Amy Gone Batty is the third episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes.


It's a great day at the baseball field & for the Goons: Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Team Captain: Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor (Hero Factory)

And For the Snooks: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Vector, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Silver the Hedgehog & Team Captain Jack the Hedgehog.

Goons: (taunting at the snooks)

Reidak: Ha, you can't beat us at all!

Meltdown: What's the matter, cat catch your tounge?

Snooks: (together at once) STICKS & STONES MAY BREAK OUR BONES, BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT US (sticks they tounges out) NEAH!

Referee: PLAY BALL!!

The anouncer was Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow: It's a beautiful day for a ball game fans, Tails is up at bat first, Reidak is at the picthers mount, here's the windup, here comes the pitch!

Reidak: (throws ball to underground at Tails)

Shadow: It's a low ball!

Tails: (grabs a golf club, Swings the club & Hits the ball) FOUR!!

Hakann: (pushes stand out)

Xplode: (catches ball)

Referee: Your out!

Tails is out.

Shadow: Luigi is using his Large 900 for this one!

Vezok: (throws ball at luigi)

Luigi: (hits the ball)

Shadow: It's a hit & he goes to first, second, third & heads to homebase!

Avak: (hits Luigi 3 times with baseball bat) He's out

Referee: Oh no he's not!

Avak: (Whacks Luigi Very Hard)

Referee: NEEE, ow he's out




Goons 167

Snooks 0

Shadow: Phew, what a game & there's the 1st half score! It's (goons) 167 to (snooks) nothing, Vezok is at bat & Wario is very confindent on this one, here's the windup, here comes the pitch AND........



Vezok: (bashes referee) WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!

Referee: Gracious, I don't know what came over me Ball One


Zaktan is up at bat

Zaktan: Hey guys watch this! (hits the ball that goes straight to Vector,Epsio,Charmy & Walugi left to right, get lumps on their heads and get Knocked Out)


Rotor (Hero Factory) is up at bat.

Shadow: Rotor (Hero Factory) is up at bat, Mario is the Last one for the Snooks, here's the windup & the Pitch (Throws the Ball at Mario)

Avak Misses the ball

Referee: Ball....

Mario:(taps at the referee) That was a strike a

Rotor (Hero Factory): (taps at mario)

Mario: (turns to see Rotor)

Rotor (Hero Factory): (Whacks Mario with Large Baseball bat)

Mario:I don't-a like a you! (faints)

Shadow: Looks like there are no more players for the Snooks, well it looks like they are about to give up and...(Notices someone) JUMPING GEHOSAFAT there's a new player for the Snooks!


Amy: Thank you, thank you everyone!

Jack: Now don't get nevous, ok!


Goons :(argue with the referee all at once)

Referee: Quiet, Quiet, QUIIIIET! There's nothing in the rulebook about a Pink Hedgehog can't pitch, NOW PLAY BALL!!!

Thok is up at bat.

Thok: Ok girly, give me what you got!

Jack: Go on Amy throw the ball, throw the ball!

Thok: What's the matter, are you chicken or something?!

Amy: I'm A WHAT?!?!?! (throw the ball at Thok so hard that his baseball is on fire)

Referee: Strike!

Thok: (drops his burned Baseball bat & grabs 5 more baseball bats & peels them all to a steel bat like a Banana & uses it) Ok Lucky!

Jack: Atta' girl Amy, give him another!

Amy: Ok! (throws ball at thok)

Thok: (hits ball but not that far & vibrates himself into pieces) Ow!


Jack: (whispering to Amy)

Amy: Ok! (throws the ball slowly)

Shadow: Here comes the pitch, it's a slow ball!

Xplode: (misses)

Referee: Strike!

Xplode:(misses 3 times)

Referee:1, 2, 3 your out

Meltdown:(misses 3 times)

Referee:1, 2, 3 your out

Corroder:(misses 3 times)

Referee: 1, 2, 3 your out

Corroder: (throws bat at the ground)

Shadow: The Goons strike out & the Snooks are up at bat

Amy Rose is up at bat

Shadow:Attenion people,due to a shortage of players, Amy will bat for the entire team

Jack:Now don't get neveous Amy,now when the ball comes to you,hit it,understand?

Amy:Ok,i'll use my Piko Piko Hammer for that


Shadow:Thunder is ready to pitch,here's the windup & and the pitch

Thunder:(throws the ball like a cannon)

Amy:(hits the ball)

Shadow:It's a hit

Reidak,Zaktan & Meltdown:(tries to catch but the ball went right through their hands)huh?!

Amy:(runs to 1st,2nd,3rd & Home base)I did it!

Shadow:A Point to the snooks,Amy Just scored


Goons 167

Snooks 1

Shadow:Amy is up at bat again

Rotor & Hakann:(puts TNT in the Baseball)

Hakann:come on Rotor boy oh boy give it the old pepper,the old pepper

Amy:(stands back)

Hakann:(catches ball with TNT & exploded)(slurry)That's the old pepper boy ah ohhhhhhhhh!


Thok & Xplode:(fires Baseballs at Amy with a Bazooka)

Amy:(hits all the Baseballs in rapid speed)

Goons:(trying to catch the Baseballs)

Thunder: I got it,I got it,I got it! (knocked out by a baseball)

Silver:he got it alright


Goons 167

Snooks 104

Shadow: that's a 104 runs

Knuckles:Not bad for a begining

Amy:(keeps hitting all the baseballs)

Vezok & Avak:(tries to catch the same ball but they crashed each other)WHICH WAY DID SHE GO,WHICH DID SHE GO?


Goons 167

Snooks 167

Shadow:63 more runs came in

Jack:you made a 167 runs,we need one more to win,can you do it?

Amy:i'll try

Sonic:Good luck

Amy:Thank you sonic

Zaktan: (Evil Crackling)

Amy is up at bat again

Amy:(hits the baseball with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Zaktan: (trips Amy) Oops


Snooks:Run Amy,Run,Run!

Amy:(runs at 1st,2nd,3rd base)

Reidak:(throws ball)

Snooks:Hurry slide,slide!

Amy:(runs & slides to HomeBase before Hakann catches Baseball)





Shadow:The snooks win,what a game,what a game


After the game

Silver: Boy that player of your sure is Incredible!

Jack: You can say that again & She works for her Boyfriend

Amy:(kiss Sonic) Just Perfect!

That's All Folks

The End