Downtown Search is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes only with Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100), Rapid the Hedgehog & Charlie Dog.

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It was a beautiful day in Downtown & Charlie Dog is still looking for his new master

Charlie Dog: (Searching for his New Master) I'm still looking for someone to be my New Master, but how am I gonna find a new master?

Rapid: Where is he? *looking around*

Charlie Dog: Finally, a new master (TO Rapid) Hello, I'm your new Master

Rapid: I don't need a master. I'm my own master.

Charlie Dog: Well how did you like that, I said it the Other way around (TO Rapid) Excuse me, what I meant to say is that your my new master

Rapid: Alright, so I'm your master.

Charlie Dog: (Hops on to Rapid's Arms) Take me home please?

Rapid: Uh...okay then. *starts walking home*


(In Rapid's House)

Charlie Dog: Wow, nice place you got here, how about a song, I'll sing it for you (Grabs his Bango & sings "The Yankee Doodle" Song while playing the Bango very badly)

Rapid: *covers ears*

Jack: (Enters the House) Rapid, would you stop that Noise, I'm trying to get some sleep in my Hammock

Rapid: That wasn't me! It was my dog! *points at Charlie Dog*

Jack: Oh No, Charlie Dog, (Grabs the Bango away from Charlie Dog) What do you have to say for yourself

Charlie Dog: How about some Yankee Pot Roast

Jack: (TO Rapid) Do you know who Charlie Dog is?

Rapid: No...

Jack: Charlie Dog is looking for his Master & no one wants to keeps him because Charlie Dog is driving them nuts, he even made them a nervous Wreck, like this (Pulls his tounge back & forth & his quills goes upwards & Downwards & his ear strected up & down & then he stops) Excuse me, if I had to do that, but don't let him make you a nernous wreck, please?

Rapid: *nods then puts Charlie Dog in a soundproof box*

Charlie Dog: Hey what's going on here? I want to get out of here

Jack: Oops, forgot to hit Mute (turns the sound down to mute)

Charlie Dog: Maste...(Muted)

Jack: Ahh much better

(Inside the Dome)

Charlie Dog: I don't know what's going on here, but say your prayers Chowderheads, cause here I come (Notices a Magic Wand) Wow a Baton, I always wanted to be a Conductor (Gets ready to conduct the music & the magic is connected to Jack & Rapid)

(Outside the Dome)

Jack: What's going on here? (Notices Charlie Dog with a Magic Wand) Isn't that Patricia's Magic Wand?

Rapid: Who is Patricia?

Jack: Patricia is a Female Skunk & one of the members of the Witch Sisters

Rapid: ...Oh.

Jack: Brace yourself

Charlie Dog: (Waving Patricia's Magic Wand like he is a Conducter, but it made Jack & Rapid go flying everywhere, The Bookself, the sofa, spinning them around in a circle & finally he made them fly up to the Chandeller, making a firework display & both Jack & Rapid both fell to the Ground)

Rapid: *sofa on top of him* I think I broke my face...

Charlie Dog: (Accidently made the Dome dissapear with Patricia's Magic Wand) Hello Master, what do you think of my conducting skills?

Rapid: If almost killing me means you're a great conductor, then you are...

Charlie Dog: Thank you

Jack: Oh Charlie

Charlie: Yes

Jack: (Whispers to Rapid) I got an Idea, ok listen (Whispers) got it?

Rapid: ...*whispers* I didn't hear a word you said.

Jack: Just watch & learn, I know how to get rid of Charlie Dog by sending him off to (Whispers) Watch (To Charlie Dog) Excuse me, how would you like to wear a Tuxedo?

Charlie Dog: A Tuxedo? Wow, that's nice, (Stands still) Ok I'mk ready

Jack: Ok (Wraps Brown Package Paper around him & puts a Stamp that says "To Sibera") There

Rapid: Oh! Cool! *takes Charlie Dog to the post office and they ship him to Sibera* Done. If he gets back here somehow, I wil explode.

Jack: Yeah


(5 minutes later at Rapid's House)


Jack: I'll get it (Opens the Door to see Charlie Dog again, but this time, he's wearing a Costume from Sibera)

Charlie Dog: (Siberian Accent) How do you do? All the Singing & Dancing are Magnificent (Kisses 3 times) (does the Siberian Steps & while he dances he kicks both Jack & Rapid at the Behind 4 times & the 4th one kicks them both out of the Back Door & he closes the back door & locks it so they can't get in)

Rapid: *starts to punch and kick the door* LET US IN YOU MUTT!!! *takes out a crowbar and tries to pry the door open*

Charlie Dog: (Takes off the Siberian Costume) (He hears the Phone ringing & he answered it) (Normal) Yes?

Patricia: Hello, this is Patricia from the Witch Sisters & I was wondering if you can bring my Magic Wand back, please?

Charlie Dog: Witches? Hey look Buster I don't like you guys, your so Wicked & Evil, we'll settle this in a match, so say your Prayers Chowderheads, cause here I come (Hangs up the Phone) (Opens the Back Door) (To Rapid) Um the Witch Sisters are gonna have a talk to you at their house

Rapid: Uh...Ok...


Jack: (Lying on a Sofa)

Charlie Dog: (watching the Pictures with a Stereoscope)

(Through the Window we see the Witch Sisters' House & We can hear Rapid in the Background inside the House)

Rapid: *talking to the Witch Sisters*

Selina: Do you live inside a Green House, down the street?

Rapid: Yeah.

Patricia: GET HIM GIRLS!

The Witch Sisters: (Use their Magic Wands to turn Rapid into a random Animal)

(You can see Colorful Smoke at the Witch Sisters House)

Rapid: What'd I do? *turns into the random animal*

Jack: Charlie Dog, what did you do?

Charlie Dog: I told the Witch Sisters on the phone that they are Wicked & Evil

Jack: (Facepalm) You really done it this time

Handy: *knocks on Rapid's door* It's me Handy!

Charlie Dog: (Opens the Door) Hello

Handy: AH!!! CHARLIE DOG!!! RUN AWAY!!! *runs off*

Charlie Dog: What's Biting him? Oh well

Jack: Where is Rapid?

Patricia: (Opens te Door with Rapid in his hands) I believe this is yours (Throws Rapid inside his own House)

Jack: (Gives Patricia her Magic Wand) Here you go

Patricia: Aw thank you, Jack (goes back to the witch sisters house)

Rapid: So what do I look like guys?

Jack: (Spots Rapid with a Lion's Mane, Bear Arms & Paws, Elephant feet & a Fish Tail) Take a look in the Mirror & find out

Rapid: *looks in a mirror* AH! *goes to the Witch Sisters house and knocks on the door*\

Patricia: Yes? Oh it's you again

Rapid: Please change me back! I'll do anything!

Patricia: That's ok, we don't need anything (Turns Rapid back to normal)

Rapid: Thanks! *runs back to his house*

Jack: Are you ok Rapid?

Rapid: Yeah. I'm fine.

Charlie Dog: (To Rapid) So do you want to be my new master or what?

Rapid: Hmm...*picks up Charlie Dog and wraps him up in a box then puts him on the Witch Sisters front door then rings the doorbell then runs*

Patricia: Hello? (Spots a Present) Wow, a Present (Brings it inside) I wonder what it is?

Laura: Open it

Patricia: (Opens a Box to see Charlie Dog)

Charlie Dog: Oh hello, have you seen my new Master anywhere?

Abby: Is that Charlie Dog?

Michelle: I believe so

Zoey: Do you think we can keep him?

Bessy: Well, I don't know

Charlie Dog: I don't know, my old master have somehow gets too much Violence & too much RoughHousing, you understand don't you Girls?

Anna & Nina: We understand

Penelope: Now we get to play the Witch Sisters Faviorite game called "Animal Mix Up"

Charlie Dog: Wow, I kinda like that, what do you do?

Molly: Well, Patricia can go first

Patricia: Let's mix Charlie Dog up Girls

Charile Dog: Oh No

(The Witch Sisters wave their Magic Wands & Turns Charlie Dog into a Mixed up Animal)

Charlie Dog: (he has a Lion's Mane, Bear Arms & Paws, Elephant feet & a Fish Tail) (gets out of the House) Anyways, just call me Mixxy (Walks away)

"That's All Folks"

The End