Escape from a haunted House is an Episode From Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Dark & Cloudy day & Sonic, Tails, Garfield & Odie are walking to a Haunted House

Tails: Sonic, are you sure we can do this?

Sonic: Relax little Buddy, There's no telling what will do

Garfield: And I thought I visit a Haunted House a second time

Odie: (Barks)

They knocked on the door to see a Waiter

Waiter: Greetings, you must be Sonic Hedgehog & Tails, Welcome to the house of Anjelous, please come right in

And they did & they are at the Living Room

Waiter: You are here for a Contest, to see who can stay in this house the Longest & win his Fortune

Garfield: Well leave everythig to a Cat

Waiter: Well Anjelous has Pass away & leaving his Fortune, well between you & me, I'm not staying in his Haunted House for a Millon Dollors (Screams & Leaves the Haunted House)

Tails: Oh Dear

Sonic: It's not that Scary

Tails: I guess we are sleeping in this Haunted House

Sonic: Well It's not like it's Stormy with lighting & thuder


Sonic: Or I could be wrong you know

Tails: I'll be in with Odie

Sonic: That means I'll be with Garfield

Sonic, Tails went to their Rooms Together with Garfield & Odie

Sonic: Garfield, we have a Bed, TV, what more can we want

Garfield: I want to eat

Sonic: Oh right, how about you get some Food down at the Kitchen

Garfield: (Went down the Hallway) I think I'm getting Scared


Tails: (Blocks the Doorway) There we go Odie, now No Monsters will get it

But a Ghost Skeleton is right behind him

Ghost Skeleton: Yes, Now no one will get out

Tails: AHHHHH (Moves the Furniture away from the Door)

Tails & Odie: (Running) AHHHHH

Garfield: What's that? (Spots some Mice) Hey, I like Mice because I don't eat them, Hey Guys, could you please show me the way to the Kitchen?

The Mice are only Bats

Garfield: Those aren't Mice, their Bats (Running) Ahhhhhhhhhh

Tails, Odie & Garfield running through Door to Door

Sonic: Odie, is that you? (Opens the Door to see a FrakenStein) Ahhhh (Closes the door) Odie? (Opens another door to see another Frakenstein) Ahhhhh (Closes another Door) Odie? (Opens another door to see another Frakenstein) Ahhhh (Closes the Door) Ahhhhhhhh Again (Running through Door to Door)

Everyone is running Door to Door

Garfield: I got an Idea

The Bat stoped to see Garfield in a Vampire Cape

Garfield: (Puts his Voice into it) If you are looking for that Handsome Pussy Cat, he went That a way

The Bats go through of the Chimmney & out of the House

Garfield: Phew that was close

Odie: (Bumps into Garfield)

Garfield: Odie what are you running from?

The Ghost Skeleton appears in front of them

Garfield: You know Odie, That's a very good thing to run from, watch how I do it (Runs & Screaming)

Odie: (Follows Garfield)

Ghost Skeleton: (Chases Garfield & Odie)

Sonic: Man that is really Scary

Tails: (founds Sonic) Sonic!

Sonic: Tails!

They are about to hug each other until 4 Frankenstein coming right after them

Sonic & Tails: Ahhhhhhh (Runinng)

Garfield: We have gotta do some thing, I got it

Ghost Skeleton: Hahahahahahaha

Garfield & Odie dressed as a Ghost

Garfield: I'm a Evil spooky Ghost, I'm going to get you

but the Blanket got caught in the Hook revealing Garfield & Odie

Garfield: Why aren't you Scared? (Sees a Blanket hanging on a Hook) Whoopsie Doopsie, I'm a Naked Ghost

Garfield & Odie ran away again

Sonic: Garfield,Odie

Tails: We gotta do something

Garfield is thinking until he saw a Knight doing what he does

Garfield: I think I got it

Ghost Skeleton: Nowhere to run, No way out

Garfield Marches in & Pretends to Punch

The Knight does the Same thing, but this time he Punches the Ghost Skeleton sending him flying & Crash into the Frankensteins

Sonic: Whao

The Frakensteins are just Robots

Garfield: I've figured out Guys, the Frakensteins are just Robots all except for this guy, who is the guy behind it all who wanted to get Anjelous' Fortune, I've leared that by watching Cartoons & now for the Unmasking, I bet is that Lawyar Guy

Sonic: Or maybe it could be Dr. Eggman

Garfield & Sonic unmasked the Ghost to see it's a Waiter, but it was really....

All: Anjelous the Vamphog?!

Tails: We thought you are gone

Anjelous: Fooled you haven't I (Cackling)

Sonic: So who won?

Anjelous: Niether of you, because your too Cowardly

Garfield: I told you Leave everything to a Cat

Anjelous: See you later (Cackling) You should seen the look on your Face

Garfield: Watch this (Pretends to Kick)

The Knight does the Same thing, but this time he kick Anjelous up & onto the Chandeller

Garfield: I said it before & I said it again, Leave everything to a Cat

"That's All Folks"

The End