Feral Fangz is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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(It was night time & Stormer, Furno, Surge, Breez, Bulk, Stringer, Evo, Nex & Rocka carries a crate with one of the dangerous animals, known as Fangz is transferred to the local zoo with extreme caution.)

Furno: Here's your dangerous animal

Zoo Keepers: (puts Fangz inside the Cage)

Rocka: In you go, little fella.

Surge: I wonder why he's in a cage?

Breez: Remember, we need to bring back Fangz for safety from Witch Doctor

Surge: Ohh, right

Zoo Keeper Leader: (To Pete) Inside this cage is one of the dangerous Animals in Planet Quatros. All you have to do is to Guard this Vicious Animal & whatever you do, do NOT open this lock. Any questions?

Pete Puma: Nope

Stormer: Come on, let's get back to Hero Factory

(The Hero Factory Heroes & Zoo Keepers leaves the Zoo with Pete Puma guarding Fangz)

Pete Puma: (looks at the Lock, then the Truck with the Zoo Keepers inside, then the lock again, then the truck again, then the lock for the 3rd time & finally the Truck) (chases after the Truck while holding the Lock) Hey mister, you forgot your lock!

Fangz: (opens the Cage with his Brute Strength & he is free from his Cage, he is now set loose on the city)


(At Amy's House)

Amy: (wakes up) (yawns) Good morning! (puts on her Pink Dressing Gown that initionals "A R" [stands for Amy Rose]) (brushes her Teeth & her teeth are sparkling white)

(At the Golden School, in Fuchsia and Blaze's dorm)

Fuchsia:*sitting in front of the TV watching Azumanga Daiho*

Blaze:*in the shower*

(TV changes to News)

News Man: We interupt this program for a Special News Blast! This just in, we have reports that a Dangerous Animal escapes from the Zoo & this Dangerous Animal is called Fangz! If you ever seen this Dangerous Animal contact the Zoo immedietly!

(Fangz Crashes through the News Studio & the Screen turns static)

Fuchsia: Oh my gosh! Blaze! Come see this!

Blaze: Im in the shower!

(The Screen changes back to News)

News Man: (recovering from the damage from the News) Like I was keep telling everyone, a dangerous animal is on the Loose, let's go live to Perch Perkins for this interview live on the Scene

Fuchsia: Oh my gosh! That was insane!

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here with the leader of the Alpha Team, Preston Stormer. Tell me Mr. Stormer, how did Fangz manage to escape from the Zoo?

Stormer: Well, all we found is this lock that's been unlocked (shows the Lock that is unlocked) And also there's a rampage in the Zoo, causing the Other Animals to escape from Fangz

Citizen #1: Hey, I got attacked by that Dangerous Animal, after that attack from that beast, I feel off-balance (falls over) Whao!

Stormer: But don't worry, we'll find that Beast in no time

Perch Perkins: Well you heard it here folks, a Dangerous Animal is on the loose terrorising the town, back to you

Fuchsia: Dang! I wonder were they found an animal like that in the first place.

News Man: Well you heard it here folks, a Dangerous Animal from the Planet Quatros is on the loose. I repeat it is on the loose! (runs off screaming)

(The TV changes into Static again)

Blaze:*comes out of the shower* Now what did you want me to see?


Amy: (appears in the front door in her Normal Outfit) (knocks on the Door)

Blaze:*answers the door wearing only a towel* Yes?

Amy: I just came here to visit you. How things are going?

Blaze: Things are going great!

Fuchsia: There was a crazy animal on TV.

Amy: Huh? A Crazy Animal? What kind?

Blaze: She was probaly just watching one of her anime DVDs

Fuchsia: No, it was on the news.

Amy: I'm getting confused here. Anyways, have you got your newspaper from the Front Door?

Blaze: News Paper?

Amy: Yeah, every morning the Newspaper Delivery Guy, delivers Newspaper by leaving them on the Welcome Rug.

Blaze: This is a school, and we are in dorms.

Amy: Oh right, sorry. I thought this was your home.

(Fangz comes up to the Front Door)'

Amy: (notices Fangz is at the Front Door outside) Hey girls, there's someone to see us

Blaze: Its probaly just the devils pulling another prank again.

Amy: (opens the door to find Fangz) Hey guys, guess what I found

Fuchsia: Oh my gosh!

Blaze: What the heck is that!

Amy: (points to Fangz) It's a dog

Fangz: (growling)

Amy: Awww, are you lost or something? (To Fuchsia & Blaze) Maybe he belongs to one of our neighbours

Blaze: I dont think so.

Amy: Ok Then I guess we should keep it

Fangz: (Growls at Blaze & Fuchsia)

Fuchsia: What? Pets arent allowed at this shcool!

Blaze: Well, exept for our chao.

Amy: Then come on Fuchsia & Blaze, let's go see if this dog belongs to one of our neighbours

Fuchsia: Ok!


(Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze with Fangz goes up to Granny's House)

Amy: (knocks on the Door)

Granny: (opens the door) Oh, hello

Amy: Hi there, did you lose a Pet? (points to Fangz)

Granny: Lose a bet? Well I don't gamble

Amy: No, no. A Pet

Fangz: (about to eat Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze, until he spots Slyvester & Tweety)

Amy: Did you lose your dog?

Granny: (chuckles) Yes, I've been looking everything for my Clog

Fangz: (goes through Granny's Legs & into the House)

Fuchsia: Oh my Gosh!

Amy: Never mind about that, I hope Granny can get a Hearing Maid for her check-up

Granny: Cheering Maid, what's a cheering maid?

Amy: (sighs) Ok I'll tell you what a cheering maid is

(While Amy talks to Granny about Cheering Maids, Slyvester is closing in to eat Tweety)

Tweety: (spots Fangz behind Slyvester) I tawt, I taw a Fangz!

Slyvester: (grabs Tweety) Nice try bird (about to Eat Tweety)

Fangz: (about to eat Slyvester)

Tweety: I did, I did taw a Fangz!

Slyvester: (notices Fangz)

Fangz: (tries to bite Slyvester, but he dodges his bites)

Tweety & Slyvester makes a run for it in the house while Fangz is gaining on both of them, causing descrution inside of the house)

Tweety: (flies up through the Chimmey while carrying Slyvester who is holding onto Tweety's Legs)

Fangz: (goes up through the Chimmey & jumps out of it & lands next to Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze)

Fuchsia: Waaaaaaaaaah!

Amy: Sorry about that, did you lose your Dog or not?

Granny: Have I learned the Fox Trot, oh yes (doing the Fox Trot)

Amy: Blaze & Fuchsia, I got a great idea, maybe we can keep him as a pet

Blaze: Are you crazy?

Amy: What do you mean "Crazy"?

Blaze: Thats a wild animal.

Amy; A Wild Animal? Come on, he's a dog. Look at him playing with a Pussy Cat & a cute yellow bird. I'm gonna call him "Saber Tooth"

Fuchsia: That thing is dangerous!

Amy: Yeah, dangerously awesome! Come on guys, I gotta show my new dog to my boyfriend, Sonic

Blaze: *facepalm*


(At Sonic's House)

Sonic: (running on the Treadmil)


Sonic: (turns off the Treadmil) Hmm? I wonder who that could be? (opens the door to see Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze with Fangz) Oh hi Girls. Who's that with you? (points to Fangz)

Amy: This is my new dog, Saber Tooth. Say hello, boy

Fangz: (barks)

Sonic: Wow, no wonder he's called Saber Tooth, he has lots of Sharp Teeth

Blaze: Yeah.

Amy: Do you 3 mind watching Saber Tooth while I get him some Dog Food?

Sonic: Sure, we can watch him

Blaze: Good luck with that.

Amy: Goodbye you 3, I'll be back with the Dog Food. Say he also needs a Dog Bowl, a Dog Collor, a Dog Bed & a Dog House as well (hops on her Pink Cabriolet & drives off to the Store)

Fuchsia: What is wrong with her?

Sonic: What do you mean? Amy has a new dog. Anyways, let's watch him Amy's Dog while she's gone. I'll go watch something on TV (sits on the couch & watchs TV) Fuchsia & Blaze, would you like to join me on watching TV with me?

Blaze: Uh...... we've got some angel thing to do.

Fuchsia: We do?

Sonic: Ok, suit yourself

Fangz: (stands in front of Sonic)

Sonic: (can't see the TV because Fangz is in the way) Uh excuse me, but your in the way. Please move out of the way

Fangz: (eats up an Entire Couch & Sonic get off before Fangz eats the Couch)

Sonic: Whao! Your a very big eater. Easy, boy, easy. Sorry if the big eater remark came off a little harsh. I meant it as a compliment. Y-you know, like, "Look at that filthy beast. I like to party with that guy!"

Fangz: (growls even more and keeps walking to him ferociously)

Sonic: Oh, come on. You don't want to hurt me. I'm a sweet guy. (laughs)Not "sweet" as in "delicious". Just sweet as in my personality. (laughs as Fangz comes closer to Sonic, Fuchsia & Blaze) Everyone who knows me I'm extremely tender. I mean, uh you know, uh "tender-nice"? Heh-heh. Not like my meat is tender, although Hedgehog meat is one of your more tender meats. Oh man! I said too much!

Fangz: (growls and tries to bite Sonic & the 2 Angels, who runs off & starts to chase all 3 in the House)

Angels: Waaaaaah!

Sonic: Don't worry Girls (carries Fuchsia & Blaze, bridal Style) I gotcha (runs off while Fangz chases all 3 of them inside the House) Quick inside the Closet (zooms inside the Closet with the Angels & closes the closet door) Don't worry, you'll be safe in here.

Blaze: Thank goodness

Sonic: I think he's gone for now. I betta go out & check, so stay in here till I get back ok?

Fuchsia: I wouldnt.

Sonic: Don't worry girls. I'll be back. Blaze make sure Fuchsia is ok, ok?

Blaze: Ok.

Sonic: Good (goes outside of the Closet & looks around)

(Sonic felt some drool on his head)

Sonic: Huh? (looks up to see Fangz hanging on the Cealing) Wow, cool trick

Fangz: (lands on the Floor & growls at Sonic)

Sonic: Oh I see, you wanna play tag huh? Ok then (tags Fangz) TAG! Your it!

Fangz: (Chases Sonic around the House)

Sonic: (wasn't feel scared of Fangz) Come on, you can't catch me. I'm the fastest Hedgehog alive!

Amy: (Drives back into Sonic's Garage & turns off her Pink Cabriolet & hops off) Hi Sonic, I'm back!

Sonic: (stops) Oh Hi Amy

Amy: Where's Saber Tooth?

Sonic: He's at the Backyard

Amy: Oh thank goodness, thanks Sonic (kisses Sonic at the Cheek)

(Amy & Sonic goes inside the house to find a big mess inside the house)

Amy: (Gasps) Sonic, what happened here?

Sonic: Well Saber Tooth & I are playing tag & well, Saber Tooth maybe kinda made a big mess

Amy: Where are the Angels?

Sonic: Inside the Closet

Amy & Sonic: (goes to the Closet & opens the Door)

Amy: Hi Angels

Blaze: Hi Amy.

Fuchsia: >:(

Amy: Is something wrong Fuchsia?

Fuchsia: You!

Amy: Me?

Fuchsia: How in the......*Blaze covers her mouth*

Blaze: Ha ha, my sister's just being wierd.

Amy: (sighs) I'm sorry, I didn't know Saber Tooth is acted like a Wild Dog

Sonic: I wish there's something we can do

Fangz: (charges at Sonic)

Sonic: (holds up 2 of his finger from his left hand & taps Fangz with them making him calm)

Fangz: (feels calm & his eyes stops glowing)

Sonic: There

Amy: Wow! How did you do that Sonic?

Blaze: Yeah!

Sonic: It's a good thing I have learn to become an Alpha Dog (to Fangz) Sit

Fangz: (sits down)

Sonic: See, he's calm. That's why he knows that I'm not afraid of him (to Fangz) Down

Fangz: (gets down)

Sonic: Roll over

Fangz: (rolls over)

Sonic: You gotta train yourselves to become an Alpha Dog

Amy: Ok


Sonic: Remember this technique works on dogs. Speaking of which, I betta be going to help Tails & Knuckles stop Eggman again, see ya (zooms out of the house in high speed)

Amy: I guess we betta train ourselves to become Alpha Dogs, as in Dog Whisperers

Blaze: Um........ me and Fuchsia are cats.

Amy: Then don't worry, I'll tame Saber Tooth for you girls (grabs a Black Collar) Ok Saber Tooth, time to put on your new collar

(Amy was about to put the Collar on Fangz, but Fangz growls at Amy when his Eyes starts glowing again)

Amy: (holds up 2 fingers of her Left Hand & taps him)

Fangz: (turns calm again & his eyes stops glowing)

Amy: Good boy (puts the Collar on Fangz & locks the Leash on Fangz' Collar) Come on Girls, it's time to take Fangz to the Dog Park

Blaze:*sigh* If you say so.

Amy: Oh Thank you, I hope we have lots of fun at the Dog Park. Come on Girls, let's go


(No Diologue)

(The 3 Girls arrived at the Dog Park & Amy is very excited)

(Fangz' eyes glows red & bites one of the Dogs, but Amy stops him by doing the same technique to calm Fangz Down & he lets the dog go)

(Fangz bites again, but Amy stops him again by doing the same technique to calm him down)

(Every time in a Cycle there's Fangz Biting, Amy's Alpha Dog Technique & Fangz calming down, it happens all over again)

(Until Fangz relieasing that instead of biting the dog, he plays with the other Dog, much to Amy's Delight)

(Fangz is finally Tamed thanks to Amy's Alpha Dog Technique)

Amy & Fangz: (hugs each other)


Amy: (notices Blaze) Are you ok, Blaze?


Amy: Oh ok then. (looks around) Where's Fuchsia?

Blaze: Hmm...........

Amy: Fuchsia, where are you?

Blaze: I wonder were she could be.

Amy: (notices Fuchsia hanging onto a tree) There she is. Hey there, what are you doing up in a tree?

Fuchsia: Im a cat stuck in a tree!

Amy: (sighs) Don't worry about Fangz, I've already tame him to be a good dog. You can come down now


Amy: Uh Blaze, is Fuchsia gonna be ok?

Blaze: I have no idea, she's so wierd.

Amy: (sighs)


(Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze arrived at the Dog Salon)

Amy: Oh Fangz, you've become such a good boy today. (pets Fangz gently) You deserve a lot of pampering (goes inside with Fangz) Fuchsia & Blaze, would you like to stay outside & wait for me & Saber-Tooth to come out?

Blaze: Sure.

Amy: Thanks

(Amy & Fangz went inside the Dog Salon together)

Pete Puma: (appears with Posters) (shows a Poster to Blaze & Fuchsia) Have you seen this animal? He's very dangerous

(The Poster has a picture of Fangz below the words "DANGER" & above the words that says "A Fangz is the one of the most dangerous animals in all of Planet Quatros, he is also a savage killer to all animals including Mobians on Mobius")

Pete Puma: If you see him, contact the zoo immediately. Goodbye (leaves)

Blaze: Oh.....

Fuchsia: My........

Together: *shout* GOSH!!!!!!

(With Amy & Fangz)

Amy: (walks up to the Counter with Fangz) Hi there, I'm here to give Saber Tooth for some pampering

Dog Salon Manager (Female): I'm sorry, but we're very busy here. Every Dog is getting ready for the Dog Show

Amy: Wow, I would like my dog to be in the Dog Show

Dog Salon Manager: Of course you can enter the dog show with your...(notices Fangz) What is that?

Amy: This is my dog, Saber-Tooth

Dog Salon Manager: (chuckles) Don't wanna bother you on anything, but that's not a dog

Amy: Oh come on, I've tamed him to become a very polite dog

(When Amy keeps on talking, Fangz wants to greet the Dogs, but they we're too scared of Fangz, some of the dogs accidently slips on the Soap & the trolley is been pushed by accident, causing the lights to be blown)

Amy: And don't forget he's the nicest dog I've ever had, he is very polite, gentle & handsome now thanks to my taming skills

(She didn't notice the Descrution of the Dog Salon keeps on going)

Amy: And I hope my doggy can win the Dog Show. And by the way, Saber-Tooth remembers to brush his teeth. Goodbye now. Come on Saber-Tooth, let's go to the dog show to sign you up

(Amy & Fangz went outside)

Pete Puma: (appears & notices Fangz) Ohh what a cute doggie. How did you get a dog like this one. I've never seen such a cute dog (looks at the same poster that he gives to Fuchsia & Blaze, then he looks at Fangz, then the Poster again, then Fangz again, then the Poster again for the 3rd time & finally Fangz, but he's too stupid to remember that "Saber-Tooth" is a Fangz) Well, I can't think of anything else now. See ya (leaves)

Amy: Bye! Come on Saber-Tooth, let's go to the Dog Show

(Amy goes to the Dog Show with Fangz)

Blaze:*flying above the city* Where could she be?

Fuchsia: Why should we look for Amy *pouting* I dont like her!

Blaze: I doesnt matter wheather or not you like her, we need to make sure she's safe.


(At the Dog Show)

Amy: Here we are Saber-Tooth, come on let's go

Fangz: (barks happily)

Spongebob: Welcome everyone to the Dog Show

Patrick: It's a big day today.

Spongebob Yeah & every dog are ready to play.

Patrick: Yeah, this'll be a blast

Amy: Ok Saber-Tooth. Here we go

(Amy & Fangz enter the Arena)

(With Fuchsia & Blaze)

Fuchsia: I wanna go back to the Golden School, and watch Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Blaze: You can wacth your anime AFTER we find Amy.

Spongebob: (on Loudspeaker) And next up in the dog show, we have...Amy Rose & her Dog: Saber-Tooth

Blaze: There she is, come on Fuchsia *flies to the arena*

Amy: Hi Blaze & Fuchsia. (waves at Blaze & Fuchsia)

Blaze: Amy!

Amy: Me & Saber-Tooth are up next

Blaze: Amy, look at this! Hineko!

Hineko: Chao! *opens up a holographic projection of the poster with Fangz on it*

Amy: What's this? (reading) "A Fangz is the one of the most dangerous animals in all of Planet Quatros, he is also a savage killer to all animals including...(gulps) Mobians on Mobius?"

Spongebob: Patrick, what should we do?

Patrick: I don't know but...WILD ANIMAL!!

Spongebob: AHHHH! RUN AWAY!

(Everyone runs away except for Amy, Fangz, Blaze, Fuchsia, Spongebob & Patrick)

Amy: So Saber-Tooth is acculty a Wild Animal & his real name is Fangz?

Fuchsia and Blaze: Yes!

Amy: I didn't know that he's a Wild Animal. I'm sorry Girls, can you ever forgive me? (hugs Blaze & Fuchsia)

Blaze: We forgive you

Amy: Aww thank you girls.

Spongebob: Wow, I thought Saber-Tooth was a dog, but I guess not

Patrick: Then what should we do about the S.W.A.T. Team, that I've called

Amy: S.W.A.T. Team?!

Fangz: (whines like a dog)

Patrick: Oops

Spongebob: (notices the S.W.A.T. Team bursting through the doors) They're coming! Hide!

(Everyone hides under the Bleacher Seats Stands from the S.W.A.T. Team)

Amy: I must return Saber Tooth to his home planet called Quatros. Spongebob, Patrick? We need your help as well

Spongebob: Ok so what do you think Patrick & I can do

Amy: Wear this (gives Spongebob & Patrick an ACME Fangz Costume) Distract the S.W.A.T. Team while the girls & I get Fangz outta there (Puts the Green Coat with a hood on Fangz)

Spongebob & Patrick: Got it

Fuchsia: What are there gonna do?

Amy: These two are gonna disguise themselves as my dog. Good luck you two.

Spongebob & Patrick: (puts on the Fangz Costume together & comes out) RWAH!

Swat Soldier #1: There it is!

Spongebob & Patrick: RWAH!

Swat Soldier #2: Get him!

(The S.W.A.T. Team chases Spongebob & Patrick, mistaken them as Fangz)

(Meanwhile Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze escapes from the building)

Amy: Phew, that was close.

Fuchsia: Yeah, i think we lost them.

Swat Guard: Excuse me, but you should get your child back home. (points to a Disguised Fangz)

Amy: Yes, that's exactly what we're planning on doing

(Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze leaves with Fangz)

Amy: Let's take Saber-Tooth back home to Planet Quatroz.

Blaze: How are we gonna do that?

Amy: By using a Space-Ship.

Blaze: Oh.

Amy: (points to a Space Ship) I asked Boggy B that we can borrow his space ship & he said "Yes". Let's go

Fangz: (panting happily) (barks happily)

Fuchsia: Ok

(Amy, Fangz, Fuchsia & Blaze goes inside the Space Ship & takes off into Outer Space)


(In Planet Quatros)

(They arrived at Fangz' Home planet & they landed their space ship)

Amy: We're here.

Blaze and Fuchsia: Wow!

Amy: It's the Jungle Planet.

Fangz: (runs outside of the Space, panting happily)

Amy: (goes outside) Well Fangz, I guess this is goodbye

Fangz: (licks Amy)

Amy: (giggles) That tickles Fangz. I guess that's your real name. But I always call you Saber-Tooth. Goodbye (goes back in the Spaceship)

Fangz: (gets confused & then feels sad when Amy heads back inside the spaceship)

Amy: Fuchsia & Blaze, I'm ready. We're going home!

Fuchsia and Blaze: Ok!

(Amy, Fuchsia & Blaze takes off in their Space ship, leaving Planet Quatros)