"More Students" is an episode of Ashley Thorn and the Tiny Toons.


It's a typical day in Acme Looniversity.

Ashley: Hi Spongebruno, how's everything going with Blu Berri?

Spongebruno: We're going just fine. What's new with you?

Ashley: I noticed that my tutor, Amy Rose has a Piko Piko Hammer. I wonder if I ever get my own Piko Piko Hammer?

Spongebruno: We'll find out later.

A young girl with a black kitten arrive at the enterance.

Ashley: Oh hello there. You two must be new here.

The Girl: Yeah. Name's Faith. The cat's Cookie.

Cookie: Hey... (Smiles)

Ashley: Hi there. My name is Ashley Thorn & this is Spongebruno.

Spongebruno: Hello.

Faith: So, mind showing us around?

Ashley: Sure thing. I got to go now.

Spongebruno: Ok Ashley, see you later. (leaves)

Ashley: (to Faith & Cookie) Follow me (gives Faith & Cookie a tour around Acme Looniversity)

Faith: ...

Ashley: (goes inside the classroom) This is the classroom, where a teacher can teach the students here in this room.

Cookie: :\ We know what a classroom is...

Ashley: Oopsie, sorry. (blushes in embarassment) (goes to the Mess Hall) And here's the Mess Hall.

Faith observes the hall.

Ashley: Very nice, isn't it?

Faith: Ummm... yeah.

Ashley: (goes to the Gym) This is the Gym

Cookie: ...

Cobra: (working out in a comical way, but gets hurt) Ow!

Ashley: Hi Cobra

Cobra: Hey. Who are those two girls?

Ashley: Cobra, these are the new students, Faith & Cookie.

Faith: Sup?

Cookie: Hey, bro.

Cobra: Hi there.

Cookie: Sooo... you must be Cobra..? Nice to meet ya.

Cobra: Yeah, it's nice to meet you too.

Cobra: (felt arkward) So, I'll be going now. Goodbye now (runs off, but slips on a banana peel) Ow!

Ashley; Oh dear. Cobra, are you ok?

Cobra: (gets up & brushes himself off) Yeah I'm alright. (notices Dizzy Kong eating the bananas, leaving banana peels on the floor) Dizzy Kong! How many times do I have to tell you not to leave banana peels on the floor? That's the 6th time that I slipped on YOUR banana!

Dizzy Kong: Come on man, I love bananas. (eats another banana)

Faith: (Starts to snicker, but Cookie elbows her)

Cobra: Come on, pick up those banana peels, now!

Dizzy Kong: But...but...

Cobra: Did I stutter? Now hand them over.

Dizzy Kong: Alright. (picks up the banana peels and hands them over to Cobra) Here.

Cobra: Good, you might hurt yourself.

Cookie: Well.... what now?

Ashley: How's about I introduce you to the rest of the class mates?

Cookie: Sure! (Mutters - "Man! This episode's boring!")

Eduardo, Edwina & Edric: (being chased by Scaryrahk) AAAAHHH!!! RUN AWAY!

Scaryrahk: (chasing after the 3) Come back here you 3 sneaky coyotes! Come back here so I can beat you guys into a pulp!

Ashley: Oh dear. That's Scaryrahk, the mentor of Turahk. He's the biggest bully of all of Acme Loonervesity. We gotta save Eduardo, Edwina & Edric from being bullied!

Faith: All right!! Let's do this!  My fists are already pumping with fury!

Cookie: We're not going to fight him, Faith...

Faith: (Frowns) Seriously? You're kind of... bland. :\ 

Ashley: There's no time to talk, we got the 2nd Generations of the Eds to save! (goes after Scaryrahk in an attempt to save Eduardo, Edwina & Edric from being bullied)

(Faith ana Cookie follow)

(With Eduardo, Edwina & Edric)

Eduardo, Edwina & Edric: (still running away from Scaryrahk)

Scaryrahk: (still chasing the 3) Come back you chickens! Nobody escapes from Scaryrahk!

Edric: Faster guys, faster!

Edwina: We're going as fast as we can!

(The 3 approached a dead end)

Eduardo: Uh oh, dead end...

Edric: Aw great!

Scaryrahk: (walks up to the 3 slowly) Now I got you, now prepare to get your faces fryed & scrambled ! (cracks his knuckles, laughing evily)

Faith: (Behind Scaryrahk) Yo... Uhhhh.... Yeeeaah, I've got no nicknames for you. Well, anyway.... you leave them alone!!

Scaryrahk: (notices Ashley, Faith & Cookie) For those who don't know me, I am Scaryrahk, the leader of the 2nd Generation of the Rahkshi, you do well to remember that.

Ashley: Let them go, Scaryrahk or else!

Scaryrahk: Or else what?

Faith: Or else we'll whack your hesd with a mallet. That's what we do on this show....

Scaryrahk: Poor choice of words...(snaps his fingers & then Ladyrahk, Snakeyrahk, Stonerahk, Darkrahk & Icerahk appears & then begins to surround Ashley, Faith & Cookie) what are you gonna do about that? There's 6 of us & only 3 of you.

Ditzy, Xillon, and Tony notice what's going on.

Cookie: Heh. Looks like we're equal now.

Ditzy: Wait, since when did the script say we were in this episode?

Stonerahk, Darkrahk & Icerahk: (notices Ditzy, Xillon & Tony) More intruders...

Snakeyrahk: Their luck are forfeit...

Ditzy: (Cracks his knuckles) My mentor could knock out all of you with a single punch...

Tony: (Sarcasm) Extreme exaggeration, ooooo...

Scaryrahk: We don't have time for your stupidity, now come over here & fight like a man!

(Faith and Ditzy attack)

Darkrahk & Icerahk: (attacks at Faith & Ditzy)

Xillon: (Slashes at Snakeyrahk with his sword)

Cookie: (Claws at Ladyrahk)

Tony: So how am I supposed to jump on Stonerahk like my mentor? I mean, he's made of STONE...... ehh, whatever. (Just attacks with one of his "inventions")

Ashley: (whacks Icerahk in the head with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Scaryrahk: (grabs Cookie by the throat) No one messes with my girl, Ladyrahk!

Faith: Leave my friend alone. (unseathes her sword and slashes at Scaryrahk)

Scaryrahk: (got slashed) Hey! (pulls out his double-bladed staff) You will pay for that...with your life!

Faith: You're the one who started this all... so YOU should be blamed for everything!

Scaryrahk: Aaaaah....(kicks at Faith at a Locker behind)...Shut up!

Ashley: Faith! (turns to the 2nd Generation of the Rahkshi, holding up her Piko Piko Hammer which is now grown twice as large as her whole body) Now your gonna get it, big time! (starts smashing the 2nd Gen of the Rahkshi with her enlarged Piko Piko Hammer in anger for hurting Faith)

Ladyrahk, Snakeyrahk, Stonerahk, Darkrahk & Icerahk: (got hit by many of Ashley's attacks, keeps on saying "Ow" every time they get hit)

Scaryrahk: (got hit by Ashley's attacks also) Ow! Ow! Not cool! Not cool!

Eduardo: (to Edwina & Edric) Ashley's mad

Faith: Thanks.... but I could've taken care of him by myself.

Ashley: Your welcome

Scaryrahk: (escapes from a fight cloud that Ashley made against the 2nd Gen of the Rahkshi)

Edwina: Well now there's your chance, because Scaryrahk's gonna make a clean getaway

Faith: (Smirks, pulls out a mallet) (To the viewers) I'm going old-school. (Goes after Scaryrahk)

Scaryrahk: Not again! (runs away, screaming)

Edric: Looks like the 2nd Generation of the Rahkshi had got what they deserve

Ashley: And revenge is INDEED sweet

"That's All, Folks!"

The End.