Agent Tails' Mission is an Episode from Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes


It was a Beautiful Day in Station Square & Tails is walking thinking something he should do

Tails: Mmm I wonder Sonic is doing right now, oh well I guess it's time to think of something useful and...(Notices a Platipus) A Platipus? What are you doing all the way out here?

That Platipus was only Perry the Platipus

Tails: Perry the Platipus, what are you doing here?

Perry: (Gives Tails a Message)

Tails: (Reading) To Agent T (Tails), Dr. Doofenshmirts is up to no Good & you betta put a stop to him, Signed the Leader of HQ

Perry: (Gives Tails a Agent Hat)

Tails: For me?

Perry: (Nods Yes)

Tails: (Puts his Hat on) Ok where is he?

Perry: (Points at the Doofenshmirts Evil Corperated)

Tails: Oh Let me lift you up (Carries Perry & Spins his Tails like a Propeller to Fly into the Building) It's a Living


Tails & Perry: (Sneaks in the Lab until they got Trapped in the Cage)

Tails: What the?

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Ahh Perry the Platipus, I see you have your Partner, but it won't do you any Good, anyways I've Created the Most Brilliant Creation I've ever Created behold "The Stompinator"

Tails: Um I thinks it's more likely "The Stomper"

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Anyways, When I was 12 years old, People kept stomping on my Foot, but not anymore, I will Stomp on them to see that I will be the Stomping Champion

Tails: Um excuse me I hate to bother you but, there's someone else in the Cage

Perry: (Growls)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Really? Well? (Looks in the Cage to see two Dummies made out of Dynimite) What the? (Carries two Dummies) Uh Oh


Dr. Doofenshmirts: (Shakes off the Black) How did you get out of there Tails: I use my tails to cut the Bars open, My Tails are very Strong

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Uh Yeah

Then Tails & Perry hides

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Never Mind


Dr. Doofenshmirts: (Looking for Tails & Perry) Come out, Come Out, wherever you are?

Tails: (Dresses as a Hair Sytlest) Hello Sir, it's time for your Hair Shiner come on, come on (Takes Doofenshmirts to the Fake Hair Saloon) Come on it's time, sit down

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Ok (Sits down on the Barber's Chair) I guess I needed to get my Hair looking Shiny

Perry: (Dresses as a Hair Sytlest as well) (Growls) (Puts Nitroglyscrin on Doofenshmirts' Hair)

Tails: And Now to light a Match & Run away ! (Lights a Match, put it on Doofenshmirts' Hair & run away)

Perry: (Run away as well)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: I'll light my hair to... hey wait a minute


Dr. Doofenshmirts: Ouch (Sees Tails & Perry runing away on the Blimp that has the "Stompinator" on Board) Hey come back here (Hops on his Blimp) You aren't going anywhere! (Fighting Aganist Perry the Platipus)

Perry: (Fighting aganist Dr. Doofenshmirts)

Tails: I've gotta do something (Notices the On Button) Mmm (Turns on the "Stompinator")

The Stompinator is stomping on the Doofenshmirts' Blimp)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Uh Oh, that doesn't look so good

Perry: (Kicks Doofenshmirts at the Face)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Ow

Tails: (Flies in & Carries Perry & Doofenshmirts)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: Oh thank you, I...Wait a Minute....You wouldn't dare

Tails: Too Bad (Drops Doofenshmirts)

Dr. Doofenshmirts: CURSE YOU TAILS & PERRY THE PLATIPUS !!! (Lands on the Watermellon Stand)

Watermellon Stand Man: Hey, what do you have against the Mellons?

Dr. Doofenshmirts: (Groans)


Tails: (Lands with Perry the Platipus still in his Hands) (Puts Perry Down) Here you go

Perry: (Growls)

Tails: Your Welcome

Perry: (Leaves)

Tails: Ahhh, What a Day

Cream appears behind Tails

Cream: Hi Tails, what you have been doing Today?

Tails: Well, it's a long Story

Dr. Doofenshmirts: (Watches Tails & Cream walk away Together) Now he tells her (Faints)

"That's All Folks"

The End