Mecha Tikal is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful day & Marvin the Martin puts Mecha Tikal down in the Center of the Forest

Marvin: Now go after that Creature & return the Earthling to me

Mecha Tikal: Yes Master (Went through the Forest

Gerneral Krouser:(To Marvin) I may have some use for your android.

Marvin: Oh thank you, I won't let you down sir


Mecha Tikal: (Walks in the Woods)

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor are walking in the Woods until they saw Mecha Tikal

Meltdown: Who is she?

Xplode: I don't know but I'm in love

Thunder: Whao, I gotta get that Girl

Corroder: Not if I get her first, Rotor your the Tie Breaker

Rotor: (To Mecha Tikal) Hello baby, Would you like to go to the Cashbar with me?

Mecha Tikal: Warning, Love to hot, Love to Hot, prepare for emergency Cooling (Fires barrel full of Water at Rotor)

Rotor: Ahhhhhh Mama Mia

Mecha Tikal: (Running away)

Meltdown: Which way did she go?

Rotor: He went that-a-way

Xplode, Thunder & Corroder: Take us now, Take us now

Rotor: Follow me

Meltdown,Xplode,Thunder,Corroder: (Follows Rotor)

(Meanwhile in the UFO)

General Krouser:(To Marvin) Send Mecha Tikal to Morthouse, and she arrives there I want her to find and kill Dethklok, understood?

Marvin: Yes sir


Reidak: I'm bored

Hakkan: There's nothing to do

Vezok: We work our fingers to the bone

Zaktan: Guys look (Points at Mecha Tikal being chased by Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor)

Avak: Wow, what a Woman

The Piraka's barked like dogs, hooted like Monkeys, Howled like Wolves, Crows like a Rooster & a Sexy Tiger Growl

Thok: Let's go after her

The Piraka's chase after Mecha Tikal


(At Morthouse)

Mecha Tikal: I found Morthouse

Marvin: Good, now capture that creature & return the Lifeform that Krouser is looking for

Mecha Tikal: But those Monsters came after me for Love

Marvin: Oh those monsters made me so Angry

Meltdown,Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's appeared in front of her

All: Would you like to marry me, Mecha Tikal?

Mecha Tikal: (Runs away)

Skwisgar: Looks ats this, look likes girl is running for those freaks downs theres.

Nathan: Cool.

Pickles: I wonder if they are sober, because if they are I will friggin have dethgaurds kill them.

Zaktan: (To Mecha Tikal) Come back beautiful

DethGuard: Hey your not supposed to be here (Pulls out gun)

Xplode: (Knocks out Guard) Oh sometimes he made me so angry (Resumes Chasing Mecha Tikal)

Dethkloks Financial adviser: Engage the Dethspiders, If Jack, Blaze, Amy and Sonic are coming to see you do a live preformence, you better to them alive!

Dethspider:(Follows Xplode)

Dethspider:(Follows Zaktan)

Toa Vakama:(Fires a great Disk)

Ackar:(Pulls out Flame Sword)

Mata Nui: I wonder what's up with a Robot over here (Points at Mecha Tikal)

Ackar: I don't know, but let's go

Toa Vakama: Ok

Mata Nui, Ackar & Toa Vakama went after Mecha Tikal

General Krouser: (On Mecha Tikals Comunicator) Dethklok is at the window get into mourthouse.

Mecha Tikal: Yes sir, but those Monsters are chasing after me mistaken for love

Marvin: Oh they made me so Angry


Blaze the Hedgecat: Come on Jacky, we were lucky to win this years consert tickets.

Jack: Coming my dear

Amy: I can't wait for a Consert tonight

Sonic: I can't wait either Amy

Deth Troops: Follow us (Leads them to Mourt house)

Jack: Wow

Meltdown: Now where did that Beautiful Echidna go?

Thunder: Look (Points at Mecha Tikal going through the Back Door)

Corroder: Let's go

Meltdown.Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's went after Mecha Tikal

Dethtroopers:(Open fire on Meltdown.Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's)

Reidak: (Punches the Dethtroopers)

Marvin: Oh those Monsters made me so Angry

Vezok: (Smashes the Dethtroopers with the Hammer)

Dethspider:(Lands on Vezok and Explodes)

Vezok: Huh?


Vezok: Ouch (Knocked Out)

Avak: (Carries Vezok) Lets go in

Meltdown.Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's goes through the Back Door

Dethbots:(Opens fire on Meltdown.Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's)

Xplode: (Fires his Spikes as Missiles at the Dethbot) Who's your big daddy now (Laughs)

Rotor: Let's go find our Love

Mecha Tikal: Uh Oh, must stop them, must find & Destroy Dethklok

Hakann: There she is

Toa Vakama:(Fires the Great Disk of fire at Hakann and turns invisible)

Hakann: (Dodges) Where'd he go?

Blaze the hedgecat:(To Jack) The cool thing is that Darkstorms Band is playing along.

Jack: Wow come on lets go take a seat

Sonic & Amy: Ok

The Curtain Raises Up

Darkstorm:(Walks on the stage) I am here to tell you all here is that we are moving our Consert to the Sahara Desert, so everyone here follow the dethtroops and they will lead you to the choppers!

Mecha Tikal: (Hides behind the Stage) I must stop Dethklok

Darkstorm: If your gonna get to them your gonna go through me.

Mecha Tikal: (Turns her Right Hand to a Boxing one & Punches Darkstorm)

General Krouser: Ignore him!

Mecha Tikal: Must Smash Dethklok

Thunder: There she is

Corroder: Let's go because we're in love with Mecha Tikal

Meltdown.Xplode,Thunder,Corroder,Rotor & the Piraka's went after Mecha Tikal for Love

Darkstorm:(Throws down 12 EMP Grenades)

Rotor: (Grabs the Grenade & Throws back at Darkstorm) Yikes


Darkstorm: (Turns into his Dragon Form) Atomic Breath!!!

Meltdown: (Wraps around Darkstorm's Mouth with his Tentacle Weapon)

Wyvern Darkstorm: (Begins to thrash about because of his restraint hatred)

Thunder: (Punches Wyvern Darkstorm & Throws a TNT at him)


Wyvern Darkstorm:(Gets more angry)

Reidak: (Knocks out Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Powers down and The Seven Apocalypse Emeralds appear)

Mecha Tikal: (Replace the 7 Apocalypse Emeralds with TNT)

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a Reman pistol and starts fireing)


Thok: (Dressed as a Rock Star) Rock Out dude (Plays his Guitar that makes their Ears Hurt)

Darkstorm:(Roars in pain)

Reidak & Zaktan: (Dressed as Rock Star) Let's Rock (Plays their Guitars that makes their ears hurt)

Darkstorm:(Opens eye and starts laughing)

Xplode: Ok my turn (Plays his Drums really, really LOUD)

Mecha Tikal: Too Loud, Too Loud

Avak: Is General Krouser good or evil?

Nathan Explosion: Hey ugly, listen to this (Starts playing Bloody Mess)

Avak: (didn't Listen) What's that, I can't hear you?

Mecha Tikal: Must find & Destroy Dethklok

Dethtroops:(Cranks up th volume)

Vezok: What? Can't hear you

Tahu Nuva:(Attacks Vezok)

Vezok: (Sprays Tahu with a Water Spray)

Darkstorm: (Rage Builds up)

Reidak: (Knocks out Darkstorm) Come on guys let's go after Mecha Tikal for Love

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor & Piraka's: Yeah

Rage Darkstorm:(Grabs Reidak's leg)*Growls*

Reidak: That's not my Leg, that's...


Reidak: ...Dynamite

Sonic: Is this part of the Consert?

Amy: No, Sonikku it isn't

Jack: Why those Monsters & the Piraka want to go after this Mecha Tikal for love?

Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Voice Echos in his anger) Get OUT!!!!

Jack: Allow me, watch this Blaze (Throws Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor & Piraka's out of the Building)

Xplode: Well they taught me into it

Amy: (Stomping towards them)

Zaktan: (Spots Amy) It's Amy Rose, RUN FOR IT

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor & the Piraka run for their lives while Screaming

Amy: Leaving so soon? Too Bad


Blaze the Hedgecat: (Tosses Darkstorm a Beer)

Sonic: What are we gonna do with this Robot? (Points at Mecha Tikal)

Darkstorm:(Powers down and Prepares to rip out Mecha Tikals head)

Jack: Whao there, Darkstorm, I had a feeling that General Krouser & Marvin is up to something

Amy: I think I had a little oh Idea, ok listen (Whispering)


(Meanwhile back at the UFO)

Marvin: (Hears a knock on the Door) Who can that be? (Opens the Door to see Mecha Tikal) Oh Goody, It's Mecha Tikal

Mecha Tikal: Prepare for Self Descrute in 10 seconds

Marvin: Oh Goody, it even has the ilummion PU 36 Explosive Space Mogulator

General Krouser: WHAT THE?


The UFO is been Destroyed

Marvin: Oh Well, back to the old drawing board

General Krouser: Your Fired!

Marvin: Oh Drat

General Krouser:(Pulls out Desert Eagle) Pack your things and leave or you get a bullet in your face!

Marvin: (Aims the Dissintergrater Gun at General Krouser) Oh those Demands made me so Angry (Fires at General Krouser & Dissintergratered him) Well you are not Nice (Breathes Heavily) You have made me very Angry (Breathes Heavily) Very Angry Indeed (Packs everything in his Suitcase & Leave) Well I guess it's back to the old drawing board


Jack: (Spots Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor & The Piraka's) I wonder where are they going?

Amy: I don't know, but we'll never knew, now come on guys, let's go home

(Jack, Blaze the Hedgecat, Amy & Sonic went back home)


Meltdown: (Spots Tikal mistaken for Mecha Tikal) There she is

Tikal: Hello Friends

Thok: Hello Tikal


Tikal: Huh?

Xplode: Hello Baby, would you like to go to the Cashbar with us?

Tikal: Uh gotta go bye (Runs away) Ahhhhhhhhhh

All: Come back Tikal (Chases after her)

Tikal: (To Audience) I don't know what just happen, but the only choice for me is to Run away

Darkstorm:Time to bring the rain.

"That's All Folks"