This is an Amy Rose and the Looney tunes episode

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Story lineEdit

(At the Zoo)

Darkstorm: (Teleports into the Peguines HQ) Skipper where are ya?

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private: (appears & attacks Darkstorm)

Skipper: (holds him by the neck) Quick, what's the password for entering an base?

Darkstorm: How would I know you never told me

Kolwaski: Wait, that voice. We remember somewhere but what?

Rico: I don't know

Private: Skipper, that's Darkstorm

Skipper: What in the name of Tuna are you doing here anyway?

Darkstorm: I have a job for ya, me and the Misses are going for vacation and I hired Daffy, Knuckles and Taz, I need you to help protect the Younglings, Thrash, Jackline and Blackflame will be staying at my mansion, I will gladly pay ya your expenses

Private: Ooh, could it be lots of fish?


Darkstorm: Deal

Skipper: Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on them & remember "You didn't see anything"

Rico: (regurgitates a Smoke Bomb & it exploded covering the room with Fog)

(the penguins leave by sliding on their bellies before the Fog clears up)

Darkstorm: You know I saw you

Skipper: He sees too much

Rico: (comes back & knocks out Darkstorm with a Heavy Slap & then leaves)

Skipper: That's better


Taz: (spinning around like a Twister while eating a Fence & stops spinning & starts growling & snarling, looking around & spots Knuckles thinking it's a delicious Echidna)

Knuckles: You eat me and you know pain

Taz: (gibberish & starts attacking Daffy instead)

Daffy: OW! OUCH! EEK! YEOUCH! Down boy, down boy! I think we need help

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private: (arrives on their attack poses)

Skipper: Help is served. Men, commence Operation: Baby Nap

Darkstorm: Right on time, ok, Come inside (His Admiral Medals are seen on the wall of the Mansion) Sonia they are here

Sonia: Who's here?

Darkstorm: The people I hired

Sonia: Oh great

Daffy: (sighs) Let's just babysit the little babies & get on with it

Knuckles: But Daffy, you made babysittting the worst out of these babies, so I suggest you have to leave

Daffy: I like to see ya try

Knuckles & Taz: (kicks Daffy out of the House)

Daffy: (crashes to the Ground with his bill off of his face) I see ya (puts his Bill back on his face)

Baby Thrash:(Cuddling Skipper)

Kowalski: Aww look at that, Thrash is cuddling you Skipper

Skipper: Come on, think something manly like monster trucks.

Kowalski, Rico & Private: (cooing the Babies)

Skipper: Ain't that the sweetest...(shaking his head) Nooo can do.

Rico: Awww

Private: But Skipper...

Skipper: Look, I only do something manly. However. I like to train tiny soilders to battle.

Taz: (stomach gurgles) Sorry, me hungry

Jackline:(Doing Pushups)

Blackfire:(Give Taz Steak)

Taz: Oooh, Taz love Steak (eats the Steak very fast, accidently spitting syliver everywhere)

Skipper: Say it don't spray it, Devil Eater

Taz: (burps loudly) Sorry

Daffy: (looking out the window) Look at them, having fun babysitting. If I don't have the Babysitting Job, then no one will.


Daffy: (inside the air vent) (lits up the TNT, but it explodes on his face)


Daffy: (black covered)

Soniastorm:(Nuzzles Rico)

Rico: Awww (tickles Soniastorm) Coochum coochum

Soniastorm:(Pushes Rico's Tummy)

Rico: (regurgitates a Bomb) Uh-Oh

Jackline:(Defuses a bomb in 3 sec.)

Kolwaski: Phew

Daffy: (falls out of the vent by accident) Ow! Now I know how Falling feels like

Thrash:(Throws the bomb out) Pwesnt for Daffy

Daffy: Oh thank you I...(notices it was a Bomb) (small voice) Mother (goes outside & tries to throw it, but the bomb stuck to his hands)


Skipper: Nice job with the Glue Kowalski

Kowalski: (holds up a bucket filled with ACME Super Glue) Thank you Skipper. And it's my latest invention

Skipper: You work at an ACME Corporation?

Kowalski: Acculty no, that's classified

Skipper: Oh ok then, carry on


Jackline: Sargent Skipper report

Skipper: Sargent? I'm a commander of my troops here. And by the way no sign of Daffy & where is Taz?

Daffy: (on the roof) (lits a TNT & drops it on the Chimmney)

Private: (comes out of the Chimmney) Excuse me, but you dropped this? (holds up a TNT)

Daffy: Huh? Oh thank you (grabs the TNT)

Private: (goes down the chimmney)

Daffy: That was a nice thing for Private giving me back my TNT and...(notices the TNT on his hand) Not again


Daffy: (his bill went around & around his head super fast & then slows down & then stops on the right side on his face) (readjusts his Bill)

Soniastorm: My daddy commands legions

Rico: Whao! (gibberish)

Thrash:What is a legion

Rico: I don't know

Private: I don't know what it is either

Skipper: I think it's a type of Organazation or something

Soniastorm: (Points to a picture of Darkstorm and his army of Predators)


Soniastorm: Daddy said that he and half his soldiers worked with you to stop Blowhole

Skipper: Yeah, but aparently Tails beat us to it with that Hyde Potion he drank that scares the heebee jeebees out of him

Kowalski: Why does Skipper always taking my lines?!

Daffy: (looking through the Window) Hmm, good idea Skipper (holding the Hyde Potion) A very good Idea indeed (evil laughter) (drinks the Hyde Potion & turns into his Hyde Form: Hyde Daffy)

Hyde Daffy: (evil Laughter) Heeere's DAFFY! (knocks the Door down to pieces)

Thrash:(Lights Daffy on fire and crying)

Hyde Daffy: (sniffing) Say, something smells good around here & I smell...roasted duck. What's cooking?

Skipper: That would be you

Rico: Yup

Hyde Daffy: ME?!

Taz: (gibberish) Mmmm, Roast Duck! (gibberish, growls, snarls & rasberries at Hyde Daffy)

Hyde Daffy: YIPE! (runs through the wall, litterally & runs away)

Taz: (spins into a Tornado & goes after Daffy while spining around)

Thrash:(Crying, it is time for his nap)

Private: I guess it's time for his nap

Skipper: (sighs) Men, this Operation is becoming less violent, but thanks to Daffy. It now is

Rico: Aww

Kowalski: But Skipper...

Skipper: No buts & I mean it. I can't take this any longer, there's no action in this Operation

Kowalski: (notices the Babies are gone) (gasps) Where are the babies?

Rico: Uh oh

Private: They went missing

Skipper: Ok Men, let's find them. Split up

(The Penguins searched around the house, but they didn't know that Daffy is the one that stole the Babies)

Daffy: (outside the house, holding Thrash, Jackline, Blackfire & Soniastorm & leaves while carrying them)

Skipper: See anything?

Kowalski: Nope

Private: Nothing Skipper

Rico: Nada

Skipper: And where are Spike Fist & Wild Devil?

Kowalski: Knuckles & Taz are gone too

Private: Where could they have gone now?

Rico: I don't know

Knuckles:(Muffled) over here

Skipper: (turns to Knuckles who is tied up & has duct tape on his mouth to prevent him from talking) SWEET MOTHER OF CATFISH! What in the name of Bottomfeeders are you doing tied up like that?

Knuckles: The duck did this, and took the kids

Skipper: Hold on, you still have duct tape on your mouth (removes the Duct Tape off of Knuckles' Mouth) Ok continue

Knuckles: Ow, The duck did this, and took the kids

Skipper: That duck did it again. Kowalski, options

Kowalski: If Daffy went outside with the babies, I'd say that he could be anywhere

Krunax:(AI) May I be of help?

Skipper: But first, you tell us who you are?

Krunax: I am Krunax an Artifical Intelence programed to aid, I a gift for Kowalski

Kowalski: Really? Can you please show me what it is?

Krunax: I am your gift from darkstorm for mission details and Intel

Kowalski: (gasps) Good Golly Snow Cones, a Krunax is like a deliverly digital aiding that can transport from Darkstorm for Mission Details & Intel from the Mission that we have now

Skipper: Ok then, give me some options, how do we stop this Black Duck?

Kowalski: Acording to the info of Daffy Duck he is clearly the Greediest Black Duck that he is consumed for Money

Krunax: Been tried from many felonies but found innocent, now the Kiddnapping of the children is the last straw

(Phone Rings)

Skipper: Rico, answer the phone

Rico: Ok (goes up to the phone & answers) Hello?

Darkstorm: Hey there, just checking up, wondering how the kids are doing?

Rico: Uh oh.

Krunax: the Children are fine sir just asleep

Skipper: What the?

Kowalski: What are you saying?

Darkstorm:Ok I'll call back in an hour to talk to them

Rico: Bye. (hangs up the phone)

Skipper: (to Krunax) What gives Krunax?

Krunax:(Whispers what Darkstorm will do if he finds out the kids are missing, and it won't be pretty)

Private: (faints)

Skipper: Man down

Rico: (slaps Private to wake him up)

Private: (wakes up) I'm ok

Kowalski: (gasps) That's horrible

Skipper: If he ever did that to us, then we'll counter attack with this (pulls out Sleeping Gas) Anywho. Kowalski, options. How do we find this Daffy Duck?

Kowalski: There's gotta be something we can track him down with, but what?

Rico: (notices a trail Daffy's Feather lying on the ground) (gibberish) (Points to the Trail)

Skipper: Nice work, Rico. Gentlemen & Krunax, commence Operation: "Ducky Moe!"

Krunax: WAIT STOP (Drops a rock and 12 traps go off)

Skipper: Whao nelly ! Looks like we're safe for now. Thanks Krunax

Krunax:(Turns into a badger and diggs)

Skipper: Come on men, let's go on the count of 3. 1, 2...

(All of the Sudden, the Penguins & Krunax got caught in a Net Trap)

Skipper: 3

(They we're slingshoted right out of the house & into the ocean)

Krunax:(Sparking and shutting down)

Kowalski: Uh oh, this could be a problem. We're strandard into sea

Private: And the Krunax is kaput

Skipper: Kowalski, options

Kowalski: It appears that we're trapped inside a net that we've forgotten to untrap. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! (notices Skipper, Rico & Private looking at him arkwardly) Oh sorry. And technally speaking we're sinking down below into the ocean

Skipper: We can't breathe down here. Rico, cut the Net on the double!

Rico: (Regurgitates an ACME Net Cutter & uses it to cut the net & they are free)

Private: We're free!

Skipper: But still, how do we get back to shore where they is no shore?

Krunax:(Turns on and teleports them to land)

Private: It's Krunax?

Skipper: But I thought you went kaput, how did you became water proof?

krunax:(In sign) Can't talk, but my systems rebooted, but I will wait to talk

Kowalski: The Voice chip must short circuted when Krunax fell into the ocean

Rico: Oh boy

Skipper: Still we gotta find that Daffy Duck & fast!


Rico: Huh?

Kowalski: It sounds like Thrash.

Skipper: Let's get to it boys

Krunax:(Summons their gear with some upgrades of her own and a couple of helicopters penguines can fly)

Skipper: There's no need for those, we got our own ride

(We see a Pink Toy Buggy that is just the right size for the Penguins)

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private: (hops inside with Skipper as the Driver)

Skipper: Let's move team! We are go for Operation!

(the Penguins starts driving the Pink Toy Buggy to find Daffy)

Krunax:(Installs herself and turns it invisable)

Kowalski: Wait which gear should we use again? Cause I don't see anything

Rico: Oh What !?

Private: I don't even see the Steering Wheel

Krunax: You can see it no one can see us

Skipper: Yeah, but there's one flaw. We can't even see the Car

Krunax: Or maybe your not used to nano-technology like Rico or Kowalski

Skipper: Acculty nano technology is all that Kowalski's thinking about & Rico's always ready for Action

Rico: Uh huh (gibberish)

Skipper: But Rico's gotta go easy on the Ka-Boom

(A Guase Cannon appears)

Krunax: I think Rico will enjoy this)

Rico: (grabs the Guase Cannon) Booyah!

Skipper: Rico not now!

Rico: (open fires at a Trash Can)

Krunax:Skipper I have a feature you'd like

Skipper: And what would that be?

Krunax: You know Julian right (An anti Julian button appears)

Skipper: Yep, Ringtail is very annoying to me.

Julian: Hello peguin

Skipper: AHH! Ringtail, what are you doing here?

Krunax: (Activates the Device and Mort shoots out)


Avoiding RingtailsEdit

Julian: You still owe me

Skipper; Owe you for what?

Julian: (Running from Mort) Guess? Mort is touching the royal feet !


Skipper: (sighs) Rico, do the honours

Rico: Ok (pulls Mort off of King Julian's Feet & throws Mort away)

Mort: WHEEEE! (crashes)

Skipper: No time. Everybody, move out away from Ringtail !

(Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private gets away from King Julian & Mort)



(They arrived at Daffy's House)

Skipper: Then we are go for Operation !

Attacking DaffyEdit


Skipper: It's Thrash, everyone move move move !

(The Penguins are about to charge into the House, but they accidently trigger the Mines, making them blown away because of the mines)

Kolwaski: That dirty duck, he made the mines, it nearly blow our brains out

Thash: Koolski help

Skipper: Again

(The Penguins try to charge again, but got blown away again by the mines)

Rico: Oops

Krunax: (Tosses a grenade)

Skipper: Back door, go !

(They go to the Back Door, but got caught in the Bear Traps)

Penguins: Ow!

Private: Bear traps?

Skipper: Bear traps

Krunaz:(Facepalms) (Turns off the traps)

Kolwaski: Might I suggest the Chimmey?

Skipper: And...GO!

(The Penguins goes down the chimmey, but there's a Trampoline in the Chimmey, making the Penguins bounce right through & out the Chimmey, falling back to the ground outside)

Skipper: There's a trampoline in there Kowalski. Any more options?

Krunax: Ahem

Skipper: Yes Krunax?

Krunax:(Leans on a wall and a door opens)

Kowalski: Oh, we assumed that was locked.


Skipper: Anyways, move move move!

(The Penguins goes through the door, accidently activating the Gulitone, chopping the feathers off of their backs, only revealing their Underpants)

Private: (gasps) (covers his behind, blushing in embarassment)

Skipper: Sweet Mother of Fish Cakes! A Guilitone! Daffy did it again!

Kolwaski: I guess we forget about that silly thing

Rico: (notices his Underpants) Oops.

Krunax: (Blows a high pitch whistle to summon 3 xenomorphs)

Skipper: Alright, it's time to wrap up this Black Duck !

the xeno's clear a way

(The 4 Penguins enters inside)

Skipper: Alright Black Duck, give up those Children right now or we'll attack you like there's no tommorrow!

the xeno's hiss in agreement

Daffy: (appears, relaxing on his recliner Chair) Very funny joke, but the problem is I've already heard that one before.

Skipper: Move, move, move!

Daffy: I warn you, I'm super strong!

(The 4 Penguins starts attacking Daffy with their Karate Chops)

The xenos: join them, one slips on a banana peal

Daffy: You mean this Banana peels (throws banana peels at the Xenos & the 4 Penguins, causing them to slip down through the trapdoor to the basement) Lets see if they can take the Alligators in the Basement ! (noticies Krunax) And then they're was one. (laughing) She's a Computor. Now isn't that a pity.

Krunax:(Had called the parents and kicks Daffy's groin)

Daffy: (being sent flying upwards) AIIEEEE!!! (crashes into a Chandelier) Your despicable!

Darkstorm: Ahem (Has A Sledge Hammer)

Sonia: (Holding her Laser Keyboard) We already know what your up to, Daffy.

Daffy: Your all despicable!

Darkstorm: Hey pip, Sledge or wood?

Sonia: Uh, who are you talking to?

Darkstorm: You honey, now do I use the Pipe, sledge or wood?

Sonia: Hmmm, how about...?

Daffy: (activates the trapdoor to the basement beneath Darkstorm & Sonia) Enjoy with the Alligators in the basement.

Darkstorm:(Flying and holding Sonia) Fool

Skipper: (still in the basement with Kolwaski, Rico & Private, fighting the Alligators together) Darkstorm! Sonia! I'M WAITING!

Sonia: Darkstorm, how about you help the Penguins, while I take on Daffy for what he has done to our baby!

Darkstorm:(Tosses Sonia to Daffy and Dive bombs the Gators)

Sonia: Oh Daffy. I got something for you.

Daffy: Really? What is it? Whatever this is, let me have it!

Sonia: I'll let you have it. Here it is. SONIA SPIN! (does her Sonia Spin at Daffy)

Daffy: (tiny voice) Mother (got whirled in Sonia's Sonia Spin)

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private: (helps Darkstorm attacks the Gators)