Journey to Rio is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Amy: (walking) Sonic? Where are you Sonic? Sonic?

Jack: Hi Amy (holding Sonic) I believe this is yours (lets go of Sonic)

Sonic: Uh Hi Amy

Amy: I would love to go on a date with you

Jack: So uh, where are we going?

Amy: To Rio De Janeiro

Jack: Rio De Janeiro? That's way down at South America

Sonic: Yeah, it'll be a easy jog if we won't run into any water

Amy: Don't worry, we're on North America & both North & South America are connected together

Sonic: Oh

Amy: Come on, we're going to Rio De Janeiro

Sonic: Ok Ames, but I think I'll call it "Rio" for short

Axel Eva Kai & PLasma:Hi.

(Can I be Blu and Woody?)

(Spongebob100: Sure)

Amy: Oh, hi guys, we're going to Rio De Janeiro, would you like to come with us?


Amy: Ok then, we need some kind of Vehicle for us to get there

Sonic: Or someone, I can get us there in a flash, after all I'm the Fastest Hedgehog on Mobius!

Jack: I'm fast too

Amy: Yeah, but I don't think you 2 can carry all of us there. We need to travel in Car

Sonic: Travel in car?

Amy: Of course we can travel in car, Sonikku. Now come on, let's go visit Bonnie. Maybe her mother can get us there

Sonic: That's a great idea Amy

Jack: Yeah, let's go


(Amy, Sonic, Jack, Plasma, Kai, Eva & Axel arrived at Bonnie's House)

Amy: (Knocks on the Door)

Bonnie's Mom:Hello!

Bonnie:Ooo...Giant toys *Hugs Amy*

Jack: Giant Toys? Where? (looks around)

Sonic: I think she's talking about us

Jack: Oh right

Amy: (To Bonnie) Uh, what's up doc?

Bonnie:I'am on my way to Rio to meet my Daddy's brother! Ya wanna come?

Amy: Say, that's the same place that me & my friends are going too. Sure we love to go to Rio

Bonnie's Mom:Ok lets go just jump in the car.

Sonic: Ok then, I don't think I can carry all of you there

Jack: Yeah, me neither

Amy: Come on let's go

(Amy, Sonic, Jack, Plasma, Kai, Eva, Axel goes inside the car)

Bonnic:Mommie can I bring toys along!

Bonnie's Mom:Suer I'll go get ya 6.

(Mom gets Woody,Buzz,Potato Head, Jesse, Rex , Ham and puts them in alittle box)

Bonnie:Yeah!Thank you! *Opens Box*

Amy: Wow, nice toys

Bonnie:Thanks Andy gave thm to me!This one is Woody and this is Buzz and (Continues to show Amy all six)

Axel:Big car!

Eva:*Rolls eyes*

Jack: Ok everyone, let's go!

(So Amy, Sonic, Jack & the others drive to Rio)


Blu: (Looking through the Window) Hmmm? I wonder if we can find new Friends?

Jewel:Don't worry it'll be a good move in Rio's Forest

(Amy and The Others get there)

Bonnie's Mom:Itd my old Collage Roomate! Linda!


Amy: Hi there, I'm Amy Rose & this is Sonic the Hedgehog, Jack, Plasma, Eva, Kai & Axel

Jack: How do you do?

Linda:Oh I'am good.These are my friends Blu and Jewel.

Blu: (squawks)

Amy: Oh hello Blu & Jewel, my name is Amy Rose

Blu: (Feels Calm & nudges his head on Amy's Cheek)

Amy: Awww, their soo cute

Jewel:*Talks to Amy via Animal Lauguage*Thank you.

Amy: Your welcome

Sonic: Wait a minute, you understand their Language?

Amy: Of course I do, Sonikku. I've been practicing for about 2 Weeks & then I understand the Animal Language

Jack: Oooookay? Anyways, now let's go visit the Sites of Rio

Amy: Ok, come on Sonic, this'll be fun

Sonic: Ok!


Axel:I give this Airport a 4/5!

Eva:The seats are a little close though.

Axel;*Begins to Blush*5/5!


Axel;No reason....

Amy: Hi Guys, come on let's go to the Sites of Rio, it'll be fun, come on


Sonic: Ok, let's go

Jack: Hey Bonnie, it's time to go see the Sites of Rio

Bonnie:Me and Mommy go visit Uncle First!

Jewel:See ya guysb later.

Amy: Bye!

Sonic: Uh Amy?

Amy: Yes Sonic?

Sonic: Did that bird just talked?

Amy: Don't worry Sonic, I know a lot about Talking Animals

Jack: Hey, we are Animals

Amy: Come on, let's go see the Sites of Rio

Jack & Sonic: Ok

(Amy, Jack & Sonic went off to see the City Sites)

Axel:I'am going with Bonnie

Eva:Me too.

Plasma & Kai:Wait up Sonic!


Tulio:*Sees Axel and Eva*WHAT AMAZING ANIMALS!

Blu: (Thought: What's he talking about?)

Tulio:This Hedgehog and Hedgehog Mongoose looking Hybrid.

Jack: Hi again, Amy told me I have to be with you guys, just in case


Tulio:*Feels Eva pulse and listens to Axel's Heart there looks at the two for a bit*Wow these to are a great young couple!

Eva:*Starts Blushing* *Sarcasticly*Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiight Axel.

Axel:*Blushing a swell*As if.

Jack: Ok then, come on guys, let's go meet up with Amy Rose & Sonic (goes to find Sonic & Amy Rose)

Axel:YA Good Idea.

Bonnie:Yeah! *Drops Buzz and Woody by accident in Blu and Jewel's back*

Jewel:Come on Blu we'll meet up with Linda and Tulio late *Flys off with Bag and Triplets*

Blu: Ok Jewel (flys off with Bag & Triplets also) Wait up!

(As everyone leaves, Woody & Buzz notices they are the only ones here)

Woody: BUZZ! Bonnie, she's gone! We're lost again!

Buzz:Oh not again!Don't worry we can tell the nice bird lady to put us down. EXCUSE ME Mrs...Jewel is it!

Jewel:AHHH Talking toys! *Drops back*


Woody: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! TALKING BIRD! AHHHHHHHHHH! Whao, whao, whao. We can explain, my name is Woody & this is my friend Buzz

Blu: (Notices Woody on his Back) What's going on Jewel?

Jewel:I think Bonnie's toys feel in our bag with..THE CHICKS! *Dives down to save them all)

Blu: Wait for me! (follows Jewel)

Woody: (Holding on to Blu) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Where are we going?

Buzz:*Holds to Babies*Hurry Blu help!

Blu: Ok! (dives down to save them all)

Just then Rocky & Musgy (From the Looney Tunes) watches the action

Rocky: You see that Musgy

Musgy: Yeah, I saw that Boss

Rocky: (Punches him in the Stomach) Shad up!

Musgy: What did I do boss?

Rocky: I said button your lip Musgy!

Musgy: Oh ok boss (buttons his lips together, litterally) (Mumbling) Hows this boss?

Rocky: These Blue Macaws worth a fortune, I say we capture them

Musgy: Yeah they worth a fortune

Rocky: (Punches Musgy in the stomach again, causing his button to come off of his mouth) Shad up!

Jewel:Oh no its those to goons again!

Blu: Wait, those aren't the Goons from before

Woody: They're not?

Blu: No, I don't reconised them at all

Jewel:I could have sworn...BLU SAV EBUZZ AND THE BABIES!

Blu: Got it, hold on Woody

Woody: Hold on to what?

Blu: (Dives down to save Buzz & the Babies) Quick Hop on, Buzz!

Buzz:*Hops on with Babies*

Jewel:*Holds Woody*

Woody: Guys, where are we going?

Rocky: Your not going anywhere, your now stuck!

Musgy: Yeah, we're not stuck

Rocky: (Punches him in the Stomach again) Shad up!


Rocky & Musgy: (puts Woody, Buzz, Blu, Jewel & the Babies inside the Cage & goes back to their hideout)

Rocky: Musgy, let's take the Senate route, heh heh heh


Amy: (Whistles) (Notices Rocky & Musgy) Oh my gosh! (goes after Rocky & Musgy)

Sonic: Amy, I'm back (notices that She is gone) Amy, where'd you go?



Jack: What?! How could you lose them? And where are Blu & Jewel gone?

Sonic: Not only Woody, Buzz, Blu & Jewel are gone, also Amy too!

Jack: Oh man, we need to delvelop a search party to find them. Stay calm please? Oh, where could they be?

Linda:Blu and Jewel must have left with Buzz and Woody to start making there home.

Sonic: And Amy must've gone looking for them, we must start a search party, good luck, everyone.

(As everyone starts searching for Woody & Buzz, let's see how Amy's going)


Amy: (Looks through the Window)

Rocky: Ok Musgy, go into the other room & hang them up in the Cage with the others

Musgy: Ok Boss (grabs the Cage with Blu, Jewel, Woody & Buzz inside, goes into the other room filled with captured birds & hangs them up) There you go

Rocky: Musgy, let's go

Musgy: Ok boss (Goes back to the Main Room)

Amy: (Sneaks into the Other Room)

Jewel:Where are the kids?

Amy: Oh dear, I must go save them (notices the Babies) Awww, your sooo cute, what's the matter?

Baby 1:*Points Tp The Direction of Kidnaps*

Amy: Oh yeah, we need to set your parents free, but first we need a Disguise, but what? Hmmm. I got it !


Rocky: (Hears a knock on the door) Go see who it is Musgy?

Musgy: Ok Boss (opens the Door to see Amy in a Pink Bird Disguise with the 3 Babies) Hey Boss, it's a Pink one

Rocky: Never seen these types of Birds before, go put them in the other room Musgy & put this one in a giant cage & let her have it

Musgy: Ok boss (Takes Amy & the 3 Baby Birds into the other room with all the Birds in the Cages) (Chuckles) (pulls a Gun out)

Amy: Ok, let me have it. Come come, you heard what the boss said, let me have it

Musgy: Ok, but uhh (gives the Gun to Amy)

Amy: That's better

(from the living room)


Musgy: (Comes back black covered) I let her have it boss, just like you said Ooooooooh (falls on Rocky)

Rocky: GET OFF! Looks like I better take of that Pink one myself !

Amy: Uh Oh! (unlocking the Cages, freeing the Birds & all of the Birds, even Blu, Jewel & the Babies are free, including Woody & Buzz)

Rocky: No! The birds are free, looks like the Pink is the only one left in here, I'll trap her myself !

Amy: (Goes out the Window)

Rocky: It's that Pink Hedgehog!

Musgy: How can you tell boss?

Rocky: Look! (points to Amy, we can see her Quills)

Musgy: Ohhhh

Rocky: She's getting away!

Rocky & Musgy: (Chases after Amy)

Amy: I wonder if I can fly when I'm wearing a Pink Bird Suit (Tries to fly, by flapping her Arms/Wings & she did it) Well, what do you know, I'm Flying!

Rocky & Musgy: (tries to catch her, but falls off a Cliff)


Rocky & Musgy: (Notices a lot of Police Cars surrounding Rocky & Musgy)

(The Police takes Rocky & Musgy)

Rocky: I wonder how'd they find us?

Musgy: But boss, but, but, but...

Rocky: (Punches Musgy & fighting Musgy)

(With Amy)

Amy: (still flying) That'll take of them for now. Now to find Woody, Buzz, Blu, Jewel & the Babies (flies off to find them & she founds them) Hey there!

Plasma:Hurry Amy Bonnie and her Mom have to get on the plane soon!

Amy: Right, come on Woody & Buzz (puts Woody & Buzz in her pockets) We're going home! (flies back down to the Airport)

Blu, Jewel & the Babies: (Waving Goodbye to Amy)

Amy: Bye


Amy: (Carries Woody & Buzz) Hey Bonnie, look who I've found (shows Bonnie, Woody & Buzz)

Bonnie:Thank you!

Amy: Your welcome

Jack: And where did you get Pink Bird Wings & a Pink Bird Tail?

Amy: It's the part of the Disguise, Blu & Jewel let me keep the Wings & Tails

Bonnie:Ok...Come on Mommy lets go home...

Sonic: By the way Amy, where have you been?

Amy: Well it's a long story, Sonic

Plasma:Well lets just get home...

Amy: Ok, let's go home

(Our Heroes goes inside the Plane & the plane takes off)

Blu & Jewel: (Watches them fly home in an Airplane)

Blu: Well Amy have saved every single bird & we've even made a statue of her Honour & Bravery

Jewel: Yeah, we'll never forget her for saving us, the babies & every single Bird of Rio

Blu: Yeah, I hope we meet again

(We can see a Giant Golden Statue of Amy Rose with her Bird Wings & Bird Tail on)

"That's All Folks"

(Before we end I got another episode Idea!)

The End