmet) Hey, I found this hat (puts it on) Take me to your Worker

Squidward: Will you two Nincapoops quiet down, I'm trying to file a Complaint to the Owner of this Giant Ship

Patrick: Sorry

A door opens and the Flying Dutchmen floats out screaming

Amy: No, no, it's not "rawr!"

Flying Dutchmen: Run for your lives Imperial Stormtroopers are awake and hungry

Amy: That's it! Squidward, this ship belongs to the Captain Cook!

Recording: Welcome to the Empire rookies your line of duty for this Star Destroyer is guard the Empires Bio weapon so we can conquore Mobius

Squidward: Are we be getting bussiness cards? (Flying Dutchman zaps Squidward) He taught me into it

Darkstorm(Pulls out Rifle)


(With Anu, Patricia and the Freedom Fighters)

Patricia: Anu, where are we?

Anu: Freedom Fighter HQ

Patricia: Oh right

Jack: (Yawns) What a big morning, hi Anu & Patri...(slips on soap) ciaaaaaaa! (crashes into Trash Cans) I sliped

Blaze THC:(Giggling)

Patricia: Hi Jack, Hi Blaze THC. We came to warn you about a Giant Space Ship hovering above Station Square over there (Points to the Star Destroyer)

Blaze THC:We know the rest of us came here to get weapons and go help

Jack: If someone is captured then we're going on a Resuce Mission, by the way what is a Resuce Mission?

Blaze THC: Me, you and the Others go save capture people

Patricia: Ok, like he said before & I'll say it for him, "We're going on a Resuce Mission"

Jack: A What now?


(With Amy, Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward)

Squidward: If that Ghost think I'm gonna spend more than five minutes on this dumpster, then he's crazy. I mean, look at this place. (holding a Stormtrooper Skeleton) It's high-tech & disgusting

The hand moves

Squidward: (throws the Skeleton away) Whoever told you that having oil lamps next to hardwood paneling was a good idea?

SpongeBob: Guarding is fun

Squidward: We've been guard for 3 Hours & this is Boring

Patrick: I'm tierd (Yawns)

Amy: We gotta get outta here & fast, but how?

Flying Dutchmen:(So Scary)

Spongebob: (Gulps) Greetings Mr. Flying Dutchmen sir, we're just guarding the weapons like you said (nervous chuckling)

Flying Dutchmen: Well? What are you waiting for? Get to it lads, make this ship good & scary

Amy: You mean you want it to look good...and scary. Well, I think we can probably...

Patrick: No, no, I think he means he wants it to look so good that it's scary.

SpongeBob: Or maybe that by looking so scary you forget that it doesn't look good!

Patrick: I don't get it.

Amy: Look, it's easy, it simply means that...

Flying Dutchman: Never mind what it means! I just want it to look scary! That's it! You know, mold growing on the ceilings and bugs in the sink.

Amy: So, you don't want it to look good?

Flying Dutchman: Get moving! (Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick start mopping, even Squidward)

Amy, SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward: (singing) A sailor's life is a wonderful life / A wonderful life for sure!


(Back at Knothole)

Patricia: Look, over there. I wonder what kind of ship is that?

Blaze THC: The Flying Dutchmen's ship must've got caught in the Tractor beam

Patricia: We gotta resuce them, we need all the help from the Knothole Freedom Fighters

Darkstorm:(On the Communicator) Need some help

Jack: Wow, that'll, but we need more help, but who?

Darkstorm: I was about to planet LV 438 for vacation when I heard that a derlect Stardestroyer enetered orbit.

Patricia: I think we need Sonic, Sally & Bunnie's help as well

Jack: We gotta find Sonic, Sally & Bunnie to help us

Darkstorm:(Alarms go off on his side of communication)

Jack: What is it, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: I have been caught in the tractor beam

Anu: I am getting a strong phsycic link with someone on the Destroyer

Patricia: Me too & it looks like a Green Ghost

Jack: The Flying Dutchmen! We betta hurry

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Everyone Hop on

(Everyone hoped on Patricia's Flying Broom with Sonic standing on it)

Patricia: Notice how I ride side saddle, it proves that I'm a lady of Quality (rides her Flying Broom to the Star Destroyer) Let's do it, to it

Anu:Fire Board (His Flame Hover Board appears)


Flying Dutchman: What a night be this! Crew, howl with me so that we might set the Seven Seas ablaze with fear! (howls like a wolf)

Amy & SpongeBob: Ahh!

Patrick: Leedle-leedle-leedle-lee!

Flying Dutchman: (howls like a wolf)

Amy & SpongeBob: Ahh!

Patrick: Leedle-leedle-leedle-lee! (Flying Dutchman going to howl again but Patrick cuts him off) Leedle-eedle-eedle- eedle-eedle! (Flying Dutchman going to howl again but Patrick cuts him off) Leedle-eedle-eedle-eedle-eedle! (Flying Dutchman going to howl again but Patrick cuts him off) Leedle-eedle-eedle-eedle-eedle!

(Very long and awkward silence)

Flying Dutchman: Eh, that'll do. Okay, Square One, since Pink One's working the navigation, it's up to you to find our first victim. Here, use this spyglass. Now hurry up! We're burnin' moonlight!

Amy: Let's see who we can find. (spins telescope on ground)

SpongeBob: Captain, there's a guy we can scare. (telescope points to a big tough guy then Flying Dutchman blows on the telescope spinning it a little to land on a little kid)

Charmy: I had four biscuits, and I ate one. Then I only had three.

Flying Dutchman: Ahh, it does me heart good to see children out after dark. Pink One, take us behind those rocks.

Patrick: Moving behind the rocks! (ship moves scratches and tears up through the rocky parts of the sea)

Amy: Keep going. You're good. You're good. You're good...and...stop.

SpongeBob: Don't worry, Captain, we'll buff out those scratches.

Flying Dutchman: All right, never mind it. Just jump out when I give the signal. (Flying Dutchman scares Charmy from behind a rock)

Flying Dutchman: Boo! Prepare to be burdened with the haunting memory of my ghostly ghost pirates! (points to Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick who just get confuse & Squidward leaning against a Rock)

SpongeBob: Was that the signal?

Amy: Okay, sorry, sorry, just...just do it again.

Flying Dutchman: With the haunting memory of my ghostly ghost pirates! (Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick come out and SpongeBob does a little trick with his fingers & Squidward didn't do anything)

Patrick: How does he do that?

Amy: I don't know

Charmy: Amy?

Amy: Hi Charmy

Flying Dutchman: Get back on the ship.

Amy, SpongeBob and Patrick: It's still a mystery!

Squidward: (Leaves) No thanks

Charmy: Those guys except Amy are Dorks.

Flying Dutchman: Yes, but they're my dorks. (goes back to showing Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick steering through the rocks tearing up the ship with Squidward sleeping)

SpongeBob: You're good. You're good. You're good. (Flying Dutchman goes through Bikini Bottom terrorizing citizens while Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick do stupid tricks. Later shown the ship is still getting wrecked)

SpongeBob: You're good. You're good. You're good. (Flying Dutchman goes through Bikini Bottom terrorizing citizens while Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick do stupid tricks. Later shown the ship is still getting wrecked)

SpongeBob: You're good.. You're good. You're good. (Flying Dutchman scares another citizen while SpongeBob & Patrick figure- skate in purple tights & Amy in her Winter Outfit Figure-skating along with SpongeBob & Patrick)



(back on the ship)

SpongeBob: Why do you think the Dutchman asked us to wait in our bunk room?

Patrick: Maybe he's gonna give us a reward!

SpongeBob: Like movie passes?

Amy: A trip to a Theme Park

Patrick: Or an oversized coffee mug?! (Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick start bouncing insanely)

Squidward: Oh boy

(Pounding on the door and Screaming)

Squidward: What was that? Did you hear...? STOP BOUNCING!

(Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick stop)

(Scratches and Nawing at the Door)

Squidward: What's going on here?

Amy: Someone just scratching at the door

(Screaming in rage)

Flying Dutchmen:(Screaming) Every ghost for himself!!!


Flying Dutchmen: AHHH! (Escapes)

Amy, SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward: (Screams)

Patrick: Wait, I have an idea!

Amy: Really?! What is it?

Patrick: Let's leave!

SpongeBob: But the door is locked and the only way out is through the....perfume department. (points to a room full of perfume and customers)

Squidward: Uh Oh

Patrick: Let's do it. (they try to run through the department but get sprayed with all sorts of perfume & makes it to the other side)

SpongeBob: I always hate going in there!

Patrick: Yeah.

Squidward: Me neither

Amy: I kinda liked it, I smell beautiful

SpongeBob: At least we have each other

Patrick: Yeah (Hugging Amy, SpongeBob & Squidward) We're like 1 Big Happy Family

Anu:(Picks up a Grenade launcher)

Patricia: We're in

Jack: Does anyone have any ideas?

Darkstorm:(Dragging the Carcase of a zombie)

Sonic: Whao, talk about Dead Carcases here, it's filled with Bones

Patricia: Wait, I think I heard something

Anu:(Fires the Grenade)

Sally: What is it?

Patricia: It sounds like Amy, SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward & I heard it from this way, follow me (Searchs for Amy, SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward)

(Everyone follows Patricia)

Amy: What's that?

SpongeBob: I don't know

Patrick: Me neither

Squidward: What is that sound?

Anu:This must be the door, Stand back I am going to blast the door down

Patricia: (Opens the door without any problems) You know it's unlocked

Squidward: I hate it when you do that

Anu: Where is the fun

SpongeBob: I don't know, but I think it's all over now

Bunnie: Well then let's get the hip hop outta here

Amy: Ok Bunnie, I hope no one gets hurt

Darkstorm:(Runs for his life) Run for it

Jack: What's Darkstorm, running from?

(Bloody Drool lands on Jacks ear)

Jack: Huh? (Turns to see Stormtrooper Zombies) YIPE!

Sally: Oh my Gosh! Zombies!

SpongeBob: Or I could be worng you know


(Everyone starts running for their lives from the Zombies)

Squidward: We gotta do something

Darkstorm: Hustle!!!!

Patrick: What does that mean?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Sniper Rifle) Duck!!!

(Everyone ducks their heads)

Sonic: That was close

Amy: Sonic! I found you

Sonic: Please Amy, let's save those huggies & kisses for later

Amy: Ok

Darkstorm:(Fires and Blows a Zombies head open)

Jack: Quick somebody do something

Patrick: I can help (notices a Button) Let's see S,E,L,F,D,E,S,T,R,U,C,T. Huh, that's a funny way to spell "Smasher" (Hits the Button) There

AI: Caution, Caution Destroyer Selfdestruct in 60 seconds

SpongeBob & Patrick: Preaty

Patricia: Guys, we should escape the Destroyer fast

Darkstorm: Head to the Scorpion their are children still in the Nursery I'll stay behind and try to Disablie the Tractor beam

Sonic: Already on it

(Everyone heads to the Scorpion except for Darkstorm)

Jack: Let's Go

Patricia: Nothing will ever slow us down

Patrick: Lock down? (Hits the button that says "Lock Down") There

Sally: She said "Slow us down", not "Lock Down"

Patrick: Where have you been?

Jack: Now we're all trapped

Darkstorm:(On the Comlink) Ok the Tractor beam is disabled, I am comming to the Scorpion

Patricia: That's the Good news

Darkstorm: Whats the Bad?

Bunnie: Patrick Accidently Lock us all in the Ship, now we can't get out

Patrick: I though Patricia said "Lock Down"

Darkstorm: Patricia and Anu get to the Nursery

Patricia: Got it, what's your plan, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Gun Fire) Just get to the Nursery

Patricia: Ok, come on Anu, there's no time to lose (Carries Anu to the Nursery)

Squidward: We don't have much time

Darkstorm:(Run Teleports in) I got to be near the scorpion to Teleport in

(In the Nursry)

Anu: Well you were saying and no studdering please

Patricia: Ok (puts him down) Why are we here for anyway?

Anu: I dunno, and don't try to change the Subject

(Only Three or Four Babies are in the Nursry)

Patricia: What's this? There are only 3 or 4 Babies here, why are they end up here?

Anu: They all have the Flu, but tell me

Patricia: We gotta resuce those Babies before the whole Star Destroyer blows to Kingdom Come

Computer: We are at minimal safe distance from the Destroyer

Anu:Patricia, I am serious I need to know if your ok

Patricia: I'm fine, I was trying to tell you that I'm...

Jack: Quick, time to go now!

Anu: Your What Patricia?

Jack: There's no Kaboom, I think we had some Technical Dif...


(The Destroyer Explodes but they are at the Safest distance so they won't be harmed)

(Everyone is black covered)

Amy, Spongebob & Patrick: Wow! (Laughing)

Patrick: Let's do it again

All (Except Amy, Spongebob & Patrick): NO!

Sally: Please don't do anything stupid again ok Patrick?

Patrick: Who?

Sally: (Facepalm)

Sonic: Whew, what a blow out

Patricia: Look! (points to the Fireworks from the Star Destroyer)

Squidward: Are those Fireworks?

Amy: There sure are

Darkstorm:(Growls) There not Firework, it just what is left over of the black tanks

Anu: Please Patricia tell me what is wrong with you

Patricia: Look, what I'm trying to say this that I'm...(notices everyone is around her) Can Anu & I have some private time?

Spongebob: Sorry

Patricia: Anu, I'm...(Whispers to Anu)

Anu:What (As not beleiveing her)?

Patricia: (Whispers to Anu again)

Anu: I am going to be a father?

Patricia: Bingo

Anu: Will you Marry me Patricia Skunk

Patricia: Yes I do want to marry you (Kisses Anu)


(5 months Later at the Hospital)


Patricia: (Screaming in Pain)

Anu:(Teleports in and Grabs his Wifes Hand)

Patricia: Anu, thank you, but I'm not done yet

Anu:Just Squeeze my hand as hard as you can

Patricia: Ok (Squeezes Anu's Hand too hard)

(With SpongeBob, Amy & Patrick)

Amy: What was that?

Patrick: It sounded like a banshee

SpongeBob: Oh Patrick, a banshee screams like this: (loud scream like an eagle)

Amy: It sounded alot like Patricia, we betta go see her

Patrick: Who?

Amy & SpongeBob: Patricia the Skunk!

Patrick: Oh, ok I guess

Amy: (Grabs SpongeBob's Arm with her Right Hand & Patrick's Arm with her Left Hand) Then Let's go (zooms off to the Hospital)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Wheeeeeee!

Amy: Where is Patricia?

Yautjan Nurse: Are Family?

Anu: Let them Through

Amy: We just want to see Patricia, she's our Friend

Anu: She is giving Birth

Amy: I think we'll wait in the waiting room, call us when your ready, ok? Ok, Thanks

(Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick waits in the waiting room while Patricia is giving birth)

SpongeBob: (Whistles)

Anu: She is Ready

Amy: Wow, that was quick

(Amy, SpongeBob & Patrick saw Patricia with 2 Healthy Baby Girls)

Amy: Aw their so cute

SpongeBob: (Whispers) Hey, little fellas

Patrick: Kitchie-kitchie koo, koo.

Patricia: Our Babies are Girls, Anu & their both look like me

The second girl has a Jackle body but a skunk tail

The First Girl looks like a Baby Skunk

Patricia: How about we should give them names

Anu:(Holding the second girl)Keren

Patricia: (Holding the first Girl) And Patty


Patty: (Yawns) (purrs)

Spongebob: Wow, their very cute

SpongeBob & Patrick: (Grabs their Pegs & plugs their Noses with it)

SpongeBob: Well, here we go again

Amy: (Sighs) Here we go again

"That's All Folks"

The End