Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes: Disneyland Adventure is a Motion Simulator ride where replace Back to the Future: The Ride.

The plot is similar to The Simpsons Ride & The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, Candace has kidnap Mickey & Minnie, It's up to Sonic, Amy, Yin and Yang to chase Candace around Disneyland in a Rocket and save Mickey and Minnie.

It's based on Disney on Ice present Disneyland Adventure,

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Pre-show #1

Pre-show #2



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Preshow #1Edit

Guests enter to a Replica where TV screens posted inside the walls on the left and right sides of the room display the characters (Noah, Otis, Luigi, Red Menace, Schnitzel, Garfield) running a Midway Booth, and there's a replica of Ticket Booth, and there's 3 TV Screens that runs advertesing of Disneyland Attraction and Amy Rose and the Looney Tunes.

before the Preshow #1 video start.

Garfield: Hi welcome to Garfield's Snack Shop, we sell Fried Baseball Cap.

Noah: Hi and have fun at Disneyland, People.

Shnitzel: (try to scare Guest by dressing as ghost, but when looked himself in the Mirror, he scare himself) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (fainted)

Yang: Hi Luigi, Where's the Enchanted Tiki Room

Luigi: It's over there (Points to the Enchanted Tiki Room)

Yang: Thank you

Otis: Ok, All you have to do is to Toss a Ball, at the Bottles & knock them all down to win a Prize

Red Menace: Remember No Flash Photography or Videotaping, no running, no eating or drinking, keeps your hands, arms, feet and legs in the Vehicle at all times & Enjoy the Ride

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Holding Stardust and Skate Jr.)

Jack: Isn't it Fun Blaze, my Dear?

Blaze: I have never been to this place in my life.

Stardust:Disney Wand?

Jack: That's right, Disney Land, I hope Amy, Sonic, Yin & Yang are having Fun & I also hope that Candace isn't here, she's creeping me out dude

Blaze THC:(Hands Jack Skate Jr.)

Jack: (Carries Skate Jr.) So what should we do now?

Blaze THC: What ever you feel like doing.

Jack: Maybe the Kids want have some Fun? (TO Garfield) I like a Lime Swirl Slurpy, please?

Garfield: You got it (mixes Vanilla with Lime so he introduce "Lime Swirl Slurpee") Here you go (Gives Jack a Lime Swirl Slurpee)

Jack: Thank you

Luigi: "Star Tours" and "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" is closed, Sorry

Schnitzel: (Sees the map of Disneyland) Hmmmmm

Noah: The Lost and Found Toys are in the Red Menace booth

Garfield: (To Blaze THC) small, medium, Large or Garfield Large

A Woman's voice over PA: "Attention guests. Please be aware that all flash photography and videotaping is strictly prohibited from this point on. This is a motion simulator ride involving sudden and extreme movement. Expectant mothers and individuals with heart, back, and neck conditions, abnormal blood pressure, claustrophobia, or those prone to motion sickness or dizziness are advised not to ride this attraction. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland."

Jack: Come on, let's choose the Kiddie Rides for our Babies

Blaze THC:ok.

Jack: So which Kiddie Ride is it, my dear?

Blaze THC:(Smiles) What are the choices?

Jack: How about "The Mittten"?

Blaze THC:Good idea

Jack: Ok Children, it's time for you guys to ride The Mitten

Stardust and SJ:???

Jack: Don't worry, it's a Kiddie Ride for Babies & Toddelers



Jack: Hello, Stardust & Skate Jr. are here to ride on "The Mitten" (Looks at the Time) Uh Oh 2:pm, it's time to go home Children, it's time for you to go home

Jack, Blaze THC, Stardust & Skate Jr. leaves

The Preshow #1 video starts in 3 TV Screen

outside the Sleeping Beauty Castle (in Live-action), there's a sign that say "Win a tour on Behind the Scene of Phineas and Ferb"

Foghorn Leghorn: Hi Guest, Welcome to Disneyland, where everyone, ah say, where everyone can win a tour a Behing the Scene of Phineas and Ferb.

Yang: This is the boring show ever.

Foghorn Leghorn: You could win a tour by singing my tune. Fa-la-la-lo-lo-lo-la Doh Dah Doh Dah Fa-la-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo Dah Duh Duh Dah Deh

Yang stomps Homer's feet

Homer: DO'H!!!

Foghorn Leghorn: Ok, Sonic, Amy, Yin and Yang, you win, ah say you win a tour to a Behind the Scene of Phineas and Ferb

Amy: We Won?

Foghorn Leghorn: and Mickey and Minnie are the hosts

Mickey: Follow us.

Yang and Yin: Ok.

The preshow #1 video ends.

Preshow #2Edit

Guest enter to a Pre-flight room, Where there's Mickey's Pictures including a Picture of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the door painted in Mickey's face. and There's a TV Screen dressed as Mickey Ear TV

After the countdown has end.

Mickey: Welcome to a Tour of Behind the Scene of Phineas and Ferb

Dan Povenmire and Jeff Swampy Marsh appear in Live Action

Dan: Hi, I'm Dan

Swampy: and I'm Swampy

Dan: and Welcome to Behind the Scene of Phineas and Ferb. First, we make a storyboard of a episode.

Swampy: Then on computer we see the episode

Clip of Candace fail from Busting her Brother

Dan: see, this episode can see.

Candace: Hey, It's you.

Yin: Uh-Oh, Candace will ruin the show.

Candace: I'm sick and tired of failing from busting my brothers, You should make an episode where I finally bust my Brothers and I take over the Show

Dan: Sorry Candace, but Mickey and Minnie say that this show never bust Phineas and Ferb.

Minnie: Yeah.

Candace: That's It! If you don't make an episode that i bust my Brothers, then you let me no Choice

Candace jump on the Rocket, and use Mechanical Claw and Grab Mickey and Minnie

Mickey: Everybody Help!

Minnie: Help!

Candace: I'm gonna become Disneyland into Candaceland, where i become president to bust my Brothers and you never see the mice again Never, Never, Never (Fly Away.)

Sonic: She captured Mickey and Minnie!

Yin: But the computer will Self-destruct

Dan: I'm Outta her (Walks Away)

Swampy: Hey, Wait for me. (Walks Away)

The Computer become into a Black Hole.

Amy: (Spots another Rocket) I got an Idea, let's go in and Fast.

Sonic: Ok

Amy, Sonic, Yin & Yang: (Gets inside the Rocket)

Amy & Sonic are sitting in the Front Seats & Yin & Yang are sitting at the Back Seats & put on their seat belts

Woman: There's a Sefaty instrunctions for the ride (See Chowder and Squidward prepare to Run) When the doors open just walk Don't Run (Chowder and Squidward runs and trip), Put some stuff on the side of the rocket (Squidward and Chowder put some stuff on the side of the Rockets), and Please Watch your Head while your entering the Rocket (Squidward hits his head with the door.) Please No Eating and Drinking on the rocket (Chowder was eating food but he hide his food.) Keep your Hand, Arms, Feet and Legs at the Rocket at all Time (Chowder warns Squidward that your hands is in the door, so when the door close he remove his hand from the door), Please No Flash Photography (Squidward take a Picture and get fire and Squidward turn into Dust) Thank You and Enjoy the Ride.

Amy: Ok, Ready Guys?

Sonic, Yin & Yang: Ready

Amy: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off !!! (Starts the Rocket & goes after Candace)


Guest enter to a room with a Rocket and a Painted door with Mickey's Face that winks to guest and say "Have Fun!" and there's a TV Screen on the top of the Painted Door.

Yang (voice only): Hi Everyone, I have a notice that Candace have kidnap Mickey and Minnie, Ok here are the rules for the ride, rule #1: Put some stuff on the side of the Rocket, rule #2: Watch your Head, rule #3: Sit Down, Rule #4: No Eating or Drinking, Rule #5: No Flash Photography, Rule #6: Don't be just like Owen.

Owen (Voice Only): Hey.

Yang (Voice Only): Ha-ha, Just Kidding, Oh, The Ride is about to start, Enjoy

Squeaky Voiced Teen appear on the TV Screen

Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome Folks, to Amy's Wild Ride, Remember the Rules, Ok, Enjoy the Ride, But keep the screaming down, I have Math Test to study for, If i get an F, I get kick out of a Audio Visual Club.

Squeaky Voice Teens read the Math Book for 20 Seconds, After 20 Seconds, There's a Animated Billboard of Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes with Tweety dancing Russian Dance, it during 10 seconds

After 10 Seconds, the TV Screen has a glitch, and Candace appear

Candace: I interrupted the break, and Enjoy the Ride because Disneyland will turn into Candaceland, Catch me if you can.

The Rocket has lift up 10 feet air with unseen Scissors Lift and see the 80 foot IMAX Dome Screen.

Amy: Ok, Everyone.

Yang: It's Everyone Ok.

Sonic: We gonna wait until someone gets here

Candace in the Rocket appear with Mickey and Minnie on it.

Candace: Catch me if you can, Amy

Mickey: (jumps from Candace's Rocket) Sonic! Help! (Candace grab him)

Amy: Ok, we're gonna blast off.

Eddy: Good luck Amy (To Ed) Ready Ed?

Ed: Preparing to launch (Holding the Rubber Band)

Edd: Good Luck Amy & be careful. 3, 2, 1...Ignition ! (with the rubber band, the Rocket has launched)

Amy, Sonic, Yin and Yang chase Candace in Main Street U.S.A.

and the vendors runs from Amy's Rocket, also the horse-drawn Streetcar and with water the horse trip.

Amy: Look Out

Sonic: We gotta keep going

Yang: (Points at Candace's Rocket) There she is

Yin: We've gotta go Faster

Amy: You got it (To Guest) Hold on (Drives her Rocket faster)

Sonic, Yin & Yang: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Amy: Guys we betta keep going

Candace: (Spots Amy's Rocket) What the? You'll never catch me

Amy: Oh Yeah, we'll see about that

Candace: (Activates the Missiles at Amy's Rocket)

Amy: (To Guest) Hold on new guy, this is gonna be a Bumpy Ride (Dodges the Missiles)

Candace: Drat, I missed

Sonic, Amy, Yin and Yang: (chase Candace in Fantasyland)

Amy: Quick, we betta go faster

Sonic: Got it

And they arrive in "It's a Small World"

Candace: (control the Giant Animatrionic Panda) Get them

Robot Panda: (Grabs Amy's Rocket)

Amy: Hey let go of us

Robot Panda: (throws Amy's Rocket backward)

Amy: Hey (Boost the Engines in her Rocket, Puts TNT inside the Robot Panda & Passes the Robo Panda)

Robot Panda: Uh Oh


The Robot Panda exploded

Amy: That was a Blast (Still chases Candace)

Candace: Oh Come on

Amy: Come back here, Candace

Candace: Never (Goes fast)

Amy: Oh No you don't (Goes faster)

(They all went to Bikini Bottom)

Amy: Wow

Candace: You'll never catch me (Went inside the Chum Bucket)

Yin: She's heading into the Chum Bucket

Yang: We got her trapped

Sonic: I had a bad feeling about this

Amy: (Lands the Rocket & goes inside with Sonic, Yin & Yang & notice Candace is trapped in a cage) Candace? What are you doing inside a cage & Why would you steal Mickey & Minnie & bust your brothers for?

Real Candace: What, I haven't done nothing worng, I was going to see Jeremy

Amy: Huh? But I saw you on the Rocket with Mickey & Minnie Captured & your trying to bust your Brothers

Real Candace: Really? Hey, wait a minute! I wasn't on the Rocket with Mickey & Minnie

Amy: If you didn't do it then who did?

(Then they notice another Candace)

Real Candace: (Screams)

Amy: (Frees Candace) Have we've been Doubled? What's going on here?

(Plankton Appears in his Bucket Pod)

Plankton: Hello Amy

Amy: Plankton?!

Plankton: That's right Plankton, my robotic Candace is working perfectly & it helps me capture the real Candace Flynn along with Mickey & Minnie Mouse & turns Disneyland into Planktonland, besides what I really what most of all is the Krabby Patty Foumula

Sonic: We'll stop you, you twisted fiend

Plankton: Oh Yeah, we'll see about that (Press the Button & traps Sonic, Mickey, Minnie, Candace, Yin & Yang)

Yang: Oh Come on

Plankton: It's just you, me & my Robot Candace, behold

Robot Candace: (Her right hand changes to a Robot Claw & her left hand changes to a Buzzsaw & a paddleball appears as a third arm)

Plankton: Unastapled, anyways get her

(The Robot Candace chases Amy around the Chum Bucket 5 times & Grabs her)

Amy: (Tries to smash the Robot Candace with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Plankton: You'll never defeat me

Robot Candace: (was about to cut Amy in half, but she Shutsdown all of the sudden)

Amy: Phew, that was close

Plankton: Huh?

(It was Patrick Star who accidently unplugs the Robot Candace & saves Amy)

Patrick: Oh Sorry, didn't know that was pluged in

Plankton: Well at least, I still have Mickey & Minnie

(Robot Candace fell on top of Plankton crushing him)

Plankton: Well this stinks

Amy: Thanks Patrick

Patrick: Uh, your welcome?

Amy: (Frees Mickey & Minnie out of the Cage along with Sonic, Yin & Yang) Are you ok?

Sonic: Yeah

Mickey: Thank you Amy for saving us

Minnie: Yeah, your a hero

Amy: Thanks, are your up for a ride in my Rocket back to Disneyland

Mickey & Minnie: Sure

(Amy, Mickey, Minnie, Sonic, Yin & Yang went back to Disneyland)

Candace: I'm still telling Mom because your sooo Busted &...(being Sprayed with Amnesia Mist by Patrick Star) Who am I?

Patrick: Oops, I've done it again

(Meanwhile back at Disneyland in Night Time)

Mickey: For resucing me & Minnie from Plankton, we give you a Medal of Hounor (Puts a Medal of Hounor around Amy's Neck) Now your a Hounory Hero of Disneyland

Amy: Thanks Mickey, Minnie & everyone in Disneyland

Minnie: And that's not all, look

We see a Pink Firework goes up to the Night sky & it explode & it shaped like Amy's Flag

Amy: Wow, it's beautiful. That is one Disney sized Adventure (Winks)

The End