Hedgie Resuce is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful day in Danville & Candace was going to Visit Jeremy again

Candace: I can't believe I'm going to visit Jeremy again (Screaming "Ahhh" Repeatedly)

Sonic: (Appears) What's with all the Screaming about?

Candace: I'm going to visit Jeremy

Sonic: I have no time for that, I've gotta stop the Evil Dr. Nathan from turning everyone into Cockeroachs, Bye (Leaves)

Candace: I don't know what's going on here, but all it matters is that I'm gonna visit Jeremy (Resumes Screaming "Ahhhh" Repeatedly)


Candace: Almost there just 5 more steps & then I'll be at the Front Door Step

????: (Bonks Candace with a Mallet)

Candace: Jeremy, is that you, good night (Knocked out)

????: (Drags Candace into his House)

Jeremy: (Opens his Door) Hello?

Sonic: (Appears in front of him) Excuse me, have you seen anyone been captured by Nathan

Jeremy: Uh No why?

????: (Evil Laughter)

Sonic & Jeremy:(Turned to see the Evil Dr. Nathan) Nathan?!

Nathan: That's right it's me, I shall Turn her into a Cockeroach (Went back inside with a Knocked Out Candace)

Jeremy: Candace!

Sonic: Hold it, I've got an Idea, here's what we gonna do (Whispers to Jeremy)


Candace: (Wakes up to see she is being Trapped on a Metal Handcuffs Platform with a Ray that Transform into a Cockeroach in front of here) What is going on here?

Nathan: (Evil Laughter) I Dr. Nathan shall turn you into a Cockeroach, not like last time that Pussy Cat foiled my Plan

Candace: You mean Garfield?

Nathan: Yes, but this time there would be no slip ups this time


Nathan: Ugh, Now what? (Went down stairs & opens the Front Door to see Jeremy in a Salesman Disguise with a Mostace) What do you want?

Jeremy: Good Afternoon, would you like to buy a Special Item like this? (Shows Nathan a Plunger made out of Dynimite)

Nathan: What is it?

Jeremy: It's a Firework Plunger, it's Sparkles & only $10

Nathan: Alright (Counts his Money)

While Nathan is Counting, Sonic went up the Ladder & through the Window & into the Attic

Sonic: Candace?

Candace: Well it's about time

Sonic: Shhhh (Trying to Break those Handcuffs from the Platform) Now hold still

(Meanwhile back downstairs)

Nathan: Here you go (Gives Jeremy $10)

Jeremy: (Gives Nathan a Firework Plunger) Thanks, have a nice day (Closes the Door)

Nathan: I wonder why it's called a Firework Plunger?


Nathan: I guess that's why (Growling) That's it, I'm going back to my Lair...(Goes back up to his Attic) I can turn her into a Cockeroach and....(Notices that Candace is gone) Where'd she go? And only 1 min left

Candace & Sonic: (Hides Under the Table)

Candace: Achoo

Nathan: Bless you

Candace: Thanks, I....Ahhhh

Nathan Founds them

Nathan: I'm gonna turn you into a....

Sonic: (Trapped Nathan's Hand on the Metal Handcuffs Platform causing Nathan to be Trapped) Gotcha

Nathan: No, Let go of me

Sonic: Sorry, but I'm saving Candace's Life (Carries Candace, Jumps through the Window & Out of the House)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


And 0.

The Ray turned Nathan into a Cockeroach...again

Nathan: Oh No, Not again


Sonic: Here's your Boyfriend, Candace

Candace: Jeremy (Hug Jeremy) You're Here!

Jeremy: Well, I Love my Girlfriend.

Candace: Ooh, I Love the sound of that.

Jeremy: Besides, I got a suprise for you.

Candace: Really, What?

Jeremy: This (Jeremy kiss Candace)

Sonic: It's About time.

Jeremy: C'mon Candace, we go on a date

Candace: Ok.

Candace and Jeremy walks in sunset

Sonic: (Watching Candace and Jeremy) Isn't that a cutest couple in the world (Winks at the Audience)

"That's all Folks"

The End