Hedgehog Fire is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day in the froest & Mr Krabs & Plankton are talking about their problems.

Plankton: I can't take it anymore, it's always the same thing, you win & I lose. Every day the same thing

Mr. Krabs: Your right, we need a vacation. Do you think we know....mess with Elmer Fudd?

Plankton: Yes, yes I would like that very much. But how?

Mr. Krabs: We'll mess with him by using Signs.

Plankton: Oh yeah, I'll go first (paints a Sign Green with Black letters) What do you think?

Mr. Krabs: Not bad Plankton, now here's mine (paints the sign Red with Light Blue Letters) Now what do you think of mine?

Plankton: (gasps) You really are a stinker aren't you?

Mr. Krabs: Am I? Thank you, or else I'm just a

Plankton: Come on, where do you think we're going?

'Mr. Krabs: Palm Springs?

Plankton: That'll do (hops on Mr. Krabs' Shoulder)

(So Mr. Krabs & Plankton goes out to Palm Springs for a vacation, leaving the Signs they made stuck to the Tree)



We see someone sneaking through the forest wielding a Hunter's Gun & it was Elmer Fudd, hunting for...

Elmer: (to Audience) Shhh, be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits & ducks. Hehehehehehehe.


Elmer: Oh who am I kidding, evewyday the same thing it's always wabbit season & duck season all over again, I need something diffewent, a new hunting season even. But what? (notices a Sign) Huh? What's this?

(The 4 Green Signs with Black Writing are stuck on a tree & each of them say "Are you hunting for something?", "Then how no fear", "Grab a Hunter's Gun" & "Cause it's Green Piraka Season")

Elmer: Oh boy, today is my wucky day! (Lucky Day). I finawy got something diffewent for the hunting season. It's Gween Piwaka Season. But how am I gonna find a Gween Piwaka for Gween Piwaka Season? (hears someone coming & hides in the bushes, getting ready to fire)

Zaktan: (walking down a Path in the forest) (sighs) What a day, 15 Battles & we've won 9 Times, but lost 6 times. (pants) The Piraka needs to take a break & I need one right now. (yawns) I'm so tierd I need a gun shot to wake me up (feeling sleepy)

(We hear a gun shot go off & bullet flys over Zaktan, waking him up)

Zaktan: (wakes up instantly) Huh? Ok, ok, I'm up! I don't mean litterally.

Elmer: (zips up to Zaktan, aiming his Rifle at him) Alwight your gween wascle...say your pwayers! (does his tradmark laugh) Hehehehehehehe!

Zaktan: Hold it right there, buster! Time out! (pushes the rifle away from himself) What's the big idea trying to blast me? I have a Zamor Sphere Launcher you know.

Elmer: Well, you see. I wanna new season since I'm bored of hunting wabbits & ducks, luckiwy, Today's Gween Piwaka Season and...

Zaktan: (is baffled & interrupts him) Hold on, you got the wrong season. This ain't Green Piraka Season you know (notices 4 Red Signs with Light Blue Writing) In fact...(turns Elmer to the signs) Take a look at these signs & you'll find out what season really is.

(The Red Signs with Light Blue Writing are stuck on a tree & each of them say "Are you tired of the same ol hunting season?", "Then don't worry", "Cause it's not Rabbit or Duck Season" & "It's Pink Hedgehog Season")

Elmer: Pink Hedgehog Season?

Zaktan: That's right, so what are you waiting for? Grab your shotgun, get your hunting instinct on & Go get those Pink Hedgehogs... (whispers) Especially the onem who is my rival.

Elmer: Okay, thank you anyway, gween Piwaka... sir... (sneaks away with his Hunter's Gun) Why do I hav' the feewing that something's scwewy is going on.

Zaktan: (chuckles) This is gonna be fun. (follows Elmer)


Amy: (relaxing on the grass) (sighs) It's so beautiful out here in the forest. I wonder what should I do first?

Elmer: (in the bushes, aiming his rifle at Amy, getting ready to fire)

Amy: (pouring a glass of tea) Maybe Sonic can visit here for my date. It's so peaceful, so beautiful, so far from harm & danger & so...


Amy: (dodges the bullet that has been fired by Elmer) Whao, I wonder why those pesky bugs are big & fast this time of year in September?

Elmer: (approaches to Amy, aiming his rifle at the back of her head)

Amy: (felt the rifle, in surprise) Eep!

Elmer: Gotcha you... you... you... southern fwied Hedgehog! (Does his trademark laugh) Normalwy I don't fire at women, but in this season, I'll make an exception!

Amy: (quickly suprise clonks Elmer on the noggin with her trademark Piko Piko Hammer & turns around to see Elmer) Hold it right there, Mac. What are you trying to do, get yourself in trouble with the law?

Elmer Fudd: (rubbing his head) What do you mean? It's Pink Hedgehog Season and...

Amy: Whoa whoa whoa, Pink Hedgehog Season? Whatever happen to...

Elmer Fudd: Don't ask. I want a new hunting season other than Wabbits & Ducks.

Amy: Then let me help you out with a tip. It's not Pink Hedgehog Season.

Elmer Fudd: (disappointed) It's not? I thought that Gween Piwaka told me that it's the wight season.

Amy: (getting an idea that Elmer's been had) Wait... No, you've been had by somebody I know. And judging by these signs, I have a very good hunch who it was.

Elmer Fudd: Then what season really is?

Amy: Easy, it's Green Piraka Season.

Zaktan: (jumps out from his hiding spot, blowing his top in anger like a train whistle) WHAT...?!

Amy: (giggles a bit) Well, Speak of the devil.

Zaktan: (Rushing over to Amy) What kind of sick joke is this? I've already explained to Mr. Hunter over here of the correct season! It is Pink Hedgehog Season.

Amy: Oh really? I saw those signs first & I know what season really is. And that's Green Piraka Season

Zaktan: How many times do I have to say it...?!

Elmer Fudd: (had seen it before, much to his dismay & counting down by fingers) (sadly) Thwee... Two... one...

Zaktan: It's Amy Season!

Amy: Zaktan Season.

Zaktan: Amy Season!

Amy: Zaktan Season.

Zaktan: Amy Season!

Amy: Zaktan Season.

Zaktan: (as Amy raised her eyelashes to the viewer) Amy Season!

Amy: (reversed the argument) Amy Season.

Zaktan: Zaktan Season!

Amy: Amy Season.

Zaktan: Zaktan Season!

Amy: Amy Season.

Zaktan: For the last time, it's Zaktan Season & I say FIRE!

(Elmer Fudd take the order & blasts Zaktan, causing his Piraka jaw to spin around his head very fast, until the spinning gets slower & slower & is halt, with his piraka jaw back attatched into his mouth.)

Zaktan: (breaking the silence) Ow....

Amy: (giggling) Your asked him to do it, so...

Zaktan: (goes up to Amy) Oh no you don't. Let's try this again.

"More Coming Soon"