Jet the hawk, Sonic, Amy, Sarah, Jack, Darkstorm, Eggman, Shadow, Tails, Mina Mongoose, Blaze the Cat, Nala, Scar and Pod Pyroraptor have entered in the Apocalypse first ever Grand Prix but there is a problem, Dr. Eggman now has not only the Chaos Emeralds but the Apocalypse Emeralds. As the Race for the title for Grand Air Master gets bigger the People of the multiverse Worry. Who will stop Eggman and Claim the title of Grand Air Master?

(This is a Amy Rose & The Looney tunes Ep. and Only Spongebob and Darkest can edit)

Story line

(On Seaside Hill)

Jack: (walking while whistling)

Amy & Sarah: Hi Jack

Jack: Hey girls.

Sarah: How's it going bro?

Jack: Great sis, you two?

Amy: We're going fine. I wonder what happened to Sonic?

Jack: I think he'll turn up eventually

Sonic: (appears) Hey guys

Amy: Hi Sonic! (hugs Sonic tightly)

Sonic: (feels a bit uneasy, but feels comfortable) Heh.

Sarah: We're just relaxing.

Jack: Yep

Jet: (on his extreme gear) Hey!

Sonic: (notices Jet) Jet? What are you doing here?

Jet: All I want is some payback. I'm gonna settle the score with you, like last time.

Sonic: Anytime Jet!

Jack: Yeah, what he said

Jet: Well well, this must be Jack & his sister Sarah.

Sarah: We're not scared of you

Amy: That's right, we're not scared of you, we can take you on anytime, anywhere, any kind of race.

Jet: How about a race to Pride Rock, the first one there is the winner.

Sonic: Sound's easy enough (hops on his Extreme Gear) Let's go!

Jack: (hops on his Extreme Gear) Don't count me out just yet

Amy: Or me! (hops on her Extreme Gear)

Sarah: I wanna race too (hops on her Extreme Gear called the "Sis Comet") Let's go

Sonic: Ok. Here we GO!

(Sonic, Amy, Jack, Sarah & Jet races off on their Extreme Gears to Pride Rock)


(In the Pridelands)

Nala: (Hunting with the other lionesses)

A rift opens

Talvik: Nala look (See's Darkstorm on Extreme Gear)

Nala: (Turns around)

Uri: .....

(Suddendly, Amy, Sonic, Jack, Sarah & Jet arrives on their Extreme Gears)

Sonic: I win!

Jet: Aw what?!

Sonic: Great race huh?

Jack: Yeah!

Amy: It's great

Sarah: And it's exciting

Jack: Patricia might be very busy today.

Tails: (appears with Mina & Blaze the Cat) Hi guys

Jack: Hi Tails, Mina & Blaze, how are you guys doing today?

Mina: We're going great today.

Blaze: Thanks for asking Jack.

Jack: Ok then, that's good to hear.

Patricia: Yeah.

Jack: (notices Patricia) Oh hi Patricia.

Patricia: (notices Jack) Hi Jack

Jack: Didn't know your visiting Pride Rock too.

Darkstorm:(Lands) Nala

Nala: Yes?

Darkstorm: You still have your Extreme gear Nala?

Jack: Wait, Nala has an Extreme Gear?

Nala: Of course.

Darkstorm:(Snaps his fingers and Nala gains her humanoid form)

Patricia: Wow. I didn't know you can do that, Darkstorm.

Darkstorm: hEH

Amy: So what should we do now that we're all here?

Jack: I'm not sure.

Darkstorm:(You hear about my Realms first Grand Prix

Jack: Yeah?

Patricia: Yes we did.

Amy: Yes. Why did you ask?

Darkstorm: I got a feeling that Eggman is plannig something_

Sonic: Then it's our duty to stop Eggman

Amy: Sonic's right, let's go stop Eggman.

Darkstorm: (Grabs Sonic and Amy) Hold it

Amy & Sonic: Huh?

Amy: What is it, Darkstorm? Is there a problem?

Darkstorm:Sh, Listen

Amy, Sonic, Jack, Patricia, Tails, Mina & Blaze: (listens carefully)

Jet:(Zooms into view)

Amy: Hi Jet, we betta listen.

Darkstorm:(Slaps the back of Amy's head) That was the sound

Amy: Ow! Sorry.

Jet: So, it's been a long time since I've last saw you Sonic the Hedgehog

Darkstorm: Ahem

Jet: (turns to Darkstorm) What are you looking at?