Boxing Rose is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


(In Amy's house, Amy is finishing building her new gym room as Donkey Kong arrives)

Donkey Kong: Hey Amy! (eats a banana) What are you doing?

Amy: Hi Donkey Kong, your just in time to see my brand new gym room. It even has a boxing ring (points to the boxing ring in the center of the room)

Donkey Kong: Awesome! (goes up to the boxing ring) It reminds the time that I have been boxing back in the WVBA.

Amy: Really?

Donkey Kong: Yeah!

Amy: By the way, what does WVBA stand for?

Donkey Kong: It stands for World Video Boxing Association!

Amy: You mean, it's the stadium of the famous "Punch Out!!" game?

Donkey Kong: The one & only.

Amy: Wow! Speaking of boxing, it reminds me I have done boxing before back in "Sonic Battle"

Donkey Kong: You have done boxing before?

Amy: Yes.

Donkey Kong: Then prehaps you can show me some boxing moves of yours

Amy: Ok Donkey Kong, I guess I'll give it a shot (puts on her signature red boxing gloves) "More Coming Soon"