Jackie Wackie is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It was a Beautiful day & Kick Buttowski is hiding from Jackie

Kick Buttowski: I had enough of Jackie chasing me, it's time that I need some help, but who?

Just then Amy, Sonic, Owen, Duncun, Noah, Garfield , Ed, Edd & Eddy appears

Amy: So what do we do guys?

Edd: How about we walk in the Forest & Experience Nature

Eddy: This Stinks I'm bored

Ed: I forgot to wear Underwear guys

All: Eww

Kick Buttowski: Hmmm maybe they can help me (Takes them inside his House)

Noah: Hey, what's the big idea

Kick Buttowski: I need your help, but first wear my Costumes

Duncan: Fine

Owen: Do you got an Extra Large for me?

Kick Buttowski: (Facepalms)


Everyone is now in Kick Buttowski Costumes

Sonic: I don't know why we should wear these Costumes

Kick Buttowski: I want you to hold off Jackie because she is in love with me, Goodbye (Skates away)

Amy: What, wait, come back Kick Buttowski

Jackie: There you are Kick Buttowski, I will catch you with Love

Eddy: Run Guys

And Everyone did away from Jackie

Jackie: (Chases after them mistaken for Kick Buttowski)

Owen: Let's go in the Sewer

Amy: I don't like the Sewer, but ok let's go in\

All: (Went in the Sewers)

Duncan: Great Idea Owen

Garfield: Yeah

Owen: She'll never find us in here

Jackie: (Appears behind them) Hi guys

Owen: Or I could be wrong you know

All: (Gets out of the Sewers) Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Amy: How about in an Alley Way?

Eddy: Ok let's go

They all hide inside each Trash Can

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Hides in the Trash Can together)

Amy & Sonic: (Hides in the Trash Can together)

Owen: (Hides in the Dumpster) I'm too big to fit in the Trash Can

Duncan & Noah: (Hides in the Trash Can together)

Sonic: Is she gone?

????: No silly

They all turn to see Jackie hides in another Trash Can

Jackie: Doing the Can Can Dance, my beautiful Skater

All: (Gets out of the Alley Way)

Edd: What should we do now?

Ed: (Carries Edd & Eddy)

Edd: Oh thank you Ed

Ed: (Carries Sonic, Amy, Owen, Duncan, Noah & Garfield as well) Hang on guys (Goes into High Gear) I think I got it (Trips making him & the others fall to the Ground)


Ed: Oops

Garfield: Maybe in that Cave?

Sonic: Let's go in

All: (Went inside the Cave)

Everything is Dark, but you can see their Eyes

Owen: Hello?

Amy: Owen?

Sonic: Amy?

Edd: Sonic?

Eddy: Edd?

Ed: Eddy?

Duncan: Ed?

Noah: Duncan?

Gafield: Noah?

Owen: Garfield?

Duncan: Great, now we taking roll call, what should we do?

Jackie: You guys will love me

All: Jackie?!


Amy: What's that?

Garfield: Don't tell me that was Owen

Owen: Uh that's not me

Red tiny Eyes appears

Owen: I think you we're speaking about those are...BATS!

Everyone went out of the Cave screaming

All: (Stops at a DeadEnd)

Noah: Dead End

Sonic: (Spots Jackie) Bad

Jackie: (Cornered them at a Deadend) Aha I got you now

Amy: (Punches Jackie at the Head with her Piko Piko Hammer) She is driving me Crazy

All: (Takes off Kick Buttowski's Costumes)

Duncan: You saved our lives

Owen: That was Awesome, thanks Amy

Amy: Your Welcome

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private arrives

Skipper: What in the Hoo Haa is going on here?

Amy: Well it's a long story

Jackie: (Wakes up suffered with Amnesia, takes a look at Skipper, Kolwaski, Rico & Private) I love you

Rico: Yaa Oh

Private: What the?

Skipper: Kolwaski, Status report

Kolwaski: It looks like Jackie is suffering with Amnesia

Skipper: Alright, it's time for Operation...RUNAWAY !

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private: (Runs away from Jackie) Ahhhhhhhhhh

Jackie: (Went after the Penguins for Love)

Amy: I guess she has Penguin Love

"That's all Folks"

The End