Metal Sonic's Confession is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was a beautiful day & Amy is meeting with Ralph Crumdon & Ned Morton)

Amy: (Knocks on the Door) Hey guys

Ralph: Whao, hi Amy

Ned: Ah vo vo vo vo, hi Amy. How's it going?

Amy: I'm good, would you like to come with me

Ralph: We love to, but first Ned & I betta check if our wives are still here. Alice?

Ned: Trixie?

Ralph: Oh good, they're not home. It's time to go

Amy: Ok (carries Ralph & Ned on her Shoulders) There, let's go

Ralph: Well hot Diggity Dog, count us in

Ned: That makes 2 of you, ah vo vo vo vo!

???:So the tracker doesn't sense him but i sense his friend.

????:Its Amy Rose! Do you know any orange Hedgehogs around.Relatd to Sonic?

Amy: Oh yeah, Orange Hedgehogs, you mean Jack the Hedgehog?

Ned: Hey Ralph

Ralph: What is it, Morton?

Ned: I think you betta take a look at him (points to ??? & ????)

Ralph: (Looks at ??? & ????) Huh?

???;Oh I'am Eva

????:And I'am Axel.

Amy: Oh hi Eva & Axel, rememeber me?

Eva:Ah no.

Axel:Have we met?

Amy: Oh right

Ralph: Morton? Who are they?

Ned: Hey, Hey, Hey! I do not know them Ralphie Boy

Amy: Oh by the way, this is Ralph Crumden & Ned Morton. They're both mice

Ralph: Hello

Ned: Ah vo vo vo vo, how do you do?

Eva:Pretty good.

Amy: I was taking these 2 Mice to the park, would you like to join me?


Axel:I guess.

Eva:Lets get going.

Amy: Ok then, let's go to the Park

(At the park)

Kai:*Beaten up*Just leave us alone you freak!

Plasma:Kai stand down!

Amy: What's going on here?

Man: Metal Sonic is on the Loose, Run! Run! Run for your Lives!! RUN!!! (Runs away)

Amy: Metal Sonic?

Ralph: What's in the world is a Metal Sonic?

Metal Sonic:Barpeleapo!*Translation*You are strong fox but just tell me where Amy is.


Plasma:Ah Kai? There right there

Kai:OH NO!

Axel:Oh no guys run!Wait we can't leave Kai behind.l get Metal Sonic and you guys save Kai.

Amy: Ok then

Ralph: Eeeesh, now that's a Metal Sonic, come on Amy & Morton, time to save that Kid

Ned: On tresvoose, mone Hedgehog & Sewer Rat

Amy: I think we need a plan

Ralph: And I got one (brings out Invisible Ink) Amy & Morton, turn around (Paints Ned with Invisible Ink)

Ned: Hey,Hey, Hey! What are you doing Ralph

Ralph: I'm painting you & Amy Invisible Ink, so the Robot can't see ya

Amy: Ok then. (Turns Invisible) Hey! My Invisible Powers have come back

(Amy & Ned are invisible)

Ralph: Hey guys, where'd you go?

Amy: We're right here

Ralph: You are? Amy & Morton, you are Invisible

Ned: Hey, Hey, Hey! If that Metal Sonic comes close to me, I'll give him an Uppercut, right in the kisser

Ralph: Surre you will

Amy & Ned: (Gets close to Metal Sonic)

Metal:I sense some strange energy similar to Amy's...Oh well time to finish Kai

Axel:Not on my watch!*Kicks in face*

Ned: Hub, ba, ba, ba & vodi voo, you can't see me, but I can see you

Amy: (Whacks Metal Sonic with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Kai:Thank You...

Metal:I may not be able to see you...*Flies over and picks up Amy*But i can touch and sense you Bye Bye.

Plasma:Oh No Acid Assault!

Amy: (Turns Visible again) Ack! HELP!

Ned: Oh dear

Ralph: What have I done to my best friend Morton

Ned: I'm back Ralphy boy

Ralph: Morton, where's Amy?

Ned: I guess she got captured by that Robot

Ralph: You guess she got captured. Morton, I outta belt you

Ned: I'm sorry Ralph, let me go save her

Ralph: Oh no you don't I'll go, here paint me

Ned: Ok Ralph (Paints Ralph Invisible Ink, but he is still Visible)

Ralph: Alrigt, alright, that's enough!

Ned: But Ralph...

Ralph: And away we go (Goes after Metal Sonic)

Ned: But I can still see him

Ralph: (Got attacked by Metal Sonic) AHHHHHH! (comes back to Ned looking banged up)

Ned: How it go Ralph?

Ralph: Invisible Ink. Morton, you are a Mental Case!

Ned: I'm sorry Ralph, if we need to save Amy, all we have to do is work together as a team

Ralph: Ok fine, Morton. Let's do this together

Ned: Okey Dokey then. Ah vo vo vo voo!

(So Ralph & Ned team up together to stop Metal Sonic)

Metal:*Starts flying to the Egg FLEET 2*

Axel:Oh no

Plasma:We gotta save her!

Ralph & Ned: (Goes to a Toy Airplane & hops on)

Ralph: I wonder how you start this thing. How about this button? (Pushes the Start Button & the Toy Plane is Moving) Well what do you know, we're moving

Ned: Onward to the Egg Fleet 2, Ah vo vo vo voooo

Ralph: (Flys the Plane up to the Egg Fleet 2) Morton, you are a Mental Case


Amy: Metal Sonic, why would you capture me?

Metal Sonic:*Doesn't answer*

Axel:Chaos Blast

Amy: Axel, Eva, Plasma, Kai. HELP!

(Inside the Egg Fleet 2)

Amy: Where are you taking me? (To Audience) In retro spect, I properly shouldn't asked that question '

Egg Fleet:*Blasts off*

Axel:Oh no I missed!

(But Metal Sonic didn't know that Ralph & Ned are inside the Egg Fleet 2 as well)

Ralph: Come on Morton, we've made it

Ned: Yeah Sure Ralph sure

(They Both hoped off the Toy Airplane)

Ralph: (Spots Metal Sonic with Amy) There she is Morton. Quick put a can under me

Ned: Ok Ralph (Puts a Can on top of him) There, now you look like your going to kick the can

Ralph: Very Funny Morton, veeeery funny (goes up to Metal Sonic disguised as a Can)

Metal:*Kepps walking unnoticed*

Amy: Metal Sonic, why would you capture me?

Ralph: I can't see when I'm inside the Can I gotta see what's going on and...(Bumps into Metal Sonic) Oh, pardon me

Metal Sonic:??

Amy: Huh?

Ralph: I can't see a thing, Morton really needs to install a window in tthis thing (bumps into Amy) Oops, excuse me (bumps into Metal Sonic again) Sorry

Metal Sonic:What the is that a can?

Ralph: Yeah, what kind of game is like, "Kick the Can"? (Covers his Mouth) Oops

Metal:YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*Kicks Ralph's can out the window breaking it*OOps... EGGMAN AMY BROKE THE WINDOW!

Kai:*Catches Ralph*Hey dude you ok?

Amy: What?!

Dr. Eggman: AMY !

Ralph: I'm ok. (Walks up to Morton) One of these days, Morton. One of these days....


Ned: Ralph, we have an Armor Car that looks like a Tank

Ralph: So ok Morton, sometimes, he can be so useful (goes inside the Armor Car)

Ned: (Starts the Armor Car) Good Luck Ralph

Ralph: (Drives the Armor Car up to Metal Sonic)

Amy: Huh? (Notices Ralph in an Armor Car) What's that?

Ralph: Stop right there Metal Sonic! (turns the Armor Car into an Armored Tank) I'm gonna count to 3, to let...Amy...go. 1....2......

Metal Sonic: *Jumps behind the tank*

Ralph: Huh? Hello? Where'd you go?

Amy: Ralph, Metal Sonic is right behind...

Metal Sonic: *Emerald Dives tank*

Amy: You

Ralph: (goes back to Ned)

Ned: Hey Ralph? You ok Ralph? Speak to me Ralph!

Ralph: Got any more bright Ideas, Mr. Morton?


(Ralph & Ned builds a Trojan Dog)

Ralph: There we go, we've fixed the Trojan Dog, now let's go in

Ned: Ok Ralph

(Both Mice go inside the Trojan Dog)

Ralph: Contact !

Ned: Contact !

Ralph: Full Speed ahead

Ned: Roger Doger ! (They both move the Torjan Dog, making the Trojan Dog walk up to Amy)

Amy: It's them ! Hey Ralph & Ned

Ralph: We can hear her, it's in the bag, I hope no one like Metal Sonic gets in the Trojan Dog

Metal Sonic:Thanks for the warnning! *Boosts off*

Amy: Where is he? It's properly the Good Time to go Invisible now (turns Invisible) Ok, let's get outta here

Ralph: Ok then...Contact !

Ned: Contact ! (Hears Metal Sonic) Ralph, I think we have Contact

Metal Sonic:Where did Amy go?

Ralph: No time let's get outta here

Ned: Ok Ralph

(Moves the Trojan Dog forward)

Metal Sonic:*Is ambushed by Kai*Hurry guys escape!

Amy: (Still Invisible) What is Metal Sonic talking about? Does he have a secret?

Ralph: I don't know, but let's find out

Ned: Ah vo vo vo vo, here we go too!

(Amy [Still Invisible], Ralph & Ned goes up to Metal Sonic)

Amy: Metal Sonic? Is there something like a secret you want to tell me?

Metal Sonic: *Jumps over Trojan Dog grabs Amy and pushes the others to Eggmans lab*

Eggman:Which one of you keeps breaking my Fllet

Evreyone:*Pointing around* SHE/HE DID IT!

Dr. Eggman: (Facepalms) (Growls)

Ralph: Hardy, har har !

Ned: Gee what a grouch (Points to Metal Sonic)

Amy: (Still Invisible) Why would you blame on me?! Your the one who broke the Window & keeps on breaking Eggman's Flight !

Ralph: Metal Sonic, aren't you gonna tell Eggman the truth or will you let Amy broke every single Body Part of your Robotic Carcus?

Metal:* Presses the self destruct grabs Amy & Eggman and jumps out*

Kai:I hate him


Ralph & Ned: (Falling) (Black Covered)

Ralph: Morton, we've been disconnected

Ned: Sheesh


Metal: *Enters a cyber world*

Plasma:Careful guys we have to sky dive into the portal before its too late


(At the end off the Cyber Maze)

Metal:*Ties Amy to a pole*Ready to speak to you my l--I mean captive...

Amy: Huh?

(Ralph & Ned comes back to Metal Sonic & Amy black covered)

Ralph: Morton, that robot is a metal case eeeesh (both of them shakes the black off)

Ned: Hey, hey, hey! How's it going?

Amy: I'm a little tied up in the moment, but I have a feeling that Metal Sonic has a secret he wants me to here

Ralph: Come on Morton, bring in the Recorder

Ned: Ok Ralph (Brings in the "ACME Recorder")


(With Kai & the others)

Kai:Come on guys lets reach the end of the maze.


Amy: What do you want me for anyway, Metal Sonic?


Ralph: (Turns on the "ACME Recorder") There

Ned: Ok Ralph, lets listen

Ralph & Ned: (Listens Carefully)


Ralph: Where did you get here?

Kai:We followed you in the portal.

Ned: Shhh, we just wanna hear what Metal Sonic is talking about his Secret to Amy

Ralph: So be quiet & listen

Metal Sonic:Amy well...I....

Amy: Don't worry, you can tell me

Metal:Well remeber that time I first kidnbapped you before when Sonic saved you...

Amy: Yes, when I was 8 Years Old on Little Planet

Metal:Well when I had you capturede.

Amy: Yes?

Metal:Well besides the fact that it would lead Sonic to his doom it was also because.

Amy: Come on, don't be shy, you can tell me

Metal:Well its also because well I was programmed to emote and well I just really li--

Eva:*Bursts in*Leave Amy alone Metal!

Ralph & Ned: (Jumps onto Metal Sonic)

Amy: Guys?

Eva:Yeah what did he do you!

Amy: Nothing, he just tied me up & he wants me to listen to his secret & I want to know what it is, right now

Metal:*So be gone *uses air to blow them away and shuts door*

Ralph & Ned: (Been blown away) WHAO !

Amy: Uh, where were we Metal Sonic? Oh right, I remember your trying to tell me something

Metal:Well the other reason I kiddnapped you is beacause...

Amy: Yes? You can tell me

Metal:Its because I thought we could become friends...Or maybe even more ifI was Mobian...

Amy: (Gasps) Sure, I love to be your friend, Metal Sonic

Metal:Well of course thats ALL I wanted to say but I knew your fr iends wouldn't lets me.

Eva:*Behind door*Nice going Axel *Trips*XD

Ralph: Well, what now?

Ned: (pulls the Acme Laser Door Opener) Here try this Ralph

Ralph: Thanks (activates the Machine & the laser beam cuts through the Door)

Metal:Oh hey...

Plasma:Welll I guess were ok then?

Amy: Hey guys, everything's ok now, Metal Sonic just wants me as a friend & I agree with him

Kai:Alright then who is up for smoothies!

Metal:Last one there has to pay for all *Unties Amy and Runs*

Eva:Well boys? Get there first!

Amy: Come on, let's go (runs off with Metal Sonic)

Ralph: Morton, am I seeing things

Ned: No you didn't Ralph, everything is all true

Ralph: One of these days Morton, one of these days, POW right in the kisser. Now come on Morton, let's go

Ned: Ok Ralph

(Ralph & Ned runs off with Amy & Metal Sonic)

Axel: I won't lose! (Runs off)

Amy: (To Audience) I guess it's just goes to show that Every Robot has a Good Heart in the inside

"That's All Folks"

The End