Mutt in Manhattan is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(Special Guest Voice: Tabitha St. Germain as Ash)

"Mutt in Manhattan"
Season Five, Episode 89
Production Code: June 6, 2012
Airdate: October 28, 2012
Director: Spongebob100, VenomTheEchidna
Story: Jim, a dog that bullies a porcupine named Yu, asks Yu to get him a "Chaos Soda". The porcupine scolds the mutt for being so lazy, and that he can do it himself. Foghorn Leghorn breaks up the fight, teaching them how to deal with it. But suddenly the two disappear, and Daffy appears, telling Foghorn that Yu went inside the barn, and that Jim went insane and took a train to New York. Can they get Jim and get it over with?
"Gotta Hatch Em' All!"
"Hedgehog Fire"


It was a typical day at the farm.

Foghorn: (relaxing) This is living, I wonder, ah say I wonder what the other barnyard animals are doing

(Inside the barn)

Jim: Oh Yuuu!

Yu: What now?

Jim: Will you refill my cola for me? I'm too tired to go and get one myself.

Yu: (Annoyed) Look, you stupid mutt. You can obviously get it youself. Why shoud i do it for you?

Jim: HEY! Don't call me stupid!

(Back with Foghorn)

Foghorn: (hears Yu's & Jim's Argument) Now what's going, ah say, what's going on here? (gets up & spots Yu & Jim arguing with each other) Now what are those boys up to now? (goes inside the barn & up to Yu & Jim) What's going, ah say, what's going on here? What's all the ruckus about?

Yu: Ahem, this jerk keeps on asking me to get yet another Chaos Soda (from SA2 on the ads like in Radical Highway), even though he can obviously get one himself.

Jim: (Mutters - says the jerk who's always crying and depressed about his life)

Foghorn: Now hold on, ah say, hold on there boy, you both gotta learn to do it for yourself. Now come with me & I'll show how I annoy that Daug over there. (points to Barnyard Dawg sleeping inside his Doghouse)

Jim: Nah, I wouldn't hurt my own kind! How about that Screwy Black Duck in the pond? (Points to Daffy sleeping in a pond)

Foghorn: Hmm, well it's not that daug, but it'll have to do anyways. (holds up a 2x4)

Daffy: (Wakes up) Hold it, buster, hold it! Can't ya see i was sleeping? (Puts on glasses) You wouldn't hurt a Duck with glasses, wouldn't Ya?!

Foghorn: (smacks Daffy in the face with his 2x4)

Daffy: (His beak is on the Wrong side of his face, Rearranges his bill) You're..... Desthcable!

Foghorn: (turns to Yu & Jim) So as I was saying boys...(notices that they're both gone) Uh...where'd they go?

Daffy: The rodent's gone off to whine, and the Mutt's off in a train, Foggy! Kid says he's going to The Big Apple cuz' he wants to see the world. I think i'll go with im' just to cause the imp trouble.

Foghorn: Whao, hold on there duck. You can't, ah say, can't just go into deep trouble like that. When the police caughts you doing just one wrong move & your done for, you'll be, ah say, you'll be off to Jail, Prison, a Big House even.

Daffy: Prison Shmison! I ain't gonna rob the guy blind or knock im' out, or even worse!

Foghorn: Don't say, ah say, Don't say I didn't warn ya duck. Pay attention duck, it's for your own good. (notices Daffy was gone) Uh, where'd he go?



Daffy: (Hops on the back of the train) Hey, buster! Ya don't mind if i sit by ya, chum?

(Jim attempts to kick Daffy off the train, but [not knowing,] Daffy is still holding on. Unfortunely for Daffy, the train goes through a bunch of cacti)

(A thought comes in Daffy's Head)

Foghorn: (in Daffy's Thought) Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Daffy: (Growls)

Foghorn: (appears inside the Kaboose) Looking, ah say, looking for someone duck?

Daffy: (Gaps) *Rubs his eyes*

Foghorn: Your expecting, ah say, expecting maybe Bugs Bunny?

Daffy: What, how did you- i don't even-

Foghorn: It's a long story.

Daffy: (Grumbles)


Foghorn: (looking for Jimmy in the train) Now Jim's got to be around here somewhere, but where is he?

Jim's voice: Oh boy! a pack of... errr, whatchomaycallit! Heck, might well rename myself Rachet while i'm at it!

Foghorn: There's Jim over, ah say, over there! Come on ! (run towards to where Jim's Voice is coming from)

Daffy: (Finds Jim/Rachet) So why do you wanna rename youself again?

Foghorn: Something, ah say, something sub-specious is going around here & for once, ah say, for once it's not that Dawg.

Daffy: And the rabbit....

Foghorn: I guess, ah say, I guess we have to team up to get Yu & Jim back together, they're like my sons to me

Daffy: Hmm, speaking of sons, i wonder what happened to Daffy Jr. from the handsome duckling episode...

Foghorn: You mean the one that you think it's your son, but it's not your son because your not his father? (chuckling)

(We see Sour Mallard (the Handsome Duckling as an adult) playing Go Fish with Eggman)

Sour Mallard: Got any Five's?

Eggman: Go Fish.

Sour Mallard: This is boring...

(Back with Foghorn)

Foghorn: Come on Daffy, let's just go find Jim & get him back in the barn (goes to Jim)

Daffy: (Nodds in agreement)

Foghorn: (spots Jim) Found him ! (points to Jim)

Daffy: I found him first... >,>

Foghorn: Right, that's what I said (goes up to Jim) Hey Jim, ah say, Jim it's me, Foghorn Leghorn.

Jim/Rachet: What? All i wanted to do was see more of the world.

Foghorn: But why would you do that son?

Jim/Rachet: She does it! (Points to Ash) :


Ash: Whaat? It'sa my hobbeh!

Foghorn: Oh never mind. Let's, ah say, lets just head back to the barn & please say sorry to Yu cause you gotta, ah say, you gotta learn to do something yourself boy. I've done stuff to that Daug all the time everyday just for fun. No offence

Jim/Rachet: (Sees the Train stopped at Manhattan) Oh! looks like it already stopped. (Nervous smile)

Foghorn: Now then, ah say, now then Jim, it's time for you to get back into the farm & apoligize to Yu my other adopted son cause you & Yu are my adopted sons.

(Jim pulls Yu out with a long cane)

Yu: Hey! I was hanging out with Bill!

Rachet: (Faceplam) Look, everyone knows you were hanging out with Jon Arbuckle. You act just like him!

Yu: (Annoyed) No, seriously. i was hanging out with a bluebird. I don't even know who Jon Arbuckle is!

Foghorn: Alright, ah say, alright Yu & Jim, it's time that you two to go, ah say, go back to the barn & forget about all this arguing. Ok?

Yu and Rachet: But it's so far away!

Foghorn: Don't worry, I'll carry you both back to the barn

Rachet: I'll pass. Besides, i am half Greyhound.

Foghorn: Daffy, keep an eye on Yu while I keep an eye on Jim

Daffy: I'm watching you. (points to Yu)

Foghorn: (turn back to Jim, which he dissapeared) Now where's Jim gone to now?

Daffy: (Grabs Rachet, who's struggling to get free) I think i anwsered your question.

Foghorn: Sometimes you gotta be a magician to find wherever you are at least now-a-days

Daffy: (Nodds)

Foghorn: (carries Jim) Come on Jim, let's just, ah say, let's just go back to the barn

Rachet: .....

Foghorn: Change your name back to Jim & then we can go back to the barn

Jim: (Pulls a string, an Anvil falls on him with the anvil having a sign saying 'NOPE')

Foghorn: (pulls himself out of the anvil, looking flat) I thought I caught Jim, but somehow he caught a piegon

Jim: (Grins with canines showing)

Foghorn: (uses an air pump to pump air back into himself, causing him to go back into his 3D shape) There we go

Jim: (Mutters- oh, my bad. that was supposed to fall on me!)

Foghorn: No, you think?

Jim: Eyup.

Foghorn: I know this is all fun & games, but you must, ah say, you must get back to your friend Yu.

Jim: One - he isn't my friend anymore. And two - He's a worthless weirdo who most likely cries himself to sleep after eating a whole can of Pringles.

Foghorn: Like what are, ah say, what are you going to do? Find new friends?

Jim: Eyup.

Foghorn: Come on, please get back to Yu.

Jim: He's right there. (Points to him)

Yu: My name's terrible....

Foghorn: Wait, why is your name is terrible, Yu?

Yu: Dunno.

Foghorn: Excuse me, but Daffy & I are gonna talk in private. Now you two stay here together while Daffy & I are talking to each other (goes 5FT away from Jim & Yu with Daffy) What is Yu & Jim are talking about?

Daffy: (Shurgs)

Foghorn: I don't know either, but Yu & Jim, ah say, Yu & Jim must get their friendship back together or else, ah say, or else it's gonna get ugly

Daffy: It's gonna be hard, though! Ya know, one time i had nothing to do with Bugs, and now look at me and him!

Foghorn: Uhhh...yeah. Anyways let's try getting Yu's & Jim's Friendship back together again (turns to Yu & Jim & then quickly notices that they are both gone) Now where'd those two boys gone?

Jim: (Hitting on a squirel looking kinda like Sally, except with a diffrent hairstyle, blonde hair and yellow eyes, diffrent attire and a squirel tail)

Foghorn: There he is. What's he doing with that girl over there? Oh well. (goes to Jim) Hey boy, ah say, boy. It's time to head back to the barn

Jim: (To the Squirel) Oh! Um, see ya later, babe! Gotta go!

Foghorn: Where is Yu? (notices Yu going inside Garfield's House) Never mind, I found him

Yu: (Knocks on the door)

Garfield: (Opens it) Yeah, welcome to Arbuckle's house and what are you doing here?

Foghorn: There you are Yu. Daffy & I, ah say, Daffy & I have been looking for you everywhere. What are you & Jim doing?

Yu: Dunno.

Foghorn: Why are you, ah say, why are you two visiting that house for?

Yu: (Shurgs)

Foghorn: Whatever this is, I hope this house isn't, ah say, isn't craving for Roasted Chicken cause I'm a rooster, not a roaster

Yu: Seems more like pasta or something like that?

Foghorn: How can, ah say, How can you tell?

Yu: Dunno.

Foghorn: Where is Jim now? I bet he's, ah say, bet he's with that Squirel Girl again. Uhh, what is that Girl's name?

???: (Canadian accent) Looks like the cat hit the house. Rodent, in this case. Still don't see why everyone hates me, eh? ......(Beat) Okay, maybe i should shut up.

Foghorn: Is someone there? Maybe, ah say maybe that Squirrel girl knows most about Jim. I betta go ask her.

???: (In thoughts - Perhaps an alternate universe? Am I still hated by everyone? .....How am I supposed to know?)

(Trivia - The "mysterious rooster"'s name is Souillure, which means "filth" in french and fits with his constant abuse, as everyone hates him)

Foghorn: (goes up to the female squirrel) Hey there, who are, ah say, who are you?

The Squirrel: .....Ehhh....

Foghorn: Now come on now, don't be shy. I won't, ah say, I won't bite.

The Squirrel: (Expression turns into Poker Face --

Foghorn: Why are you looking at me like that, girl?

Jim: (In director's chair) CUT !

Yu: Ummm, why...?

Jim: Cause, cause... errr.... I don't know...

Souillure: Oh boy....

Foghorn: Yu & Jim, can't you, ah say, can't you please get back together with each other & end this fueding already.

Jim: I don't know, not one one who wants to be some wild adventurer...

Foghorn: By the way Jim, who is that gal over there? (points to the Squirrel)

Jim: Some.... stalker?

Amy: HEY ! That's my job!!

Foghorn: YAAAAHH! Amy, you've scared, ah say, you've scared the pants off of me...on the count of I don't wear any pants, only feathers. What are you doing here?

Amy: (Shurgs)

Foghorn: Anyways, do you know who that gal is? (points to the Squirrel)

Jim: She's uhhh....

Yu: WAIT A MINUTE! Are we gonna spend an entire episode figuring out who SOME PERSON is?! This ain't Scooby-Doo!

Foghorn: Enough! Can't you, ah say, can't you both just settle each other like civalized people & stop with, ah say, stop with the fueding please?

Jim: Ask him. (Points to Yu)

Foghorn: Yu, would you, ah say, would you please stop fueding with Jim & get this over with.

Yu: (Brushing off some dirt on his quills) Yes, fine. (Groans) But this dirt is really bothering me.... okay, I do admit I act too picky, spoiled, fancy, etc.. But Jim, by the name of Lupus, Ursus, Glaux, Neptune, Celestia or ANY god you people have.... stop whining about everything and stop acting lazy!

Foghorn: There we go. Now Jim, say your sorry to Yu.

Jim: (Humiliated look) Fine... ummm, Yu, I'm sorry for acting really lazy.... and ummm, (Mutters - Can this be earlier? Like in my New Year resoultion...?) I'm, uhhhh... sorry. Again.

Foghorn: There we go. Now, ah say, now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Yu and Jim: Kindaaa......

Foghorn: Say, what, ah say, what happened to Daffy. Where did he go?

Bugs (Voice only): DUCK SEASON !



Elmer: (Confused) I give up season....

Foghorn: (facepalms) Oh boy.

Bugs: Duck seas- oh, look at Elmer.

Daffy: (Mutters - About time he gave up...)

Foghorn: (carries Yu & Jim) Don't worry, if there's anything you need, you know where to find me. Now come on, let's, ah say, let's go home. (carries Yu & Jim back to the farm)

Daffy: Wait! I can't fly, ya know! ....(Beat) Wait, I 'can 'fly.... ("Flutters" off)

Foghorn: That is one crazy duck. I wonder, ah say, I wonder if there could be a market for crazy ducks

"That's All Folks"

The End