Marrige Lover is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a Normal day on Mobius.

Amy: (relaxing on her chair) Ahhh, a nice shiny day, I can't wait to go with Sonic on our Date (gets off) I betta read the Newspaper (Reads it) Hey, what's this? "Speedy & Ruby's Marriage is coming up tomorrow" Wow, I can't wait to go there.

(With Speedy & Ruby)

Ruby: (Picking a dress) How about this one Speedy?

Speedy: That looks good! You'll look like a real doll in that Dress!

Ruby: (Giggles) I'll get it!

Amy: Hi Speedy, Hi Ruby

Speedy: Oh, hi Amy!

Amy: I see you two are having a wedding, well congratulations you two

Ruby: Yeah! And maybe lots of kids!

Speedy: (Blushes & Smiles) Yeah! hehe!

Amy: Well good luck. See ya later tomorrow at the wedding

Ruby: Okay! And good luck Dating Sonic!


(At the Wedding)

Speedy: (In a Tux)

Ruby: (Comes in)

Amy: (Shedding happy tears)

Ruby: (Stands next to Speedy)

Priest: Ladies & gentlemen. We are we today for the marrige of Speedy & Ruby.

Ruby's mom: (Crying happliy) They grow up so fast.

Amy: I know right?

Priest: Speedy do you take t-

Speedy: I do!

Priest: Okay? And Ruby, do you take this handsome, young Porcupine?

Ruby: I do!

Priest: You may now kiss the Bride!

Speedy: (Kisses Ruby)


(4 months later)

Speedy: (Waiting)

Amy: Hi Speedy, Congratulations on you & your wife's Marrige

Nurse: Mr. Porcupine?

Speedy: (Super fast) Yes?

Nurse: You are now a father!

Speedy: Whaaa? (Faints)

Nurse: Are you okay?

Speedy: (Gets up) I'm fine.

Amy: Thank goodness, well I'll see you later Speddy (Leaves)

Speedy: (Walks into the room)

Baby: Gah!

Speedy: Awww! He looks like me except Red!

Ruby: What should we call him?

Speedy: Zack!

Ruby: Can we bring him home?

Nurse: Yes!


(Speedy & Ruby go home with Zack)

Speedy: Here we are!

Zack: Gah!

Amy: Hi again

Speedy: Hello Amy! This is my new son Zack!

Amy: Hello Zack, my name is Amy Rose

Zack: (is scared)

Amy: Don't be afraid (Cute Voice) Aww, your so cute

Zack: (Giggles)

Amy: Your baby is soo cute, Speedy & Ruby. Congratulations for your Baby

Speedy: Thanks!

Amy: Your welcome, it's not very easy to take care a baby, you have to give the baby his bottle of milk, Change his Diaper & put him to sleep

Ruby: Yep!

Amy: Well, I gotta go get some Flowers for Sonic, bye! (Leaves)

Speedy: I can take care of Zack, i mean, what can go wrong?


(10 Minutes Later)

Amy: (Picking up Flowers as a Gift for Sonic) These Flowers will be a great gift for Sonic

Zack: (Keeps on crying)

Amy: I wonder what's going on at Speedy & Ruby's House, I betta check to see what's going on here (goes to Speedy & Ruby's House) Hello it's me, Amy. Are you in there??

Jake: Speedy and Ruby are not here! I'm babysitting!

Amy: Babysitting? Ok then, where are Speedy & Ruby?

Jake: Taking a trip in the Ice cap zone.

Amy: Ok then, do you mind if I take care of the baby with you

Jake: Yeah! You can help! ^^

Amy: Thank you (Comes inside the House) (notices Zack) Hello Zack. (cute Voice) Amy is back to take care of you

Zack: (Sucking his thumb with a cute face)

Amy: Aww, your so cute (tickles Zack) Cootchy Cootchy Coo

Zack: (Giggles)

Amy: (Giggles with Zack) Come on Jake, let's take Zack out for a walk to the park

Jake: K. I made a robot toy for him.

Amy: Acculty, he needs a Stuffed Animal. Like this one (pulls out a Stuffed Teddy Bear)

Zack: (Wants both)

Amy: Ok then Zack (gives Zack a Robot Toy & a Stuffed Teddy Bear) Here you go. Come on Jake, let's go to the Park with Baby Zack

Jake: Okay. (Picks Zack up)

Amy: (Puts Zack in a Baby Carridge along with his Toy Robot & his Stuffed Teddy Bear) Let's go


(At the Park)

Amy & Jake are walking in the park while pushing the Baby Carridge softly with Zack inside)

Amy: It's so beautiful out here, Jake

Jake: Yeah.. it's nice looking at the birds.

Amy: Yeah, it's soo peaceful in the park

???: Not now!

Scarface, the Halfbreed.

Amy: Oh hello there, who are you?

???: Scarface the Halfbreed.

Amy: Hi there, Jake & I are babysitting Baby Zack while Speedy & Ruby are gone

???: (Holding a bag) Selling stuff.

Amy: Oh ok, see ya later. Come on Jake

Jake: (Glares at Scarface) No, i notice him.

Amy: Huh? You do?

Jake: Yeah.

Amy: Anyways, let's just ingore him & get back to babysitting Zack until Speedy & Ruby are back from their trip, ok?

Jake: ...Okay.

(Amy & Jake continues walking in the Park with Zack in the Baby Carridge)

Amy: Aww, Zack is soo cute

Jake: Sure he is...

Amy: So, what should we do next? (Notices Sonic) It's Sonic. (to Jake) Excuse me Jake, but do you mind watching Baby Zack while I go meet up with Sonic?

Jake: Errr...

Amy: Please, I'll be only gone for a minute.

Jake: okay..

Amy: Thanks (goes up to Sonic) Hi Sonic, it's me Amy

Sonic: (Runs off)

Amy: Sonic, please get back here (runs after Sonic)

Sonic: No way, Ames! I'm outta here! (Runs at the speed of sound)

Amy: Aw come on. (sighs) Sometimes Sonic is always in a hurry (runs after Sonic) Just remember to keep an eye on the Baby, ok Jake?

Jake: ....

Amy: (comes back to Jake) Are you ok, Jake? Is something wrong?

Jake: ..! (Falls)

Amy: Uh oh (to Zack) What's wrong with Jake?

(Jake's eyes are white)

Amy: Jake? Is something wrong with you? (to Zack) You might wanna cover your eyes Zack, because whatever is wrong with jake could get ugly (covers Zack's Eyes)

(Jake and Scarface's personalites get switched by an unknown person, Jake snarls)

Amy: Jake, don't you (snarls) at me mister! I think it's time for you to have a time out

Jake: Don't be serious.

Amy: Jake, it isn't like you. Where's the Real that is inside of you? (opens Jake's Mouth & looks inside) Hello? Jake, if you can hear me, speak to me

(Speedy and Ruby appear)

Amy: Hi Speedy & Ruby, how's your trip?

(Their eyes are bloodshot red)

Amy: Are you two ok?

(They take Zack and run off)

Amy: Uh ok. Have a nice day. (thought: That's strange, I never seen them speechless before. Unless...) (Gasps) They're fakes. Of course you reliesed "This Means War"


Amy: (hiding behind a Tree & spots the fake Speedy & Ruby with the real Zack) (to Zack) I'll rescue you little one

(They take off the skin, revealing striped male and female bodies with no faces, they were cloned)

Amy: What are those things? If it's clones they want...(goes up to the ACME Clone-o-matic) Clones they will get (goes through the ACME Clone-o-matic & the machine makes a another Amy with Blue Clothing instead of Red)

Clone Amy: Hi there Amy

Real Amy: Hi there Clone Amy. Let's go have some fun

Clone Amy: Ok!

Real Amy & Clone Amy: Yoo Hoo, Mr. & Mrs. Clone! (waves at them)

Female clone: Hmph, we are wireframes, they are used to make clones for people. For example, some-one could take a wireframe and disguise it in a Leonardo costume.

Real Amy: Seriously? The Wireframes are the Master of Disguise?

Clone Amy: I thought the Chameleon is the only one that is the Master of Disguise

Real Amy: Anywho, give Baby Zack back !

Male Wireframe: Ah okay. (Gives to them) Also, Wireframes can also copy their moves, personalites and even voices when in a disguise.

Real Amy: Why would you kidnap baby Zack for?

Male Wireframe: We didn't, we were trying to give him to his parents, they've been looking for him all day!

Speedy: (Appears with Ruby) Now leave! Hmph! (Takes Zack from Amy and walks away)

Real Amy: I'm Sorry, I though the Wireframes we're evil

Clone Amy: I'm sorry too

Speedy: S-seriously? (Waalks off)

Real Amy: Wait come back, I'm sorry I...Aw forget it (walks off looking very sad)

Clone Amy: Oh dear (turns to Speedy & Ruby) Speedy? Ruby? We need to talk

Speedy: ....

Clone Amy: Most of the times, Amy has a Gentle Heart & she is sensetive sometimes. Speedy, Do you think your yell has come a bit to far?

Speedy: (Sighs) Tell her that i said sorry.

Clone Amy: Ok (goes to Real Amy)

Real Amy: Huh?

Clone Amy: Speedy said that he's sorry for yelling at you. He didn't know you have a gentle heart

Real Amy: That's ok

Ruby: I'm really waiting for someone to say "that's all folks".

Real Amy: Hmm, I wish we could but aren't we forgetting something?

Clone Amy: Nope

Real Amy: Oh well


(Back with Jake)

(Jake is seen gettting pulled by a girl that think he's a dog)

Jake: (Sighs) I hate my life.

"That's All Folks"

The End