Double Date Trouble is an Episode of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes with Amy Rose & Sally Acorn


It was a Beautiful Day in Station Square & Amy is going to have a date with Sonic

Amy: Oh Boy, I can't wait for a date with Sonikku in the Center of Town.

(Meanwhile on the Right side of the City)

Sally Acorn: I can't wait for a date with Sonic, this maybe my Lucky Day

(In the Center of Town)

Sonic: (Waiting for Amy or Sally) (To Viewers) Oh Hi, you might be wondering how Amy & Sally is going on a date with me, well Amy asked me to go on a Date & then Sally. I just can't refuse both of them.

Amy & Sally: (Arrives & bumps into each other) OUCH !

Amy: Oh hi Sally, I'm going on a date

Sally: Well what do you know, me too?

Amy: And guess who am I dating with?

Sally: Let's see if you guess who I'm dating

Amy: Ok

Sally: Sure

Amy & Sally: (In Union) Sonic the Hedgehog! What? He's my Date! Sonic tell her I'm dating with you

Sonic: Well, you asked me to go & I said yes to the both of you in defeat

Amy & Sally: What? That doesn't make sence

Bart: (appears) I'll tell you why?

Amy: You do?

Sally: What?

Bart: Well, the both of you like Sonic, so how about you settle things on who do you go with

Amy: That's a great Idea

Sally: Let's have a Voting Competition

Sonic: Oh, what have I done?


Homer: Hi Bart

Bart: Hey dad

Homer: What are you doing this time?

Bart: A voting competetion

Homer: That sounds fun

Marge: I think it's a swell Idea

Lisa: So who's competeting

Bart: Amy & Sally, to see who gets Sonic the Most

Marge: Oh my

Homer: Well it's during access Hollywood

Marge: Which is on at 4 & 7

Homer: Doh!

Sonic: (Gulps) I don't wanna break both of their Hearts, but how am I gonna settle this Catfight? Hmmm?

Amy & Sally: Time to vote

Bugs Bunny: Eh? (Munches on a Carrot) What's up doc?

Sonic: I have a big problem, Amy & Sally are gonna have a vote off to see who gets me the most & I don't wanna break either of their Hearts

Bugs Bunny: Eh? Ok, I'll take it

Sonic: Thanks


Bugs Bunny: It's time for Challenge #1, to do a magic trick to saw him in Half

Daffy Duck: What? I'll be your Vollenteer

Bugs Bunny: Ok Daffy

Sonic: I hope this works

Daffy: (Goes in Box #1)

Foghorn Leghorn: I'll be , ah say I'll be your Vollenteer for Sally (Goes in Box #2)

Amy: Ready

Sally: Ready

Bugs Bunny: And GO!

(Amy & Sally starts the Magic Trick)

Daffy: Don't you get it, I'm gonna be all scrunch up in this end

Foghorn Leghorn: Are you ah say are you sure Daffy?

Daffy: It's the oldest Trick in the Book, like an Ol Tell Towel

(Amy & Sally have finished)

Amy & Sally: Done

Daffy: I think it's a Fake (Jumps up & down & he notices he's cut in half, that means the Magic Trick worked & he wraps around his body with Bandages) Good thing I got bluecross

Sonic: (Stitchs Daffy back together) Done & done

Foghorn Leghorn: (Notices he's been cut in half too) Well what do you know, it worked

Sonic: (Wraps Foghorn Leghorn & Stitch him back together) There

Foghorn Leghorn: I hadda Asked, I HADDA Asked !

Bugs Bunny: Well that's 1 - 1


Daffy & Foghorn Leghorn: (His Cuts have been gone)

Foghorn Leghorn: Our Stitches ah say Our Cuts are gone, we're back to normal really fast

Daffy: Like I know

Bugs Bunny: And now for Round 2, the Piano

Sonic: I'll get the Piano

Daffy: The Piano, hmmm? I'll get rid of these Girls & make it like an Accident


Daffy: (Connecting the TNT in the Piano) Insted of a Xlaphone, they'll play a harp


Bugs Bunny: And now these girls will play : "Those Interring Young Charms". Amy will go first

Amy: Thank you (Plays the Piano, she's about to play the Pianokey with TNT, but she missed it & ended up playing the Wrong Note)

Daffy: That's wrong, you dumb Hedgie, try it again

Amy: Sorry, Sally your next

Sally: Ok (Plays the Piano like Amy did before)

Daffy: OHHHHH! (Pushes Amy & Sally out of the way) That's not right, like this! (Plays the Piano correctly, but he didn't know. When he hit the Piano Key with TNT...)


Daffy: (Black covered & turns to Amy & Sally) Your Despicable

Bugs Bunny: That's 2 - 2, which means... Tie Breaker time!

Sonic: Oh Man


(The Simpsons & the Looney Tunes are Voting for either Amy Rose or Sally Acorn)

Bugs Bunny: It's time to tally up the Scores (Notices Amy & Sally Votes are Equal) Hey, they had the same number of votes & everyone has voted

Sonic: I haven't vote

All: WHAT?!

Sonic: Me & my big mouth (Votes for....well see for yourself & find out) Done

Bugs Bunny: He voted for...........Both of them?

All: WHAT?!

Daffy: Why Sonic?

Sonic: The Truth is....that I don't wanna make either of them felt Sad, so I decided to vote for the Both of you

Amy: You know what, maybe we can work something out

Sally: Sure, we can work something out

Sonic: I think a Double Date we'll be fine by me

Amy & Sally: (Hugs Sonic) Thank you

Amy: Come on Sonic, let's go have our Date

Sally: He's my Date Amy

Amy: He's mine so back off

Sally: No you back off

(Amy & Sally both fight each other for Sonic while walking & playing Tug-of-War with Sonic as the Rope, while saying "Mine!")

Sonic: (To Viewers) You know, it is possible to be too Atractive

"That's All Folks"

The End