Blannaba's for Days is an episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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It was a beautiful day on Donkey Kong Island & Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong are eating their bananas from the Banana Trees

Donkey Kong: Mmm Bananas

Diddy Kong: Yeah, those bananas are delicious

Donkey Kong: So now what?

Diddy Kong: Not sure

Meanwhile, in the flying city of L.P...

Joshjepson (simply called Josh): (trying to set up microphones for an audio recording) We had the most anger with this project.

Then, the volcano on D.K. Island erupts, and the tiki tong hide-out emerges, with several boulders which break, releasing the tiki tak tribe)

Superjeenius: That volcano pretty much sums up all the rage we had.

Josh: Rage for days. And suddenly wooden tiki's BURST from the lava.

Superjeenius: (seeing the tiki tong hideout emerging) Yeah, like tamborines, and Bowser.

Josh: It's a wooden... tiki bowser. I just don't understand how they're not burning up in the lava. They're made of wood or stone or something, eitherway they'd melt in the LAVA!

Superjeenius: You'd think, maybe petrified wood, or a fossil. (sees one of the tiki tak hypnotizing an elephant)

Josh: And suddenly it's Horton Hears a Who.

Jeenius: Horton hears aaaaaaaa.... Hypnosis!

Josh: Horton hears a... what are these things called? TIKIS??

Jeenius: (sees another tiki hypnotizing a giraffe and a zebra) It's Madagascar now. There's Zebra, and giraffe, and a volcano with a giant tiki thing coming out of it.

Diddy: (notices all of the Bananas are stolen by the hypnotised Animals) Ah! DK, the bananas are all gone!

Donkey Kong: What?! By who?

Diddy: Look! (points to the Hypnotised Animals stealing all of the Bananas on the Island)

Donkey Kong: What the?! They're all been hypnotised! Then that would've mean...!

Donkey Kong & Diddy: THE TIKI TAK TRIBE ARE BACK!!!

Joshjepson: (sees Kalimba push DK into his hutt and trying to hypnotise him) NO! NOT DONKEY KONG!

Jeenius: WE NEED HIM!

Joshjepson: (seeing the tiki trying to hypnotise dk, who's unnafected due to being really stupid) That looks funny.

Both: (laughing immensely) ST-ST (Continues laughing)

Joshjepson: Donkey kong, is too stupid to be hypnotised by that guy.

Donkey Kong: (to Kalimba) I don't get it. But what you do get is this! BANANA SLAMMER!!! (attacks Kalimba)