Abominable Snow Hedgehog is an Episode from "Amy Rose & the Looney tunes&quot


It was a snowy day in the Himalayas & someone digging under through the snow & it was Jack the Hedgehog & Amy Rose

Jack: (emerges) Ahhh, Sunny Day Resort at last

Amy: (emerges as well) Hooray we're here

Popping out the hole are Duncan & Courtney

Duncan: (starts running to a pond, who he didn't know that it was frozen) Yeah, it's time to dive in the water, last one in there is a rotten clam !

Courtney: (freezing) Why is this place freezing? Isn't this Sunny Day Resort?

Amy: (notices it wasn't Sunny Day Resort) But Duncan...

Duncan: (continues) This is the time of my life...

Jack: But Duncan...

Duncan: (still ingores Amy & Jack's warning) It's time for a big swim! (jumps up & dives for the pond)

Amy & Jack: DUNCAN!

Duncan: What? (got his head smacked on the frozen ice pond) Ouch!

Courtney: Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark.

Jack: Amy & I'd warned him

Duncan:(Walks up to Jack & Amy with a flat head due to Duncan's failed atempted to go for a swim) You & your short cuts

Courtney: Oh way to go you two Hedgehogs. I told you to turn left at Saint Lewis, (sarcastic) but noo you just have to turn right instead (normal) Nice going you idiots!

Jack: Well, Way I figure is that we're on the Hy-ma-layar Mountains

Amy: I think it's called the Hi-may-laya Mountians

Duncan: Uh, That's Pronounce Himalayas, you know that

Courtney: (looks shocked) HIMALAYAS?! (gets angry) Oh you crazy mutant hedgehog freaks of nature! That's in Asia, you idiots !! It's all your fault Jack

Amy: Hey ! Don't blame my best friend for that, he's only doing his best to find the Sunny Day Resort

Duncan: Himalayas, No wonder it's so cold out here.

Courtney: (notices that Amy & Jack aren't freezing) Hey, if the both of you are in the cold, then how come you two are not freezing?

Jack: I guess Amy & I are the only ones that aren't infected by the cold because we're hedgehogs

Amy: Yeah & this lovely hedgehog fur is nice, warm & toasty

Jack: Yeah & we're into it. It feels like gossamer

Courtney: (sighs) Good thing I came prepared with new Snow Coats, because I'm a C.I.T. , remember? (pulls out a suitcase & opens it to see only 2 Hedgehog Coats, one black & one green) Oh great, I only got Cold Resisting Hedgehog Coats that are warm enough to keep me & Duncan warm. (sighs) It'll have to do (wears a Green Hedgehog Coat)

Duncan: I'll take the Black one (wears the Black Hedgehog Coat)

Amy: Say Duncan & Courtney, I got an Idea guys, how about we...

Courtney: No way, I am not in the mood of your ideas. How's about if you & your hedgehog playmate stay in the snow & be snow-shoe hedgehogs to play snowball fights & make snow-angels cause I'm out. Now if you excuse me, I'll be going back at Toranto, Canada. Come on Duncan

Duncan: Ah no thanks, I'm good

Courtney: (glares at Duncan) What's that?

Duncan: I said that I'm good, I don't repeat myself.

Courtney: (grabs Duncan's arm) Come...with...ME!

Duncan: And I...said...No!

Courtney & Duncan: (growls at each other)

Jack: Uh guys?

Amy: Aren't you going somewhere?

Duncan: (sighs) Fine, I'll go.

Courtney: That's what I thought. Now come on. (starts tunneling underground)

Duncan: (turns to Amy & Jack) She digs me (starts tunneling underground also & follows Courtney)

Duncan & Courtney: (Digs the way back to where it was but they pass the Sign that says "????????????" which it really says "Beware the Abominable Snowman" & bumps into something here)

Courtney: Ow! (emerges) That hurt!

Duncan: (emerges also) Well how's about what happens when Harold is dressed up like Big-Foot. HA! (looks up) Um Courtney?

Courtney: Not now Duncan! Alright what's the big Idea?

Duncan: I really think you should check this out.

Courtney: WHAT?! What's with all the, the....(Duncan points upwards) The? (Looks up)

(Courtney looks up to see what Duncan is pointing at & he is pointing at Hugo the Abominable Snowman)

Duncan: Dude !

Courtney: (Screams for a split second)

Hugo: Oh What cute little pet Hedgehogs (Grabs Duncan & Courtney) Just like I always Wanted, My own little pet Hedgehog, I'll will name them George & Marsha & I will Hug them & Cuddle them & Sqeeze them...

Duncan: We're not Hedgehogs

Hugo: And Pat them & Pet them &...

Duncan: Your hurting us,Put us down please

Hugo: And Crunch them & coress them and...

Courtney: I AM NOT A HEDGEHOG!!!

Hugo: Not a Hedgehog Marsha? But how come you have colorful Quills how come?

Courtney: Listen here mister, I am a C.I.T & F.Y.I. it's only a COAT, now put us down please?

Hugo: Oh Marsha,you are very naughty petend you are Hedgehog, I will punish you Good (Spanks Courtney that bounces her head back & Forth) Bad ol Marsha

Duncan: Hey Mr Hugo is it? How's about we take you to those cute hedgehogs we saw before,if you put us down, we'll show you

Courtney: Duncan? What are you doing?

Duncan: (to Courtney) You want revenge from these 2 hedgehogs that got us here to the Himalayas, don't ya?

Courtney: Yeah, so?

Duncan: Then you got your wish

Courtney: (smirks evily)


Amy: Then we took a left turn from New York & then a right turn from Mexico...

Courtney: Oh Jack, Amy.

Jack: Oh hi, uh what's up Duncan & Courtney?

Duncan: Me & Courtney are trying to say sorry for what we did.

Courtney: Come over around the corner please

Jack: Ok

Amy: If you say so

Amy & Jack: (goes around the corner)

Hugo: (grabs Jack & Amy) My own little Pet Hedgehogs, Duh

Jack: Amy look

Amy: Hey, it's an Abominable Snowman!

Hugo: (hugging Amy & Jack) I'll will name them George & Marsha...

Courtney & Duncan: (tip toes away)

Courtney: Well we made it out here alive making us Louses, but we're Live Louses/

Duncan: Yeah, we've landed that fish

(Duncan & Courtney: (tip toes away from Hugo)

(Back with Hugo)

Hugo: And I'll give them Security & to keep them warm like a Mother Hen...(Sits on Jack & Amy) I won't be rejected by Lack of Love

Jack & Amy: (Digs their way to Duncun & Courtney)

Courtney: (sighs) You know Duncan, I felt kinda bad about leaving Amy & Jack behind at the hands of that Monstrous Snowman

(They didn't know that Amy & Jack are both tunneling right under Duncan & Courtney. pushing them up to Hugo)

Duncan: Anyways, it's better they should suffer, after all.

Courtney: Your right, after all it's either them or us, but seriously, of course it can't be us. It's a simple matter of logic, we can't understand pain, it hurts me

Duncan: But it hurts them more than it hurts us, but it hurts us now.

Courtney: You know, did you feel sorry for them too?

Duncan: I'm not Soft you know that. But if you trying to kiss me now, hit me with your Best Shot. I might let you

Courtney: You are Such an Ogre, Duncun

Duncan: Well what can I say, I need to catch some Z's & you we're snuggling up to me & by the way, I've been called worse

Courtney: UGH !

Duncan & Courtney: (Bumps into Hugo's Foot) Oof !

Jack: (emerges out of the snow with Amy) Ok Hugo Abom, Here's your cute little Hedgehogs

Hugo: (confused) Duh Hedgehog's George?

Duncan & Courtney: Hedgehogs?

Amy: Yes you two guys.

Duncan: Oh Hardy, Har, Har

Courtney: Ho ho, very funny

Duncan: Ha ha, it is to laugh

Courtney:Excuse me Hugo, what are the Extinguishing Characteristics of a Hedgehog?

Hugo: Duh uh, Extinguishing Character...

Duncan:Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know. But what makes a Hedgehog look like a Hedgehog?

Hugo: Uh Colorful Quills!

Courtney: And whom around here have colorful Quills

Duncan: Sorry Jack & Amy but it's for you own good

Jack: Eh, Oh well, but don't give him a second though.

Amy: Excuse me, but Duncan has dyed his quills black & he's really a bright green hedgehog.

Duncan: SAY WHAT?!

Hugo:(Grabs Duncan) Oh boy just like I always wanted, my own little pet Hedgehog...

Courtney: Hey ! What's the big idea? What are you doing to my Dunky!

Jack: Dunky?

Amy: (pretends to be surprized) My my, Courtney the Hedgehog, I didn't know your wearing a Human Costume.

Courtney: Don't even think of tricking my Dunky and...(stops & then squint her eyes at Amy) What are you saying?

Jack: She's saying that your a hedgehog in disguise.

Courtney: What?! I'm a C.I.T.! Why you little...!

Hugo: (grabs Courtney from behind) Oh boy, just like I always wanted, my own little pet hedgehogs...

Amy: You know what Jack?

Jack: No what?

Amy: They really do make a charming couple

Jack: Yes, yes they do

Amy & Jack: (Digs their way to Sunny Day Resort)

Hugo: And I'll rub them & I'll stroak George's Mohawk & I'll find a zipper for Marsha &... (realizes something wrong) Hey wait a Minute, Hedgehogs doesn't have mohawks & where are your zippers?

Duncan: You know that we're not Hedgehogs, you know that.

Hugo: Uhh, does that mean...?

Courtney: We Know, We Know, you've been tricked !

Duncan: There goes your REAL pet Hedgehogs ! (points to Amy & Jack escaping)

(We see Amy & Jack tunneling their way outta here)

Hugo: (Chases after Amy & Jack) Hey, Duh uh George, Marsha Wait! (tunnels underground & started chasing after Amy & Jack)

Courtney: Look out Hedgehogs, here comes Hugo!

Duncan: Hah ! Now this I gotta see

Duncan & Courtney: (tunnels underground, chasing after Amy, Jack & Hugo)


(Later at the SunnyDay Resort)

(Hugo is talking to a Guy with the Orange Jacket & a Valley Girl who are Really Jack & Amy in Disguise)

Hugo: (waving a fan) And I search & I Search...Phew it's hot, But I never caught up with my Pet Hedgehogs

Jack: Gee That's tough Mr Hugo

Amy: Totally

Hugo: And now I'll never...Goes it's hot,Never seen my Pet Hedgehogs again

Jack: Don't give up hope yet doc

Amy: Yeah, like if you love them they'll com back

(Duncan & Courtney are tunneling towards Amy & Jack)

Jack: (holds up a Hood just like his Head over a hole)

Amy: (holds up a Hood just like her head over the same hole)

(Duncan & Courtney emerges without noticing that they popped right through the Hoods with Duncan in the Orange Hedgehog Hood & Courtney in the Pink Hedgehog Hood)

Duncan: Well, here we are, SunnyDay Resort, have we missed anything yet?

Courtney:Fireworks going up? Luau's started yet?

Duncan: An All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet opened up?

Courtney: (glares at Duncan)

Duncan: What? I'm not Owen, am I?

Hugo: Oh boy! Cute little pet Hedgehogs (Grabs Duncan & Courtney) Just like I always wanted. (starts hugging Duncan & Courtney) I'll will name them George & Marsha...

Amy: (pretending to be Hugo) And I will hug them...And Sqeeze them...And Pet them...And Pat them...And...

Jack: (looks suprized) Uhhhh, Amy you may wanna take a look at this

Amy: Huh? (looks suprized as well)

They both looked on to see the chair that Hugo sat on was now flooded with Hugo's Hat floating on the water

Amy: Hey what do you know he melted

Jack: Eeyup. That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Amy: I guess he really was a Snowman after all

Courtney: (emerges from the water with an angry look on her face) (sarcastic) Yeah, he was a Snowman, she says.

Duncan: (emerges from the water with Hugo's Hat on with an Unimpressed Look on his face) Abominable that is.

"That's All Folks"