Dr. Blowhole Attack is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It's a Beautiful day in Station Square, Tails is walking

Tails: Ah, what a beautiful day, I'm gonna check out Sonic, what are he doing?

(Perry the Platipus appear)

Tails: Oh, isn't that Agent P, so what's the next mission.

(Perry give Tails a Note that say: Hey Perry and Tails, i need a talk with both of you. Kowalski, Skipper, Private, Rico)

Tails: So, we gonna go to Penguins' lair

Perry: (nod yes)

Thy go to Penguins' Lair.


Meanwhile, at the Penguins' Lair

Skipper: Ok, Our Nemesis, Dr. Blowhole, it's up to no good

Tails: But, he is a Dolphin.

Skipper: Of, Course he is a Dolphin, but he is a Mad Science

Tails: Ok, we gonna defeat that Evil Dolphin.

Rico: Yep

Skipper: Alright Men, prepare for Operation: Fox Flight

Darkstorm: May I join (In old yautjan armor)

Skipper: Sorry, This Mission is Classified for Penguins, Tails & Perry the Platapus only

Darkstorm:(Extends wrist blade) YOUR FUNERAL (gets on his speeder bike to go after Blowhole)

Skipper: Looks like we got a Maniac, but anyways lets go defeat Blowhole


Yautjan Troops:*Follows Skipper*

Skipper: Only a Few People can do this Mission alone

Tails: Why are you going after Blowhole, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Classified, Troopers Iniciate formation Delta, Omega, Foxtrought and Alpha, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

Skipper: Wait they are covered with...

The Nets Trapped the Yautjan Troops & Darkstorm

Skipper:...Booby Traps

Darkstorm: Open Fire

Yautjan Troops:Krenkovasqez tonahjk

Darkstorm: You little, the reason why I am here is to get back a file on every high tech Nitiz class ship.


Skipper: We had no time for this, Rico

Rico: (Pulls out his Rocket Launcher & fires, but no Aumo) Uh Oh

Skipper: Shoot Out of Aumo

Darkstorm:(Tosses Skipper a plasma pistole) Take it I have a million of them.

Skipper: Oh Ok, it's time to go...



Darkstorm: Troopers, Take Alpha and Delta routes, Skipper takes point.

Skipper: I go Solo (Goes to Point)

Private: But your forgetting the Penguin Creeto

Tails: Never Swim Alone

Kolwaski: We're in this Together

Darkstorm: (Loads Tranquilizer) They're Skipper and hardly agree with anyone.

Blowhole: Looking for this (Fires Tranquilizer at Darkstorm & the Troopers except for the Penguins, Tails & Perry)

They are so Sleepy

Skipper: Blowhole I shoul've know you were Behind this by making the World Pure Blue of Global Warming

Blowhole: Ahhh Skipper, I think it's time to recreate the....(Activates Voice Sounder)

Voice: Ring of Fire

Blowhole: So I'll be taken over the World, to kiss your Sister

Skipper: I don't have a Sister, but if I did I'll smack you right at the Face

Blowhole: Wait, then who did I kiss?

Perry: (Kicks Blowhole at the Face)

Blowhole: Did not see that coming

Tails: (Spots a Postion) Mmm Drink time (Drinks the Jekyll & Hyde Drink & turns into a Hyde Tails, He grows 2x Larger & his fur is all messed up) Grrrrrrrrrrr

Blowhole: Did not see that coming either

Tails: (Chases Blowhole)

Blowhole: (Runs away) That's it, its time to activate the...

Voice: Ring of Fire

Blowhole: (Presses the Trigger, but it didn't go off) What the? But How?

Rico: (Swings the Plug around) (Points at the Trigger to see that he is in the Ring of TNT & the Trigger connects to it)

Blowhole: Oh Poopy


Blowhole: Ow (Sees Tails still in his Hyde Form) Ahhh, Help he's a killer help, save me ah ah ah, save me he's a Killer HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLP (Runs through a Wall & Runs away)

Skipper: Kolwaski, Status

Kolwaski: He must've been scared of a Hyde form of Tails, he must've drank the Jekyll & Hyde Postion & ended up with Blowhole as a Coward

Private: (Sighs) That's Shameful

Tails: (Turns back to Normal) Yeah Shameful

Darkstorm:(Groans) *Coughs*

"That's All Folks"

The End