Airborne Amy is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes

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Today is a beautiful day & Amy is watching the clouds up above

Amy: (sighs) It's so nice & beautiful up there. Hmm, maybe I can visit Tails. Maybe he knows how to help me fly.

(She didn't know that Vezok is watching Amy from the tree)

Vezok: (confused) Amy wants to Fly?


Amy: Hi Tails

Tails: Oh hello Amy, what brings you here to my workshop

Amy: I was wondering if I can fly all the way up to the clouds

Tails: Hmm, well I can help you build a Bi-Plane just like my Tornado-1 (holds up his BluePrints)

Amy: Oh goodie!

Tails: It's gonna take a while, but will get it done in no time. This'll be your very own first ever Bi-Plane. It'll be very handy when your getting away from Villains who don't fly.

(Both Amy & Tails didn't know that Vezok is watching them)

Vezok: What does Tails mean that Villains don't fly?


Amy & Tails: (comes inside the Garage of Tails' Workshop, carrying crates filled with parts for the New Bi-Plane) (puts the crates down & takes out the Bi-Plane Parts)

Tails: Ok Amy, let's get to work

Amy: (holding a Propeller) Okey dokey Tails.

(Montage of Amy & Tails building Amy's Brand new Bi-Plane together while Vezok is watching them work)

(Tails builds the Body of the Bi-Plane)

(Amy Rose builds the wings of the Bi-Plane & then helps Tails attaches the wings onto the Bi-Plane)

(Vezok is getting very sleepy)

(Tails builds the Tail of the Bi-Plane & then attaches the tail onto the Bi-Plane)

(Amy Rose attaches the Wheels [which are the landing gear] onto the Bi-Plane)

(Then Vezok falls asleep after watching Tails & Amy building a Bi-Plane for a very long time)

(Tails & Amy began to build the engines inside the Bi-Plane together)

(Finally Amy Rose attaches the Propeller on her New Bi-Plane)

Amy & Tails: (shakes hands with each other)

Tails: It's finished

Amy: It's beautiful

Tails: Now all we have to do is to paint your new Bi-Plane any color you like

Amy: Okey dokey (starts painting her Bi-Plane Pink)

"More Coming Soon"