Meeting Melissa is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes. It marks Melissa's first appearance.

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Story TranscriptEdit

Amy: (jogging through the Woods)

(She hear rustling coming from the Bushes)

Amy: (Stops) What was that? Oh well, I guess it was no biggie.

Bugs: Is it really a bigge?

Amy: Oh no! It's not really.

(More noise coming from the bushes)

Bugs: It's a biggie.

Amy: I guess it is (looks through the bushes)

(Amy sees 4 hedgehogs. They are siblings)

Sibling 1: Where are we going to do for a living?

Sibling 2: Yes, Melissa. You must decide.

Amy: Um, excuse me? What are you doing?

All the siblings: (looks at Amy)

Sibling 1: Who are you? But I'm Rosalina.

Sibling 2: I'm Alicia.

Sibling 3: And I'm Julian.

Amy: I'm Amy Rose, or Amy. (to Sibling 4) And who are you?

Melissa: Oldest of them all. But my name is Melissa. (looks at Bugs) Who's he?

Amy: This is Bugs Bunny

Bugs: (munches on a Carrot) Eh, What's up doc?

Melissa: (raises an eyebrow) Doc...?

Amy: That's just Bugs Bunny's Catchphrase. Anyways, what are you guys doing here in the woods?