Ali Baba Amy is an Episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes"


It was a very hot day in the Arabian Desert & inside the cave we're Treasure filled with gold & shiny jewerly

Sultan: Close seaseme

The Cave closed by Itself like a Garage

He is with a BodyGuard named Hassan II he has Green Arabian Clothing like Hassan has, An Arabian Mustace like Hassan only Longer & he is bigger & Stronger than Hassan & he is the Son of Hassan I

Sultan: (turns to Hassan II) Guard well these treasure with your life, oh Great & Powerful Hassan II & Do not Fail me like your Father Hassan did or the Jackal will grow fat on thy Carcas

Hassan II: (Holding his Father's Sword & his own Sword) Father Hassan may be gone, But no one shall pass Hassan II ! (Guards the Entrance)

Sultan: (Ride off on his Camel)

But then someone is digging underground with the trail of burrowing sand heading towards the entrance & bumbs into is twice as Large than Hassan's Sword

???? #1:(Female Voice) Ow

???? #2:(Male Voice) Sorry

Then they dig pass Hassan II into the Cave & Hassan II knew now that they burrowing inside the Cave, so he went after them, but there is one problem

Hassan II:Open...! Uh, Open Uh...?

Hassan II forgot the Magic words that opens the cave

Hassan II: Duh, Open uh...Sasquachinakwa? Uh Open uh...Siminon?

(Meanwhile inside the Cave)

Poping out the Hole emerging from the ground are Amy Rose & Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Jack: Here we are Lake Erie Beach at last!

Amy: Finally, Now I am Here at Lake Erie Beach Sonic to spend the

Amy & Jack: (Looks around)

Poping up with them are Squidward & Rouge

Squidward: Oh great, what a way to travel: Underground

Rouge: Here's a tip: Don't dig underground.

Squidward: Hey, wait a minute, when's Lake Erie Beach inside a cave?

Amy: I Don't know Squidward & Rouge, Maybe we should've make a left turn of Alburquerque & maybe another left turn of Pittsburg

Squidward & Rouge didn't hear a word Amy said Because there too busy watching all the Treasure they had & their Eyes turns to Dollor Signs & then grins at Amy & Jack

Jack: ...And head to sector B though 40 & then Sector D though M...

Amy: Well, if we turn back to the where we came from, maybe we can...

Squidward: (Pushes Down Amy & Jack) It's Mine you understand? All MINE!

Rouge: (Pushes Down Amy & Jack with Squidward) Yeah so you two can't have any!

Squidward & Rouge: Go, Go, Go, Down, Down, Down, Mine, Mine, Mine! (Evil Laughter) (Heads to the Treasure)

Seconds Later Amy & Jack slowly Poped up from the ground again

Amy: Uh Squidward, Rouge are you two Ok?

Jack: Uh, What's up you two?

Squidward & Rouges Eyes Sparkle & then Dived into the Treasure

Squidward: We're Rich

Rouge: We're Wealthy

Squidward & Rouge:YAHOO! (Dived into the Treasure & comes out with Squidward wearing a King's Crown on his head & 3 Golden Power Rings on each arm, holding up Green Jewels & Coins & then Rouge with a Big Diamond on her Head, holding Pearls, Jewels & Shiny Golden Coins)

Rouge: We can finally Retire

Squidward: Now I can retire from the Krusty Krab. WHA HO HOO!

(Meanwhile Outside the Cave)

Hassan II: Duh Open Uh Sandwich? Duh Open Uh Sherlock? Uh Open Seaseme?

The Cave Open by Itself

Hassan II got the magic words right & Marched inside the cave with an Argry look

(Meanwhile back in the Cave)

Squidward & Rouge:(Singing) "We're in the Money, We're in the Money" (Sees Hassan II in his way with an Angry Look)

Squidward: Hey,It's one of those Red Cap Men

Hassan II: (Glares down at Squidward & Rouge)

Rouge: Excuse us Mr Red Cap Man, Would you like to deliver all of the Gold back to Club Rouge?

Squidward: And don't forget My Easter Island Head? We warned you, we're very Heavy Tippers

Hassan II: (didn't listen to them & Chop their Caps in Halfs also their piece of hair with his Sword & his Father's Sword at the same time)

Squidward & Rouge: (Chuckled to themselves & then Ran to Amy & Jack)YIPE!(Give Amy & Jack the Gem & a Ring)

Squidward: Here you go Jack, Take all of it

Rouge: Here's your Ring,You want to marry Sonic do ya? Huh?

Amy: Did Sonic buy me that ring?

Rouge: No! Just take all of it !

Squidward: Take it, Take it & Go away!

Amy:(throws the Ring away because she want Sonic to buy a Wedding Ring)

Jack:Sorry, but No Deal (throws the Gem away because he was not interested)

Squidward & Rouge: (Glares at Amy & Jack)

Rouge: (To Amy) Spoiled Brat

Squidward: (To Jack) Treasure Critic


Squidward & Rouge:(Climbs to Safety)

Squidward: If you wanted to Chop someone, Then Chop those 2 pests,Jack the Hedgehog & Amy Rose

Rouge:Yeah,They brought us here

Hassan II:(looks down to see Jack the Hedgehog & Amy Rose in Genie Disguises inside a Bottle)

Jack: I am the Genie of the Lamp,The Light Orange Hedgie

Amy: And I am the Female Genie of the Lamp,The Light Pink Hedgie

Hassan II: (Bowed down in Respect) OHHHHH Mighty Genies

Jack: Release us & will grant thee a rich reward

Squidward: Their Lying,Chop them into a 1000 Pieces

Rouge: Just chop them already

But Hassan II is too happy to hear them because he was too excited about the wish that Amy & Jack promised

Hassan II: (Shaking the Bottle really Hard) Hassan II shall release you, oh Mistress & Master


Jack & Amy: (Slips out of the Bottle, bounce they're heads on the floor & landed on their feet)

Jack: Thank you Hassan II

Amy: Now would you like to have all this treasure for thy very own?

Hassan II: Oh yes, Hassan II like, Hassan II like!

Jack & Amy: OK (Doing a dance just like Bugs Bunny did in "Ali Baba Bunny" then they moved their hips then their heads & pretend they released their magic like they done a Little Dance) Eekety Ackety Ook,Eh Eh, Zipety,Zapety Zoop,Uh Uh (They go crazy) Ook Ook Ook,Ack Ack Ack,Flippety Flappety Floop (Then they Calm down & shows Hassan II the treasure which is standing next to them this entire time)

Amy: It's all yours

Hassan II: (filled with happiness as he jumps up in the air & Dives into the Treasure)

Squidward & Rouge are not amussed

Squiward: Eekety Ackety Oops

Then Squidward & Rouge walk away

Rouge: Ooh Ohh Squeak Uh Uh Zoop



Amy: I wonder If we in the Other side of Lake Erie or Canada has it's new Desert right now

Jack: I'm not sure Amy, that Lake Erie Beach isn't quite this wide

Then they heard screaming from Squidward & Rouge

Squidward & Rouge: (carring a Giant Diamond)Help, Help, Help us, Save us, guys! Save us! HELP!

Hassan II: (Chases after them) HASSAN CHOP!

Squidward & Rouge: Help, Help Us, Hurry!

Jack: Ok

Amy: Back here (she & Jack goes behind the Boulder)

Squidward & Rouge: (went behind a boulder with them)

Amy: What's up with you two anyway?

Squidward: We can't help it,I'm a greedy slob. That's my hobby

Rouge: And I'm a Jeweled Bat and we Jeweled Bats craved for Jewels

Squidward: Please help us!

Hassan II: (went behind the boulder) HASSAN CHOP! (skids to a stop & spots Jack, dressed up as a Male Ali Baboon wearing an Ali Baba Genie Desert Prince Hat & Amy dressed up as a Female Belly Dancer who is dancing like a belly dancer)

Hassan II: Where did Octopus boy & Bat Girl go?

Jack: (putting his voice into it) (pointing upwards) They go that-a-way.

Hassan II: (climbing up a Magic Rope into the Clouds)

Jack & Amy: (Pulled the Rope & Hassan II Disapeared)

Squidward & Rouge: (from inside Jack's Ali Baba Genie Hat)

Squidward: Is he Gone?

Amy: Yep, He's out of the Story now

Jack: We got rid of him.

Squidward & Rouge: (bursts his legs through Jack's Arabian Hat & heads back into the cave) We're Rich, We in the Clear, We're Independent! We're Socialy Secure! We're Rich! We're Rich! We're Rich!

Jack: (looking confused & looks at Amy & then back at the cave)

Amy: (has a half smile on her face & then shrugs)


Squidward & Rouge: (putting all the Treasure into the Teleporter)

Squidward: Well that's the last of it,Lets check to make sure we haven't forgotten anything

Rouge: (Spots a Lamp) Hey what's this? It's an old lamp. Maybe It'll cost extra Bucks in here for the open market (rubs the Lamp to reveal 2 genies their really Harold & LeShawna from the Total Drama series)

Genie #1 (Harold): We are the Genies of the Lamp. Oh Mistress & Master

Squidward: Oh no you don't.

(Squidward & Rouge pushes Genie #1 [Harold] & Genie #2 [LeShawna] back in the Lamp)

Rouge: It's ours you understand Ours

Squidward & Rouge: Go, Go, Go, Down, Down, Down, Mine..., Mine..., MINE!

Genie #1 [Harold] & Genie #2 [LeShawna]: (Burst out of the Lamp with RAGE)

Genie #2 (LeShawna): Oh OH ! They did not just Desecated the Sprirts of the Lamp!

Jack & Amy: EEP! (hides inside the rabbit hole)

Genie #1 [Harold]: Prepare to Suffer the Consequences!

Rouge: Consequences, Shmonsequences, who cares?

Squidward: As long as we're rich

Genie #1 [Harold] & Genie #2 [LeShawna]: (Not amussed & turned to Camera)

Genie #1 [Harold]: We warned them

Genie #2 [LeShawna]: But that Octopus Boy & That Bat Girl asked for it

Genie #1: [Harold] & Genie #2 [LeShawna]: (Zaps Squidward & Rouge)

Squidward & Rouge: (get Electracuted, shocked & shaken by the Magic from the 2 Genie's [Harold & LeShawna] Powerful Magic)


(Later at Lake Erie Beach)

(Amy, Sonic & Jack are watching the Sunset together)

Amy: (With Sonic) Oh Sonic, isn't it so romantic out here?

Sonic: It sure is Amy

Jack: (relaxing on the sand) I wonder how Squidward & Rouge went with those 2 Genies?

Amy: I don't lnow

Sonic: Well What do you think of this? (Shows Amy a Pearl)

Amy: Ohh Sonic, I love it

Jack: Hey! What do you know, a pearl.

Shadow: (Appears) You betta watch out because Rouge will steal it

Sonic: Don't worry Shadow, Rouge won't able to steal it that small, not Even Squidward Unless they are Sizes of Flies

Squidward & Rouge: (Appears only sizes are flies with higher voices) It's Ours, we tell all Mine (Went in the Clam & protect the Pearl) So Go, Go, Go, Out, Out, Out, All Mine, All Mine...

Sonic: What the Heck?!

Shadow: How did they...?

Jack: (facepalms) Oh Brother

Amy: Close Seaseme Please?

Rouge: It's ok mommy loves you

Squidward: I'm rich. I am a Wealthy Tipper

(And the Clam Closes with Squidward & Rouge inside)

"That's All Folks"